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99Elect Candidate Questionnaire

We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both. Justice Louis D. Brandeis
As the gulf between the rich and the rest of us grows, our country is facing the disappearance of the middle class and the loss of the American Dream. This is poisoning our society, threatening our economy, and destroying our democracy. Voters are sick of an economy that no longer works for the 99%, and an election system and government rigged by and for the 1%. We want political leaders who will represent ALL Americans, and will fight for economic fairness and democratic government. The organizations sponsoring this questionnaire are asking all candidatesfederal, state, and localto tell us where they stand on these critical issues. Please check YES or NO to the following questions. You may append comments if you wish. Your responses to these 99Elect questions will be made public.

Hold Wall Street accountable

YES [x NO [ ] Do you support a full investigation into the Wall Street banks' role in crashing our ] economyand if warranted, criminal prosecutions of bankers who broke the lawas well as compensation and principal reduction for homeowners who were harmed by the banks' fraudulent and illegal practices? YES [ ] NO [ ] Do you support major changes to the banking system that would reduce the risk of X future financial crisesincluding breaking up the biggest banks and restoring the wall between commercial and investment banking (along the lines of Glass-Steagall) to protect families government-guaranteed deposits from being used for risky Wall Street speculation?

Good Jobs and Shared Prosperity

YES X] NO [ ] Do you support a major public investment in jobssuch as repairing crumbling [ schools and highways, wiring the entire country with high-speed Internet, weatherizing millions of buildings to save energy, and ensuring that states have the resources needed to keep teachers, police, and firefighters workingto create at least five million new jobs?

YES [ ] NO [ ] Will you support strengthening the rights of workers to join together in unions and X collectively bargain with their employers? YES [X NO [ ] Will you oppose cuts to Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits, and Medicaid ] benefits, and will you work to strengthen and expand these vital programs? YES [X] NO [ ] Do you support a right to education and helping students struggling with loans who are graduating with debts averaging $25,000 or moreby expanding programs that keep loan payments affordable based on a student's income, as well as strengthening protections against predatory lending?

Everyone must pay their fair share

YES [ ] NO [ ] Do you support treating money earned from investments similar to money earned X from work so that millionaires like Mitt Romney dont pay lower tax rates than middle-class familiesand will you oppose any bill that extends the Bush tax cuts for income over $250,000 per year? YES [ ] NO [ ] Do you support a Wall Street tax on financial speculation to make sure Wall Street X firms are trading responsibly and paying their fair share?

Democracy for the 99%, not just the 1%

YES [X NO [ ] Do you support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and ] decisions giving corporations the same Constitutional rights as people, and to place reasonable limits on political spending and contributions? YES [ ] NO [ ] Do you support fair, clean elections, where candidates who capture the X enthusiasm of enough small donors in their home state receive matching funds, so that everyday people can have the same voice in our government as the rich and well-connected?

Comments on any of the above questions:

I have supported, and often wrote, legislation that directly affects the lives of middle class families, including substantial work on improving our public education system, cleaning up the environment, and working to pass legislation that would make quality health care accessible and affordable. I also authored the California Disclose Act which I believe is an important step toward campaign finance reform.
Are there additional measures you support which you believe are particularly important for the 99%?

I believe that closing the educational achievement gap is the defining issue of this era and I would make fully funding public education one of my top priorities in Congress.
Signature: _______________________________ Printed Name: ___________________________

4/17/12 Date: ______________________________

Julia Brownley

House of Reps, CA-26 Office sought: _______________________

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