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Improved Fit and Feel
One of the key market trends in the disposable hygiene market is the trend toward more garmentlike construction. These products improve comfort, performance and discretion of absorbent hygiene products. This is especially important with adult incontinence products; a segment with disproportionate growth due to aging populations in the developed geographies of North America, Western Europe and Japan. Innovations such as thin absorbent cores certainly support this trend. Many companies have developed absorbent cores which are thinner by virtue of a high SAP to wood pulp ratio, in some cases as high as 8020. The importance of stabilizing these thin cores with application of adhesive is increased, and Nordson application equipment is up to the challenge. In addition to being thinner, today’s modern disposable hygiene products have a much better fit thanks to development of elasticated features such as elastic stretch tabs (for securing diapers), stretch film or elasticstrand based side panels and waist and tummy elastic features. Producers are also increasingly offering male and female versions of their products, specifically designed and branded for the unique anatomies and preferences of boys and girls and men and women. These and other innovations continue to shape our industry. The precise control achieved with Nordson systems supports these thinner, more garment-like products. Being able to monitor and control adhesive deposition in real-time means add-on weights can be minimized while still maintaining product performance and quality. So, not only is adhesive volume/thickness reduced, thereby reducing cost, but using less adhesive supports thinner substrates as the likelihood of burn-through is less.

NoNwoveNs eveNt CaleNdar
13-14 March Outlook Asia Singapore Organizer: EDANA 9-11 april ICE USA 2013 Orlando, FL 23-25 april IDEA 2013 Conference and Expo Miami Beach, FL Organizer: INDA 28-30 May China International Disposable Paper Expo Shenzhen,China index.htm Organizer: CNHPIA

adult Inco Pad

Baby diaper

Nordson Nonwovens Trends | Issue 1 2013

NordsoN CaPaBIlItIes

Analytical and Modeling Tools Predict Success
Nordson offers many capabilities to deliver value to customers in the form of improved product designs. One such analytical tool simulates thermal and mechanical behavior as well as fluid flow. Explains Steve Clark, Nordson project engineer and our resident expert located in the Johns Creek (Georgia, USA) facility, “We use these tools to explain unusual behavior in the field, visualize principles of operation and for virtual prototyping.” Steve goes on to say, “The tools allow us to compare multiple design concepts quickly, determine design feasibility, and ultimately optimize specific characteristics of the design.” Currently in use are tools available in our 3D solid modeling software (Solidworks) as well as Ansys Fluent software for thermal and fluid modeling. Product developments benefitting from this modeling and analysis work are diverse: nozzles (Signature nozzle flow distribution and response, slot nozzle deflection and output uniformity); melters (melt rate, material residence time); and applicators (Universal applicator, Speed-Coat and TrueCoat thermal and fluid profiles). By using these tools in tandem with sound engineering design practices and lab- and field-based testing we can deliver product performance and reliability that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and provide an edge over the competition.

Signature Velocity Streamline

trade shows

IDEA Show Preview
Please plan to visit Nordson’s booth #1601 if you are attending IDEA13 in Miami Beach, FL, U.S.A. A broad spectrum of Nordson capabilities will be on display, solutions for both simple and highlydemanding nonwovens applications. Supporting the theme of “Innovative Solutions for an Innovative Industry” are Nordson’s OptiBond solutions. These variation management systems allow manufacturers to measure, understand and improve material dispensing across the full machine speed range. The capability to monitor and/or control dispensing in real-time helps improve production efficiency and reduce waste. Available as standalone systems or melter-integrated capability, pattern control and closed-loop flow control help produce disposable hygiene products faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. The new AltaBlue Touch and VersaBlue Plus melters with the integrated flow monitoring and control will be featured at the Nordson booth. Additional displays will demonstrate the flexibility Nordson dispensing solutions bring to nonwovens manufacturing. Melters and metering systems can feed multiple lines and/or applications with precise add-on weights and patterns. Nordson Universal applicators and modules are designed to support a variety of nozzles to accommodate different

dispense patterns and specific production requirements (additional information on Nordson nozzles appears later in this newsletter). The new Nordson Allegro nozzles for elastic attachment will be part of an active demo. An accompanying animation will give an overview of Allegro’s patent-pending technology. There are many new and innovative dispense technologies from nozzles to hoses to controls to melters available for demonstration and discussion. Please stop by Nordson’s IDEA booth or visit to learn more about how we can help you improve product quality and production efficiency.

ICE Show Preview
Nordson web coating will be sharing ICE USA 2013 booth #105 with our recent acquisitions EDI and Xaloy in Orlando, FL, U.S.A., 9-11 April. The display will demonstrate our diverse product range for polymer processing, injection molding, and narrow and wide web coating. The Nordson TCHP TrueCoat applicator will be on display. This compact, configurable slot applicator delivers streak-free coverage and excellent edge control for a variety of substrates including papers, films and nonwovens.

Nordson Nonwovens Trends | Issue 1 2013


NordsoN ProduCts

Universal Nozzles
The single-platform design of Universal modules and nozzles means compatibility among components. Interchangeable nozzles eliminate the need for application specific modules and applicators, which speeds up product changeovers and reduces parts inventory. Each of the numerous material dispensing applications involved in disposable hygiene manufacture has special requirements. And, Nordson has modules and nozzles specifically designed to optimize material dispensing for those application requirements whether: noncontact or contact application; continuous or intermittent operation; spray or bead deposition; and a wide variety of pattern choices. Nordson Universal modules use a patented single-screw clamp to enable fast changeover and cleaning of more than a half dozen different nozzles. Uniform nozzle clamping to modules provides a positive hydraulic seal and uniform heating. Modules can be installed and used individually or in groups to cover wider substrates and production surfaces, and can create multiple patterns. As your production has specific aesthetic and functional requirements, you need specific nozzles to produce the highest-quality finished products as efficiently as possible. The table below provides a brief overview of several Nordson nozzles so you can easily determine which ones best meet your needs.
robust/ operating range


strengths/application requirements

Intermittent Capability

Bond strength

edge Control

Pattern uniformity

line speed

CF Nozzles Large Swirls Summit Nozzles Small Swirls Continuous Signature Nozzles Dense, Random Fibers Intermittent Signature Nozzles Dense, Random Fibers Control Coat Nozzles Uniform, Fine Fibers

High-strength bonding & core stabilization High-strength bonding High-speed, continuous breathable & permeable lamination High-speed, intermittent breathable & permeable lamination High-speed, intermittent, uniform slot-like coating








SureWrap Nozzles Elastic attachment, point Point Bonding of Elastic bonding Allegro Nozzles Coating of Elastic MiniBead Nozzles Uniform, Fine-line Beads Elastic attachment, uniform coating High-strength bonding, sealing & gasketing


VersaBlue Plus Adhesive Melters
We are excited to announce the recent release of VersaBlue Plus melters. This latest enhancement to VersaBlue melters involves capability for integrated closed-loop flow control for up to four (4) channels. Enabling flow control minimizes waste and improves quality and efficiency. Integrating flow control with the melter controls eliminates the need for a standalone control box, reduces cable requirements and decreases the cost of enabling this important functionality. The integrated capability also benefits from ease-of-use of the VersaBlue touch screen interface.

Allegro Nozzles
The nonwovens industry has been very receptive to the new Allegro nozzles for elastic attachment. And, that enthusiasm has been re-affirmed by Allegro nozzles selection as a finalist in the equipment category of the IDEA13 Achievement Awards. Awarded every three years in association with the IDEA trade show, the awards recognize innovation and success of new products in the nonwovens and engineered fabrics industries. We invite you to take a look at the YouTube video overview of Allegro nozzles. Then, visit the Nonwovens Industry magazine website to read about all the finalists and CAST YOUR VOTE. continued on page 4

Nordson Nonwovens Trends | Issue 1 2013


NordsoN ProduCts CoNt.

AltaBlue Touch Melters

where to Find Nordson Product Info
There are many ways to learn more about Nordson products and solutions. Your Nordson representative is obviously the best way, but there are many other ways to get product and application information. The Nordson website,, both has information on products and solutions, and also acts as a portal to other websites containing Nordson product information. The Nordson nonwovens team has started a channel within the Nordson adhesives YouTube page. There are a number of videos currently available ranging from demonstrations of AltaBlue Touch Optix user interface to an animation overview of Allegro elastic attachment nozzle technology. And, new videos are in development so please check back periodically, particularly after the IDEA13 show; if you are unable to attend the show, you’ll see what you missed, and if you visit us at IDEA you’ll see a reminder of what Nordson had on display. Additionally, Nordson adhesives can be followed on Twitter, or you can keep up with new adhesives information and events on LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

Recognition of the value and benefit of AltaBlue Touch melters continues to grow. The full-featured melter combines high-precision, variable-speed output with simplified maintenance and operation; the ease of set-up and operation is accomplished with the Nordson Optix user interface. View videos demonstrating Optix usability on the Nordson Adhesives Nonwovens YouTube channel. Optional control boards enable pressure and flow monitoring and control. This integrated capability simplifies the variation management tools that reduce material consumption and improve quality and efficiency.

eMPloyee sPotlIght
Akio (Jerry) Otsuka, manager Nonwovens and Nordson KK adhesive technology engineering, joined Nordson KK more than six years ago working in the Tokyo office. Otsuka-san was educated at the University of Tokyo and previously worked for one of the world’s largest filter manufacturers. His time at Nordson has been very dynamic and diverse. The tsunami and earthquake of recent years obviously greatly impacted the Japanese economy and Nordson adhesives business. Otsuka-san was part of Nordson’s effort to support our customers impacted by these natural disasters, helping them re-establish operations as quickly as possible. And, one of his most rewarding opportunities has been the RAINBOW project; the collaborative effort started in 2011 by nonwovens teams of China, Southeast Asia and India to best meet the needs of nonwovens customers. Even in this brief time, RAINBOW has enjoyed several successful efforts from this multinational cooperative venture. The father of two grown children, Otsuka-san now has a little more time to pursue his passion for golf, with every golfer’s ultimate goal of becoming a scratch golfer.

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Nordson Nonwovens Trends | Issue 1 2013


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