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To Whom It May Concern: Matthew Chan deserves to be publicly commended for his leadership in exposing the abuse of process that has become an epidemic after the Digital Millennium Copyright Act left an unbalanced play field between copyright owners and copyright users. Mr. Chan has spent countless hours creating a forum for the discussion of this growing problem. He has exposed numerous copyright abusers who resort to dirty tricks that border on extortion in order to intimidate innocent infringers into paying disproportionate sums of money for the use of a copyrighted work. He has provided many people with legitimate resources to defend themselves from legal thugs who pretend to be defending copyrights but are in fact just trolling for cash settlements based on "strategic litigation." It has always been clear that the forum is not against copyright owners defending their rights, but rather against the thuggish intimidation tactics and dishonest claims made by agents attempting to monetize any infringement and the ridiculous settlement amounts that these people attempt to extract from innocent infringers. With regard to Linda Ellis, Matthew Chan has been nothing but honest and upfront about the ugliness of her “business model.” She has positioned herself as a World-Class Copyright Troll and deserves the attention not only from Matthew Chan and ELI but from anyone else who is concerned about frivolous “strategic litigation.” As a very frequent visitor of the ELI forum, I find the notion that Matthew Chan or anyone has made physical threats to anyone else to be risible. If anyone ever did, I would be the first not to want anything to do with the group. In actuality, Matthew Chan has played a very balanced role as moderator, sometimes correcting members’ posts for accuracy and fair play. The claim that Matthew Chan is stalking anyone borders on the delusional. Perhaps Ms. Linda Ellis should seek counseling if verbal criticism of her unethical legal bullying makes her feel physically threatened. Mr. Chan has worked very hard to provide a public service that helps balance the play field by educating copyright users and keeping an eye on the unethical practices of key industrial players. I am personally grateful to Matthew Chan for all of his efforts putting together this forum and for creating this community, and specifically for shedding light on the questionable practices of the likes of Ms. Linda Ellis and her copyright thugs. We need more hard-working and dedicated industry watchdogs like Matthew Chan. Sincerely,

Alberto Zevallos Owner, Art Zenith

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