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Budget Briefs - Capital Budget Meeting Monday February 18, 2013 Quesnel


Budget 2013

Council resumes Budget discussion

Quesnel City Council met for the second time on the 2013 budget to: Review the 2013 capital project lists in detail. Receive a report regarding the Citys reserve accounts. Review the supplemental (new spending) project list. Dollar figures or percentages referred to in Budget 2013 news are subject to change and should not be considered final until the budget process is complete.

Consolidate the Dike Project, General Interest, MFA Debt Surplus and Local Improvements reserves into one General Capital Reserve. Amend the Reserves and Deferred Revenue Policy to read that Allocated Surplus funds earmarked for a project, but not spent within two years, will return to the General Capital Reserve, after approval by Council.

Supplemental items approved

Subject to final budget ratification, Council approved a list of new spending items, referred to as supplementals. The following ongoing items were approved: Environmental Advisory Committee budget increase. $5,000 Information Requests costs (legal, audit, personnel). $27,500 Supervisory Training. $15,000 Additional Janitorial at Community Policing Centre. $2,100 Council Training and Travel Budget increase ($1,000 per Councillor, excluding Mayor). $6,000 Note: This item was originally approved in Budget 2012 as a one-time increase. This decision formalizes it as an ongoing part of the budget, but there is no increase over last year. Total $55,600 The following one-time supplemental items were also added. First Nations - Community to Community Forums. $5,000 Management Structure Review. $10,000 Invasive Plant control - Himalayan Balsam. $25,000 Total $40,000 Note: A $3,000 supplemental request to celebrate the Museums 50th Anniversary was approved, but Council decided to fund it from an existing budget account, so it is not a true supplemental. Approved 2013 supplemental items $95,600 After this meeting, the tax increase to fund Budget 2013 would be 4.12%, or about $28 to the average homeowner; however, any reference to tax increases is simply a reference point and is likely to change before the end of the budget process. Next Budget meeting February 25, 7 p.m. Public input session
Budget Briefs provides a summary of some of the business conducted by Council at budget meetings. For more specific details, please visit, click on the Council link and visit the Agendas and Minutes section.

Capital budget reviewed

The proposed 2013 Capital Budget is approximately $4.66 million. Most of this years capital budget is funded through reserves. Water and sewer projects are funded through their surpluses. Each year, $860,000 is budgeted for general capital. Staff prepares a list of projects and Council decides which ones proceed. To date, the project list totals $992,485. Department managers provided descriptions of each capital budget project for Council to consider. The projects deal with a wide range of City services, from improving equipment for emergency services crews to infrastructure reinvestment. Council will review the projects and rank them. Those rankings are averaged and a revised list is created showing how many projects can be done within the existing budget. Council will discuss and vote on the capital budget items at the March 4 meeting.

Council reviews City Reserves

The majority of the Citys reserve accounts are set aside for specific capital purposes. Some examples include the Quesnel Works: Capital Reinvestment Reserve (infrastructure replacement), the Equipment Reserve (funds major equipment, like dump trucks), and the Tax Stabilization Reserve (helps offset revenue loss due to property re-assessments, especially in the major industry class). Other reserves fund water, sewer or special projects. At the end of 2012 the City had approximately $10.06 million in its reserve accounts. During last nights meeting, Council decided to: Consolidate the South Quesnel Water Reserve, Water Reservoir Reserve, MFA Debt Surplus Water into one Water Capital Reserve. Consolidate the Sewer Operating Reserve and MFA Debt Surplus Sewer into one Sewer Capital Reserve.

For further information, please contact: Matt Wood, Communications Manager, at 250-992-2111

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