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Standard Quality Features Deliver Valuable Benefits

Asymmetrical rotor profile Triplex bearing arrangement ensures 100,000 hours of operation Redundant shaft sealing system with exclusive buffing air system Patented lift valve technology reduces unloaded horsepower to as low as 10% of full load power Integrated drive fluid pump Standard drive motors with NEMA C-flange for permanent alignment of drive coupling 50, 75, 100 hp packages 100 or 125 psig operating pressure 460/575 volts @ 60hz main motor voltage 380/415 volts @ 50hz main motor voltage Full voltage starter, mounted and wired Heavy-duty steel-base frame Heavy-duty inlet filter Full flow, 3 micron fluid filter Quincy Power$ync II controller with complete control backup Intercooler and aftercooler with moisture separators and traps Air discharge check valve Pre-piped chemical cleaning ports (water cooled units) NEMA 4 control enclosure

Quincy QSD
Quincy QSD Technical Data
QSD-50 Air Delivery (cfm) @ 100 psig @ 125 psig M3/min @ 7 Bar @ 8.6 Bar Motor hp Kw Noise Level @ 1 meter (dBA) QSD-75 QSD-100

Reliable, Efficient Oil-Free Air The Quincy QSD

Two-stage, Oil-free Rotary Screw Compressors 50/75/100 hp @ 100/125 psig Full Load

A low noise enclosure is standard equipment on the Quincy QSD, providing sound attenuation to 75-78dBA.

The Quincy QSD pulsefree rotary screw design, along with a reliable drop-out type flexible coupling and flexible vibration isolators, reduce sound and ensure vibration-free operation.

Removable enclosure panels provide easy access to service components for routine maintenance and inspections. All routine service can be performed from one end of the Quincy QSD package.

Quincy QSD
Longest Airend Life Triplex bearing arrangement delivers a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. Lowest Unloaded Brake Horsepower Ensured by the lift valves in combination with the Power$ync II controller.

Clean, Oil-Free Air State-of-the-art profiles and seal system Innovative Efficiencies Quincy lift valves deliver the lowest unloaded brake horsepower True Blue Reliability Three-year airend warranty and 24 hour parts shipment Solid Performance Patented Quincy Power$ync II optimizes energy costs

220 197 5.71 5.17 50 37

370 330 10.10 9.06 75 55

475 435 12.9 12.1 100 75

is more than just a two-stage, oil-free rotary screw compressor designed to provide up to 125 psig of clean, oilfree air. You see, weve engineered every aspect of the Quincy QSD to exceed industry expectations complete with a three-year airend warranty. Our innovative Triplex bearing arrangement delivers an airend life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. Our patented lift valves are simple by design (eliminating the need for inlet valves) and deliver the lowest unloaded brake horsepower. In addition to the Quincy Power$ync II, our most advanced controller, the Quincy QSD offers an added measure of reliability with a fully redundant, electro-mechanical backup control system. Youve seen how everyone else defines reliability. Nows the time to put the Quincy QSD to work and see what reliability really means.



Simple Design Highly efficient lift valves eliminate the need for inlet valves. Added Reliability Unique to the Quincy QSD, the backup control ensures no down-time. Complete Three-year Airend Warranty
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Wye-Delta reduced voltage starter for soft starting and reduced current inrush during startup TEFC and Premium Efficiency motors for special applications NEMA 4 wiring and controls for wet and/or dusty applications TEMA-C coolers High dust inlet filters for dusty applications
Performance rated in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 test code. Proper filtration must be used for breathing air applications to meet OSHA 29CFR1910

24 Hour Parts Shipment

See how Quincy Compressor can work for you. Call: 251.937.5900 Nearest Distributor: 888.4-AIR-QCY (888.424.7729) E-mail: Discover:

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Meet the people building undeniably the worlds finest compressors.

Quincy QSD
Reliable, Efficient Oil-Free Air Clean, Oil-Free Air
Throughout the textile, food processing, electronics, chemical, medical, and plastics industries, the need for oil-free air is essential. This is why air quality was our top priority in designing the new Quincy QSD airend. Our state-of-the-art profile in conjunction with an FDA-approved Teflon-based composite coating ensure the highest quality of compressed air, eliminating oil in the airend. The Quincy QSD features a redundant shaft seal system to prevent oil migration into the compression chamber. This system includes a primary set of seals on the dry side, a sinuous path seal with oil dam, and an atmospheric oil drain on the bearing side all of which prevent any oil from entering the compression chamber.

Solid Performance
In designing the Quincy QSD we eliminated the need for inlet valves. Instead, our patented Quincy lift valve technology does the job by opening the compression chamber as demand drops. This means that during unloaded operation, the Quincy QSD consumes only the power it needs to turn the rotors and gears because no compression can take place with the lift valve open. The result is unloaded horsepower as low as 10% of full load power, without sacrificing full load efficiency.
High efficiency heat exchangers ensure reliable air delivery and compatibility with your air drying equipment without oversizing or external aftercoolers. Quincys Triplex bearing arrangement yields L10 bearing life in excess of 100,000 hours nearly three times that of traditional, oil-free rotary screw compressors. Connections for chemical cleaning of the cooling circuit on water cooled units ensure proper operation of the heat exchangers.

Completing the Quincy QSD package, the Quincy Power$ync II controller is one of the most advanced and reliable electronic controllers available. The Power$ync II monitors the compressor and adjusts accordingly to system demands maintaining peak efficiency around the clock.
Smooth and efficient operation of the Quincy QSD is certain with the patented Quincy Power$ync II electronic controller. The Quincy Power$ync II is the most reliable way to monitor system operations, maintain peak efficiency around the clock, and track routine maintenance requirements.

What do I know about Quincy? Well, I know that every rotor that leaves this plant is perfect, or at least within a tolerance of 0.0005 inches thats my job. Im proud to be in charge of these exacting standards. For me its standard operating procedure, but for our customers its day after day and night after night of getting the job done.

Extensive use of o-rings, compression fittings, and a three-stage, redundant shaft seal system ensure 24-hour oil-free air.

True Blue Reliability

Quincys patented Triplex bearing arrangement adds up to increased efficiencies and reliability. The Quincy QSD uses a Triplex bearing arrange-ment on the thrust side of each airend, in addition to a single row of roller bearings on both the suction and discharge to support radial loads. And while the bearings on most oil-free rotary screw compressors last between 30,000 and 40,000 hours, Quincys Triplex bearing technology delivers a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. This is equal to even the most durable fluid-flooded compressor. At Quincy, this rugged dependability translates into True Blue Reliability again and again.

Quincy QSD airends are engineered using a proprietary profile for maximum efficiency and are flange-mounted to the motor to ensure positive and permanent drive alignment.

Uniquely designed to control the two-stage Quincy QSD, the Power$ync II constantly and efficiently monitors first and second stage discharge pressure and temperature, package discharge pressure and temperature, and bearing lube pressure. Plus, Load/No-Load with Auto Dual works during periods of low or no demand by automatically turning the compressor off restarting only when demand returns. The Quincy Power$ync II unloading system provides the lowest unloaded power consumption available. When air system demand is satisfied, the Power$ync II removes the machines ability to compress air via the patented Quincy lift valves. This dramatically reduces the power required to turn the rotors and results in up to 90% reduction in utilized horsepower. And, of course, the Power$ync II is easy to use. All display messages are in English with no cryptic codes to reference. And as an added measure of reliability, a fully redundant electro-mechanical control system is included for backup control.

Innovative Efficiencies
The Quincy QSD incorporates a twostage design that maximizes operating efficiency throughout a full range of pressures. By dividing the work of compression equally between the two stages, the Quincy QSD produces more CFM per horsepower. In addition to being highly efficient, the compressed air produced by the Quincy QSD is cooled after each stage.

Ricky Sprinkle
Machine Specialist, Bay Minette

Patented Quincy lift valves are precision machined to the contours of the compressor housing. The result is unloaded horsepower as low as 10% of full load consumption.

Quincy QSD compressors are available from 50-100 hp and are specifically designed to provide reliable, oil-free air for critical applications. The Quincy QSD is a two-stage compressor with no sealing fluid in the compression chamber. All compressors in this series are driven by a flange mounted NEMA frame motor through AGMA-11 precision gears.

The Quincy QSD is uniquely designed to be 100% reliable complete with a backup control switch that ensures complete control and no down time.

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