The Love of God

Love's Reel Dimensian
YOUTH MINISTRY LEADERS Teaching Materiall {#YM-0201{1} Prepared by: Pastor RodelC. Catuy

INTRODUCTION: In the story of Francis and Cecille ('I Loved A Girf), we have leamed that tnre love gives. When you say you love someone? it means loving tbat someone, everything in that $omeone at all cost We need to respect the personality and rights of the person loved" Love smks tnrth and aims for transparency. This is the kind of love whieh can be expressed at the height of feelings toward each others. Thi$ is the essence of human lwe. Butwhat then is tnre
love? The essence of tnre love is more than feelings, more than physical and semral athaction, more than all the thirgs and circumstances thst we may associflte with love; tnre love has moral qualities. We can say that this love is great. Bu! is there an)r other love greater tban this? Yes, there was and there is! If you want to know if let's open our Bible in Genesis 3:l-21...

The message of the story (Gcnesis 3:1-21): Here, God created humans according to His image (G€n. l:26,27). When God ereated the nniverse and other created things, He said "it was good" (Gen. 1:25). But when He created man, He said, "it was very goad"(Gen. l:31). In Genesis 2, we find that God provided everything the man needs, including thewoman (whichmeans "taken out of man'). We can leam from Crenesis 3 that they were deceirred by the serpent which indicates they disobeyed God and this was accounted as srn. And because of this srg"they hid themselvesfrom the preserrce of the Lord (Gen 3:8)." If you were God what would you do? IMaybe, we will punish them. Or, we will no longer love the,m because of what they had done. Is this the resllon$e of God? Did Ciod forsake them? rfrIhat did God do? God nesponded in lwe! He eolled to the mwt md said, 'bhere we yoa? (Gen. 2:9)" Gad boftedfor thanl In spite afwhd they had done, God still /o.vw theml He did not respond on the basis of wbat rnan did? Instead, he exemplified a love called forgivine grace. And it doesn't stop therre. God continued to love them with His saslaining grace by providing a good shelter for them - the tord God Himself made garments for both of them (Gen 3:21). Could you imagine this love - God killed an animal just for the couple to erpress His tmcanditional lave- this rs true lwe. God in His grfrce g6ve w whd we do nat daqve md in'His mercy did not gut'e as whil we do deseme! lbis is the supre,me love! Its the love of Go{ ihe love's real dimeosion (Eph. 3 : 17-20).
The Scriptrne says "God is love (I Jotm 4:7,8),"' and so love forthe Lord and for others is now the very essence of our life and walk with Him. (Read I John 4:7-12; you may include


TIIE 3 KINDS OF LOYE: In the original Greek language in which the I'[ew Testament is vrifie,lr, there are three words which are written hanslat€d "We" in our English translation:

n the unlovely. is called by God to Adam and Eve. His mercies never come to an end and they are new every morning (Iarnentations 3 :22.. We can easily learn and do the fimt 2 loves . It's a conunand. it's by grace! No one can measure it's real dimension! It's rgrye . It requires not only 6us fselings. if we are not doins this. When? God said in Hebrews 3:15 tbat "taddJ/ dyou hear His voice. we are disobeying Him. If we accept Jesus. "sensual lwe.1. Buf there's greater love than this. You need to accept God in your life to be your personal Savior. l{hy? Because you cannot give somethiqg you do not have.Eros & Phileo. no one somes to the Father except by Him $ohn 14:6). e. you will not have that love to give.. Why? Because it bas a great high pni**.nce the agape love and e4perience its real dimension? The only way to do it is to accept the love of God by accepting Jesus. it's so easy to apply the first two loves. lysf"- eros. ulnured into our heorts *k is agrye love that is now -W the Holy Spirif' ufiich we are now to share with others (Rom 5 : 5 ).Sensual love. Lrwyaarneighbor (t\4ark 12:31). L n Do you want to be a loving person? Do you want to be as lovely as you can be? Do you want to love even the rmlovable penson? Do you want to experie. In u/hat way? How can wB have and do it? Do you want to have it? This is how you can get it. 2.lust 2. If you have God's love. Why? phileo. But how can you love someone on the basis of His love without Crod in your life? There's no way you can do it except by accepti4g God and let Him mter into our lives. If God u&o is lwe and lhe source of love is not pnresent in your life. do not harden your hear$!" 3. Love ane wrcIhq (John 13:34).23).way" love. See. we accept the love of God the Father because Jesus is the Wa5 the Truth and the Life.. But it takes our whole being. h. lnve your friends and parents and you have performed phileo.the lwe af God! It's the kind of love granted Because Francis yrelds in to the desires of his flesh untimely and improperly and it's not used within the bounds of rnarriage" The love we gane to our family and friends. Phileo . Therefore. Ercs . It never ceases . Watch a bold movie and you will leam eros (the word 'etrotic' comes from this word). Lweyour ensnies (tuke 6:27-28). It's unconditional. head and body. Only ufien you accept God in your life can you be able to love everyone eve. otr vrhole soul.God's love "one . it's mercifirl. family S. Bu! it'u so bard to apply agape love. Agape . His love is better lhnn lif6. Who? We are all cornnranded by God to love (Romans l3:8). everSrlhing in us. then you can love the following group$ of people as commanded by Ood to us we should. The love that Francis gave to Cecille is caned a.Love of a friend. Response song: Your Love by Darlene Zsehech 2 . vrhich is sofiretimes conditional.

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