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1. What is the URL for the site? 2. What type of information did you find on the site? elucidates numerous of topics using clear language, with hundreds of illustrations which explain how various things work. For instance, how car engines function.

3. Would you consider the information useful to you? Yes, it is a good source for learning because it explains a lot of things about the world around me.

4. Would you consider this site a good resource for other students? Yes, because other students can learn from the information provided too. 5. Has the site received any awards? If so, please list them Yes, HowStuffWorks has won various Webby awards. 6. Summarize the type of information found on the site. (150 word minimum)

HowStuffWorks is an incredible website for foundation. It has clear and rich information for people who want to satisfy their curiosity as well as learn about different things. It is an awardswinning source that contains credible unprejudiced explanations which make it easy to understand how things work. The site also has videos and quizzes that complement the information provided. The articles in the website are categorized into the following sections so that the user can go right into the sections and read what they want.

a) Adventure. This section explores the worlds most famous landmarks and involves information from sky diving to rock climbing. b) The Auto section offers thorough and precise articles about cars and educates on auto terminologies. c) The culture section talks about many different aspects of the human culture including religious beliefs, relationships, history and geography. d) The entertainment section covers all aspects of the entertainment industry including arts, leisure activities, toys and games, movies, music, television and sports. e) The home and Garden section answers questions about lifestyle and home. There are explanations, reviews, opinions and prices on appliances, home improvement, lawn care and other more materials. f) The Business and Money section contains articles that answer financial questions g) Science section explains and interprets the world through the objective of gathering and analyzing data. h) The tech section offers advice, and computer and electronic tips.

"HowStuffWorks "Learn How Everything Works!"" HowStuffWorks. Web. 04 Mar. 2012. <>.

SITE 2 1. What is the URL for the site? 2. What type of information did you find on the site? includes reference materials, subject collections, magazines and books.

3. Would you consider the information useful to you? Yes because the site has great reliable learning materials where I can do my researches on numerous different topics and also ask reference questions.

4. Would you consider this site a good resource for other students? Yes because it is a friendly internet public library which has a lot of interesting as well as educating materials.

5. Has the site received any awards? If so, please list them. Yes has received over 80 awards and recognitions. 1. Kaplan Student Choice Award 2. Reviewed by Magellan: 4 Stars (Youth Division) 3. Point Communications top 5% of all Web Sites 4. MacUser 101 Must-see Sites 5. PC Magazine Top 100 Web Sites, January 1996 6. Blue Web'n Applications: History Reference/Tool (4 stars) (POTUS)

7. Discovery Channel School Science Mysteries Theme Site (Egyptian Forgeries Exhibition) 8. Mindspring Back-To-School Site 9. Gold Bookmark Award (August 6, 1997) 10. CyberTeddy Online Awesome Universal WebSite 500 11. L.A. Times Pick (POTUS, June 17, 1997) 12. Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages Don't-Miss Hotlist (Reference, Youth) 13. Cool Bananas Site of the Day (June 25, 1997) 14. Scout Report Selection (Native American Authors, June 9, 1997) 15. Net Find of the Week (Stately Knowledge, June 2, 1997) 16. NBNews Editor's Choice Awards (Native American Authors, May 1997) 17. Books AtoZ Site of the Week (April 30, 1997) 18. The Tech Ten (Teen Division, April 1997) 19. Political Site of the Day (POTUS, April 8, 1997) 20. Crib Sheet Selection (March 1997) 21. CityScape One-Stop Web Site 22. Luckman Interactive Four-Star Site 23.LookSmart Editor's Choice 24 NetGuide Gold Site (Reference Center) 25. HomePC Top 500 Web Sites (Music History 101 Exhibit) 26. Scout Report Selection (Dinosaur Exhibition) 27. Scout Report Selection (Reading Room Online Texts) 28. BigBook ShortList 29. Fledge Approved (Youth Division)

30. Surfing the Net With Kids: Four Stars (Story Hour) 31. National Information Infrastructure Awards 1996 Semi-finalist, Public Access Category 32. Librarians' Site du Jour (POTUS, October 24, 1996) 33. WebCrawler Select Site 34. Walking the World Wide Web Premiere Site 35. An Internet Moment (AON, October 22, 1996) 36. Education Station Exceptional Content Award (POTUS) 37. WebPilot WINGS Original Link Recognition 38. PRN Radio Award of Excellence (October 14, 1996) 39. Suite 101 top 30 educational resources 40. USA Today Hot Site for Thursday, April 18. 41. Maczynski's Info Service Super Site 42. Cool Library of the Week (Week of April 8, 1996). 43. Internet Business 500 Premiere Site (Business Ready Reference Collection) 44. Learning in Motion Top Ten Educational Site 45. Named Best of the Web for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Shmoop Won for our Online Literary Criticism Collection for Tennessee Williams page 46. Named Best of the Web for World War II: Home Front by Shmoop Won for our POTUS - Franklin D. Roosevelt webpage. 47. A+ Research and Writing featured on's Top Reference Sites to Write a Winning Research Paper (January 2010) 48. 2007 Dr. Hotlist's Site of the Week. (September 2007) 49. 2002 Computerworld Honors Program. (February 2003) 50. Study Web: Academic Excellence Award (Poison Prevention, March 2001)

51. Big Chalk Best Award (March 2001) 52. Study Web: Academic Excellence Award (Say Hello, February 2001) 53. Awesome Library Editor's Choice - Top 5% in K-12 Education (Youth Division, February 2001) 54. Executive Library Best of the Net (January 2001 2001) 55. Virtual Reference Desk Exemplary Digital Reference Services 2000 Award (October 2000) 56. Galaxy's 30 Days on the Internet Top 10 Sites (October 2000) 57. 300 Incredible Things for Women on the Internet Featured Award (October 2000) 58. Wanna Learn Selected Instructional Site (A+ Writing Guide, June 2000) 59. GovSpot Spotlight Award (POTUS, February 2000) 60. ALA RUSA MARS Best 25 Reference Sites 1999 (February 1999) 61.'s Top 100 Educational Web Sites of 1999: Writing (1999) (I named most of the awards and recognitions) 6. Summarize the type of information found on the site. (150 word minimum) is a communal service organization and a learning website that offers safe and reliable information. It comprises of a reference center with a directory of internet resources, a section with guidelines for research topics and a place to ask for references. The site is categorized into the following subjects: -Newspapers and Magazines section which contains searchable newspapers directory. -Literary Criticism section which is the public librarys database of literary criticism. It contains critical and biographical websites about the authors and their works which can be browsed by the title, the authors name, literary period or by the nationality.

-The next section contains kids space, resources that cover references which offer homework help, the history of our world and religion, computers and internet which have online games, health and nutrition which covers the body and mind, math and science which covers animals, physics and chemistry, art and music, sports such as football and dance, reading zones which contain short stories and finally fun stuff such as arts and crafts and games. -The POTUS section which contains background information about the presidents of the United States (POTUS), election results, cabinet members, notable events, and interesting things about each president. It also contains the presidents biographies; historical documents, audio, video files and other presidential sites are also included. -The section resources by subject contains trustable information that include arts and humanities, law government and political science, business and economics, computers and internet, regional and country information, education, science and technology, entertainment and leisure, social sciences and health and medical sciences. -Lastly the site also contains Music History 102 which has information on the history of Western music which have been organized according to the eras of history. WORK CITED
"Ipl2: Information You Can Trust." Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. Web. 04 Mar. 2012. <>.

1. What is the URL for the site? 2. What type of information did you find on the site? The website includes cooking recipes, cooking instructions, wine guides, food related travel and entertainment. It also provides information and television schedule of shows that feature celebrity chefs and cooking instructions.

3. Would you consider the information useful to you? Yes, because I enjoy cooking and learning how to cook different foods. 4. Would you consider this site a good resource for other students? Yes, if they enjoy cooking. 5. Has the site received any awards? If so, please list them. According to Wikipedia, food network has received awards based on the following categories.

Favorite Comfort Food Combo (Viewers Choice) Most Delicious Destination Best Ball Park Eats (Viewers Choice) Play With Your Food: Artwork With an Edible Twist Icy Innovations, awarded to innovators in the world of frozen treats Tasty Technology, (as above) Professional Grade Kitchen Appliance You Cant Live Without (Viewers Choice)

Hot Chocolate List Food Hall of Fame: Tribute to Julia Child, television and food pioneer Share Our Strength Food Humanitarian Award Culinary Dreams Can Come True Favorite Childhood Classics (Viewers Choice) Not Your Grandmothers Food of the Month Club, given to the most unusual food of the month club

SUPER Market Best Better Burger Favorite Coolest Cocktail (Viewers Choice) Edible Entrepreneurs Funniest Food Festival

6. Summarize the type of information found on the site. (150 word minimum) The food network site is dedicated to teaching people how to cook easy dishes with advice from expert chefs. The site is filled with valuable information that is linked to healthy eating, cooking and grilling and quick easy meal options. Guests can appreciate a number of resources that will assist them to increase their knowledge in the kitchen while preparing a dish. The site has helpful tools that include healthy eating information, how to improve diets, recommended holiday and festivity recipes. The site corresponds with the official Food Network television channel that lists recipes from several television programs that are aired. Food Network contains different information which I have tried to summarize below;

-Recipes and cooking section which contains thousands of the sites best recipes from top chefs and television shows. It also has a healthy eating recipes and Holiday recipes which portrays delicious but healthy recipes and holiday food recipes for various holidays.

-The site contains various chefs biographies, their recipes and television shows they host. The chefs listed include Bobby Flay, Aaron Sanchez, Alton Brown, Anne Burrell, Sandra Lee, Guy Fieri, Paul Deen, Rachel Ray to mention but a few.

- The site also has numerous of videos and schedules of food network shows. My favorite show is Good Eats hosted by Alton Brown who prepares his meals in an entertaining style and helps his viewers solve kitchen challenges.

-Barefoot Contessa is another example of a cooking show that is hosted by Chef Ina Garten who gathers dishes of varying difficulty with elegance, amusement and fun. Though she specializes in French cuisine, she seldom prepares Italian, American, British and Asian foods.

WORK CITED "Food Network - Easy Recipes, Healthy Eating Ideas and Chef Recipe Videos." Food Network. Web. 04 Mar. 2012. <>.