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TEST 1: FST515

1) Explain the scouring process in brief. [3 Marks]

2) List down the Pre treatment processes for wool in a chronological order? [3 Marks]

3) Why detergent (Alkali surfactants) is used in scouring process? [3 Marks]

4) Which impurity is primarily removed by carbonization process? [2 Marks]

5) What is Bleaching? [2 Marks]

6) Which chemical is used for scouring of wool and silk? [2 Marks]

7) What is the role of Amorphous and Crystalline regions in Fabric dyeing? Discuss in brief. [5 Marks]

8) List down any 5 benefits of mercerization. [5 Marks]

9) List any 5 properties of Direct dye. [5 Marks]