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Chapter. 7 extract...

Like something florescent from above, the orange crescent moon resembled a tilted parenthesis glowing in the night sky. It projected a glare like a beacon at sea. The Blue Ridge Mountain wilderness was a wonderful environment that was far different from the city. I was chillin like a villain on the porch of the cabin. My outing had been going great so far. Davina was on the inside hooking up a specialty dinner, and I was on the outside finishing up on a killer spliff and admiring the cosmos. In the middle of stargazing, I took my eyes off the endless darkness to peer at my Jacob and Co compass watch. Hours ago it had become apparent that Davina was not planning to take me back to D.C. tonight. I knew right then and there that I had no business being out with a woman as fine as her at this time of night. This made me start to ponder one of the most debated questions of humanity; why do men cheat? Its love versus lust. In my opinion, the main reason is because of animal instinct. Fresh new pussy is one hell of a drug. Whether in a good or bad relationship, most men are always tempted by the thought of new pussy from someone attractive. And once that testosterone starts to flood the cerebellum, its as powerful as the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. That being said, I should have just ran away because my will power diminished more and more every time I saw her. Although we hadnt hugged or shown any type of affection since we met, it was clear that we were both attracted to one another. She hadn't made any provocative advances toward me at all though, so actually I had nothing to worry about ... Or did I?

After checking the time, I became startled when the screen door suddenly opened and Davina came out on the porch. You have been out here for a while, she said as she approached. Are you hungry yet? Before I could answer, she reached her arm out and took me by the hand. Follow me, she said over her shoulder, while leading me inside with a smile. Our late night entre is ready. She had a cozy candlelight setting situated on the top of a round table next to the gracefully burning fireplace. On the table was a huge pot with two bowls and silverware, accompanied by two black and gold bottles of premium wine and two burning candles. The whole set up was striking. Would you care for a glass of wine? she asked when we got to the table. Sure, I said, knowing damn well I was not that fond of wine. She popped the cork off the bottle and filled our glasses. Then she placed the bottle to the side and lifted the lid off the pot, unleashing visible steam that filtered a mouth-watering aroma of shrimp and lobster into the air. Are you from the Bayou? I asked as she scooped from the pot, filling our bowls. No, but I have been there a couple of times to visit relatives in New Orleans, she replied, before taking a seat on the opposite end of the small table. I am actually from Santo Domingo. Oh yeah? Thats in the Caribbean, right? Yes, in the Dominican Republic. She took a swallow of wine. ...And what about you? she asked. Are you from Washington D.C? Nah. Im from Sacramento. I came out to D.C. for school about seven years ago. Really, what school? she asked. Howard-Georgetown, I said. Im getting my Masters next week.

She smiled and said, Wow, impressive, as we started to eat while continuing to converse. The gumbo was excellent. It had savory vegetables and thick chunks of curry chicken, seafood and ox tail meat included in the spicy mixture. Even the wine was tasty. I was completely satisfied. By the time we were finished eating we had discussed everything from life to politics, and it occurred to me that in addition to her lovely looks, she was also very intelligent. She was the only lady that I had ever met who came even remotely close to my girlfriend Shaile. More minutes passed and more wine was poured. We both ended up having five full glasses each, and before I knew it, the liquor had me buzzing like a bumblebee. I started to notice that she was checking me out, or at least that's what it seemed like. But every time I tried to catch her staring, she'd look away. Then out of the blue she said, Are you sure that there is no one who will be worried about you not making it home tonight? I almost choked when she asked that. What do you mean? I asked curiously, as if I didnt know. She looked directly at me and said, Well, I would hate to have some nice young lady, or ladies I should say, worried and searching around for you all night. At this point, I guess she was trying to find out whether or not I had a girlfriend to go home to. But after a short chuckle, I just played it cool and said, Nah, that's unlikely to happen. Then I flipped the script and said, What about you? Is there anyone out there whose gonna put out an APB on you tonight? That is also unlikely to happen, she replied, while pouring herself another glass. More wine?

I held my glass out and said, Sure, I'll take another... I don't know how many minutes later it was, but it didn't take long for it all to kick in. I was fucked-up. I think it was that last glass that did it. I felt like I drank a whole bottle by myself. And Davina seemed to be feeling just as intoxicated, because in a blink she scooted out from the table and slowly started to rise from the chair with an enticing stare locked in on me. I returned the stare while checking out her ridiculous physique from head to toe. She looked amazing like a rainbow. Her upper body was covered only by a tieback tank top that she wore cropped, revealing a belly button that was perfectly tucked into the middle of her slim waistline. Her denim jeans stretched all the way down to her shins, and looked to be painted on over her round hips. And on her feet were some fancy fly boots that looked like they cost six figures. Davina continued to stare at me without saying a word. She put her hands behind her back and began to untie the strap of her top. My dick went from five to nine in two seconds. Yet in still I was able to keep my composure when her top dropped to the floor. Now she was standing with nothing on but pants and boots, looking stunning with an ass like J-Lo. Her breasts were unbelievable. I could just taste them as I gazed. They looked like two palm-sized water balloons placed flawlessly on her chest, covered by smooth honey skin and two cute little nipples. I got even harder when she began to slowly step towards me. I took another sip of wine and enjoyed myself while observing such beauty in motion. She stopped directly in front of me and reached out to grab my hand, effortlessly pulling me out of the chair.

Do you like what you see so far? she asked, pulling me closer. Very much, I responded. There was a lascivious look on her face that said everything from, 'my passion is throbbing for you', to, 'I wanna fuck your brains out. She stood only inches away, allowing me to feel her soft breasts and hard nipples on my chest. I wanted to touch them but I decided not to. If anything was gonna pop off she would have to be the initiator. Resisting her was muy facil though. She was looking so illegal that I couldve slayed her right then and there. Her body smelled like ripe strawberries so I was craving for some of that shortcake...

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