1. I ______ English this year. a. study b. am studying c. studied 2. ______ a good time? I hope you ______ the party. a. do you have, are liking b. are you having, like c. don’t you have, liked 3. How often ______ to the theatre? a. do you go b. are you going c. do you like to go 4. This meat ________ awfully bad. a. is smelling b. smell c. smells 5. What _______? She _________ . Actually she ________ a lot during the holidays. a. does she, is reading, read b. does she do, reads, is reading c. is she doing, is reading, reads 6. We ______ home when the rain _______. a. will go, will stop b. go, will stop c. will go, stops 7. They ________ on the beach at this time next week. a. will lying b. will be lying c. will lie 8. The train for Budapest _______ at 6 a.m. a. is going to leave b. will leave c. leaves 9. By 2010 I _______ . a. will have graduated b. shall graduate c. am going to graduate 10. I have already talked to him, we ______ at 9.30 tonight. a. will meet b. will have met c. are meeting 11. I think I haven’t seen a good film for _______ . a. ages b. last year c. month

12. John and Fred don’t talk to ______; they had an argument the other day. a. one another b. each other c. the other 13. She hasn’t spoken to her brother ______ she came back from London. a. after b. before c. since 14. In our village people are very friendly, they often help ______ . a. one another b. each other c. themselves 15. ______ I close the window? You are shivering. a. may b. shall c. must 16. Students are not allowed _______ in the classroom. a. smoking b. to smoke c. smoke 17. “Where have you been? I ______ for you for more than an hour. a. have been waiting b. am waiting c. waited 18. If you think the price is too high, you _____ that house. a. daren’t b. needn’t c. may not 19. ______ to the office when you witnessed the accident? a. did you go b. have you gone c. were you going 20. I really did not understand why ______ so loudly. a. he was speaking b. did he speak c. was he speaking 21. Find the incorrect sentence: a. Why is the baby being so noisy? b. I hate rainy days. c. Water is consisting of oxygen and hydrogen. 22. Find the incorrect sentence: a. The soup is tasting a little salty. b. Don’t disturb her, she’s having dinner. c. Don’t disturb her, she has dinner. 23. Find the incorrect sentence: a. I’ll visit you when I come to Bucharest. b. As soon as the rain will stop we can go to the park. c. If tomorrow I have time I’ll help you.

24. Find the incorrect sentence: a. The verbs do, have, be are not normally used in the progressive form. b. The verbs remember, know, be are not normally used in the progressive form. c. The verbs be, prefer, love are not normally used in the progressive form. 25. Find the incorrect sentence: a. She helps her sister on weekdays. b. She is helping her sister right now. c. She is helping her sister very often. 26. Find the incorrect sentence: a. “When do you meet her?” “At 10 p.m.” b. I’m seeing my friends tomorrow evening. c. I will have finished my exams by the end of the month. 27. Which sentence refers to a planned future event? a. You’re going to have an accident if you drive so fast. b. I think it will rain tomorrow. c. We’re spending our summer holidays in Greece. 28. Find the correct sentence: a. If you will eat so many sweets you will get fat. b. We are throwing a party next weekend, would you like to come? c. By the time the guests arrive, I will finish cooking. 30. The doctor advised him to go to a ______ . a. sanatory b. sanatoria c. sanatorium 31. There were a lot of _____ in the field. a. sheep b. ships c. sheeps 32. Trees lose their ______ in autumn. a. leafs b. leaves c. leafes 33. They bought new _______ for all the rooms of the house. a. furniture b. furnitures c. piece of furniture 35. Thank you for your precious _______ . a. advice b. advices c. advise

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