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Corporate Overview

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

Safety Software Limited was formed in 1999 to meet the specific needs of health and safety professionals. Over the past 14 years the company has grown and is now a market leader in the provision of management software to the QHSE and Sustainability markets. The airsweb product is used by organisations around the world and boasts more than 100,000 users in almost 120 countries. Our aim is to be acknowledged as one of the worlds premier QHSE and Sustainability management software solution providers delivering the highest quality in all aspects of service. We are a committed employer and partner delivering proven world-class solutions and services to the corporate QHSE and Sustainability markets. Servicing major international markets our global reach is delivered through internationally recognised Partners.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

We are wholly focussed on our chosen markets offering years of experience in both subject matter and technology. With quality and Customer Satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do we are totally committed to a programme of continual improvement. Headquartered in Rainhill in the north west of England the company also has offices in Cambridgeshire providing services throughout the United Kingdom.

The Market
In recent times market demands have changed significantly. The user is, quite correctly, more demanding than ever before. Software must not only be feature rich but also simple to use and intuitive. If an application is difficult to understand, from either an input or output perspective, it will not succeed.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

In parallel with the increasing demands of the user, the shape of the market has changed and continues to change with more significant focus on areas such as the environment, corporate citizenship and sustainability.

The airsweb product provides a wealth of features that deliver ease of use and core functionality to its customers. The product offers a series of fully integrated applications enabling a customer to develop the product as their requirements and needs grow. With

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

major national and international customers driving the product forward we are confident that airsweb will continue to satisfy its customers requirements into the future.

airsweb delivers: Scalability allowing the solution to grow as your requirements evolve; Flexibility allowing your Administrator to configure and develop your airsweb solution. If required, the airsweb team will carry out bespoke customisation to meet your organisations specific needs; Ease of use simple Point and Click navigation and retrieval allows you to empower all users across the organisation to gain the benefits of the airsweb solution; Performance delivering speed and reliability when requiring economies of scale; Expertise more than 13 years of experience and excellence as a marketing leading software provider; Security robust and resilient solutions; Speed of implementation whether hosted or in-house the airsweb team deploy the solution by a rapid delivery methodology.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

What does airsweb deliver?

Safety Software Limited has a proven track record in helping organisations of all sizes, across a wide range of vertical markets, meet their Health and Safety, Environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability requirements. With more than 50 clients around the world we support both single and multi- site installations. We offer multi-lingual capabilities and airsweb operates in more than 20 languages. We are active in a variety of industries including those in high risk areas. Our business is staffed with highly experienced individuals with a wealth of business analysis and implementation skills from the safety world. In short we offer peace of mind to our customers.

Implementation of airsweb is delivered through a tried and tested process that is designed to manage the risk of change and to mitigate any risks wherever possible.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

airsweb offers a standard platform that is configurable by the customer, providing complete user control. The system is designed to offer significant flexibility within a standard architecture. The modular nature of the application allows the customer to fully manage their evolving business needs.

Support and Services

Safety Software Limited offer a range of professional services designed to ease the implementation of airsweb. These include consultancy, professional services, requirements analysis and customisation. Our consultants and project managers are experienced in the implementation of airsweb and understand the needs and demands of users. We offer a customisation service to provide functionality that is specific to particular customer requirements.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

We also offer data conversion and manipulation services through extraction, transformation and load procedures. We understand the need for our software to integrate with other inhouse systems and offer a high degree of interoperability. Where customers operate across geographies we offer translation services, currently available in more than 20 languages. In order for our customers to gain maximum benefit from airsweb we offer a range of training services. We deliver a series of standard courses from certified trainers both on-site

and at our offices. We also offer train the trainer courseware where the customer has its own training department. We provide standard documentation and also develop tailored manuals where required. We offer a customer support function that is operational during standard working hours and this can be extended by agreement. The website includes a customer portal which provides up to date information on products and services and provides a forum where ideas can be

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

shared amongst the user base. We are also active on social media websites including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Continuous Improvement and the airsweb User Community

Safety Software Limited is committed to a programme of continuous improvement, driven by its customers. The Airsweb User Community is completely independent and provides input across our product range. As an organisation we are committed to ISO9001.

Our User Community committee consists of senior professionals from a variety of industries who are committed to the development of best practice. The User Community holds regular meetings and an annual conference. Our quality initiatives are underpinned by regular customer satisfaction surveys and product surveys.

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

Why Safety Software Limited and airsweb?

Our customers are a testament to the capabilities of the company and its products. Our ever-growing customer base includes many household names and our products are working in many diverse markets. Our international footprint continues to develop with airsweb users in every continent throughout the world. We have recently announced an exclusive partnership with RoSPA which further illustrates our market leadership position. Our customers include:

Safety Software Limited Business Confidential Document 2013

We offer a proven, trusted, reliable and growing solution delivering Company-wide specialised database management solutions to enhance safety, resource management and corporate social responsibility.

For further information please visit our website at or call 0151 289 6811. We are also on twitter (@airsweb) and LinkedIn (Airsweb).