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*please refer to page 78 onwards (BOOK: FUNDAMENTALS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP) for further information No. Topics
Cover Letter Permission Letter (Get from HEA) Cover Page Title of the Business Plan Name of the business and business address Name of the writer/s

Progress / comment by the lecturer

Signatu re


Date of submission Table of Contents Main headings Tables Figures

Schedules Acknowledgement Executive Summary Letter of Agreement Introduction Name of the company Nature of business Industry profile Location of the business Date of business commencement

Factors in selecting the proposed business Future prospects of the

business Objective of the organization mission, vision, goals Purpose of the business plan Company Background Part 1 INTRODUCTION Name of the company Business Address Correspondence Address (include website/email address) Telephone number Form of Business Main Activity or Activities Date of Commencement Date of registration Registration Number Name of Bank

Bank Account Number Business logo and motto Shareholders/Partners/Owners Background Name of the owner/partners Identity card number Permanent address Correspondence address

(include website/email address Telephone number Date of Birth Age Martial Status Academic qualifications Course attended Skills Experience Present Occupation Previous business

experience Location of the business Factors selecting location Physical location of the project (whether it is located adjacent to the main roads and other designated premises) Building (e.g. type, structure, condition, size and cost of the building Basic amenities (e.g. water, electricity, Part 2 MARKETING PLAN telephone line) Introduction Profile of Product/Services Target Market

Market Size Competition Market share Sales forecast Marketing strategies (the 4PS marketing strategies) Marketing Budget Introduction to operation plan Operation Process Process Flowchart Capacity Planning Material Requirement List of Machines and Equipment Layout Plan of Operation Area/Factory Operations Overhead Operations Budget Introduction to administration plan Organizational chart List of Administrative Personnel Schedule of Tasks and Responsibilities Schedule of Remuneration (Salary) List of Office Equipment and supplies Administration Budget Introduction Project Implementation Cost Sources of financing Table on loan amortization Table on depreciation on fixed assets Hire Purchase Repayment Scheme Proforma Cash Flow Proforma Income Statement Proforma Balance Sheet Financial Analysis Appendices (Include the forms in




the appendices)