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Hold Wall Street accountable

YES X] NO [ ] Do you support a full investigation into the Wall Street banks' rol e in crashi ng our economy and if [ warranted, criminal prosecutions of bankers who broke the law as well as compensati on and principal reduction for homeowners who were harm ed by the banks' fraudulent and illegal practices? YES X] NO [ ] Do you support maj or changes to the banking system that would reduc e the risk of future fi nancial crises [ including breaking up the bi ggest banks and r estori ng the wall bet ween commercial and investment banking (along the lines of Gl ass-Steagall) to protect famili es government -guaranteed deposits from being used for risky Wall Street speculation?

Good Jobs and Shared Prosperity

YES [X NO [ ] Do you support a maj or public investment in jobs such as repairi ng crum bling schools and highways, ] wiring the entire country with hi gh-s peed Internet, weatherizing millions of buildings to save energy, and ensuri ng that states have the resources needed to keep teachers, police, and firefi ghters workingto create at least fi ve million new jobs? YES [ ] NO [ ] Will you support strengthening the ri ghts of work ers to join together in uni ons and collecti vely bargai n with X their em ployers? YES [ ] NO [ ] Will you oppos e cuts to Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits, and M edicaid benefits, and will you X work to strengthen and expand thes e vital programs? YES [X] NO [ ] Do you support a right to education and helpi ng students struggling with loans who are graduating with debts averagi ng $25,000 or m oreby expanding programs that keep loan paym ents affordable based on a student's income, as well as strengthening protections agai nst predatory lendi ng?

Everyone must pay their fair share

YES [X NO [ ] Do you support treating money earned from i nvestments similar to money earned from work so that ] millionai res like Mitt Romney dont pay lower tax rates than middle-class familiesand will you oppose any bill that extends the Bush tax cuts for income over $250,000 per year? YES [ ] NO [ ] Do you support a Wall Street tax on fi nancial speculation to make sure Wall Street firms are trading X responsibly and paying their fair share?

Democracy for the 99% , not just the 1%

YES X] NO [ ] Do you support a constitution al amendm ent to overturn Citizens United and decisions gi ving corporations [ the same Constitutional rights as people, and to place reasonable limits on political spending and contributions ? YES [X NO [ ] Do you support fair, clean elections, where candi dates who capture the enthusi asm of enough small ] donors in thei r hom e state recei ve matching funds, so that everyday people can have the sam e voice i n our government as the rich and well -connected? Signature: Printed Nam e: Lois Frankel _ Date: 9/7/12 Office sought: Floridas 22nd Congressional

When completed, please sign and fax to 866 -209-2191

Comments on any of the above question s:

In Congress, I will work tirelessly to create jobs and protect Medicare and Social Security from radical attacks. I will always stand up for the 99% against powerful special interests. When I sit down at the negotiating table to break through the partisan gridlock in Washington, these guiding principles will be my starting point. While I strongly believe that America needs leaders who will compromise for the good of the country, strengthening the middle class will be my top priority.

Are there additional measures you suppo rt which you believe are particularly important for the 99%?

Signature: Printed Nam e: Lois Frankel

Date: 9/7/12 Office sought: Floridas 22nd Congressional

The organi zations sponsoring this questionnaire are asking all candidates federal, state, and localto tell us where they stand on these critical issues. This questionnaire is sponsored by organizations i ncludi ng: Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy For America, Political Action, Campaign for America's F uture, Common Good Action, NY Worki ng Families Party, Progressive Majority, Rebuild The Dream, and USAction for a True Majority PAC who have agreed not to deeply support candidates for Congress, state, or local office that do not at least fill out and return the questionnaire. Please check YES or NO to the questions on the above page. You may append comments if you wish. Your responses to these 99Elect questions will be made public.

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