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Redesign Proposal F inal Due: 2.25

Description: This is the first part of a three-part assignment in which you, in teams of three,
will propose to redesign a website, redesign it, get feedback, and report on your final product (both in paper and presentation form). In this stage you will create a proposal document. This document must do the following: 1. [the site]: As a team you will choose a small-scale website (preferably from a

2. 3.



local business) that you think has several design flaws which you can improve upon. [users and purposes]: Identify what the primary goals of the site are and who you think the target audience for the site is. [flaws]: Identify the design flaws of the website. You must analyze three specific pagesa homepage and two secondary pages. You need to do this visually, using screen captures and labels. [alternatives]: Identify three other websites that are of the same kind, purpose, and or business as the website youre redesigning. Describe how these three sites work better/solve the problems youre chosen website is having. [proposal]: Conclude by summarizing what you will specifically do to redesign this site. Laying out a specific process that you will follow, key design changes you will make, and what you imagine the final product will look like.

There are several examples of what this first assignment should generally look like (there are some extra things youre going to need to do and some things that you dont). Please use those examples as a guideline. Remember all the design and writing skills you developed in the first report and use them to your advantagethese reports should be visually striking and informational.

Assignment 4.1: Redesign Proposal

____Site Description (20 points)
Discusses overall goals of the site. Why it exists and what users what from it. Discusses the average user of the site. Who they are. What they like. Thinking how this site and your new site might be customized for there needs, interests, aesthetics. Describes the different purposes of all three pages youre going to redesign.

____Flaws Analysis (20 points)

Discusses several flaws of each page of the site. Uses the mantra Dont make me think from the readings as well as everything else weve learned and read in this unit thus far. Discusses flaws in navigation, layout, color, font, legibility, etc., etc., on all three pages youre going to redesign. Uses specific examples that are clearly illustrated by labeled images.

____Alternatives (20 points)

Provides three alternatives of sites similar to one youre redesigning. Discusses how each alternative solves one of the major problems of your site. Uses specific examples that are clearly illustrated by labeled images.

____Proposal (20 points)

Uses the alternatives as well as your design knowledge from the readings to propose several concrete changes that you will make to the website. Provides solutions for all three pages. Discusses these changes as related to the goals of the site, the specific users of the site, and the users needs. Makes it clear where you are going next. And leaves me with the knowledge that you have a clear plan for the next step of the project.

____Document Design (10 points)

Document is customized in terms of color, header, etc., to the company you are working designing for. Document is browsable. Follows a formatting similar to the examples online. Document is visually appealing. Document is uniform. Document uses concrete examples.

____Writing Quality (10 points) ______Total (100 points)