Metro Charter Elementary School

What is Metro Charter?
Metro Charter is a parent-initiated public elementary school opening in the core of Los Angeles. It will be a walkable school for the neighborhood, designed as a free and world-class option for the residents who live in or near DTLA, as well as the many commuters who come to DTLA to work each day. Metro Charter will be a model school, serving a highly diverse student body with a rigorous and balanced curriculum aligned to a college-ready standard at the earliest grades. Metro Charter will use a variety of methodologies, experiences and opportunities to engage students in learning a diversity of content, and to prepare children to be curious, critical and caring human beings.

         Opening: Fall 2013 Proposed Location: 1212 S. Olive Ave Los Angeles, CA Student Pop: 150 students K-2 (2013) growing to approx. 520 students (K-5) by 2016 Student/Teacher Ratio: approx. 25:1 Other: Full Day Kindergarten, Free and Reduced Lunch program, After School Enrichment Programs planned Website: Contact:, Lottery Date: Early May Applications being accepted immediately

Metro Charter’s educational philosophy centers on 4 core principles: 1. ACTIVE, ENGAGED LEARNING: Our instructional program is founded on the core beliefs that achievement is not limited by “aptitude” or background such as socio-economic status, race/ethnicity, English language fluency or other “risk factors.” Rather, we know that through hard work and engagement, all children can achieve rigorous, comprehensive learning objectives. Smaller class sizes and a small school will enable teachers to provide individualized attention and differentiate instruction to ensure individual student success. 2. BALANCE: We believe in a balanced education, which, for Metro Charter, means many things. First, we recognize the importance of the arts, physical education, human development, civic awareness, and environmental education along with the four core subject areas typically associated with student learning. Second, although our curriculum will emphasize opportunities for student driven, hands-on learning, time will be dedicated to direct instruction, rote memorization, and more “traditional” learning. Third, we value different structures of learning such as two peers

exchanging and critiquing each other’s writing, a small group working collaboratively to produce a dramatization of a story they wrote, or a whole class engaged in a debate on a piece of literature. Finally, while technology will be integrated at Metro Charter, we also place great value on going to primary sources such as literature, real life objects, and multimedia sources. 3. RELEVANCE: We aim to celebrate each students’ personal experience and ensure our curriculum holds relevance and contextual significance for each child. At Metro, learning will not be limited to the classroom, but rather will take advantage of the multitude of ‘real world’ resources literally in our backyard -- visiting museums and theaters, taking architectural walking tours, visiting businesses and meeting business and civic leaders. We plan to develop a “field studies” program to provide for programmatic and critical engagement of the world, connecting children to exceptional opportunities in our community, instilling civic pride in our community, and building an awareness and connection of the impact and responsibility each of us has for the community around us. 4. COLLABORATION: As people today interact globally in an instant, with access to information and other people like never before in human history, the ability to collaborate – including the ability to communicate effectively, listen attentively, think critically, debate and compromise, especially with people who have very different experiences and perspectives – is perhaps more important than an at any other time in human history. At Metro, successful collaboration will be crucial to the very success of our school and achievement of our mission. Students, teachers, staff, parents and community supporters will all collaborate in myriad ways to learn, produce, reflect, and celebrate.

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