Lit 8: Survey of English Literature Online

SCHEDUL E Weeks 1— 2 (Nov 5 – 17) Literary PERIOD and its Themes/Topics Anglo-Saxon Period  Old English Epics  Paganism vs Christianity

CR = Classroom OL =

WRITER and WORKS to be studied (and Questions for study guide) Beowulf • How is Beowulf similar to earlier epic heroes in Greece and Sumeria? Especially in terms of character and personality? • What were the differences/ changes/additions that contemporary graphic novelist Neil Gaiman did to the story of Beowulf? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight • In the BBC documentary presented by poet Simon Armitage, he remarked that the “Sir Gawain” poem can be considered as an ecopoem? What was the reason for this? Can you find passages in the text to support this claim? • Who is King Arthur? Geoffrey Chaucer  “Canterbury Tales” • Why were the pilgrims going to Canterbury? • Examine the physical characteristics of the pilgrims and explain using the Archetypal approach if they had any significance to their characters. • The Canterbury Tales was written in the points of view of the pilgrim. Why do you think Chaucer wrote the story in several POVs rather than focusing on one? Discuss the purpose.

Week 3 CR= Nov. 22 OL= Nov. 24 (8—9am only)

Medieval Period  Middle English  Arthurian Legends  Crusades  Holy Grail

Nov. 27 (9—10am)


Coverage: Beowulf, Sir Gawain, Chaucer

theorize how Shakespeare wrote his sonnets. 13 (8—9 am) Week 7 CR = Jan. characters. 6 ONLINE QUIZ Shakespeare Renaissance Period (Jacobean) • King James Francis Bacon  Of Truth  Of Superstitions  Of Marriage and Single Life • Who is Francis Bacon? What were his major contributions to literature? • Summarize the message of each essay assigned to you. 29 Renaissance Period (Elizabethan) • Queen Elizabeth William Shakespeare’s Sonnets  Sonnet 18  Sonnet 29  Sonnet 116 • What is the common theme among these 3 sonnets? Is this also a recurring theme in other sonnets? Using the Biographical approach. characteristics of the period Restoration Period John Milton  “Paradise Lost” Alexander Pope  “Rape of the Lock” 1.Room 311 Week 4 CR= Nov. discuss what were the different kinds of Figures of Speech that Shakespeare used and how did this affect the outcome of the sonnet? Noel Archie Lovella • • OL = Dec. Plot Archie Lovella . 1 (8—9am only) Week 5 CR = Dec. Is the message/theme still relevant in contemporary times? Archie Noel Lovella Wk 6: Dec. Using the Formalist approach. 10 PRELIMINARY EXAMS: Multiple Choice plot. theme of the story. life of the author. Theme 2.

17 18th Century Jonathan Swift  “Gulliver’s Travels”  “A Modest Proposal” • (Theme. 24 CLASSROOM QUIZ Early Romantic Period Archie (3) Coverage: Early Romantic Period poets Jane Austen (2 novels)  Pride and Prejudice  Sense and Sensibility • Biography of Jane Austen • Significance of a female writer during her time • Themes of her stories • Discuss her heroines and their modern day equivalents . Life story of each poet Why are they considered Romantics? What are your favorite lines? Why? Noel (3) Noel TBA Week 9 CR = Jan. Plot. 31 CLASSROOM QUIZ Romantic Novel Discuss one poem of each writer. For “Rape of the Lock” – Why is it called a MockEpic? What does it satirize? How is the poem’s message relevant today? Week 8 CR = Jan. For “Paradise Lost” – Why is it called a Christian epic? Can you compare/contrast with the text in the Bible? 4.3. Characters) • Why did Swift write satires during his time? Coverage: Restoration to 18th Century  William Wordsworth  Samuel Coleridge  William Blake  Percy Bysshe Shelley  Lord Byron  John Keats • • • • TBA Week 10 CR = Jan.

life of the author. 7 Jane Austen Movie Marathon (at home) CLASSROOM QUIZ Victorian Period • • Queen Victoria Life/History highlights Online discussion about the movie Coverage: Jane Austen and her works Alfred Tennyson Robert Browning Charles Dickens  Great Expectations Emily Bronte  Wuthering Heights Archie Noel Lovella Feb 9 –12 Week 12 Dickens Movie Marathon MIDTERM EXAMS: Multiple Choice plot. Eliot  Dylan Thomas • • • • Discuss one poem of each writer.Feb.S. 2 ONLINE TBA Week 11 CR = Feb. Dalloway” (1925)  George Orwell “1984” (1949) • • Life story of each poet Theme. characters. theme of the story. Plot. characteristics of the period Late Victorian/Edwardian Period CLASSROOM QUIZ Modern Period Thomas Hardy  “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” Coverage: Tess of the D’Urbervilles Poetry  William Butler Yeats  T. 23 TBA Week 14 Lovella Noel Archie Week 15 Prose  Joseph Conrad “Heart of Darkness” (1899)  Virginia Woolf “Mrs. Life story of each poet What are the themes? What are your favorite lines? Why? Archie Lovella Noel Week 13 OL = Feb. Characters in .

Follow standard format in submitting manuscripts. .• • Wks 16 – 17 Week 18 Contemporary Period LITERARY ANALYSIS and DEFENSE story Controversial issues Significance/impact in today’s time Literature in Cinema • • • All assigned research/readings should be discussed in class using Powerpoint Do not put a lot of text on PPT. Just important ones. Use more visuals. Follow proper citation/attribution rules. A detailed report answering all study guide questions should be submitted in typewritten form.

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