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Edition 70February 22nd 2013
Welcome to the Seventieth Edition .

The Chiba Fine Arts Exhibition was all the better for MISs contributions.

School Survey Many thanks to those parents who have already filled in this School Survey. Please remember the closing date is February 28th. We will not accept any more surveys after this date. The staff at school are also completing a survey (which is a little different) as are the children in Grades 4-6. As mentioned, we will use all this information to help add ideas to next academic years School Development Plan. Thank you for your help. Childrens Snacks Parentscan I please ask you not to give snacks to other children? I have had some concerns recently from parents that a couple of children were given snacks by other parents after school and they would have preferred that this was not the case. Of course we understand that perhaps this was meant kindlybut children will always accept a snack! Perhaps it is better to check with a childs parent first to see if they have happy for this to happen. Many thanks.

Parents Evening As parents know; each year we have two formal meetings between parents and teaching staff which we call Parents Evenings. They are an excellent opportunity for parents to find out more about how their child is doing at school, but also ask questions if they have concerns. We will use the opportunity as teaching staff to inform you of all relevant information in regards to general achievements in all areas of the curriculumbut also on how your child is coping in class generally. In order to get the very most out of your short time please come prepared with questions to ask. This helps you prepare your thoughts and of course saves time.
All Japan Sakura Medal Book Bowl is to be held at St. Marys International School on February 28th. Selected students from Grades 4 and 5 will compete against several other schools for the Book Bowl Trophy! This will be the second time we have taken part. For more information please ask/see Mr. Hall.

Sakura Medal

Book Parade was a great success. Children looked wonderful in their Book Costumes.

Training Session on Wednesday February 13th On Wednesday February 13th after school, we invited Mr. Jules Offord who is the Somerset Local Education Authority (a prefecture/county in the UK) Advisor for Gifted and Talented Children as well as an expert on Independent Learningto give a talk to our staff after school. We found this to be an extremely motivating talk and a thoughtful discussion followed. Training sessions like this can only benefit the children. I did hear from staff that they were very impressed with what they heard and very keen to include some of those ideas into their every day teaching. Graduations As mentioned previously in separate letters to K3 and G6 parents, the times are as follows. Both events are on March 22nd. The K3 Graduation starts at 9.30am. Grade 6 Graduation starts at 1.20pm. For K3 Graduation we will be inviting K1G2 children. For G6 Graduation we will be inviting G3 G5 children. Naturally all K3 and G6 parents are invited to come. Both Graduations will be held in the school hall.

New Parents Orientation

On Friday 22nd February (today) we are holding an Orientation for new parents in the Media Centre. This is an opportunity to talk about the school once more as well as more basic matters such as insurance and uniforms. This year we expect more parents than last and so, if you do see parents walking around the school (and have read this Nanohana in time) please say hello to them if in school!
Pleaseif you are suddenly deciding to leave at the end of this term; let the school office know. We have been notified only this week that two children are leaving at the end of this term. Can we also ask parents bringing children to school bus stops in the morning to do so on time or before the buses are duerather than after the buses arrive. Many thanks.

Office Messages.

K3 Transfer Meeting On Wednesday 19th February we held our K3 Transfer Meeting for parents to attend. The G1 teachers as well as Mochizuki-sensei talked at length about what to expect once the K3 children move up to Grade 1 and the Elementary School. I hope this was a useful experiencecertainly there were many sensible questions asked and parents seemed keen.

K1 visited the Fire Station last Thursday. They were exhausted afterwards!

Who are the Firemen though?

World Literacy Day MIS recently entered the World Literacy Day event. We were thrilled and proud to find our K3 Green class topping the Hall of Fame on Thursday February 14th. That meant that at that timeour class had the most points out of all the classes around the world who were taking part. It was a lovely surprise and thrill for the children to see! Well done Mr. Crowe for organising. We had various other classes in the top ten at different times as well. Have a lovely weekend. It is hard to believe there are only 4 weeks left of this term before our fourth year comes to an end.

Murakami-san from After School Care shows how to make candy toys to K1!

On March 15th most of the children in the school will spend half or the whole day working with a teacher from the grade above. This is to help them get used to and understand what happens when they do move up in April 2013. We will try to make this day as painless as possible and in truth, it should be quite fun. Teachers will not only talk about routines in their classes but prepare and teach fun lessons which we know the children will enjoyand end the day hopefully wanting more. We have held similar days over the past three years and all have proved very beneficial to all our children. Grade 6 Residential Trip On March 6th, 7th and 8th, our Grade 6 children will be taking part in a Residential Trip in Chiba. Also attending this year (apart from Mr. Hallas of course) will be Mr. Gunn, Nikko-sensei, Ms Min (ESL) and Ms Miyata (School Nurse). We have been very busy preparing the events and activities over the past few months and we know the children are going to have a wonderful experience. Certainly the school will be a little quieter without them (and the staff!) We look forward to sharing some of their experiences on their return and will of course try and share photos on twitter as well.

School Council News The School Council have of course met since the last Nanohana and a new display has been put up outside the hall. They have come up with some interesting ideas to improve the life of the average school pupil. For April 2013, we will be having new elections for possible new class representatives. Therefore if there are any interested children thinking of applyingstart practising your speeches now!
New School Uniforms. It was a little sad that we had to change our uniform supplier recently. However, as parents knowwe had no choice. We spent considerable time trying to find the right supplier and believe we did the best we possibly could. The new uniformswhilst looking very similar, are better quality and are a reasonable price. I know a few parents have queried the fact that the trousers are not non-iron. They are made 100% from cotton and this is the reason. We apologise if this is a little more work for Mumsnobody likes ironing of course! Thank you for your patience.