Friday, February 1 , 2013

‘Nomadic Spirit’ in Megapolis
French-Mongolian art exhibition opens
On January 28, the special FrenchMongolian exhibition, ‘Nomadic Spirit’, opened and will be on view at the National Modern Art Gallery for one week. The main goal of the exhibition is to promote the two-year collaboration between French artist Mathieu and the Blue Sun collective of Mongolian artists and their positive results. Twelve Mongolian and eight French artists have pieces or performances on display. This collaborative exhibition is called ‘Nomadic Spirit’ because all the artists are exploring the juxtaposition of modern, urban and traditional, natural lifestyles through contemporary art. The Alliance Francoise supported this exhibition and its director was pleased by the amount and variety of works produced during the last two years of dialogue between French and Mongolian contemporary artists. One of the highlights of the opening was a performance by T. Enkhbold called ‘Lullaby to Mother Earth’, where the artist literally submersed and almost suffocated himself in desert sand, river water, and milk. In his artist statement, he discussed the need to return to nature and re-engage with the elements. Similarly, many of the pieces on display use organic materials, such as wood, sand, coffee, milk, and even dung. It is interesting to note that several of the French artists were photographers or videographers, yet their pieces continue to highlight the nomadic spirit through the notions of journey and of traveling without a destination. The exhibition opening was wellattended and the mixture of pieces and performances provided a very-engaging atmosphere. The Alliance Francoise hopes that this exhibition will provide further encouragement to young and emerging Mongolian contemporary artists as well as mark the beginning of many future artists’ exchange and collaboration between France and Mongolia. T.Enkhbold performs his ‘Lullaby to Mother Earth’

Examples of works that illustrate contemporary life in Mongolia

New Ballet Theatre to make its debut performance
Mongolian classical arts are coming to a new kind of theatre. Mongolian productions are actively performed at venues like the State Drama Ballet Theatre, the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, and the National Drama Theatre. But their content rarely changes or innovates. In response to this situation, the art forms of national, classical, and circus dance were merged together and a new theatre has been created. Honored Dashlhagvais the inspiration for this new collective art form has devoted his life to classical ballet. Furthermore, many of his protégées have become international ballet dancers. The theatre thus discussed having a company of talented and innovative young artists. Their theatre’s breakthrough will debut this February with their first independent ballet. The Great Emperor Theatre’s first ballet is named ‘Royal’ and consists of two acts of about twenty pieces. Dashlhagva is the ballet master and choreographer for the performance. In just a few weeks, the young innovators of the Great Emperor Theatre will be recognized with their performance of ‘Royal’ as the ‘Spirit of Today’s Classical Dance’.

Year’s first Morin Khuur ensemble concert scheduled

Ballet dancers leap into action during a rehearsal

On February 6 and 7, the year’s first performance of the Horsehead Fiddle Ensemble will be ‘Spectacular Folk Song’ on the State Philharmonic stage. It will be performed by People’s Honored Artist Sh. Chimedtseye, People’s Distinguished Artist E. Sandagjav, People’s Distinguished Artist G. Byambajargal and People’s Distinguished Artist D. Burmaa. People’s Honored Artist D. Tuvshinsaihan will lead the ensemble, with People’s Distinguished Artist Ts. Batchuluun acting as conductor. The price of admission is Tgs15,000

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