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A Whole New Mind: Daniel Pink The Importance of the Right Brain Lecturer: Esta de Fossard 2 .

Left Brain and Right Brain Left Brain Rational Analytical Logical Right Brain Artistic Empathic Taking the long view Pursuing the transcendent 3 .

Six Essentials of Right Brain 1. Design Story Symphony Empathy Play Meaning 4 . 2. 4. 3. 5. 6.

Design Not just functional Beautiful Attention getting Emotionally engaging ember Re m ords! these w 5 .

Design To be a designer is to be an agent of change: Barbara Chandler Allen 6 .

Story A compelling narrative that - communicates clearly encourages self-understanding is persuasive 7 .

Harmony seeing the “big picture” combining disparate pieces creating a harmonious new picture The capacity to synthesize rather than to analyze! 8 .Symphony.

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 9 . Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Sympathy = pity or sorrow for the distress of another Photo by Len Radin.Empathy Empathy = The ability to feel FOR and WITH another Photo by Astrid Westvang.

Play We all benefit from .Creating 10 .Lightheartedness .Relaxing activity .

Meaning Purpose Value Permanency 11 .

Creative Commons BY Right = artistic. empathetic Photo by Mo Riza. analytical.Left Brain and Right Brain Left = rational. Creative Commons BY 12 . logical Photo by NIOSH.

Successful Entertainment – Education for Social and Behavior Change employs and appeals to: LEFT brain and RIGHT brain 13 .

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