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Kudu Hithi Island desroches Island .Western Caribbean Coco Privé .Western Caribbean shelter Island: montanna’s matchless manse Belle Island .Bahamas overwater luxury: leaf Cay resort tilloo Pond: on the Perch of Paradise Barefoot Cay resort .TABLE OF CONTENTS I 3. REAL ESTATE dutch docklands Floating Islands .seychelles Preview: Forever Fiji 6 22 32 36 41 42 44 50 54 90 l e a F Ca y .thousand Islands House Island: a dynamic History the thimble Islands: Belden & Jepson Fox Island: a Fine Catch strum Island: the Beauty of the Bounty nova scotia: Heritage meets Heaven the Gems of Georgian Bay Île Gagnon: the Chateau Chanteuse Islands for sale Catalog 1 10 16 20 26 32 44 58 62 66 68 70 74 78 80 88 95 16 48 W In d e r m e r e .B aHamas t H e CI r r u s v I sI o n sF50 26 TRAvEL Editor’s Letter: David Copperfield magical musha Cay tilloo Pond: on the Perch of Paradise Peter Island’s timeless appeal the History & legacy of Peter Island Buck Island: naturally Inspired luxury Barefoot Cay resort .BaH a mas .maldives James Island: luxury & nature embrace Windermere: the once & Future King Private Islands Brokerage .

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tHousand Islands .TABLE OF CONTENTS I 5.thousand Islands House Island: a dynamic History Islands for sale Catalog 6 9 10 16 26 30 34 48 50 62 66 95 70 74 F o X I s l a n d .PaGe 62 95 I s l a n d s F o r s a l e C atalo G LifESTyLE Editor’s Letter: David Copperfield Publisher’s letter James Island: luxury & nature embrace Windermere: the once & Future King overwater luxury: leaf Cay resort Island time: Bahamas yacht Charter Bahamas International Film Festival the Cirrus vision sF50 Coco Privé . Belle Island .Kudu Hithi Island Belle Island .BvI .nova s C otI a BuCK Island .Front Cover .Br It Is H C olum BI a s t r u m I s l a n d .PaGe 42 Photo by don Hebert .

I could see why the astronauts.6. explore one of our caves. or. When I discovered musha Cay.H. we’ve recreated at musha Cay.. together with its 10 private surrounding islands. I was committed to transforming this already perfect place into the most amazing vacation spot in the world.u. From the second I discovered this vibrant utopia. I invite you to read more about my magical island paradise on I’ve spent my life traveling the world in search of real magic. David Copperfield . Musha Cay will fill your days with new unique discoveries and quests. where impossible dreams become reality. Beach. everything truly magical that I’ve ever experienced. musha Cay. For the ultimate in private picnics choose any of our 40 secluded beaches. simply opt to do nothing but relax in the luxury of your private home.. We’ve added an amphibious catamaran… you can walk right off the boat onto the white sand beach. search for buried treasure. after orbiting the earth had all agreed that this same spot was the most beautiful place on the planet. I knew I’d truly found it. snorkel to magical underwater art. adventure and magic. race a goldfish. ride a giant tortoise. perched on its own private beach. the Islands of Copperfield Bay. with 40 sugar sand beaches and a 2 mile long sandbar.s. encompasses more than 700 acres of lush natural beauty. hike on one of our nature trails. it is truly the ultimate private island paradise. compete in the musha olympics. Warmest wishes. everything that has created wonder for me. I selected the most exotic treasures to place in our guest accommodations and gathering places. It took my breath away. we’ve created a state-ofthe-art giant outdoor movie theater on the island’s own Coconut the following pages. feed one of our many free-flight parrots and toucans.a. ForCe… the ultimate superspy island adventure. From my travels around the world. to reawaken those rich warm memories of drive-in movies and popcorn in the open air. If you’re looking for adventure. you can even play pool on Houdini’s’ own championship billiards table. musha Cay is the ultimate place of discovery. located in the exuma Chain of the Bahamas. or you and your guests could experience m. one of five. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I EDITOR’S LETTER GUEST EDITOR: DAVID COPPERFIELD W elcome to the Fall/Winter ’12 edition of Private Islands magazine.

I knew I’d truly found it.guEST EDITOR I 7. When I discovered musha Cay.EXUMAS. THE ISLANDS OF COPPERFIELD BAY . BAHAMAS I’ve spent my life traveling the world in search of real magic. 22 maGIC a l m u s Ha Ca y © MUSHA CAY .DAVID COPPERFIELD .


com next Issue april 2013 International Private Islands Inc.PrivateIslandsmag. com. Dutch Docklands (p. we have www. recording. 50). If you are on the market for a more intimate property. And in the Maldives. For this eighth issue of the magazine. including photocopying. I hope you enjoy the extraordinary private islands in these pages. The views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy of Private Islands magazine nor that of the publishers. the BvI’s Peter Island (p. price changes or withdrawal without notice. 74) and montana’s shelter Island (p. toronto.. no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. 68) and new york’s Belle Island (p. 62) located on millionaire’s row in the thousand Islands might just be perfect for you. Private islands Publisher/Ceo Guest editor associate Publisher assistant editor Contributing editors Creative director art director Copy editor Contributors Chris Krolow David Copperfield andrew John Welsh melissa daly-Buajitti loann Halden. 6) and pleased to feature his awe-inspiring archipelago the Islands of Copperfield Bay and Musha Cay (p. 22). yvonne Gordon. yvonne Gordon adam mcKie Bailey meadows marilyn-anne Wilson dan allen. I invite you to visit and browse the hundreds of island properties available for sale or rent. of Private Islands Inc. all rights reserved. . 26) in the exumas has plans in place for a new development that will include overwater bungalows – a first for the Bahamas. ontario (p. Connecticut’s thimble Islands (p.com editor@privateislandsmag. sincerely. Chris Krolow Publisher. are the temperate offerings available for sale across north america: For those seeking incomparable turnkey luxury. nova scotia’s strum Island (p. melissa daly-Buajitti C. Frey. For more information on any of the islands in this issue or if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the new features and larger a s the C. the islands of Georgian Bay. loann Halden. the words ‘private islands’ conjure visions of exotic tropical destinations like the maldives’ Coco Privé (p. electronic or mechanical. marilyn-anne Wilson Print Consultant Printed by Web Published Bi annually distribution advertising ross Campbell General Printers www. While 2012 was a phenomenal year for Private Islands. there is something unquestionably magical about a private island. Kevin Cross. 67 mcCaul st. leaf Cay (p.privateislandsmag. aJ Welsh. I am privileged to have internationally renowned illusionist David Copperfield as our Guest editor (p. it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 edition of Private Islands tWo year suBsCrIPtIon avaIlaBle Visit www. ontario m5t 2W7 Canada tel: 1-647-477-5581 Fax: 1-416-203-0861 advertising@privateislandsinc.PrivateIslandsonline. the publishers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.com PuBlIsHer’s letter magazine – showcasing the best and brightest island resorts and real estate in the world. 1) is undertaking the first stage of The 5 Lagoons project that will see the construction of 185 floating ‘H2Omes’ and will culminate with the world’s first floating golf course. 80). however. For many. Private Islands magazine Ceo Private Islands Inc. I couldn’t be happier to have so many old friends and new acquaintances on board. 58). equally enchanting. be sure to check out British Columbia’s James Island (p. Gillian Kufsky.com/subscribe. or any other information storage and retrieval system. but over the water that surrounds them.htm images on our newly re-launched website www. all listings subject to errors.l. 41) or one of Fiji’s fantastic resorts (p. For editorial matters. As we enter into our fifth year of publication. the most mesmerizing changes taking shape in the island world are not happening on the islands themselves. Brown. as anyone who has ever spent time on one will tell you. omissions.o.PuBLISHER’S LETTER I 9. please contact the associate publisher. without the written permission of the publisher. © 2013 Private Islands magazine. 90).com some even more impressive flourishes in store for 2013.priVateislandsmag. david m.e. 10).

once housing a munitions plant that boosted the allied war the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty reaches its zenith. this 780-acre gem combines the area’s diverse ecosystems with the rare bonus of white-sand beaches and an exclusive luxury retreat – making it truly one of a kind. the second-largest . sits James Island. Within this idyllic landscape.10. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE JAMES ISLAND luXury and nature emBraCe In tHe PaCIFIC nortHWest By loann Halden I n the Gulf Islands. although James Island has an industrial past. Evergreen forests flank deep blue water in a mediterranean micro climate. the archipelago that runs between vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. privately owned island in the region. creating a setting that seems conjured from a fairy tale.

JAMES ISLAND. . It’s possible to bring a private jet into victoria International airport on vancouver Island and be on James Island within half an hour. BRITISH COLuMBIA I 11. James Island sits within easy striking distance of regional services and transport.

000 square foot green-roofed masterpiece with driftwood furnishings and elaborate stonework that mirror its surroundings.12. . I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE the main residence is a 5.

twenty percent of James Island – areas encompassing sand bluffs. the nearest town to James Island. kitchens. purchased the island in 1994 and launched a massive makeover and restoration project. It’s possible to bring a private jet into victoria International airport on vancouver Island and be on James Island within half an hour: the marina in sidney. and the boat crossing only takes about 10 minutes as well.JAMES ISLAND. the island’s pool house doubles as an evening hangout thanks to an outdoor pizza oven and fire pit. . this presents an amazing turnkey opportunity for another successful individual to simply walk in and begin entertaining in a place that would be impossible to recreate elsewhere. the main residence is a 5. entrepreneur Craig mcCaw and his wife. the mcCaws have found that juggling the activities of three children means staying closer to their santa Barbara home and they’ve decided to part with James Island. organic garden and general store. effort. susan.000 square foot green-roofed masterpiece with driftwood furnishings and elaborate stonework that mirror its surroundings. the on-site vehicle fleet is electric and the island’s entire power supply has been moved underground so as not to disturb the landscape’s wild charms. is 10 minutes’ drive from the airport. Bald eagles build nests here and a herd of european fallow deer roam freely through the acreage. Jack Nicholas designed the island’s private 18-hole championship golf course. James Island sits within easy striking distance of regional services and transport. six well-appointed guest cottages have hosted a star-studded array of guests. library. a reclaimed barn houses a state-of-theart media room and activity center for children. and curvaceous junipers add to the quintessential northwestern setting. with their distinctive red bark. the historic Powder Wharf (former warehouse to the munitions plant) became an entertainment venue complete with pool table and arcade games – and is the ideal vantage point for taking in sunsets. despite its unspoiled terrain. arbutus trees. it’s now a showplace for environmentally conscious development. a western-themed village contains a gym. the island also has its own grassy airstrip. In summer. BRITISH COLuMBIA I 13. Towering Douglas firs fill the air with fresh notes of evergreen. salt marshes and craggy stands of threatened Garry oaks – is dedicated to natural conservation and ecological preservation. after 18 happy years of ownership.

14. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE In summer. the island’s pool house doubles as an evening hangout thanks to an outdoor pizza oven and fire pit. Jack Nicholas designed the island’s private 18-hole championship golf course. .

JAMES ISLAND. and flexible zoning. a historic wooden launch that’s electric powered. a manager’s boat. With its temperate year-round climate. kayaks.ca . James Island isn’t just a rare breed in the Pacific Northwest. it’s a unique find anywhere in the world. and several larger vessels – a crew boat for taking guests to and from the island. nearly everything is included in the purchase price: From the electric vehicles and golf course maintenance equipment to canoes.3345 mlester@sothebysrealty. James Island could also be ideal for a consortium that wants to take advantage of the amenities on a broader scale and develop a private residential vacation community.632. BRITISH COLuMBIA I 15. the current entitlements allow for the creation of 80 lots. uncommon flora and fauna. JAMES iSLAND British C o l u m b i a . C a n a d a 780 acres PRiCE UPON REQUEST iNQU iRiE S mark lester 604. and a loading barge for transporting larger purchases to the property. plus Powder Wharf and the golf course have commercial zoning options that could benefit the island’s residents.

simple accessibility. and celebrities alike. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE WINDERMERE tHe onCe and Future KInG oF tHe BaHamas By dan allen For more than 50 years Windermere’s extraordinary beauty. and absolute seclusion have made it a cherished destination for royalty.16. dignitaries. .

an idyllic and lush Bahamian out-island surrounded by pink sands and turquoise subtropical waters. “north. until the club’s closure in 1992. with 300 linear feet of beach frontage – on the northern third of the six mile long isle. rock sound offers scheduled connections through nassau and Exuma. is that it has “a very well established community that has enjoyed the relative exclusivity of a completely private island. “the old club was the life center of the community and is ready to be re-established for all to enjoy again. half the parcels face eastward to the atlantic ocean. south. facing the calm breeze of the ocean. and yet a world of tranquility and seclusion away. and celebrities alike. and west. while the west-facing parcels look out on the tranquil waters of savannah sound. an extensive reef system protects the long and exquisite pink sandy beach. and silver thatch palms. now.” says developer Carry rich.” 22 of Windermere’s residential parcels have already been sold.” rich explains.” while still being located near two international airports on eleuthera Island. Both airports accomodate private jets. about three miles south of the new residential estates lies the famed Windermere Island Club: a grand dame of 20th century beach clubs on five-plus ocean front acres which. with completion of the first two homes expected by year’s end. east. fishing. a coastline described as “one of the two best beaches in the world” by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau: this avalon of the Caribbean is known as Windermere Island – just 200 miles off Florida’s Gold Coast. a short stroll to the west will reveal an equally enchanting beach and sea” says rich. “When the prevailing winds are blowing on the atlantic. dignitaries. this jewel of the Bahamas is ready to welcome a select few new residents to become part of the island’s 21st century renaissance. Governor’s Harbour (GBH) to the north and rock sound (rsd) to the south both boast 8000-foot runways – and both are within half an hour’s drive of Windermere. with a “24/7/365 friendly gate keeper” limiting access solely to residents and guests.WINDERMERE. the groundwork of permitting and titling the Club’s renovation has already been accomplished. the threat of uncapped building costs has been a n exclusive enclave with a storied past.” says rich. while Governor’s Harbour also has direct flights to and from Miami and Fort lauderdale. for Princess diana. one of Windermere’s unique attributes. rich sees a wonderful opportunity for this property and existing infrastructure to be resurrected to its former glory by the right operator. “savannah sound is one of the reasons Windermere is so special. swimming and countless other water activities – all in the lee of the island. BAHAMAS I 17. says rich. the new Windermere Island Club project consists of 52 breathtaking residential lots – each approximately two acres. and absolute seclusion have made it a cherished destination for royalty. lushly canopied with multi-colored mangroves. Windermere is connected to larger neighbor eleuthera Island via a short gated bridge. sea grapes. and thanks to the project’s dedicated construction team. For more than 50 years Windermere’s extraordinary beauty.” to the east. “the sound provides an incredible marine habitat and island environment of beaches. a place where friends and extended global families can gather together privately in paradise for a break from the demands of our hectic lives. a favorite getaway . simple accessibility. “accessibility and privacy are critical to our ethos. there’s always a beach here with calm waters. served as the hub of the island’s prestigious (if somewhat-less-than-mainland-formal) social life.


“We want to be able to share this pristine environment with generations to come. this choice parcel has over 2. the Windermere project team brings with it a billion dollars’ worth of combined Bahamian experience. In addition to the estate parcels and the legendary Club facility. contact Kevin Cross.000 sq ft of support facilities. “We are a very green and sustainable community and project.” rich’s long experience as a builder – plus the key fact that he and his family are Windermere residents – means his team’s attention to preserving the island’s natural beauty is paramount. with the invaluable assurance. rich owns another 32-acre property on Windermere with commercial/hospitality permits in place.” the Windermere project team brings with it a billion dollars’ worth of combined Bahamian experience. and 1. this opportunity could quickly redefine ‘chic boutique’ in the Bahamas. To find out more about sales opportunities at Windermere Island or to schedule a personal visit.000 linear feet of atlantic beach frontage on the east. with the invaluable assurance.com .” he says of this land. With 19 guest rooms and 30. on which he and his team have envisioned a sustainable community. “and the highest and best use is completely open for discussion.” he says. WiNDERMERE iSLAND CLUB PROJECT eleuthera.WINDERMERE.200 linear feet of savannah sound beach on the west. virtually eliminated. things will get done properly. Bahamas PRiCE UPON REQUEST iNQU iRiES Kevin Cross Private Islands Brokerage 242-362-4018. the project’s exclusive realtor. things will get done properly. BAHAMAS I 19. “We’ve rendered a 50-suite hotel/clubhouse design. on time and in budget. ext 222 sales@privateislandsbrokerage. on time and in budget.



All have private beach access and wraparound mahogany decks. yet. © MUSHA CAY . each residence also has its own personality. l Frey The Cay’s five guesthouses brim over with exotic treasures from Copperfield’s world travels. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL MAGICAL MUSHA CAY By C.22.

while the Thanks to Copperfield and his imaginative team. BAHAMAS I 23. he also understands how to make real-life magic. two grandmaster suites and a high-ceilinged living pavilion ensure the sights inside rival the ones outdoors. It’s possible to dine with your toes in the sand on half-mile long Coconut Beach or request a torch-lined fantasy table under the moonlight on the main dock.MuSHA CAY. and state-of-the-art outdoor movie theatre on the sands of Coconut Beach (aka dave’s drive-in) appeal to landlubbers. with two master suites and an expansive dining/living area in 3. tucked into 700 acres of lush Bahamian splendor where the sea blazes sapphire and the sand is nearly as white as snow. charming thatched-roof Beach House has an open-air living room and bathroom for all-night stargazing sessions. Highview rises from the isle’s crest. featuring freshly caught seafood from the islands paired with premium vintages from the wine cellar. the window-lined landings. is a favorite for breakfast. a private sauna. the island’s honorary host – can savor the locale at any one time. . the resort cuisine is equally exquisite. activities are as abundant as the tropical flowers that line musha Cay’s pathways. this 11 island archipelago is one of the most secluded and exclusive retreats in the world. All have private beach access and wrap-around mahogany decks. © CATHY DALY His private island resort. only 24 guests – hand-selected by you. yet. Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay. sits just steps above the island’s sugary sand. sets the stage for grand event meals. and fishing trips are also easily arranged. with its soaring teak beams.000 square feet of luxury complemented with 360-degree views of musha Cay and the uninhabited surrounding islands.200 square feet. It’s even possible to play billiards on a championship table once owned by Houdini. also 3. there are 40 beaches awaiting exploration among the 11 private Copperfield Islands and a beachside freshwater pool. overlooking the main dock.200 square feet of space. lunch or dinner. a lighted tennis court. the limited guest list ensures the area’s coral reefs remain in top shape for snorkeling and scuba diving.000 square feet on two levels make Palm terrace a good choice for families. and the open-air Balinese dining Pavilion. lies in the out islands of the exumas about 85 miles southeast of nassau. air-conditioned gym. swing open the door of artful Pier House. two kitchens. a lthough David Copperfield has earned global renown for his dazzling illusions. Blue Point. The Cay’s five guesthouses brim over with exotic treasures from Copperfield’s world travels. each residence also has its own personality. there are additional island options with a special brand of enchantment: traverse a hidden as tempting as it is to relax and do nothing at all in these decadent surroundings. and its namesake pier transports you directly to the ocean. its 10. more than 4.


visit www. BAHAMAS I 25. or travel throughout the islands in search of the treasure of Copperfield Bay. it’s a 20-minute flight to Copperfield Bay’s private airstrip or a one-hour boat ride via one of the resort’s private watercraft.mushacay. seeing is believing at musha Cay. island amenities.MuSHA CAY. and the memories of its brilliance will last a lifetime. Copperfield Bay can also accommodate yachts up to 200 feet. Creating your own magical experience at musha Cay starts at us$ 37. a three-hour hunt filled with magical surprises. and a movie night at dave’s drive-in. it’s only about 90 minutes by air from south Florida or a 40-minute flight from Nassau to George Town Airport (GGT). Despite the far-flung feeling of Musha Cay. making it ideal for celebrating major milestones. © HOMER ANTHONY LIWAG staircase to a secret jungle village where friendly monkeys clamber over century-old carvings. Great Exuma.500 per day for up to 12 people. rates include all meals and beverages (including fine wines and champagnes). with a four-day minimum. From there.com © HOMER ANTHONY LIWAG .

the government can no longer put islands up for sale. the project’s piece de resistance is the proposal of overwater bungalows. tucked into this archipelago is a constellation of 365 islands that are perhaps its brightest stars: the exumas. eleven private villas and 10 double-unit seaside villas give buyers the chance to bask in the exumas’ glow without having to maintain an entire island. But a new . yet sprawl resort community development planned for 15-acre leaf Cay promises to forever change the face of Bahamian luxury. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE OVERWATER LUXURY BAHAMIAN-STYLE leaF Cay’s dazzlInG eXumas develoPment By C. the individual villas will front the island’s three beaches. and private sellers are almost non-existent due to the area’s popularity. Islands available for purchase are scarce in this oceanic jewel box.000 square miles of clear blue sea. mainland. they hover so close to the u.26. available for purchase as part of an on-site boutique resort that also includes treetop bungalows – a first for the Bahamas. delivering privacy and tranquility.l. from actor Johnny depp and magician David Copperfield to LVMH chair Bernard Arnault. Nowhere else will the fish-filled waters that have made these islands over 100. where the aquamarine and sapphire atlantic laps at soft white sand.s. they’ve certainly attracted high-wattage island owners. and all of the residences are guaranteed to have stunning water views. Frey t he 700 islands of the Bahamas have a special place in the landscape of island living.

EXuMAS. BAHAMAS I 27. the project’s piece de resistance is the proposal of overwater bungalows. available for purchase as part of an on-site boutique resort that also includes treetop bungalows – a first for the Bahamas. © SAVITA CREATIONS .LEAF CAY RESORT .

Co n C e Pt s I t e P l a n . I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE eleven private villas and 10 double-unit seaside villas give buyers the chance to bask in the exumas’ glow without having to maintain an entire island.28. leaF Ca y r e s o r t .

under the Hotel/resort encouragement act. leaf Cay is poised to become the exumas’ brightest rising star. eliminating the need for expensive generators (but they have them for back up). which is named after its featured role in the 1965 James Bond film. Plans also contain a stellar lineup of amenities for residents and resort guests: a beach club café.” vazquez says. no property taxes are charged for 20 years and all materials and furnishings imported for the resort. beachfront infinity pool. © BALI WOOD HOUSES LEAf CAy RESORT DEvELOPMENT exumas. who has provided yacht charter service in the exumas for the last 10 years and cultivated intimate knowledge of the area. whitecrowned pigeons. “What we call the heart of the exuma chain falls between Highborne Cay and staniel Cay. tahiti. thanks to an already-approved airport runway expansion and the opening of a full-time immigration office. the famous swimming pigs of Big major’s Cay. two miles east and less than five minutes by boat. leaf Cay is the only private island in the area on the Bahamas electric Company main power grid via underwater line. It’s also strategically located near popular snorkeling/diving spot thunderball Grotto (about 100 yards from staniel Cay). “the most beautiful part of that section is the area between Compass Cay and staniel. sleeping overwater. currently offers direct flights to Nassau or Fort Lauderdale. and zenaida doves.com www. a dream destination for scuba divers and anglers be so close to your front door. 52-slip marina capable of housing mega yachts. Bahamas PRiCE UPON REQUEST iNQUi RiES Peter vazquez 242-524-8027 leafCayresort@aol. Staniel Cay. which previously required a trip to the maldives. or an equally far-flung locale. and two tennis courts. condos and villas are duty free. Leaf Cay’s neighbor will soon accommodate flights from around the world. With its premium location and pre-sale prices starting below us$ 1 million and up to us$ 3 million.” the island itself combines rocky shoreline and beachfront with wide swaths of evergreen shrubland that provides a habitat for Bahama mockingbirds.leafCayresort. He co-owns the island with business executive roger Cardinale. this lays the perfect foundation for a developer interested in a larger one-of-a-kind exumas investment and for individual owners who also benefit from the resort rental program. and that’s where leaf Cay lies.com © SAVITA CREATIONS . leaf Cay’s development is the brainchild of Peter vazquez. a full service spa and fitness center.LEAF CAY RESORT . and the friendly nurse sharks at Compass Cay. including an island of wild iguanas. BAHAMAS I 29. could be available less than an hour’s flight from Florida and only 80 miles from Nassau. gift shops.EXuMAS. many of the top draws for yacht cruises in the area are all within five minutes of Leaf Cay.



Featured on the property are a pool. adorned with beautiful art imported from around the world and West Indies designer furniture. the front dock allows for swimming and fishing and can accommodate guests’ boats.tilloopond. Bahamas US$ 3.bahamashome. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE TILLOO POND on tHe PerCH oF ParadIse t illoo Pond is a grand estate situated on the 11-acre private island of tilloo Cay. tilloo Pond is your chance to share the experience of pure luxury with your dearest friends and family.com www. granite countertops.com . Both private docks are equipped with electricity and fresh water. Featuring a sitting area and master bathroom with walk-in closets. and an open breakfast nook. double sinks. overlooking the aquamarine sea of abaco. it enjoys excellent island views. which can dock up to five boats. designed by renowned architect d. TiLLOO POND GRAND ESTATE tilloo Cay. the second dock has an entrance into the private harbour of Tilloo Pond. cozy and secluded.000 SALE iNQU iRiES Gaylord layton 303-762-8893 gaylord@taysidellc. Caretaker housing is located below this villa. the main master suite exists as its own separate villa.350. the triplex measures over 5. generous in its amenities and accommodations. and a double-sized shower.32. it consists in three luxurious villas linked together with curving covered walkways and encompassed by wrap-around verandahs and lush gardens. and a family room. Jacuzzi. a formal dining room and a covered patio with breath-taking peripherals of the surrounding scenery. and lavish in its decoration. ruggles. granite counters. a double-sided fireplace. housing up to 12 guests.net RENTAL iNQU iRi ES www. and gazebo. the third villa constitutes the estate’s guest quarters and includes two suites. travertine and exotic hardwood flooring. resting in the abaco Islands of the Bahamas and Paradisiacal in its location. as well as two private docks.H. it makes for the perfect romantic hideaway. octagonal in shape. Its kitchen is suited with cherry cabinets. a master suite with a private terrace. timber arches. the residence is being sold with all its fittings. the primary villa splurges with vaulted ceilings. abacos.400 square feet.

ruggles. designed by renowned architect d. BAHAMAS I 33. .400 square feet. housing up to 12 guests.H.ABACOS.TILLOO POND gRAND ESTATE . the triplex measures over 5.

sponsored by: bintlfilmfest.com 242 356 5939 .

writers and other filmmakers have come to the festival and have spread the word. Having showcased more than 600 films. and elsewhere. the festival continues to surpass these goals. Colorado. each successive year. It also brings the world to the Bahamas.bintlfilmfest. movie stars. directors. Harbour Island Jolly roger Pineapple Fields. and a vital part of the Bahamas’ standing as a creative mecca for all. and attracting a targeted tourism sector through the film industry. BIFF’s mission has been to create a cine-literate arts community capable of bridging cultures. nicolas Cage. spreading awareness. in Breckenridge. I’ve been attending festivals in Cannes. now reaching a public relations dollar value of $20 million. It helps put Bahamas on the map among international film festivals. fostering a relationship of reciprocal exposure between the native community and global film culture as well as promoting the Bahamas not only as a tourist destination.com.com tours nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board Bahamas airport advertising ltd. but as a venue for cinema production. Jeffrey Lyons. It is a celebration of international artistic achievement in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Governor’s Harbour alumaworx the Bahamas Weekly Jim Whitehead . Johnny depp. Bahama divers the sign Post dermalogica Bahamas & Caribbean Idya studio Coles of nassau Bahama Hand Print Breezes resort & spa Private Islands Inc. many of them talented Bahamians. get to rub shoulders with movie stars and established filmmakers. one of Hollywood’s best-known film critics and author of “the stories my Father told me” shares his insights about the festival’s success: “the Bahamas International Film Festival is a shining light among a large field of film festivals. Bahamas has an astonishing intimacy about it.com 242 356 5939 Carrousel yacht enterprises Bahamas tourism Channel Kings realty lilo studios ministry of tourism Bahamas sol orico sandytoes Coldwell Banker / lightbourne realty Bahamas air majestic thebahamasweekly. contacts they might otherwise not have. I know. laurence Fishburne and other stars who’ve been honored or attended. t he Bahamas International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the local Bahamian community and visitors sponsored by: atlantis rBC royal Bank esso bintlfilmfest. BIFF grows significantly. it has attracted an international array of filmmakers. new york.” For more details on the festival. I hosted the Breckenridge festival for 28 years. including the full list of 2012 screenings visit www. Young filmmakers. moet & Chandon Caribbean airlines self drive Boat adventures Caribbean Bottling Company sir speedy sheraton Heineken Coral sands. launched in 2004. Just ask sir sean Connery.from around the world diverse films of global variety and an education in the history and future of cinema.

Family-owned since the late ‘70s. with five beaches and a five-mile loop trail that affords majestic views of the resort and surrounding islands. even when its 52 rooms and three villas are fully booked. the scent of frangipani blossoms greets arriving guests. after one of the island’s spectacular sunsets. accommodations appeal to a diverse range of tastes: the 32 ocean view rooms look over the azure sea and the marina. Peter Island is the kind of idyllic resort that inspires repeat visits – with guests returning to their favorite room and requesting “their” table in the on-site restaurants.36. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL PETER ISLAND’S TIMELESS APPEAL BvI luXury resort InsPIres Guests aCross GeneratIons By loann Halden By day. with convenient . there’s ample room to take in that fresh. say they are now seeing the adult children of previous visitors sharing the island experience with their families. It’s also an 1. t he air is sweeter on Peter Island. a casually elegant private island resort and spa in the British virgin Islands four miles from tortola.800-acre oasis of tranquility. fragrant air – giving visitors the feeling it’s a natural island beauty they can call their own. oleanders and jasmine add their perfumes to the night. members of the resort staff. some of whom have spent more than 25 years providing guests with a warm welcome.

outdoor grill. the 20 Beachfront Junior suites rest on the white sand of deadman’s Beach. the Hawk’s nest is a three-bedroom/three-bath Caribbean-style stunner with full kitchen. Peter Island is the kind of idyllic resort that inspires repeat visits – with guests returning to their favorite room and requesting “their” table in the on-site restaurants.PETER ISLAND. deadman’s Beach. the four-bedroom/four-bath Crow’s nest perches atop a mountain above the resort. its expansive terraces accommodating a pool and a dipping pool with northern and southern exposure. For the most discerning guests. wet bar. deadman’s Beach. expect stellar views of sir Francis drake Channel. little deadman’s Beach and Honeymoon Beach all have views of dead Chest Island. Family-owned since the late ‘70s. a trio of exclusive private villas dot the verdant terrain. . and the array of virgin Islands from this showpiece of santa Barbara coastal-style architecture. private sundeck with dipping pool and views of deadman’s Beach and the yacht-filled marina. the rocky outcrop that purportedly inspired robert louis stevenson’s treasure Island. offering a steady soundtrack of waves lapping the shore from their private patio sand balconies. BRITISH VIRgIN ISLANDS I 37. pool and lobby access.

the resort brims with activities for all ages. Tear away from the views to savor the infinity pool and a waterfall that cascades down a wall of indigenous stone.38. a 22. the 10. the property is divided into a main house with two master suites. a two-story great room and two kitchens.000-square foot gated estate with hand-trawled stucco walls and dramatic wood beams. High on a peak overlooking White Bay Beach and casting its gaze toward norman Island sits the Falcon’s nest. and two additional “pod” villas with two master suites each – making it ideal for family gatherings or corporate retreats. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL Tear away from the views to savor the infinity pool and a waterfall that cascades down a wall of indigenous stone.000-square-foot spa offers both indoor treatment rooms and oceanfront. although relaxation comes naturally on Peter Island. open-air bohio suites as well .

and a fitness center. Hobie Cats.peterisland. Paradise Watersports. a halfcourt basketball court. the treatment menu features “local & organic” therapies such as the thermal sand Bundle massage and the Fresh Coconut Body Polish. Peter Island’s loyal guests are still discovering new facets to this BvI gem – and new family members are always welcome. Sailing and deep-sea fishing charters can be booked at the marina. Peter Island also has four tennis courts. . BRITISH VIRgIN ISLANDS I 39. runs trips to multiple BvI sites. windsurfers.com or call 1 800 346 4451. as a raised infinity pool. and snorkeling gear are available daily. including the 1867 Wreck of the rhone – a 310-foot iron-hulled ship widely considered one of the Caribbean’s top dives. It is also one of the few spas in the Caribbean offering guests an authentic ayurveda program with certified therapists from India. For more information about Peter Island resort & spa visit www. the onsite PadI scuba shop. paddleboards. even after multiple visits. sun Fish. seaside Jacuzzi. and the secluded sands of Big reef Bay Beach add to the spa’s ambiance.PETER ISLAND. Complimentary kayaks.

I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL “one of my earliest childhood memories of Peter Island was visiting with my parents while vacationing in the BvI.david van andel .40. This was the first time either had set foot on the Island” .

not only bought Peter Island and established the world-class resort that exists to this day. this includes a new reverse osmosis water purification plant to supply the island with all its water needs while using less energy to do so. “taking on the responsibility of preserving both of these for future generations falls now to my generation. who is now overseeing the island and his late father’s legacy.peterisland. rich devos. This was the first time either had set foot on the Island. a vid sailor Jay Van Andel first laid eyes on Peter Island in the early ‘70s and knew that some day he wanted to make this jewel of the British virgin Islands a part of . “Two of our first employees and part of the many who make the Island experience special . and just recently.” says david van andel. was part of the team that built the resort before the van andel family took ownership. BRITISH VIRgIN ISLANDS I 41.the Jean Kelly’s and Benji Benjamin’s – are some of Peter Island’s greatest assets. Celebrities often make Kelly their first call to announce upcoming visits – even before ringing reservations. Who can forget Jean’s smiling face and her dance moves at the Beach restaurant?” david van andel reflects. these and other opportunities will continue to be pursued to maintain Peter Island in its pristine condition.com or call 1 800 346 4451. Both of these have significantly reduced the island’s carbon footprint.” explains david van andel.PETER ISLAND.” Given the family history and connection to the island. we started a chef’s garden of herbs and vegetables for organic farm fresh-to-table dinners in our tradewinds restaurant. “one of my earliest childhood memories of Peter Island was visiting with my parents while vacationing in the BVI. THE HISTORY AND LEGACY OF PETER ISLAND his family. who drives for the resort’s private car service. some of the beloved staff members have given decades to the resort.” For more information about Peter Island resort & spa visit www. my father and mother loved Peter Island for both its beauty and its serenity. over the years. “We also built the first two 250kw windmill generators in the BVI which supply the Island with over 2/3’s of its power needs. and Hugh “Benji” Benjamin. van andel. I’m convinced it left a lasting impression as my father and his business partner. who had become a successful businessman. we’ve consistently invested in sustainability practices and environmentally friendly projects. a fixture of Peter Island’s Tradewinds restaurant for 28 years. that dream came true in 1978. but he also lived in a private residence on the island up to six months of the year. a Place like this: Hugh Benjamin’s Peter Island. bringing his family there to celebrate holidays and major milestones. like Jean Kelly. an entertainment. so it should come as little surprise that the family spirit of Peter Island extends beyond the van andel bloodlines. “These are some of the treasured memories of our special place called Peter Island. chose to purchase the property soon after. it’s crucial to the van andels that Peter Island continues to thrive for future generations. Benji and Jean represent all of our long standing employees who consistently deliver the outstanding service to our guests year after year. he’s even written a book about its history. the second oldest of Jay’s four children.


BVI I 43. With 7 bedrooms and 17. at the base of the island’s cliff. overlooking sir Frances drake Channel and surrounded by green hillsides and miles of pristine beaches. Behind the courtyard is a service building featuring a two-bedroom guest apartment.000 square feet of built area. and a patio deck whose view of the Channel is. Its master suite includes two independent study libraries. akin to dancing with the encircling waters. For details on renting Buck Island contact travel@ privateislandtravel. and a double garage. and feels as though it were an extension of the natural environment. the estate instills a sense of harmony between its visitors and the island. moving through this space is lavish in accommodations and exotic in its surroundings. the Buck main House is designed in the traditional virgin Islands artisan style. Housing is developed on the highest point of this island.com or call 1 877 219 8826 . the main pool is equipped with an outdoor kitchen. look no further than Buck Island. a master bedroom. breath-taking. Whether you wish to explore the land. Inspired by the logarithmic spiral. or enjoy its presence as you relax. a chilled wine cellar. virgin Islands. two separate guest villas © DON HEBERT . terrace. nearby are moorings for island boats with a protected anchorage. Family to the British BUCk ISLAND NATURALLY INSPIRED LUXURY blue waters of the Caribbean. this meticulously-crafted getaway demonstrates a taste for extravagance coupled with a love of natural beauty. and private exercise room.BuCK ISLAND. Buck Island makes for a perfect retreat. this meticulously-crafted getaway demonstrates a taste for extravagance coupled with a love of natural beauty. the 43-acre island rests in the deep F or those in search of luxurious escape. barbeque area. it mimics the nautilus shell: chambers gradually increase in size as they uncoil from the heart of the building – a magnificent winding staircase. needless to say. lavish in accommodations and exotic in its surroundings.ALL IMAGES overlook the pool. allowing for the fullest appreciation of its surrounding wonders and landscaping moves with the island’s original terrain. this area is suited with a water sports building as well as a kitchen and barbeque space. beach stretches along the coast in a sheltered cove with access to excellent swimming and snorkelling.

Here. adjacent is the Barefoot Grill and ample room on this 4. but not limited to.6 acres on the east point of the Cay is well suited for. this fully functioning 8. and significant value creation potential. restaurant.6 acre shore side property for future development. resort shop and spa. Barefoot Cay is an established luxury resort the existing resort development on the 3. roatan is the Western Caribbean’s most attractive island for investment. a two-story Barefoot divers/lofts building houses the dive shop. Complimenting the development on the Cay.44. the future development of several rental units. and two romantic one-bedroom beachfront Bungalows. a PadI Five star dive resort. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL & REAL ESTATE BAREFOOT CAY RESORT tHe Best oF tHe Western CarIBBean W inner of numerous travel accolades and consistently positive guest reviews. a pair of two-bedroom beachfront villas. a quality current income stream. . the resort’s walkon pontoon boats cross the short distance of 75 feet between the Cay and the shore Property. as well as three spacious oceanview studio lofts and two oceanview two-bedroom loft suites. a deluxe two-bedroom beachfront Cottage. with deep-water marina and accommodations totaling 15 bedrooms. business assets ready for use in producing additional revenue. the resort stretches across a narrow channel to roatan’s south shore. Barefoot Cay resort has a high number of repeat guests who favor this exclusive destination for the serenity of its location and exemplary located offshore of roatan. retirement and world renowned scuba diving. including three proposed one-bedroom waterfront Casitas. complete with rooftop balconies and private plunge pools. taking guests at a moment’s notice from one side to the other. 1.7 acre cay features a stunning pool area.3 acre turnkey opportunity offers a private cay.









is located just 10 minutes to the west, with weekly direct flights from several U.S. cities. rarely do such fantastic opportunities in the Western Caribbean become available. For more information on the sale or to book accommodation at Barefoot Cay resort, contact:

BAREfOOT CAy roatan, Western Caribbean

iNvESTMENT iNQUiRiES lisa m. Carter, CCIm re@BarefootCay.com RESORT RESERv AT iONS mel James Info@BarefootCay.com 866-246-3706 www.BarefootCay.com

it affords a cabin of 5. the vision is the product of a true passion for aerodynamics.5 feet in height. easy flight and a straightforward transition for pilots of high-performance aircraft.cirrusaircraft. sporting a v-tail and powered by a single Williams FJ33 engine. the Vision fills a niche market that lies between the piston single and twin and the very light jet. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I LIFESTYLE tHe CIrrus vIsIon sF50 a FlIGHt For sore eyes for the personal use market. adl and sd card data recording.Cirrus Perspective™ by Garmin avionics and the Cirrus airframe Parachute system (CaPs™).com . Intended meticulous and painstaking efforts have been made to ensure the smoothest and safest flight.1 feet in height. including alterations to the original engine thrust angle and reshaping of the nose. the Vision is a breed of its own that allows its passengers to feel simultaneously luxurious and professional. 3-axis digital a/P with lvl. audio and Phone inputs. the vision makes excellent use of its space. dual aHrs and dual adC. Having undergone extensive testing and remodelling. vapor Cycle air Conditioning.9 feet in length and 10. low-wing. other features included in the Vision are a Dual WAAS GPS. technologically complex. yet simple and intuitive to operate. and offering the comfort of confidence and safety. boarding up to 5 adults and 2 children. the Cirrus vision sF50 is the ultimate personal jet. the vision has been designed with Cirrus’ philosophy in mind: to enable safe. Convenience Power. the Vision flies with style and turbine smoothness. XM Radio. advanced avionics . and Pilot “quick-don” emergency oxygen. visit www. as a compact jet.48. with a wingspan of 38 feet. reclining Crew and Passenger seats. a single-engine. as with all Cirrus aircrafts.1 feet in width and 4. the vision is suited with all the hallmarks of Cirrus’ dedication to flight safety including the state-of-the-art. seven-seat aircraft developed by Cirrus design. spaciously accommodating. mode s transponder. Active Traffic System. Passengers can be assured that easy to use. measuring 30.


Coco centrepiece of which is an eye-catching master residence designed with striking style. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL COCO PRIVé kUDA HITHI ISLAND BY COCO COLLECTION By yvonne Gordon one oF tHe most eXquIsIte and eXClusIve PrIvate Island retreats In tHe World Is WaItInG For you In tHe BeautIFul Coral Island atolls oF tHe tHe maldIves. the majesty of this intimate 13. and outdoor day beds with expansive ocean views. there’s a living room which has a private terrace. pristine white beaches. the . aquamarine sea. W ith its clear. a sunken Jacuzzi. Privé Kuda Hithi Island – known locally as Kuda Hithi – is the ultimate private island retreat in the maldives.50. the master suite is set on the upstairs level and as well as a spacious bedroom. unparalleled amenities and an extended infinity pool which blends seamlessly onto the beach. lush vegetation and state-of-the-art residences and pools.000 square foot private island has been perfectly paired with the most exquisite architecture in the region.

. the residence also boasts intricate and attractive water elements – such as a feature incorporating both water and fire. excursions and big game fishing to spa treatments and more – or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings. In addition to the incomparable master residence. is known for its attention to detail and the luxury service extended to guests at Coco Privé covers pre-arrival. water sports. the island is fully serviced by Coco’s team of personal staff. including a chef. the island sleeps twelve and includes a well-appointed gym and an enviable wine room. Food and drinks are all included and guests can arrange activities – everything from diving. Coco Privé offers four other luxury guest villas with swimming pools allowing for parties to enjoy the splendour of this intimate and luxurious isle.MALDIVES I 51.COCO PRIVé KuDA HITHI . at the entrance of the villa. who are on hand to cater for every need. the stay itself and post-departure. a maldivian company which owns a number of hotels and resorts in the maldives. Coco Collection.

who are on hand to cater for every need. including a chef. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL the island is fully serviced by Coco’s team of personal staff. .52.

” Coco Privé is also in close proximity to Coco Collection’s five star resort. the island is in the north malé atoll in the maldives. it’s the perfect location to enjoy the wonders of this great destination. what you like and don’t like and what kind of experience you are looking for. what really strikes you is the contrast of the colours – the greenery of the vegetation and the palm trees. “If someone likes a particular colour of flower or is particularly interested in the ocean and wants a guided tour of the local reef. “It’s also beautifully quiet. what your preferences are.” Lisa says the total seclusion of the island will appeal to high-profile guests seeking total privacy. idyllic white sandy beach is priceless. the turquoise water.com . diving and activities however they do not include service charges or applicable taxes. food. Contact: yourplace@cocoprive.” she adds. the white sand. “the beautiful turquoise waters and the white sandy beaches are breath taking.MALDIVES I 53. just 25km from malé International airport. another attractive feature of Coco Privé is its convenient location to the airport. secret place to enjoy and a place to create lasting memories. groups of islands scattered around a vast area. or by private seaplane. to have your own private.COCO PRIVé KuDA HITHI . for the ultimate tailored vacation. so sometimes you have to get a couple of planes to get to these idyllic islands. we’ll cater the experience to them. “We get to know you before you arrive.” a stay on Coco Privé costs from us$8.” lisa says. the company makes sure that no detail is spared. Prices include all transfers.500 per night for 12 people during high season (27 december to 10 January). “With Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island.” says lisa Brightwell vP sales & marketing for Coco Collection. With crystal clear water and amazing marine life around the nearby coral reefs. Chefs will tailor make meals to guests’ preferences and menus can be prepared in advance.” says lisa. “the maldives is broken into atolls. spa treatments. and staff at the resort aim to create a sense of intimacy and ownership for each and every guest.” says lisa. Guests will have a boat at their disposal during their stay. and us$32. “With lots of vegetation. or they can remain on the island and enjoy exclusive meals and entertainment. so they can arrange private dives or dive lessons. “Guests can go scuba diving with our expert team. being close to the airport and the ease of getting there will certainly appeal to our guests. a number of elements make this private retreat a special. so you can arrive at the island in style on a luxury yacht which takes around 40 minutes from the airport. which takes around 15 minutes. apart from the sound of the waves. It’s very peaceful but the colours are so vibrant that it’s very inspiring. beverage.000 per night for two people during low season (1 may to 31 July). Coco Palm Bodu Hithi – not close enough for guests to be seen but just a few minutes’ boat ride if guests want to go and enjoy a cocktail at the bar or go to a restaurant for dinner.

at the airport. . a smaller fourth bedroom is located at the rear of the villa. land and sky and elevated to the luxury accommodations. For couples and families. fully equipped kitchen. couples airport. a British Commonwealth member. no deck-chair crowds: Desroches Island is both life simplified to the elements of sea. large dining room and entertainment area completes the Beach villa facilities. Baby-sitters can be arranged. sandy beach located 1. there are only four of these on the island and each one offers an open air bathroom and a large private plunge pool. each with four sea facing bedrooms and one non sea facing bedroom.” desroches Island offers a mix of villas and residences and can be booked exclusively for weddings. Here there is no roar of speedboats. Desroches Island is accessible by daily flights from Mahé International e scapism. luxury and the shifting colors of the Indian ocean: desroches Island is a haven of tranquillity for individuals.54. Brown and families all seeking a perfect paradise nirvana. Just 230 kilometers southwest of mahé. activities and the amenities expected of a destination Forbes magazine has called one of the “top 10 remote Hotels in the World.500 kilometers east of africa and northeast of mauritius. the Beach retreats are exclusively for couples and perfect for honeymooners. Sky and Sand in the Magnificent Seychelles By david m. the spacious Beach villas each offer three large bedrooms all are complete with free standing baths. desroches Island welcomes guests at a proprietary lounge even before they embark for the quick 40-minute journey. A large private infinity pool. no jet blasts. comprises of 14 kilometers of soft. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL Sea. the capital and largest outer island in the republic of seychelles. dual sinks and indoor and outdoor showers. anniversaries and family celebrations. which offers connections to africa and the middle east. the cozy Beach suites have been designed for couples and sleep two adults and one infant or child. more luxurious are the air-conditioned dibwa residences.


or the sky. entertainment area and chill-out spaces as well as a large infinity swimming pool and two private plunge pools – making it your lavish home away from home. 2012. Four large bedrooms face the azure waters of the Indian ocean with a smaller fifth bedroom at the back of the Beach Residence. or. or e-mail mark leslie. Bombay Beach and the Point. spacious kitchen and dining area. including one for couples. on the Web among the many activities on the island. tunnels. Snorkeling. too.com). separate dining area. In addition. swimming in the central pool and enjoying the island restaurants and Beach Bar. other great beach getaway locations: lighthouse. general manager (info@desroches-island.desroches-island. nearby. Named for the first child to be born on Desroches Island. aquarium. The tranquillity of sanctuary: Desroches Island awaits. madame zabre beach is a tranquil setting for a picnic lunch. drop-offs and underwater canyon. PadI courses from the island are offered by certified divers. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL madam e z a Br e these residences have a modern miele kitchen. take a nature walk and feed the island’s giant tortoises some fresh mango. three plunge pools and salas. the Beach Residence has its own private infinity pool.com). the “desroches drop” is one of the world’s top diving sites for its cave diving. and its superlative beach. call +248-422-9003. other opportunities include tennis. Desroches is world class for its fishing and fly-fishing and is also noted for its private access to the nearby uninhabited st. Joseph and Poivre islands — untouched and unfished. the madam zabre spa retreat is the most expensive villa in the 115 islands constituting the seychelles archipelago. the island’s beaches and forests on a complimentary bike. guests enjoy a kitchen. For more information on desroches. in the magnificent seychelles. a treatment room and the services of a personal attendant — a “spa angel” — are also included as well as butler service and a chef. on another part of the island is the escape spa. and a chill-out space to aid the relaxation process and reconnect guests with nature and spirit. work out at the gym or read a book.56. For all guests. the exclusive residence comprises three sea-facing en-suite air-conditioned bedrooms. reclining on a day bed. Wifi access is complimentary. all with private showers. opened June 1. Diving at St Joseph is particularly sought after for its vibrant corals. explore (www. . which opened in august 2011. hydro-biking and kayaking are also available. it comprises four treatment rooms. Complete the day with a sunset cruise: an amber sun turns to orange and red and slips into a turquoise ocean. dining and a communal chill space. Butler service is included.


000 feet of lakeside frontage. the majestic.000 square feet of heated porticos and outdoor entertaining space surrounding the residence. the fully improved 24-acre island also features its own sporting clay course. massive and matchless luxury stone mansion on montana’s gorgeous Flathead lake. a limestone fireplace. Called Whispering rock by its current owner.000 square feet. highlighted by the master bedroom suite with domed ceiling and mahogany closet. and a second story gallery encircling the entire room. and a heated boat stall featuring its own computercontrolled rail system.the largest private home in montana .encompasses more than 24. the home’s elegant great room boasts a jaw-dropping 45-foot ceiling. allowing passengers to move from water to dry dock without ever leaving the craft or handling a line. which with its year-round natural lighting is the perfect place for montana wildlife-watching.58. the three-story guest/boat house . an indoor shooting range. and its master bath with stunning black and white Carrara marble. Inside. a custom-built mahogany-paneled 120-inch television. and a steam room. 7. a property comes along that puts the word “spectacular” into perspective. a commercial grade elevator. with nearly 5. five bedrooms and eight baths are marked by impeccable quality and craftsmanship. the manse even features its own copper and glass conservatory.300 square feet featuring two bedrooms.designed to complement the main residence -. including two pantries and top-of-the-line appliances. a gym with lake views. shelter Island’s grand main house . there’s also a wine cellar. reached by a mile-long path that also serves as a scenic .is itself larger than most private homes. such a place is shelter Island equipped with everything that the finest gourmet chef and staff could require. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE SHELTER ISLAND montana’s matCHless manse By dan allen estate. four baths two granite fireplaces. not enough? okay. the kitchen is of course e very so often. including an incredible 10.


market right now and easily one of the most unique. the incredible Glacier national Park.000.hurwitzjamesco. and Oakland. 12. denver. usa US$ 78.not to mention the elusive but notorious Flathead lake monster. alongside Cat-5 computer and phone cables. Yellow perch and lake whitefish are abundant here along with many varieties of trout -. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE walking or jogging trail. SHELTER iSLAND shelter Island . to the east is the beautiful Flathead national Forest (with numerous campgrounds and two downhill ski resorts). and one of the cleanest lakes of its size and type in the entire world. underground watering and hydrant systems protect the compound and keep it green.60. Listed at US$ 78 million. the largest natural freshwater lake west of the mississippi river. shelter Island lies 100 miles north of missoula on the west central edge of Flathead lake. spotted by locals with loch ness-y gusto for more than a century.com 310-477-8865 . as well as seasonal flights to Chicago and Atlanta. Shelter Island Estate is one of the top five most expensive properties on the u. 30 miles north of shelter Island is the town of Kalispell’s Glacier Park International Airport. salt lake City.montana.s. las Vegas. which is serviced year-round by direct flights to minneapolis/st.000 amps of power come to the property via an armored under-lake utility cable. seattle/tacoma. and just to the north of that.000 SA L E iN Q Ui R iE S Bob Hurwitz Hurwitz James Company www. Paul.


” says one of the owners.62. the owners of Belle Island wake to the beauty of the St. most of which have been restored to their original glory. e very morning. In 1900. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE BELLE ISLAND t H e 1 0 0 1 st r e a s o n t o m a K e n y ’ s t H o u s a n d I s l a n d s H o m e By david m.” as each success story posted new World heraldry on a proprietary island. President Grant vacationed just south of Belle Island at Castle rest. one of america’s largest.” he adds. a cluster of nine islands around Belle Island became known as to this world destination. lit against the stars. began his six-story home. where the restored landmark and its ancillary masonry buildings are open to the public. “the views are fantastic. “the channel view during the day is spectacular both from inside . sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago. formerly called maud and linlithgow islands. general manager of the Waldorf-astoria Hotel in new york City and owner of Philadelphia’s Bellevue-stratford Hotel. Here. close enough that you see every small detail — but far enough away that you are sequestered from their wake. creator of the Pullman sleeping car. “my mom and dad lie in their bed and have a nighttime view of a castle. the island owned by George W.5-acre Belle Island. which he patterned on packet boats from his erie Canal boyhood. geological and human. at alexandria Bay in the nucleus of the thousand Islands in upstate new york and southeastern ontario. Lawrence Seaway and the magnificence of century-old Boldt extravagant yacht houses. who spent much of his childhood on 1. George Boldt. the family also enjoys views of the adirondacks and the rush of history. richard Pietrafesa. “ocean freighters pass by the front every hour. post-Bellum industrialists began taking their vacations by rail or steamboat from eastern cities and building getaway mansions with “millionaire’s row. on Heart Island. Pullman. In 1872. Brown Castle. 400 yards north on Heart Island. unparalleled.

“Put it here. walked on the ice to a large stone shoal and. suitable for swimming and fishing. today. NEW YORK I 63. bell-shaped and hotel-inspired Belle Island is beautifully flat and without the large-rock encumbrances of many neighboring islands.” Pietrafesa says. “you could sit there all day watching the hundreds of boats passing. torn down decades before the current ownership. brown and lake trout. the house and from the deck. let’s make an island. built by the family in 1988. we have a clear view to the st lawrence seaway main channel and to Boldt Castle. “yet. In 1905. and oswego rivers have great bass and pike. a 120-foot-deep water dock. saying. Peacock.” Hence. including a five-bedroom house. all of the structures on Belle Island are on one level. an enclosed boathouse for two 30-foot boats or four smaller boats. during the excavating of Heart Island for his castle. “From every position on the island. muskies from the st.” he adds. who probably built the island’s original Classical revival-style house. alexander r. a covered dock slip for three boats. listening to the gentle waves lap up against the rock wall. and the st. is world famous for novices or avid anglers here. and a sheltered harbor with a slip for two boats.” Sportfishing. in fact. drew the outline of a bell. with his cane. salmon.BELLE ISLAND. eastern lake ontario is sought after for salmon.” one family winter’s tale relates that Boldt. a Pittsburgh-based andrew Carnegie protégé and boating aficionado who became a millionaire when the Carnegie steel Company was taken over by the united states steel. lawrence river and the walleyes . on the back side of the island. purchased Belle Island from Boldt. the waters are calm. Black. lawrence.

. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE a cluster of nine islands around Belle Island became known as “millionaire’s row.64.” as each success story posted new World heraldry on a proprietary island.

where Pietrafesa and family rent their slip and park their cars. Wellesley also features stores. new york US$ 1. Those flying private planes may consider Maxson Airfield. alexandria Bay and nearby Clayton are summer-event attractions as well.pietrafesa@gmail. the nation’s largest antique boat show and Bill Johnston’s Pirate Weekend. one minute if you are in a hurry.” he says. 90 miles from Syracuse. who hid among the 1000 Islands during revolutionary War times.” Pietrafesa recalls. the eastern lake ontario tributaries also have some of the finest winter steelhead fisheries in the Northeast. and 42 miles from Kingston.BELLE ISLAND. twilight wine cruises. about 100 yards away from Belle Island.395 million. beautiful gardens and standout topography. richard. (Identifier 89NY).” Belle Island is priced at US$ 1. Within minutes of Belle Island are beaches for swimming and water-skiing at the “lake of the Isles” inside of nearby Wellesley Island. chuckling.com 315-952-2831 .395. with the unmistakable gurgle of the inboard engine. “From every position on the island.000 iNQU iRiES richard Pietrafesa richard. see www. com or contact richard Pietrafesa directly. ontario. ny. cliffs to dive from. and loading up the 60-footer with 20 people to go anchor in a secluded harbor for a swim. teaching them to drive a boat as my father taught me. ruins to explore and parks to stop at. we have a clear view to the st lawrence seaway main channel and to Boldt Castle” from oneida lake are legendary. too. with historic or new structures.com or 315-952-2831. commemorating the exploits of the eponymous pirate and his cohorts. For more information on this outstanding lifestyle investment. so. NEW YORK I 65. “I’ve explored them with a jet ski for over 20 years and I am still finding alcoves I didn’t know about. the neighboring islands are a wonder. restaurants and the 1000 Islands Club and marina. weekend visits with my kids and my siblings’ kids. and ending up with 40 onboard before we began dropping everyone home at the end of the day. its pool and restaurant are available to them. “the trip to Wellesley takes about four minutes at idle. with annual events such as the Poker run for high-performance speedboats. Pietrafesa recalls some of his many island memories: “flying a delta wing kite behind the ski boat. BELLE iSLAND alexandria Bay.pietrafesa@gmail.1000islandsprivateislandforsale.

it features subterranean rooms. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE HOUSE ISLAND . USA a dynamIC HIstory By melissa daly-Buajitti to this day.MAINE. tunnels and stairways of granite and brick. .66.

maine. exploring the property feels like a walk through time.000 SALE iNQU iRiE S John scribner 207-874-2057 jscribner@landvest. the fort is now known as one of the best-preserved Civil War forts to exist. the property includes five beaches and two deep-water piers. What will you add to it? HOUSE iSLAND Portland .850. the islands structures have been modernized and expanded with granite bastions and earthworks for the coastal defence of the united states. various wildlife roam throughout the area. it features subterranean rooms. and a charming old Port. and World War I and II. In many ways. tunnels and stairways of granite and brick. Portland offers an Arts District filled with galleries and museums. maine. it is a story of americana that has been written and re-written many times. there is something truly intimate about inhabiting a space so connected to our predecessors. industrial. and a unique connection to american heritage. House Island is celebrated as a landmark rich in military. not merely a piece of history. a plethora of historical parks.com . each of the three cottages on House Island date back to the turn of the 19th century. privacy and escape. this property is not to be missed. including breath-taking sunrises over Whitehead Passage and sunsets over Fort Gorges and mount Washington. including birds. usa 24 acres US$ 4. sporting over 7. traces of the quarantine station. it came to function primarily as a military outpost during the War of 1812. one might think that buying House Island is the chance to own a piece of history. undergoing renovations in the mid-19th century.MAINE. with expansive views of the many wonders and attractions of Casco Bay. including the detention barracks. With a location that strikes the perfect balance between privacy and proximity. In reality.HOuSE ISLAND . the history continues. to touch the same surfaces that people from centuries ago touched and to look upon the same sites they once saw is a chilling and magical feeling. fishing. an inlet of the Gulf of maine. while the Portland Harbour is within two miles.000 feet of shore frontage. o riginally developed as an 1800’s Civil War fort. as a result. Comparatively. the island’s fort originated as an eight-sided wooden blockhouse by the name of Fort scammel. and cultural history for the northeast united states. and hospital are still present on site. various entertainment and amenities are nearby: a full-service marina is only a mile away by boat. uSA I 67. and boating. While the fort’s intended purpose was to defend shipping lanes in and out of the Portland Harbor. Having also served as an early-1900’s quarantine station for american immigrants. indulging its guests with a sense of the remote. one can experience 360-degree peripherals of the Bay. doctor’s house. a waterfront estate with three ready-to-renovate residences. to this day. deer and seals. the island is more than this. 24-acre House Island now stands as From the high points of land. at the same time.600 square feet of developed structure. the american Civil War. allowing pleasant access to the salty waters of the atlantic ocean – excellent for swimming. together over 1. located in Casco Bay. the island’s terrain encompasses 24 acres of varied landscape. the largest city in maine. if one so desires to take part in the rich cultural and epicurean offerings of Portland. the island’s surroundings are peaceful.

68. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE Belden Is l a n d JePson Is l a n d .

most properties in the thimbles are passed down through generations. 100 year-old victorian farm house with a wrap-around veranda. or home away from home. Jepson Island is available for us$ 1. Immaculate grounds feature stony Creek granite steps leading to its own beach. Current owner Christine Chiarella. where they treasure the extensive wildlife. has purchased and renovated numerous properties in the area. is just over a quarter of an acre and is the closest island to the quaint town of stony Creek.000 and Belden Island for us$ 3. Connecticut. Connecticut have been an exclusive destination of choice for centuries.000. then spend the evening taking in a Red Sox game in Boston or a five-star dinner in New York? equidistant from both cities. has both listings. Where else can you wake up in the morning and go boating across the stunning waters of long Island sound. with her husband John Jr. they continue to live in the thimbles. but two private islands up for sale – especially properties of this caliber. fullyfurnished house offers a contemporary open floor plan with extensive decks and a wall of windows that looks out to stunning views of the Contact margaret muir at 203-738-0202 or tony nuzzo at 203-7380228 for a showing or more information. Jepsen Island. the thimble Islands off the coast of Bradford.THIMBLE ISLANDS . The property features a sandy beach.995.CONNECTICuT. including Belden and Jepson. four bedrooms. William Pitt sotheby’s International realty in madison.950. uSA I 69. while being a world away from the hectic pace of modern life. became enchanted with the thimble’s rugged beauty over four decades ago and. President William Howard taft established a summer home there in the early 1900s and it is rumored that legendary pirate Captain Kidd buried his treasure somewhere within the archipelago’s 365 islands. and two fireplaces. Belden I s l a n d THE THIMBLE ISLANDS – A SHORT TRIP TO A WORLD AWAY to all the conveniences one could ask for. the two-bedroom. beautiful waterways and slower pace of life. plus your own oyster and clam bed for the ultimate in local cuisine. F or the handful of discerning island owners who call the thimbles home. the smaller of the two. so it is rare to see not one. The larger Belden Island is over an acre and features a magnificent. dock and mooring. gateway to the thimbles. . it is a paradise that offers access water on all sides..


the island’s 46 acres boast untouched old-growth forest and crystal clear. an unpretentious but comfortable four bedroom. Potable water is currently brought in 5-gallon containers for drinking and cooking. two bathroom cottage on the south shore overlooks the strait of malaspina and texada Island. crab and butter clams easily harvested by family and guests. Greet the day with a spectacular sunrise on one side of the island and watch dusk gather as the sun sinks into western island-mountains in a blaze of red and gold on the other. a few minutes steaming. . five-acre lots with shorelines of 600 . the island also contains an historic quarry that has won awards for the quality and color of its granite. the area is well known for scuba diving. of course. and salmon. prawns. oysters. the island’s beaches and coves shelter rich hauls of shrimp. and biking during the summer months and the ski resorts of British Columbia are within a day’s travel for winter activities. “Fox Island has been the super-glue that kept our children close to family throughout their teenage years. lighting and appliances and keep the island’s energy footprint low.1000 feet. and about 300 square feet of deck overlooking the shoreline and the entrance to Blind Bay. water skiing. but readily usable.BC. the cottage has 1500 square feet of living space. solar-powered well provides water for showers. four containing recently drilled wells and approved septic sites. farmers markets and. Fox Island offers purchasers the ideal mix of beauty. the sunshine Coast is British Columbia’s best kept secret. lingcod. a rock and gravel. the spacious garage can easily house cars and/or recreational vehicles. breathtaking views everywhere you look.FOX ISLAND . clocking an average of 4 to 6 hours sunshine per day and delivering up to 16 hours of sun-filled daylight in the mid-summer months on its 180km/112mi stretch of coastline. the north half of Fox Island has been rezoned into five. a recreational playground. stretching from Gibsons to lund with many quaint. the water surrounding Fox Island drops quickly to 20+ foot depths on the west and 250+ foot depths on the east side. providing safe and sheltered anchorage for sport fishing and luxury craft. recently-drilled. the owner of Fox Island recently reminisced. Watch seals frolic in the surf. drew in friends and kept the focus on relationships rather than urban distractions. coastal communities in between.” roughly hourglass in shape. a nearby. kayaking. roughly 200 square feet of secure. tubing. If you prefer a more active lifestyle. galleries. CANADA I 71. basement storage for equipment and tools. Propane. the occasional killer whale pod pass by on the way to fertile hunting grounds or admire bald eagles dominating the island’s airspace from their aeries in nearby majestic firs. solar batteries and a generator power the heating. inviting restaurants. boat launch by the 70 foot dock (l shaped) facilitates water activities. mussels. but the well is tested as safe and can easily be adapted to also service the cabin’s potable water needs. l ocated on Blind Bay (the bay formed between nelson Island and Hardy Island) on the fabled sunshine Coast of British Columbia. a fine glass of wine and you are ready to enjoy the rich bounty gathered from your own piece of paradise. deep waters teeming with rockfish. a crock of fresh butter infused with wild garlic. equipped to sleep 13. cleaning and flushing. oceanside villages exude rustic charm with artisan shops. privacy and accessibility. it lives up to its name.

I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE For those buyers who wish to share paradise with family and friends. europe and asia.495. (www. Fox Island. abbott 206-694-4424 abbottrt@blarg. Vancouver International airport provides easy access to the rest of Canada. British Columbia awaits you. five-acre lots with shorelines of 600-1000 feet. but still retain their privacy. but also want the comforts of modern living. is about a 30 minute car drive north of the Saltery Bay Marina (about fifteen minutes by boat from Fox Island). It just doesn’t get any better than this for those who yearn for the peace and privacy of one of the few remaining unspoiled seacoasts. fOX iSLAND British Columbia.spickandsons. spick and sons Projects.com . the north half of Fox Island has been rezoned into five. Building sites vary from locations perched atop a 100+ foot cliff with a stunning panoramic view of the strait of Georgia. ltd. to an idyllic forested peninsula with estate-like privacy.72. Powell river.com). four containing recently drilled wells and approved septic sites. a local company which specializes in the design and construction of high-end leisure properties has been instrumental in preparing the site for tasteful and environmentally sensitive development and would be available for consultation. C a n a d a 46 acres US$ 4.000 iNQU iRiES robert t. the closest community. the usa.

insured. aes has provided safe.PRIVATE ISLANDS I 73. and corporate finance. predictable and environmentally sensible cost. From powering private islands with renewable energy alternatives and back-up generators to providing lighting. aes delivers the highest quality alternative energy solutions from feasibility studies through to finished design. AES is a licensed.com fL Certified Solar Contractors License = CvC56877 fL Certified Electrical Contractors License = EC13004027 NABCEP Certified Solar Pv installer™ . bonded. Alternative Energy Services. marketing. fL 32780 Office 407-379-1710 fax 321-747-0314 WeAreSolarPower. located in the space Coast of Florida. affordable. Alternative Energy Services will show you how renewable energy can save you money and reduce your environmental impact. hydro and other state-ofthe-art energy solutions that offer island owners the ability to power even the most remote of locations. commercial and industrial clients. With a breadth of functional experience in electrical construction. alternative energy services is capable of accommodating island clients anywhere in the world on small residential projects as well as large. development. environmentally conscious options to residential. and certified alternative energy contractor that can show you how to turn variable and ever-increasing energy bills into a fixed. inc. a lternative energy services (aes) has a range of solar. 1415 Chaffee Drive. full-scale commercial and industrial developments and everything in between. Suite #3 Titusville. wind. security and a wide range of consulting services. strategic partnering. With over 25 years in the industry. professional services.

over 7000 square feet of decks. vegetable gardens and orchards with over fifty varieties of trees were planted. unusual in nova scotia. strum Island is easily reached from the international airport. near the town of mahone Bay. In 2001. featuring a games room. In the summer months. the current owner of strum Island had always wanted to realize his dream of a self-sufficient lifestyle: food sourced from the rich Atlantic fishing grounds and his own gardens. there are two state-of-the-art kitchens. where one of the largest privately-owned wharves in nova scotia. he purchased the 9. was constructed as a base of operations. wet bar. slate roofing and copper flashing – all designed to withstand fluctuations in the Nova Scotia weather. add exceptional detail to the structure. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE STRUM ISLAND: THE BEAUTY OF THE BOUNTY By marilyn-anne Wilson is one of the hundreds of picturesque islands that make the south shore of nova scotia popular with sailors and sightseers alike. local and ocean-going yachts find safe anchorage amongst the islands and enjoy the warm hospitality the locals are famous for. every inch was designed to be as maintenance free as possible. arched covered walkways. one professionally .67 acre parcel on the mainland. and a magnificent Arts and Craft-style mansion began to rise under the careful stewardship of local craftsmen. at over 9500 square feet. six full and one half baths. the interior was planned for entertainment with every possible comfort and amenity in mind. with its fabled church spires.8 acre island and a 1. strum Island over the next ten years. capable of handling a 100ft yacht. situated an hour from Halifax and 45 minutes from Peggy’s Cove.74. library and many gracious entertaining areas. Facing mahone Bay. media room. l ocated about 1500 feet across the water from the mainland. the main house boasts six luxurious bedrooms. and the ability to manage and generate energy as required. the main building’s primary material is stone with Western Red Cedar finishes. pure water drawn from his own well. the soil on strum Island was augmented. a fourth floor observation gallery with panoramic views and a widow’s walk.

strum Island is easily reached from the international airport. NOVA SCOTIA I 75. .STRuM ISLAND. situated an hour from Halifax and 45 minutes from Peggy’s Cove.


such as. a detached entertainment area. the island has a well-groomed beach. every year at harvest time. blueberries. I control who comes here and when. equipped to cater events for up to 40 guests.67 acre mainland parcel PRiCE UPON REQUEST iNQU iRiES mariana Cowan Coldwell Banker supercity realty Phone 902-221-4498 Fax 902-450-5753 www. “I can stand here in the vineyard. there are many fruits. beautifully landscaped and maintained grounds and a helipad. the island is open to locals who are invited to pick the excess fresh produce that the house cannot use or process. my privacy is secure. NOVA SCOTIA I 77. In addition to vegetables.marianacowan. a separate boathouse by the wharf offers plenty of storage for watercraft and a fully equipped second floor apartment ready to move in. the other a more intimate chef’s kitchen with every conceivable appliance to facilitate everything from haute cuisine to intimate family suppers. although a very small strip of water separates the mainland from strum Island. it is that feature which makes it so special for the owner. plums.” STRUM iSLAND Mahone Bay. known as the “lobster temple”.STRuM ISLAND. fruit from my trees. pears and more that the owner is pleased to share with his neighbours. Nova Sco t i a 9.8 acres + 1. apples. I am part of that community and yet apart. an enormous wood-burning fireplace at one end ensures outdoor living space can be used for a good part of the year. vegetables from my garden.com HALifAX STRUM iSLAND . knowing that everything I need to survive is right here – fish from the ocean. shelters a specially-constructed granite table that is used to host outdoor feasts with family and friends. the island’s security system is state-of-the-art and can be checked and controlled remotely from around the world. the outside world is just a heartbeat away both physically and electronically. raspberries.

78. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE PICata q uI & Ca P e a n n e I s l a n d sm It Hs I s l a n d .

Nova Scotia 350 acres CAD$ 1. Canso harbour was the last stop for sailing ships as they set out on the often perilous voyage to Europe. grassland. mBa. a wonderful natural plateau and old-growth tree cover for protection from the prevailing winds. early settlers used the island t his may be one of the last opportunities to own unspoiled island acreage in Canada at an affordable price. NOVA SCOTIA: HERITAGE MEETS HEAVEN By marilyn-anne Wilson 350 acres of dense forest. CANSO MARiE JOSEPH HALifAX PiCATAQUi & CAPE ANNE iSLAND Canso. access to the islands is by boat from the public wharf in Canso. squid. the islands would make an excellent eco-retreat offering an escape from the stresses of modern living. it is possible to land a float plane on the protected side of the islands.000 SMiTHS iSLAND Marie Joseph. these two sister islands. With a consistent source of high-quality fresh water from the underground spring and organic sources of food from the land and the sea. otters. solar and wind energy generation has been assessed in the area and the potential for off-the-grid energy sufficiency is good. the airport is only 2 hours and 50 mins from the town of marie Joseph.000 iNQU iRiES Peter Cameron. steeped in history. potentially suitable areas for a helicopter landing pad or a private airstrip exist on the larger of the two islands.SMITHS AND CANSO ISLANDS. NOVA SCOTIA I 79. With an elevation of one hundred feet above sea level. bake apples. When weather permits. and muskrats hunt and play in the sound. protected coves on the leeward side and spectacular frontage reminiscent of Peggy’s Cove on the bold ocean. this jewel of an island lies off the town of marie Joseph in Guysborough County. rosehips. consider smiths Island. rabbits. natural protection from wind and weather amongst the coves and islands in the harbour provides excellent sea-kayaking opportunities.deer. however. to graze sheep and the ruins of an old farm are still traceable in the underbrush. scallops. it is not unusual to see 10.000 birds fly by daily as they relocate in the spring and fall. bunchberries. at 75 acres and connected to the mainland by a natural causeway traversable 365 days of the year. such as sailing and kayaking. nova scotia. They filled their water casks from the crystal clear spring that runs 365 days on one of the islands and most likely provisioned from the farmers who grazed livestock on the springy turf. Halifax International airport is under four hours by car and the us is easily reached by car and/or ferry. the islands play host to an abundance of wildlife . the islands are on a major migratory route for sea ducks. realtor realty Connect 281 sackville drive sackville. shrimp and mackerel. grouse and snipe find cover in the woods and are often to be seen grazing near a large freshwater pond. raspberries. smiths Island can be developed as a family retreat or resort offering excellent water sports.050. lie just off the town of Canso in Guysborough County in nova scotia. pin cherries. Picturesque sandy coves yield lobster. If 350 acres is more than you need. Nova Sco t i a 75 acres CAD$ 315. no longer settled. huckleberries and several types of fruit trees. Cranberries grow in abundance along with wild strawberries. Currently. cloud berries. ns B4C 2r5 direct line/Cell 902-225-1383 . clams.000 to 15. a ten minute ride. seals. mussels. blackberries.

I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE FryInG Pa n I s l a n d .ALL IMAGES .a l l I m a G e s © PAUL BENNETT .80.

the four bedroom fully winterized cottage has a state of the art custom kitchen. It is also just a short boat ride from tennis courts. It’s centrally located. the property has extensive landscaped grounds with pathway lighting. It covers 6. Canada. pristine beaches. for entertaining large numbers. convenience store and a restaurant.000 kilometres of shoreline. a tennis club. one of the property’s most interesting features is a two-story boathouse which has two slipways and which can accommodate eight people. Georgian Bay currently has three island opportunities for anyone who wishes to take advantage of the Bay’s beautiful scenery and abundance of amenities. plus an outdoor cooking/entertaining covered pavilion. anyone who owns an island here will enjoy clear water. Georgian Bay in ontario. representative George Webster of moffat dunlap re ltd. dramatic cliffs and an abundance of pine trees. or just take a cruise around some of the islands. with generous cedar decks.” he says.86 acres and features a circa 1912 classic Georgian Bay cottage which has been entirely renovated and modernized. THE GEMS OF GEORGIAN BAY By yvonne Gordon connected to lake Huron and is often referred to as the sixth great lake. a beautifully crafted historical restoration. the company that is handling the sale.000 islands and 2. . there’s also plenty to do – take a glass-bottomed boat tour. terrace gardens and a south-facing natural sand beach with a firepit. explains that the Fryingpan Island compound is attractive to potential buyers: “A floating boat house with sleeping accomodations above. visit the Fathom Five national marine Park and maybe dive at one of the shipwrecks. ONTARIO I 81. shopping and association docks and the marinas of Parry sound. visit the 32 lighthouses. there is docking on two locations in the compound. It overlooks the passageway to Moon River and has open water views to the southeast. with a long leeward coastline and a hub for services in the area with marinas. Woods Bay and twelve mile Bay are accessible from Fryingpan Island. the property itself is ideal for extended family living and entertaining. is on all the features and charms of the original.gEORgIAN BAY. a cooking pavilion and entertainment decks… this is a good as it gets on Georgian Bay. building a huge expanse of water with more than 30. Frying Pan Island is a large family compound on one of the largest islands in the sans souci cottage community.

82. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE © PAUL BENNETT . .ALL IMAGES Frying Pan Island is a large family compound on one of the largest islands in the sans souci cottage community.

gEORgIAN BAY. F r yInG P a n I s l a n d .a l l I m a G es . ONTARIO I 83.

.84. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE © PAUL BENNETT .ALL IMAGES The island is just five minutes away by boat to the marina and is also near the cottage community of sans souci.

5 acre four-season property.a l l I m a G e s another ideal island property for family living and entertaining is Colonial Compound.gEORgIAN BAY.. set in the beautiful surroundings of twelve mile Bay. a white sand beach links the lodge with the single bedroom Beach Cottage. the main cottage features a chef’s kitchen and a two-story cut stone granite fireplace and outside. tiered decking and a hot tub. the compound connects to a two-slip boathouse which has raised wooden walkways. ONTARIO I 85. C ol o nI a l Co mP o u n d . a 4. The island is just five minutes away by boat to the marina and is also near the cottage community of sans souci.” .a commodity that almost never comes to the market in Georgian Bay. there’s generous cedar decking for entertaining. representative George Webster says “this is a great opportunity to acquire a perfect ‘turn-key’ island property. the cottage is spacious and bright. with walk-outs from every room. the compound comprises the entire island. with a three-bedroom main cottage built in ‘east Coast Colonial’ style architecture. plus two guest cottages and a boathouse.. the accommodation is superbly designed and crafted. there is also a two-bedroom hill cottage which has a full kitchen.

a l l I m a G e s © PAUL BENNETT . I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE tadena C Pe nIn s u la .ALL IMAGES .86.

south of twelve mile Bay and o’donnell Point. iNQUiRiES George Webster sales representative moffat dunlap tel. “tadenac Peninsula can accommodate comfortably a large extended family and is ideally situated .5 acres Cdn$ 2. just a five minute boat ride away. has lots of vaulted ceilings and glass capturing natural light. The property is suitable for use year-round and makes a magnificent family retreat. there is road access off twelve mile bay road to King Bay marina.com www.650.five minutes to a marina and within view of beautiful picnic islands whilst surrounded by crown lands.86 acres Cdn$ 3.480. a front dock. on the shore there is more than 12 acres of forested property. with spectacular views from every room. designed by Peter Warren. in Wah Wah tay see. a private beach. this property itself is an architectural gem and is set on a breathtaking 800-foot stretch of shoreline.000 .webster@moffatdunlap.” he adds. ONTARIO I 87. 416-938-9350 Fax 905-841-4091 george.. The harbour has a floating dock and a dry boathouse system.com Tadenac Peninsula 12 acres Cdn$ 3.” says George Webster. who is convinced that Georgian Bay is the best place to own a private island. the third property on the market in Georgian Bay is tadenac Peninsula. the property also includes two accompanying half-acre islands. unlike many other parts of the world where man has left an indelible mark. “Georgian Bay has a timeless beauty .000 Colonial Compound 4. there is also a private wing and a two-bedroom guest cottage..580. an easy swim from the front dock to allow for shelter.gEORgIAN BAY. privacy and exploring.moffatdunlap. the main three-bedroom cottage. smooth swimming rocks and a sheltered harbour.000 fryingpan island 6. The property shares the peninsula with the tadenac Fishing Club which protects adjacent land.

The “la Cornue” kitchen has solid wood cabinetry. a winding staircase leads to the second level. and a fabric-panelled elevator accessing all floors. a sun room with stone walls. a grand entry foyer open on three levels with inlayed marble floors. and Juliette balconies. the third story houses a guest suite and home gym. The main floor features a formal living room and dining room with solid wood herring bone floors. resembling a French normand Chateau and sheathed in stone. on the lower level is a games’ room with wood panelling. it is now being sold turn-key with almost all its contents. walk-in closets. houses the magnificent 24.ca . I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE ÎLE GAGNON: THE CHATEAU CHANTEUSE Î le Gagnon. Jerusalem stone floors. ÎLE GAGNON Que b e c . and an in-ground pool and pool house. this level also includes a paneled library and family room with custom fireplaces and built-ins.500. Nearly every room overlooks the water. a billiards’ table. which hosts the his and her master bedroom suites with ensuite bathrooms. decorative high ceilings and a full-fitted media interface. mansion. C a n a d a 19 acres CAD$ 29. the exterior features numerous stone terraces. granite counters. a natural forested environment. Quebec. Île Gagnon is your chance to own a piece of history.655. contact Joseph montanaro of sotheby’s International realty. and state-of-the-art appliances. Here as well are the children’s quarters. custom-built by one of the world’s most illustrious entertainers and her family. an integrated bar and media system. a completely fenced-in 19-acre private island located in Laval. and a vaulted stone wine cellar with tasting room.88. and decorative ceilings. figurative inlays. and an office with customized cabinetry. offered at Cad$ 29. to learn more.000 square foot stone other features include a private gated bridge.655. with fully-integrated media components and custom hi-lacquer built-ins.500 iNQ Ui R iE S Joseph montanaro sotheby’s International realty 514-937-3718 jmontanaro@sothebysrealty.



F O R E V E R F U L L F E A T U R E F I J I P R E V I E W 2 013 C O M I N G S P R I N G / S U M M E R Presented By Bula vaCatIons. tourIsm FIJI and aIr PaCIFIC/FIJI aIrWays vomo Is l a n d r e s o r t .FOREVER FIJI PREVIEW I 91.P I C t u r e d .

I PRIVATE ISLANDS I TRAVEL lalat I r e s o r t a n d s Pa tadra I I s l a n d r e s o r t .92.

finding the right resort may prove a little more challenging. malolo Island resort. together with tourism Fiji. there is no better way to experience the true majesty of this South Pacific region than with a stay at one of Fiji’s luxurious island resorts. travel expert dennis Keenan of Bula vacations has chosen a selection of sensational island resorts representing some of the best Fiji has on offer. those who visit fall in love with the surroundings the minute they arrive and long to return the moment they depart. with such a wide range of accommodations available. But.. Be sure to check out our tantalizing full feature on Fiji in the upcoming spring/summer ‘13 edition of Private Islands magazine.FOREVER FIJI PREVIEW I 93. no meaning and laughter fills the air. Fiji is the daydream of paradise made real. tadrai Island resort and vomo Island resort will undoubtedly get your tropical blood flowing. welcome to Fiji. likuliku lagoon resort. B ula! Welcome to a world free from obligations where time has lIK ulIKu l aGoon r esort malolo r esort namale resort & s Pa .. stately volcanic peaks and dazzling white sandy beaches all surrounded by the warm inviting waters of the Pacific ocean. the following Fiji preview showcasing lalati resort & spa. the culture is as rich as the coral reefs and the incomparable beauty of the environment needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. language. arts.Air Pacific (soon to be Fiji airways). Fiji offers a unique mosaic of cuisine. and sport that draw from many traditions. namale Fiji Islands resort & spa. Consisting of more than 300 islands rich in lush tropical rainforests. Getting to Fiji is easy compliments of Fiji’s national airline . Welcome to what happiness feels like. hosting a colourful and exotic blend of cultures. Here. equally enchanting is Fijian life.


fall/Winter 2012/2013 . moute Iti gives the impression of a virgin island. south Pacific | 2 acres m oute Iti is a 2 acre private island situated in the most beautiful area of the Bora Bora lagoon in French Polynesia. the lease of moute Iti . Moute Iti represents an exception to this rule and a fabulous investment and lifestyle opportunity. water.valid for the next 47 years . a store room. moute ItI eur€ 800. a smaller bungalow with paddling pool and a technical building housing a generator.000 euros and a monthly rent of 500 euros. bedroom.com/islands/moute-iti islands for sale catalog . cellular coverage). a kitchen. dressing room and terrace). In minutes by boat to the airport and main island. water reservoirs and a workshop. yet is only all the buildings are constructed in a local tahitian style including: 3 fully furnished bungalows of 40 m² (each includes a bathroom.privateislandsonline. a meeting and entertainment house.000 | French Polynesia. At present it is very difficult or even impossible to buy or hire an island in Bora Bora due to complex ownership laws. spite of being equipped with modern facilities (power.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 95.as well as all the buildings is available for the price of 800. Inquire: www.

this is an excellent and accessible opportunity to make your Caribbean private island dream a reality. kite sailing and scuba on the atoll’s fringing reef. located in the heart of the exumas within 5 minutes of most of the area’s attractions. Caribbean | multiple lots a cherished destination for royalty. housing up to 12 guests. and celebrities. and gazebo. the triplex measures 5. the island is elevated and all solid ground consisting of 3 acres of white sandy beach that is suitable for building and 2 acres that is a combination of coconut trees. it consists of 3 villas linked together with covered walkways and encompassed by wrap-around verandahs and gardens. Inquire: Peter vazquez | leafcayresort@aol. as well as 2 private docks. spa. measuring 1.000 | Belize. resort shop and spa. a further 32 acre property with commercial/hospitality permits and a 50 suite hotel/clubhouse design in place round out this fantastic offering. snorkeling.350. the project consists of 52 residential lots with 300 ft of beach frontage on the northern third of the 6 mile long isle. Central america | 5 acres located 31 miles from Belize City this stunning 5 acre island is situated on the pristine turneffe atoll.41 acres. Windermere Island offers incredible opportunities. Central america | 8.41 acres Frigate Caye is situated on the eastern side of turneffe atoll only a hundred yards from unbelievable fishing. Jacuzzi.3 acre turnkey opportunity offers a 3. dignitaries. gift shops. Central america | 1. Purchasers of the island will have access to the private airstrip on nearby Blackbird Caye.com | 242 524 8027 tIlloo Pond estate us$ 3. Inquire: Gaylord layton | gaylord@taysidellc. beachfront infinity pool. the property includes a pool.000 | Belize. 2 tennis courts as well as 11 private villas and 10 double-unit townhome-style villas.com | 501 670 6818 FrIGate Caye us$ 200. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE WIndermere Island Price upon request | Bahamas. grape trees.3 acres Barefoot Cay is a PadI Five star dive resort. on the shore side of the property is ample room for future development as well as the Barefoot Grill. a two-story Barefoot divers/lofts building housing the dive shop. with deep-water marina and accommodations totaling 15 bedrooms. Inquire: John estephan | emeraldbelize2006@yahoo. Inquire: John estephan | emeraldbelize2006@yahoo.com | 242 457 1284 leaF Cay Price upon request | Bahamas. Carter | re@BarefootCay.com | 303 762 8893 BareFoot Cay Price upon request | roatan.400+ sq ft.com | 714 402 5222 soldIer Caye us$ 800. Frigate is perfect for a personal retreat or exclusive resort catering to small groups or honeymoon couples. Caribbean | 15 acres 15 acre leaf Cay is an enviable investment opportunity that has plans in place for the first overwater bungalows and treetop bungalows in the Bahamas. and mangrove trees. leaf Cay’s proposed development includes a beach club café. 3 miles south is the 19 room Windermere Island Club which represents a fantastic redevelopment opportunity. this fully functioning 8. Inquire: Kevin Cross | sales@privateislandsbrokerage.96.000 | Bahamas.fall/Winter 2011/2012 . 52 slip marina.7 private cay with a stunning pool area and restaurant. Inquire: lisa m. resting in the abaco Islands of the Bahamas and overlooking the sea of abaco.com | 501 670 6818 2012/2013 islands for sale catalog . kayaking. Caribbean | 11 acres tilloo Pond is a grand turnkey estate situated on the 11-acre private island of tilloo Cay.

a boathouse for summer and winter storage. Purchase or investment offers are sought. 2 baths. all of which fall over 100 ft. Isla san Pedro offers stunning views of the lower andean mountains.pietrafesa@gmail. dock and mooring.000 acres Isla san Pedro is a 16.995. usa | 2 acres located in alexandria Bay’s “millionaire’s row” in the heart of the beautiful 1000 Islands region.000 | new york.com | +598 2 600 8496 BoCal Island us$ 560. White beach stretches the shoreline and a pier overlooks the West side of the island.com/islands/belden-island islands for sale catalog .privateislandsonline. Belden offers a large living/dining room with fireplace. a protected harbour. Government approvals are in place for the construction of an antoine Predock-designed five-star resort on a one-ofa-kind granite plateau – dramatically set above the waterfalls. the 2. Inquire: www. lawrence river shipping channel.600. opportunities like this seldom come to market. the grounds have been meticulously groomed and feature mature trees and shrubs and an irrigated sod lawn. as well as caretaker headquarters.privateislandsonline. surrounded by beautiful heritage sites and enjoys unobstructed views of Boldt Castle and the main st. magical views of the harbor and the sound. Inquire: duane Pederson | info@savagejungle.000 | nicaragua. septic system. usa | 1.5 acres south of monkey Point off the Caribbean Coast of nicaragua. Inquire: www. this exceptional property boasts beautiful protected and untouched rainforests as well as 26 waterfalls. 2 acre Belle Island comes fully furnished with a boat and features 5 bedrooms. Inquire: rodolfo victorica | victorica@caldeyro.fall/Winter 2011/2012 2012/2013 .000 | Connecticut.04 acres Belden Island is 1+ acres and includes a sandy beach.com/islands/jepson-island Belden Island us$ 3. Central america | 2. open floor plan 2 bedroom house with walls of glass and extensive decks with a bunk room to accommodate extra guests.000 | Chile. 2-bedroom. south america | 16. An incredible array of unique species of flora and fauna still flourish on the island.950. windswept pines. south america | 32 acres situated on Isla magdalena in Chilean Patagonia. the house on Belden is an extraordinary 100 year old victorian farmhouse with original wainscoted walls and ceilings. stony Creek granite stone steps lead to a beach. roads have been constructed around the island as well as some beautiful rustic cabins.com | 647 477 5581 Belle Island us$ 1. Inquire: richard Pietrafesa | richard. the island is rich in history. Isla san Pedro Price upon request | Chile. newly finished wood floors and a wrap-around porch. and a den with fireplace. usa | 0.000 | Connecticut.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 97. and deep-water dock.28 acres Jepson Island features an attractive and fully furnished contemporary. located in the southern region of Chile. and an Infinity pool.privateislandsonline. reinforced-concrete house.000 acre island sanctuary that offers a doorway into the ancient world. the house comes partially furnished and the island is fitted with an electric power plant.com/islands/bocal-island-nicaragua savaGe JunGle us$ 3. a new dock and a putting green lawn surrounded by stony Creek granite walls. water well and tower. Globalstar satellite phone service.5 acre Bocal Island features a furnished. surrounding forests and natural lakes.com | 315 952 2831 JePson Island us$ 1. 4 bedrooms. Inquire: www.395.

the estate is designed to accommodate guests comfortably with a not far from the main house is your own old Florida village featuring a gathering pavilion with entertainment area.500.privateislandsonline. little Bokeelia Island offers over 100 acres of romantic splendor.000 | Florida. 4 private docks.com/islands/little-bokeelia-island islands for sale catalog . Burgess and masterfully restored and expanded by its current owners. all surrounded by lushly landscaped terraces ideal for your quiet enjoyment or gala parties. a cascading rock waterfall and koi pond.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . the island’s central feature is the original manor house. wet bar and commercial grade restrooms. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE lIttle BoKeelIa Island us$ 29. nature trail. 1 bath guest retreat. a reverse osmosis plant. 4 bay front beach areas. usa | 104 acres s ituated between sarasota and naples in Pine Island sound. separated by an open breezeway and access by a private entrance.98. Inquire: www. a luxurious spanish-style villa built in the 1920’s for well-known Inventor Charles self-contained 3 bedroom guest wing. a 2 bed. rounding out this singular property is a Coquina-shelled road encircling the island and leading to a tennis court. back-up generator and numerous secluded sitting areas as well as a lagoon with Gazebo. and a commercial grade in-ground swimming pool. an informal history museum. 1 bath caretaker’s cottage. a 2 bed.

Petrel & laridae Islands combined contain approximately 18 acres with varied shore frontage.600 sq ft of developed structure. the property includes 5 custom fireplaces.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 99.com | 310 477 8865 maud Island Cad$ 2.000 | Florida. 75+ palm trees. Inquire: tina allen | office@downeastproperties. Inquire: ray levy | ray@lakecountyhomepros. the property includes 5 beaches and 2 deepwater piers.000 | montana.000.000 sq ft of structure. Inquire: danielle Beitz | daniellebeitz@bell. 2 spacious guest cottages and a health/game club with pool. each of the 3 ready-to-renovate cottages on the island date back to the turn of the 19th century.000 sq ft of heated porticos and outdoor entertaining space that surrounds the residence. and 1 full and 2 half baths. a caretaker’s cottage. Haul out. lIttle HaWKIns Island Price upon request | Georgia. and extensive use of covered outdoor spaces. Its 5 bedroom/8 bath main House is over 24. features a gorgeous main residence. large kitchen. With 7. Inquire: del masters | delwmasters@gmail. 2 guest cottages. zoned for single-family use.000 sq ft of structures and 7.000 ft of lakeside frontage. deer and seals roam throughout the area. Its multipleaward-winning architecture. together over 1. rising from montana’s Flathead lake . Permits are in place for up to 10.000 | maine. high beam ceilings and pine floors. this 18-acre island includes a main lodge. 24-acre House Island now stands as a waterfront estate. and is perfect for hunting and fishing. Inquire: Bob Hurwitz | bob@hurwitzjamesco. Inquire: John scribner | jscribner@landvest. a living room with stone fireplace.000 | ontario. the island also features a stilt home that can be easily renovated. the main lodge features whole log construction. usa | 50 acres With stunning views of lake Griffin.850.com | 352 735 1010 House Island us$ 4. 2 bedrooms. designed for owners who entertain. it features over 32. dining hall. 50-acre Bird Island is located on the Harris Chain of lakes. the largest private home in montana. a 10 minute boat ride will take you to the nearest marina. It is in close proximity to the villages. usa | 3+ acres this 3+ acre island is accessed via a private gated bridge.net | 705 938 0191 islands for sale catalog . Canada | 18 acres located on the south channel in Georgian Bay. With electric and telephone facilities. usa | 18 acres the scabby Island Chain consists of 3 islands connected at low tide.490. a boathouse as well as a 2 room children’s playhouse. fresh water ponds and breath taking views of the majestic atlantic ocean and machias Bay. the islands can be purchased alone or together with a nearby 10 acre Point of main lot. it is a private yet comfortable escape.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . usa | 24 acres this majestic mountain aerie sits atop a solid granite foundation on 24-acre shelter Island.com | 207-874-2057 sHelter Island us$ 78. the resort is ideal both for small groups and large parties.000 sq ft with 10.com | 207 374 2321 BIrd Island us$ 250. usa | 24 acres originally developed as an 1800’s Civil War fort.com | 408 515 0560 sCaBBy Island CHaIn us$ 510. courtyards. Birds. “hideaway” cottage.000+ ft of shore frontage. excellent elevation. a fountain.000 | maine.

spearhead Island’s terrain features the enviable mix of rocky outcroppings and windswept pines that have made Georgian Bay a favourite of artists. Killbear Provincial Park and Killbear marina are both a pleasant 15-20 minute boat ride away. including a gorgeous wrap-around that allows you to indulge in the beautiful views encompassing the cottage. and a 3-piece bathroom. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE sPearHead Island Cad$ 775. Canada | 1. appliances and lights run on propane and the cottage is also powered by solar and generator power. fishing.000 | ontario. which makes for another enjoyable outing. The surrounding waters are excellent for swimming. Two floating docks with deep-water docking provide protected shelter.com | 705 746 4221 islands for sale catalog .100. a living and sitting room with pine interior. the cottage features 3 bedrooms. boating and other watersports. Inquire: michael Gerhardt | gerhardt65@gmail.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . nature lovers and weekend warriors looking to escape the concrete jungle.08 acres t he property is developed with a beautiful and spacious cottage that enjoys an expansive view over Georgian Bay. also nearby is the popular Bateau Island. the 1+ acre island property features numerous decks.

Fane Island is a 1. yet is ideally located for wind and solar power generation. a beautiful beach fronts on to the harbour making for a very inviting landing. Fane Island has a natural harbour that includes a substantial breakwater. the island has no services outside of a septic system and drilled well. which will permit the construction of permanent dock facilities. or build a new residence at the centre of the island where there is an excellent building site. a new owner can either use the existing cabin. Fane Island Cad$ 1. offering safe and easy anchorage.295. Canada | 1. there is a small cabin constructed by a previous owner.7 acre private island situated in the centre of British Columbia’s famous Gulf Islands and within easy reach of all the amenities this region provides. Currently.7 acres l ocated in navy Channel.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 101.000 | British Columbia. the island is approximately 360 metres long and 60 metres wide. this protected harbour is covered by a water lot lease.ca | 604 632 3345 islands for sale catalog . Locally known as Flower Island due to the abundance of spring wildflowers. Fane enjoys panoramic views of the neighbouring islands and is partially protected from the prevailing southeasterly winter winds.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . Inquire: mark lester | mlester@sothebysrealty.






James Island
Price upon request | British Columbia, Canada | 780 acres the island features an exclusive 5,000 sq ft retreat with 6 beautifully appointed guest cottages, private docks and airstrip, pool house, manager’s residence, a “western village”, 18-hole Jack nicklaus signature golf course and much more. the island offers miles of white sand beaches, grassy dunes, a diverse ecology and flexibility with respect to infrastructure and building. Inquire: mark lester | mlester@sothebysrealty.ca | 604 632 3345

FoX Island
Cad$ 4,495,000 | British Columbia, Canada | 46 acres Fox Island features old growth forest, a historic granite quarry, incredible elevation and panoramic views. a rustic 4 bed 1500 sq ft cabin, 2 car garage for vehicles/ boats, 70 ft l-shaped dock and boat launch are located on the southern half of the island. the north half has been rezoned for subdividing into 5, 5 acre lots - 4 containing recently drilled wells and septic sites. Inquire: robert t. abbott | abbottrt@blarg.com | 206 694 4424

strum Island
Price upon request | nova scotia, Canada | 11.4 acres strum Island offers 9.8 acres and a 1.67 acre mainland parcel in mahone Bay, nova scotia. at over 9500 sq ft, the main house boasts 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 1 half baths, a games room, wet bar, media room, library and 2 kitchens. over 7000 sq ft of decks, a boathouse with fully-equipped apartment, a helipad, a well-groomed beach as well as beautifully landscaped and maintained grounds round out this incredible offering. Inquire: mariana Cowan | mvc@supercityrealty.com | 902 221 4498

Canso Islands: PICataquI & CaPe anne
Cad$ 1,050,000 | nova scotia, Canada | 350 acres totalling 350 acres in size Picataqui and Cape anne Islands are nestled together in the historic harbour of Canso, Guysborough County. located only 10 minutes from the mainland and 4 hours from Halifax. Abundant fresh water, rich flora and fauna and incredible views make these picturesque islands ideal as a private summer retreat, nature preserve, family compound or corporate retreat. Inquire: Peter Cameron | phcameron@yahoo.com | 902 225 1383

smItHs Island
Cad$ 315,000 | nova scotia, Canada | 75 acres this beautiful 75 acre island located in the town of marie Joseph would make an ideal private summer retreat or nature preserve for someone who likes to sail or a family with a view to the future. smiths Island is a great location to develop a corporate retreat. a protected beach connects the island with the mainland. easily accessed by a short boat ride from the nearby marie Joseph. Inquire: Peter Cameron | phcameron@yahoo.com | 902 225 1383

oaK Island
Cad$ 624,900 | ontario, Canada | 2 acres oak Island on Georgian Bay is a fantastic opportunity with 10 buildings and 2 sheds, hydro and telephone. the cabins offer upgraded steel roofs, current electrical work, 2 laundry areas, 2 kitchens and 14 rooms for sleeping amongst all buildings. a newly renovated water’s edge cabin with loft, pathways throughout the island, stunning views, and large screened in porch on water’s edge are only a few of the highlights. Inquire: danielle Beitz | daniellebeitz@bell.net | 705 938 0191

islands for sale catalog - fall/Winter 2012/2013




BIG Grand Cay
us$ 11,500,000 | Bahamas, Caribbean | 213 acres


he Big Grand Cay archipelago estate includes seahorse Cay, mermaid Cay, sponger’s Cay, Felix Cay, an unnamed cay and 3 small rocks, of which the central piece is the striking home on Big Grand Cay, that is fully equipped with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, much of which has been recently restored and updated. the wonderful retreat comes with a large salt water swimming pool and expansive decks to take in the wide tropical vistas. other key

improvements to the estate include a deep water dock to accommodate a 45 ft vessel, 2 guest cottages, various utility and storage buildings, caretaker’s quarters and lots, recreational equipment and waterfront amenities. every spacious bedroom in the comfortable island home features enchanting sea views. other noted elements include utility electricity (BeC) and utility water supply via the nearby settlement, which are supported by a backup generator and water tanks. telephone services are also available from the Grand Cay settlement. respectable elevations above sea level and very safe anchorages with controlling water depth of 8 ft are also key characteristics. Kevin Cross | sales@privateislandsbrokerage.com | 242 457 1284

islands for sale catalog - fall/Winter 2012/2013






Ön tron Island
usd$ 574,374 | sweden, europe | 1.2 acres


n tron is a 1.2 acre island located on lake mjörn only a short boat trip to the marina at Björboholm. Peace, quiet and harmony are the essence of this private, secluded summer home. despite the blissful seclusion, you are only a short distance from the mainland, and about 30 minutes from the established amenities of Gothenburg, sweden’s second largest city.

the island’s cottage offers a kitchen, bathroom, living room, 2 bedrooms, and abundant charm. It’s located on a high point of the island, allowing for wonderful views of the lake from every direction. the island also has a newly renovated guest cottage with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. the ample light and high ceilings create a wonderful sense of space. the island also has a third building that contains a sauna and spa, as well as more guest rooms. In addition to lovely terraces around all the houses, there is also a large shore-side deck ideal for sunning and swimming. rounding out this fantastic offering is a swedish hot tub located at the best observation point of the island. Inquire: www.privateislandsonline.com/islands/n-tron

islands for sale catalog - fall/Winter 2012/2013

bushwalking. snorkelling and paddle boarding.com.000 | australia. the island can be easily accessed by boat from mainland or by air via Hamilton Island International airport. relaxing by the resort pool. exploring the 17 secluded island beaches. but has immense potential for luxury redevelopment as it is the only commercial island currently available in the Whitsundays. or playing a round on the 9 hole golf course are some of the activities that make this island so attractive. richard vanhoff | vanhoff@ozemail. Currently. this 100-acre island is presently maintained as an operation catering to back-packers.000. providing an excellent view of the surrounding islands and Coral sea. soutH molle Island aud$ 30. bar. south Pacific | 100 acres F ormerly home to one of australia’s best known island resorts. there is an operative Helicopter landing site on island. there are 200 units in operation on the island as well as a restaurant. south molle’s main beach stretches a mile in length and faces north.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . café and conference facilities all connected to mainland power and ample water.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 105.au | +0415 107 515 islands for sale catalog .

650.480. and a hot tub. accommodations feature a 3 bedroom.000 | ontario. Inquire: teal Baverstock | teal. offering docking in 2 locations. Inquire: George Webster | georgewebster@moffatdunlap. dockage and numerous water toys. the recently constructed main cottage features 3 bedrooms. Inquire: George Webster | georgewebster@moffatdunlap.106. Inquire: Bob Bush | bobbush@georgianbayforsale. tiered decking. a sheltered harbour with a permanent floating dock and dry boathouse system.5 acres located on east lake minutes from sandbanks national Park. Canada | 35 acres this incredible 35 acre waterfront resort is located on Peninsula lake in Huntsville. the island is accessible from the numerous nearby full-service marinas. a private owner’s home. the charming family lodge offers 11 well-maintained cottages. fronted by 800+ ft of shoreline.000 | ontario. shallow water with clearance for small boats.750. and an open-air pavilion. lovely recreation facilities.com/islands/pow-wow-point-lodge ColonIal Island ComPound Cad$ 2.com | 416 938 9359 FryInG Pan Island Cad$ 3. Inquire: www.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . smooth swimming rocks. 2 bath main cottage. Inquire: George Webster | georgewebster@moffatdunlap. and a 2 bedroom.5 acres an opportunity to own a 5. located in severn sound. and a professional kitchen equipped and designed to feed 200 guests. the property includes an expansive waterfront patio with charming lake views. taking advantage of its 1500 ft of lakefront. a 2 bedroom. 4-season estate rests on 12+ acres of forested property. a custom kitchen. the island is a 5 minute boat ride to the marina. ontario. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE lyons Island Cad$ 349. chef’s kitchen.com | 705 756 2200 PoW WoW PoInt lodGe Cad$ 8. 26 modern rental units.000 | ontario. Includes a 1 and a 2 bedroom cottage with a full kitchen. 1 bath private wing. dockage required for larger craft to be issued with building permits. and includes 3 self-contained living spaces.750.ca | 613 503 3825 Canary Island Cad$ 239. front dock. a natural sand beach with a fire pit and open-water views to the southwest. Canada | 5. 4 season island on twelve mile Bay features 3 stunning turnkey cottages.000 | ontario. 1 bath guest cottage. a 4-bay garage/shop. Canada | 4.900 | ontario. propane run kitchen and a wood stove heated cottage provide a fantastic “green living” opportunity.privateislandsonline. 2-story granite fireplace and a cedar deck. solar electricity. lyons Island features 3 bedrooms with full bath as well as an additional loft adding extra sleeping space.baverstock@century21. the waterfront enjoys a large private beach. Canary Island offers 300° panoramic views and the sand shore on south end features clean. boathouses. Canada | 1. travel time by car from toronto is less than 2 hours to the marinas. 2 slip boat house accommodates 8. Canada | 6. a cook house. the 2 story.com | 416 938 9359 islands for sale catalog . landscape includes pathway lighting. and 2 accompanying half-acre islands. Canada | 12 acres this turn-key.com | 416 938 9359 tadenaC PenInsula Cad$ 3.86 acres located in the heart of sans souci with a winterized family compound featuring 4 bedrooms.5 acre. the compound connects to a 2 slip boat house with raised wooden walkways. a master suite.5 acres this 4.the open concept kitchen/living/dining room with cathedral ceiling and numerous windows is perfect for enjoying the sweeping lake views.5 acre affordable single island in Georgian Bay zoned for residential use.000 | ontario. terraced gardens.

000 sq ft residence features a formal living room and dining room. this property contains a cottage and a cabin. Canada | 19 acres This magnificent stone mansion. and a living room with a wood stove.000 | Fiji. the cottage includes 1bedroom.5 acre nanuku levu Island includes a modest 3 bedroom wooden house with basic kitchen and lounge. paneled library and family room with custom fireplaces.000 | Australia.000 | ontario. located on a 19-acre private island. Canada | 1. as well as a host of included chattels Inquire: richard vanhoff | vanhoff@ozemail.5 Acres 10. South Pacific | 21. numerous chattels are included and incredible surf opportunities abound. both located in its sheltered bay. temple Island boasts its own private 1100m airstrip. In the style of a French normand Chateau. customized elevator. the mainland comes with a cabin that has its own dock. and is powered by a 2000-watt Honda generator.com. there is deepwater docking around the island for sailboats or cruisers and for float planes. solar panels and generator through batteries and an inverter. Inquire: michael Gerhardt | gerhardt65@gmail.com | +64 9 579 9234 islands for sale catalog . the main cottage features pine interior. within the French river Provincial Park. including a private island with a well-maintained and furnished cottage. South Pacific | 10. Canada | 0. the newly-insulated guest cottage features 1 bedroom. custom “la Cornue” kitchen. and master’s suites.fall/Winter 2012/2013 . over the course of these renovations.Kermode@nz. Inquire: michael Gerhardt | gerhardt65@gmail. a cozy sitting room.000. comes with 20 acres of waterfront property surrounded by mature white pines and a natural sand beach. PICKerel PIne Island Cad $435.com | 705 746 4221 Ile GaGnon Cad$ 30. and an 18 ft boat. situated 3km off the coast of Central queensland. the renovations of the cottage are 80% complete. enjoying a picturesque west view of Georgian Bay. gorgeous 4 bedroom home with unparalleled views. large living/dining room. 2 bedrooms. alternately listed as C-861. outstanding white sand beaches. spacious kitchen. Inquire: Joseph montanaro | jmontanaro@sothebysrealty. with wind generator.ISLANDS FOR SALE CATALOg I 107. the exterior features numerous stone terraces. the 24. a floating dock.5 acre retreat is just perfect with a rainforest and an abundance of orchids and exotic plants.com | 705 746 4221 KasHeGaBa Island Cad$ 359. Canada | 20 acres Kashegaba Island. a loft. the owner has supplied nearly $35K in materials. Inquire: rick Kermode | rick. Both buildings are powered by 240 and 12 volt electricity.com | 705 746 4221 Pearl Island Cad$ 295. alternately listed as C-859. sensational marine life including whales and sea turtles.au | 0415 107 515 nanuKu levu Island AUD$ 1.77 acres Pickerel Pine Island. the property includes 2 sheds.ca | 514 937 3718 temPle Island AUD$ 850. is being sold turnkey. is a private island within the Bustard Islands group. and 2 decks. a large in-ground pool and a pool house. 3-piece bathroom. Inquire: michael Gerhardt | gerhardt65@gmail. a living room with a charming woodstove. games room. basic shower room with hand basin and composting toilet facility as well as a bure which sleeps 7 with a basic ensuite composting toilet.6 acres Pearl Island.000 | ontario. It includes 2 cottages.000 | quebec. a 2-piece washroom.knightfrank.000. vaulted stone wine cellar. the island has 2 docks.5 acres this totally private 21. is a private island on Pickerel river.000 | ontario. alternately listed as C-857.

30 acre island of Carbonera is located in venice’s laguna nord. europe | 2. a cliff face runs along the west side and a gorgeous 150 meter white sand beach is located on the east side. sprawling 1112 acres private. asia | 8. the island can be reached by speed boat in 20 minutes from the closest domestic airport . Inquire: lilia Bratu | lb. a small port provides safe moorage while the island’s opposite side faces the open sea and features a cliff overlooking the waves with breathtaking views. this unique island features 3 buildings – the main villa.000. Inquire: www.000 | thailand.com | +39 0415232161 Isle oF sIrens Price upon request | Italy. a former battery used in the defense of venice. less than an hour’s flight from Male’ International airport.com | +39 0415232161 omForI Island eur€ 50.000.6 acres located in the southern maldives Gaafu alifu atoll.000 | maldives.000 | Greece.com/islands/omfori-island valIHa nosy eur€ 4. white sand beaches. there is one small building on the island with permissions in place to build on 20% of the Island.com/islands/fulanghi-island CarBonera Island Price upon request | Italy.investmentitaly@gmail.fall/Winter 2012/2013 .6 acre island is a pictureperfect lagoon suitable for over-water villas and ideal for berthing luxury yachts. uninhabited Greek island located in the Ionian sea is widely considered one of the most beautiful islands in the region. asia | 18 acres 18 acre Koh man nai is 300 km south east of Bangkok and is situated some 300 metres off the desirable west coast of Koh Chang. I PRIVATE ISLANDS I REAL ESTATE KoH man naI us$ 2.500. africa | 950 acres valiha nosy is a spectacular island primed for development that offers easy access by sea or air from mainland madagascar. With 2 farm buildings as well as a small dependence suitable for a caretaker’s residence.108. Currently.Kaadhedhoo airport. Inquire: lilia Bratu | lb. europe | 1 acre the Isle of sirens is situated just off the coast of taormina on the island of sicily. halfway between marco Polo airport at tessera and the island of murano. With more than 950 acres of gently rolling hills that afford unobstructed views of forests. the island is suitable for a resort or boutique hotel and has its own small natural water. guest house and storage facility with small dock .investmentitaly@gmail.privateislandsonline. Inquire: delphyne dabezies | contact@ile-valiha.com | +261340501234 islands for sale catalog . Inquire: david marriott | vivid_mar@hotmail.com | +66 879927643 FulanGHI Island us$ 3. Featuring a beautiful beach surrounded by tranquil turquoise waters. Valiha has the potential to cater to both the eco-tourist and high net worth luxury and privacy seekers.privateislandsonline. the island is primed for devlopment. the period of lease for Fulanghi Island is 50 years. this 1 acre island is perfect for a personal retreat or boutique hotel. protected lagoons and a magnificent waterfall. this 8.500.30 acres the 2. Inquire: www.000 | madagascar. opposite Kai Bai beach.all with water frontage and surrounded by lush vegetation and gardens. europe | 1112 acres this gorgeous.

With over 4 million annual site visitors and 50.PRIVATEISLANDSONLINE. WWW.COM . This fully searchable and interactive site unites and categorizes the otherwise fragmented and disparate island marketplace. Private Islands Online is the center of the island world. The relationships we have established with regional island experts is your gateway to accessing currently unadvertised properties and ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date island information.000 subscribers.ensuring that you are dealing with the most experienced and knowledgeable parties. Private Islands Online (PIO) is the only international real estate web site dedicated exclusively to island properties.be it the owner or exclusive agent . PIO works with representatives who are closest to the island .OVER 750 ISLANDS FOR SALE OR RENT Representing the largest majority of islands available for sale.

0200 . Exuma and Eleuthera www.702.com 242.odysseyfsp.Now You’ve Arrived Private Aviation FBO & Handling Services in The Bahamas Locations in Nassau.

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