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Homeworld: War-Wastes

"The Emperor destroyed my world in a sea of flame, and yet he expects me to serve his puppets? I will not serve in his name, I will survive so he can not have the satisfaction of my death!" - Donn, War-waster Regulator War wasted worlds are the blasted, poisoned ghosts of once prosperous worlds where the survivors meek out bleak existences on the fringes of their now post-apocalyptic landscapes. All war wastes are fundamentally tied by global scale wars culminating in nuclear, biological, or chemical super weapons wiping out the vast majority of life of the world. The battle for survival in the horrid conditions of such world reshape the remaining population as the world slowly dies around them. Mutation, depravity, and a degeneration of culture are all staples of the

war wastes, equally creating a breeding ground for heresy, mutation, and war-forged heroes.

War-Wastes Careers
Characters from Imperial World can take any of the following Career Paths:

War-Wastes Assassins are skilled killers and murderers whose natural skill has only been enhanced by their savage landscapes and lack of external authority restricting their craft. Most assassins belong to numerous death cults that have risen to prominence on such worlds.

Scum in the war wastes forms the basis of society in the shattered remains of their world. Beggars, thieves, drifters and exiles are as common as rad-wastes and no zones and to live on such a world is to inherently have no moral obligations to taking what you can when you can, escaping when caught, and having a quick tongue and quicker trigger finger when all else fails. Often it is the scum who rises to the top - as chiefs, gang leaders, or conniving their way to power.

In the aftermath of a planet's destruction, people turn to any voice with a claim to a salvation - imagined or real. It is the war-wastes clerics that rise up to goad what remains of the populace into whatever scrap of faith is left to galvanize. Whether true to the Imperial Creed or twisted visionaries, the war-wastes clerics are heralds to their shattered worlds.

War-Wastes Guardsmen are the remnants of military factions left on the world - warriors forged from the teachings of planetary defense force survivors, garrisoned troops, and other hold outs. Militant and organized, they are accustomed to lives as raiders and salvagers.

War-Wastes Arbitrators are few and far between on their worlds - they are the remnants of the law enforcement the world once enjoyed. Raised on stories of law and order, these men of justice have little to go on but their own convictions, outdated notions and a loaded gun justifying their aims.

Tech priests of the war wastes are known more appropriately as techno-barbarians, reclaimators or worse. Their knowledge is often second-hand, debased, or more horrifying - innovative. They are unparalleled masters of what technology remains on their world and few can fathom the archaic and esoteric knowledge they weld into weapons of war.

War-Wasters gain the following Traits. Record all of these on your character sheet:

Primal Endurance
War-wasters know a universal truth - only the strong survive and might makes right. Those who can survive under such conditions thrive, while those who cannot quickly perish. Benefit: War-wasters treat Search (Per), Survival (Int), Navigation (Surface) (Int) and Tracking (Int) as basic skills. They cannot start the game with Common Lore (Int)(Imperial Creed) and Common Lore (Int)(Imperium) through any means.

Iron Stomach
Uncontaminated food and water is scarce on war-wastes and those born on such worlds have developed stronger digestive systems to compensate for this Benefit: You gain +10 bonus to Carouse skill test made to resist the effects of ingested toxins, poison or tainted foods.

Weary Intuition
War-wasters are a paranoid stock - never trusting the motives or deeds of others. There is always an ulterior motive for any action taken, and anyone can turn on you when the moment is right. This healthy paranoia has served the war-waster well in surviving long. Benefit: All war-wasters gain +1 bonus to Initiative rolls

Table 1-1: Generating Characteristics

Weapon Skill (WS) Ballistic Skill (BS) Strength (S) Toughness (T) Agility (Ag) Intelligence (Int) Perception (Per) Willpower (WP) Fellowship (Fel) Base 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 2d10+ 25 20 25 25 15 15 25 15

Tainted Flesh
Plague, radiation contamination, and active biological weapons are all hallmarks of the war wastes. Few, if any, war wasters are truly untainted by their planet's exposure to such weapons of mass destruction. Penalty: War-wasters start the game with 15 +3D5 Corruption points

Homeworld: War-Wastes

War-waster Traits

Homeworld: War-Wastes

Table 1-2: Generating Random Pasts

Roll D100 Effect The Wanderer: You have spent the majority of your life alone, drifting from place to place never able to stay 01-20 in one place very long. Through your travels you have seen the worst the wastes have to offer and survived. You are likely a loner and a man/woman of few words. 21-40 Tribal: Raised by a tribal group, taught to survive and rely on your closest friends and family and to suspect the motives of outsiders. You are likely reserved or suspect of those you dont know or are unfamiliar, but fiercely loyal to those you consider your friend. A New Beginning: Though the world has died, humanity lives on. You were born and raised in a settlement 41-60 that has grown from a tribe or nomadic group into a permanent collection of shelters, with some sort of law and regulation which each person adheres to keep the group alive. For the most part you work better in a group then on your own and are highly loyal to those closest to you. The Weapons of war are just the will of a new god: Raised by cultist or religious extremist. You are loyal to 61-80 your cult or religious group, but highly intolerant of outsiders, seeing them as less than worthy. Raider: You grew up amongst the assorted wasteland scum fighting for everything you own. 81-00 You have seen war, betrayal and outstanding loyalty. You cherish your pride, territory and fellow raiders above all.

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