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To Matthew, I want to extend my sincere thanks for all that you do through the (ELI) website. I know when I received my extortion letter from Getty Images a year ago, I was panicked and fearful of an imminent and impending lawsuit which is what these types of letters are designed to do. I had absolutely no idea what to do and my first reaction was trying to figure out how I was going to pay this within the 14-day deadline given to me by Getty. I went online looking for anything that could assist me and I found your site. As I read it, I started to learn and understand what was going on and what was happening to me. I ended up posting my story and a possible plan of action and asked for assistance from the ELI forum members, You, among others, responded offering support, guidance and help. Without this site and all you do to educate, inform and assist extortion letter recipients, I truly believe that so many of us would have simply given up and paid since it would have been cheaper than trying to retain legal help, which is why unfortunately these letters are so often successful. I also applaud the stance you have taken in fighting these copyright trolls by exposing the facts, naming names, and calling it as you see it. While you and everyone on the ELI Forums firmly believes in and respects the intellectual property rights of artists to protect their works, you vigorously take to task those who are considered trolls and demand far more than their product is worth or they could ever hope to be awarded in court. While your site was set up as a result of receiving a Getty letter yourself and initially designed to support Getty letter recipients, you realized that there were many other copyright trolls out there such as Linda Ellis. You extended and offered your support and provided a place for us all to gather, compare notes, educate ourselves and others. We learned how to defend ourselves from unjust and inaccurate claims from copyright trolls. I have seen and read the court documents that Linda Ellis filed against you. As an avid member of ELI, I make it a point to read every post that is made so that I can stay current and up-to-date in the fight against copyright trolls. Based on what is in the ELI Forums, I can say that some of your responses are edgy and colorful. In my opinion, none of them have crossed the line and there was never any time where you threatened to do physical harm to Linda Ellis, stalk her, her family, or encourage others on the ELI Forums to do so. Linda Ellis failed to disrupt the forum from discussing her copyright infringement business model through complaints to your web hosting provider, which caused ELI to have to move to a new web hosting provider. She is now grasping at straws trying to find a way to stop ELI from

sharing copies of her settlement demand letters, experiences from those who have received her letters, and telling the world how she preys upon grieving families and church groups who share her poem demanding $7,500 from them. It must be pretty amazing to look back from ELI's humble beginnings to what it has grown into with close to 1,000 current members and to realize how many people you have helped and educated over the five-year history of your site. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and allowing me to be a part of your site and try to pay it forward by helping new letter recipients through their initial dark period of fear and uncertainty after receiving a settlement demand letter. I am so thankful that you and your site are there for us. My sincere thanks,

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