13 BOS Mins

Town of Milton Board of Selectmen Regular Meeting Monday January 7, 2013 Milton Town Hall 6:00 P.M. Meeting Minutes
Members in attendance: Chairman Bob Srnec, Tom Gray and Bob Bridges. Also in attendance: Joe Ryan-Town Administrator, Wendy Keane Recording Clerk. Public in attendance: Larry Brown, Doreen Gray, John Mullen, and Jeff Everett. Regular meeting was opened at 6:10 PM. Note was made that public comments should be moved to the bottom of the agenda. Acknowledgements: The Chair noted the passing of two Milton residents. Happy Birthday to Mark McGowan, Police Chief. Process for hiring of Town Administrator: There were 26 applications received. Tom Gray stated that the last time we had Primex go through the applications and send their recommendations. They then created a citizen committee and a Board Committee with department and board heads. Citizen committee did their reviews and then narrowed it down and then sent on to next Board. Process where calls were made to each applicant. He thinks it is important to have a citizen committee and at the very least a department head committee to get to voice their input and last step the BOS. Bob Bridges stated that he feels that the Citizen committee is the more important and that a diverse group of citizens would be beneficial and no phone interviews be done. First have Primex reduce to ten applicants. Bob B stated that he spoke with Primex before and he is concerned with their approach and they want a lengthy meeting to go over the process with the BOS. Joe Ryan stated that he suggests the following: There are some that are far reaches and would consider to be non issues. He would suggest that the BOS review the applicants and come up with 5-10 that would be sent before Citizen and Dept head panels and suggests a joint panel of 2 dept heads and 3 citizens for a committee to go through, interview and have that committee recommend between three to 5 resumes for the Board to interview. Joe would be happy to help with the interview process. Upon decision then the background investigation and such be done. Joe stated that he does not feel that Primex would suggest anything different and would save the expense of doing such. 3 Department Heads and 4 Citizens for the hiring panel. Joe asked that he be present to facilitate the process. Joe suggested that the BOS whittle down the number prior to them being given to the committee. Tom Gray stated that copies were made for the BOS and they were rated individually to save

1.7.13 BOS Mins

time. It was suggested that a certain amount be made for each Selectmen with a rating sheet and then the packets will be swapped off. Public Hearing Dates for Public Hearing: Town is second to the School so we will be the second Saturday in February (Feb 9th) for the Town portion for Deliberative session (Town Meeting). Larry Brown stated that the school does wish to go first. Nute Cafeteria February 9th @ 1pm. Dates for meetings for Public Hearing is January 14th with a snow date of January 15th at 6pm at Town Hall. This is noticed as a joint meeting for budget and Warrant Articles and notes and bonds over 100k. Discussion was held on how the meting should proceed. Second session is March 12th (voting day). Joe Ryan pointed to the inside page of Article 1 to make sure that there are no errors with which Boards and such need to be voted for. Last issue is if the Board can vote on Article 22, an article that when DRA reviewed and they suggested one of the issues that the town has is to clarify in regards to the exception on the blind and that this is a housecleaning item as it has been in place. MOTION: Tom Gray moved to recommend Article 22 as written. Seconded by Bob Srnec. Motion carried 3-0. Approval of minutes Dec 17th first page last PH “he asks”. MOTION: Bob Bridges moved to accept the minutes with correction as stated. Seconded by Tom Gray. Motion carried 3-0. MOTION: Bob Bridges moved to accept the non-public minute of Dec 17th as written, Seconded by Tom Gray. Motion carried 3-0. MOTION: Tom Gray moved to accept and sign the manifest. Seconded by Bob Bridges. Motion carried 3-0. There is approximately a balance of $160k-$175k in reserve for the year. Which is good that there was no TANS needed. Sewer was excessively over because it was a switch over year. Joe Ryan asked if it is the wish of the BOS to do produce a voter’s guide. Board said yes. Town report 600 copies last year and our deadline is the 28th of January and has asked for submissions no later than Jan 21st. Who will write the Boards report? What does the Board wish to have on the cover? Suggestion of the Farm Museum. Larry said maybe Suzanne could Photoshop the Town House. It was suggested that the BOS asked Suzanne to do this. It was mentioned that Issue of dedication on inside cover be Dave McVicar. John Katwick was also suggested. In the passing of Dave McVicar it was decided to write the dedication to him.

1.7.13 BOS Mins

Regards to format for public hearing next week, does the Board prefer the Munismart or excel spreadsheets? General consensus was to use the Munismart program. We are in a position that the welfare department is in jeopardy. Terri Magoon has agreed to stay on temporarily. Joe asked that an ad be put in for the welfare and bookkeeping position. Meals and Tax: A check in the amount of $204,847.96 was received. Jerry Coogan contract to be postponed to another meeting date. Discussion was held on the Fitzgerald property which was sliver of property sold by the Town to Mr. Fitzgerald, however even with town counsel assistance have not been able to produce a deed. Joe Ryan would like permission to return his money. Bob Bridges: We have three boards that are appointed by the BOS, Economic Development, Recreation and Conservation Commission and he feels that we as Selectmen are failing in their duties to give them direction on how to proceed. We need to come up with a set of guidelines for each commission and then they can create their own by laws. Bob Srnec stated that a Recreation Commission is appointed by the BOS but has state laws as does the Conservation Commission. Bob B stated that Recreation for example there has not been a 7 board membership for some time, yet the by laws still state 7 members and takes 5 members to be a quorum. Bob Bridges for clarification stated that we need to give them tasks. What Joe Ryan suggested was to be given time to give each commission a Mission Statement which he will bring back to the BOS on January 21 for review. New Fire Truck has arrived and is in the station. Will not be in service until there is training on it. There are a few items that need to be rearranged but overall it looks good. Three of our Firefighters went to Illinois to get the truck. Why three? Who gave permission? Joe Ryan stated that he would look into it. PUBLIC COMMENTS: John Mullen new State Rep for Milton wanted to make an offer to coordinate with the BOS and to understand their problems and offered help in any way he can. There are going to be approx. 500 bills on the docket at the State House to be reviewed this year, from dog licensing to veteran tax exceptions and it will be a few weeks before they sift them out. The most important things that will affect the Town are the NH retirement system, taxation for education, ordinances, and medical insurance. He is offering help and knows that we have worked with Robbie Parsons in the past and is offering additional backup. He is on the resource, recreation and development committee, which involves DES (storm water is a big


1.7.13 BOS Mins

item on their agendas this year and Great Bay estuary issues) and State Parks. Moon1044@gmail.com/john.mullen.leg.state.nh.us/ 755-9062 home/cell 285-5909. Jeff Everett: In regards to the bridge and asked the BOS where they stand on replacing the bridge. He has had contact with a bridge company in regards to a pre-fabricated bridge and that a rise would need to be in the middle, $125,000 for 12’ wide and 20’ wide would be $220K for a delivered price. Installation is approximately 50%-100% of the cost of the bridge. Bob Bridges stated that the way the State of NH does this is that we would put out 100% and the State would reimburse 10%. When we look at pricing we need to look at what it would cost up front. Bob B asked if he has spoke with Lebanon. Mr. Everett said that Ron Collins indicated that they had the money last year and despite what was said at the last meeting, that they will find the money and until they hear from Milton they will not proceed. He wants to know how to get the two sides together. No pilings are required on the bridge proposed. Bob Bridges stated that his concern is the Bailey Bridge (he assumes this may be the same) that it will go past the ramp. Tom stated that this is an arched bridge. Joe Ryan asked if this is the entire cost or Milton’s cost. Lebanon said that once Milton gets the money in place then Lebanon will start to work on it. He wants to know if there is a way to get the two towns and states to work together. Larry Brown stated that what is needed is written executive authority and what is acceptable to both sides. Jeff Everett said this is an estimate of size at this time. Bob Bridges stated that Jeff seems to be talking to someone different than who the Town of Milton is talking to. The state of Maine has flip flopped back and forth with whether or not they have the money. If this Ron knows that the funding is there then he should convince the other gentleman that the money is there. There is a warrant article asking for additional funds to be placed into the capital reserve fund for the bridges. Article 17 is asking for $10k but this is for all bridges in town and not a specific bridge. The style of bridges Jeff is talking about do not include decking but only the steel. John Mullen stated that he has heard different things about this bridge situation. He will look into what the State of NH will need to certify that a percentage amount of the funds will be in place. Once a number is nailed down, then we can go to the State and ask for a commitment from the state for a certain amount of dollars. Bob Bridges stated that Nancy Mayville was the person we spoke with regarding the bridge and it is slated for 2023 for the funding to be available. But first the town of Milton would have to come up with 100% of their portion of the cost.


1.7.13 BOS Mins

Larry Brown inquired if in discussion with Jim Sessler did anyone raise the question if the town can assert a claim to ownership based on uncontested use for a certain amount of years? There are many times in common law that if you use a parcel for “x” amount of time the portion now becomes yours. On the selection process, did the town ever put in place their own criteria such as the size of the budget they worked with, chain of command and Selectmen’s authority and control, RSA, DRA and the nature of the termination agreement and time in service. Larry stated that he is available if needed. MOTION: Tom Gray moved to adjourn. Bob Bridges seconded. Motion carried 3-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm. Respectfully Submitted, Wendy L. Keane Recording Clerk