“My Proudest Moment”

By Miguel Espinal

Here I am in English 095; my first year of college ever and my first writing assignment will be to write an essay of my proudest moment. Well in a nut shell you’re actually reading it as I think and write about it. I never finished high school, yea I know, we all heard that one before, yet for me it quite actually is my proudest moment indeed to finally, after over thirty years to be back in a classroom and further my education. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve accomplished a four year apprenticeship with the New York Carpenters Union and became a Journeyman Carpenter and that’s something to be proud of but while being involved in all kinds of general construction work making decent wages, I always thought about what my mother used to tell me, when she saw her son at only eighteen years old, struggling, going home to his wife and kids tired and dissatisfied with his job and financial situation. My mother would utter that famous phrase all mothers do in scenarios like this…”Why didn’t you stay in school and go to college?” Back then I would always brush her off saying I knew what I was doing, but look at me now, so many years later back in a classroom. Thinking back, I know now what she was trying to say and convince me to do. Well I’m enrolled in college now and when I called my mother to tell her the news of my acceptance, I could hear the happiness and comical sarcasm her voice, “Better late than never, that’s very good son,” she said, and I’m partial to agree; yes it’s comical to

. Who knows maybe I might go further and have multiple degrees for more proud moments. We’ll see how it goes.have waited so long to come back to school and yes procrastinating made it later rather than sooner but I am proud at this moment that I’ve chosen to go for a degree in a field that I enjoy very much.

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