From, SHAIKH . ANWAR HUSSAIN. Mobile : + 966-5-60348436 / +91-9845280904 E-mail : : Professional Qualifications B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Specialization : : : Obtained from B.L.D.E.A’s Engg College, Bijapur Affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad. Successfully completed the course in “ Piping Engineering “ at I.I.T. (Indian Institute of Technology) Powai, Mumbai. Familiar with MS-Office, AutoCAD, Microstation, CAE Pipe

Computer literacy Professional Skills :


 Preparing Piping Plans, Piping Layout, Equipment Layout, ISO Drawings. Reviewing P & ID, Equipment Drawings and Structural Drawings.  Carried out Detail design of Plant piping and Pipe lines (LSTK Projects).  Prepared MTO, LDT, Valve Data Sheet, Scope of work, Pipe line routing, Population density calculation, various piping calculations used for process piping and pipe lines.  Preparing piping safety instruction sheets with the required calculations for pipe wall thickness, Maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP), and test pressure.  Supervise all mechanical/piping construction activities to ensure all the works are carried out as per project specification and schedule.  Installation of piping systems, tanks and steel structures by using Plan, Isometric drawings and P & ID’s.  Checking of ISO drawings, release for Pre-fabrication of A/G spools (C.S./SS,LTCS) based on the priority and material availability.  Involved in loops preparation, Mechanical clearance, Pneumatic testing and final box up of Equipments & Piping system.  Prepared Various Pre-Commissioning Procedures of Piping systems.  Carried out Installation of Fire fighting equipments like fire hydrants, Sprinkler system, deluge system & fire water pump and related piping systems.  Supervised the installation of under ground Fire water / Cooling water lines.  Carried out loading of various types of Catalyst used in Ammonia / Fertilizer Plants.  Closely follow the Test-Packs & Preparing punch list of piping systems and ensuring clearing those points in consultation with client engineers.  Conversant with various international Codes and Standards like, ASME, API, ASTM, & ARAMCO.  Familiar working with personnel from diverse nationalities and quality management systems of ISO 9001 certified organizations.  Planning and day wise progress monitoring of work as per schedule. Page 1 of 6

 Liaise and build rapport with clients and consultant engineers on engineering issues. Experience Summary : I) Orgnization : ZUHAIR FAYEZ PARTNERSHIP CONSULTANTS.  AL­KHOBAR. (K.S.A) Client Designation Period Project Brief : : : : SAUDI ARAMCO Piping Engineer. Feb 2007 to till date. A) Sulfur Recovery Unit. (BI-10-00057/59) LSTK Detail Design, Uthmaniyah/ Shedgum Gas Plant. Sulfur Recovery Unit expansion and updating of Claus to Superclaus process at Uthmaniyah and Shedgum Gas Plant. Detailed design of SRU expansion as per dProcess licensor Jacobs Engineering’s requirement which involves replacement of sulfur Condenser and its associated piping, placing of new Coalescer and Air Blower and its associated piping, Steam tracing and jacketed lines. Responsibilities :  Preparing piping safety instruction sheets with the required calculations for pipe wall thickness, Maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP), and test pressure.  Preparing and reviewing Hot Tap calculations in accordance to ASME B31.3, ASME section VIII div. 1  To understand Project specific requirements & to ensure its implementation.  Review P & ID, Piping Plans, Isometric, and Equipment Drawings.  Routing lines, Constructing Piping Plans, Equipment location plan, and Isometric drawings.  Prepare MTO, SOW, LDT, Valve data sheet, Hot tap calculations, Re-in pad calculations and Tie-in details.  Co-ordinate with stress group for finalizing pipe-routing and placing of Supports.  Co-ordination with other disciplines to expedite the job. Project Brief : B ) Ras Az-Zawr AH Crude oil Pipeline. (BI-10-00709) Project Proposal. This Project Proposal is to Provide a new 22/20” Safaniyah Khursaniyah to Raz Az-zawr a 19 km long crude oil line with a total capacity of 168 MBCD and Page 2 of 6

Scraping facilities (Scraper Launcher and Receiver) at both ends. This crude oil line will be used as a fuel supply line to Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma’aden and to WEC/IWPP located at Ras Az-zawr. Responsibilities :  To understand Project requirements & to ensure its implementation.  Review P & ID, Plan and profile, Piping Plan, Structural and civil foundation drawings.  Constructing Piping Plans, Isometric and Plot Plan.  Prepare SIS, MTO, SOW, Project Proposal Document, LDT, Valve data sheet, Population Density calculations,  Co-ordination with other disciplines to expedite the job. Project Brief : C) Master Gas System Expansion Project (MGS) 1) BI-10-00432 Gas Pipeline EWYFG-1 20” pipeline for ARAMCO including valve stations, pigging facilities and filtration stations. 2) BI-10-00433 Gas Pipeline UBTG-4 56” 192 KM , BJBFG-3 42” 7KM , SRG-2 56” 56KM pipeline for ARAMCO including valve stations, pigging facilities and filtration stations. Responsibilities :  Preparation of SIS, Valves Data sheet & Scope of Work.  Preparation of Plot Plan, Piping Layout & Bill of Materials.  Pipe Wall thickness Calculations, Pipeline Sizing.  Preparation of Document Control line list and system index  Checking of GADs and Piping Plan prepared by Draftsmen/ Designers. II) Organization : SNAMPROGETTI. SA BUHASA  FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT & UP GRADATION PROJECT. ABU DHABI . (UAE) ADCO(Abu-Dhabi Company for Off-shore Oil Operations) : : : Piping Supervisor. Feb 2006 to Dec 2006. To carry out stage wise Quality Control activities for mechanical/piping construction activities. Supervising installation of Piping and Equipments by interpreting all stages of drawing (GA, P & ID & ISO) as per relevant, Codes & Standards and Project Specifications. Page 3 of 6

Client Designation Period Responsibilities


Inspection of Piping Installation of above ground and underground GRE Lines, Reviewing method statements, procedures, piping support drawing, Isometrics, and layout drawings and also preparation the method statement for the Tie-in and Shutdown jobs and preparing As-build drawings. Issuance of Punch list, Giving Mechanical and NDE clearance for Hydrostatic Test, Witnessing Hydrostatic / Pneumatic test. Also signing off completion certificates, collecting all final documentation from contractors and representing the Company as the day-to-day interface with contractors during all phases of the construction. III) Organization : CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS INTERNATIONAL  COMPANY. SAL SUR, ( SULTANATE OF OMAN ) : : : : SPF TKP Omifpro SNC. Assistant Engineer Mechanical (Pre-commissioning). March 2004 to May 2005. To carryout all Pre-commissioning activities which include Flushing, Blowing, Reinstatement, of piping and other systems, which includes Oil flushing of lube oil Console, Compressor lines, lines to the Gas / Steam Turbines. Ensuring safe implementation of all pre-commissioning activities across all assets, with minimal disruption to other disciplines. Preparing the Pre-commissioning procedures and handover of certification pack contents. Supervised the loading of various types of Catalyst and Chemicals in columns, vessels and tanks. Involved in installation and commissioning of fire fighting systems like Fire hydrants, Distributers, Sprinklers & Deluge systems. IVRCL INFRASTRUCTURES & PROJECTS LTD, HYDERABAD. INDIA (An ISO 9001-2000 Company) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) FACT Engineering & Design Organisation. Site Engineer (Mechanical / Piping) May 2002 to February 2004. Page 4 of 6

Client Designation Period Responsibilities

IV) Organization


Client Inspection Agency Designation Period

: : : :



To manage all site activities which includes, Piping Installations, Trenching, Lowering, Backfilling, Fabrication, Erection, Testing, Coating & Wrapping, Pigging and pre-commissioning of piping and related systems. Checking of erected lines & making punch points & expediting to clear those punch points to avoid work hazards during testing period. Also verifying WPS, Welder qualification / performance records. Consult, liaise and build rapport with clients and consultant engineers on engineering issues. Maintaining proper co-ordination with Design group & subcontractor for modification and design related queries.

V) Organization Client Inspection Agency Designation Period Responsibilities

: : : : : :

ACAMA ENGINEERING, PUNE, (An IBR Approved Fabricators) Various Clients. Client engineers, IBR Inspectors & Third party agencies. Production Engineer (Mechanical / Piping) November 1999 to April 2002. Supervising the Fabrication and related tasks of Boilers, Boiler parts, Exchangers, Tanks & Steel structures, Coordinate with IBR inspector for approval of IBR drawings, and IBR materials, consultant for Material Status, Technical Queries and Modifications. Planning the job by considering the available manpower and resources to get best results and higher productivity. Also look after the quality aspects, indent the materials required as per the drawings. Guiding the workforce for the special tasks to achieve the quality standards as per client’s requirements and to complete the job as per time bound Schedule. Inspection of welding defects visually, reading of Non distractive test reports and Quality control of structures, tankages, piping etc. Preparation of Bill of Materials, preparing documentation for various inspection agencies. Shaikh. Anwar Hussain 3rd May 1974. Married. Near, Badi-Kaman Kamal Khan Bazaar road, Page 5 of 6

Personal Profile Name Date of Birth Marital Status Permanent Address

: : : : :

BIJAPUR – 586-101 (Karnataka State), INDIA Phone : + 91-8352-256658 Nationality Passport details Passport No Date of Issue Date of Expiry : : : : : INDIAN. B – 3040599. 5th February 2001. 4th February 2011.

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