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Cultural Etiquette

Ashley Mora Period 2 2/12/13

What is Cultural Etiquette?

Country Name Flag



United Kingdom

` The People The Irish are very hard working people. The Irish are a less stressful people and allow time to there family and friends. Canadians of different types of ancestry. They have European, British, and the French ancestry. But they are all still Canadians. They identify themselves as a strongly team. The United Kingdom is made up of four different countries. Of great Britain, northern Ireland, England Scotland and Wales of northern Ireland. Anyone of these four countries are called British.

Meeting and Greeting

Body Language

The Irish shake hands with everyone present men, women, and children or at business or social gathering. And shake hands when leaving. A firm shake hand with eye contact. The Irish are not comfortable with public display and loud affections. A is for reverse and v for victory and is a gesture in considered obscene.

Canadians are very friendly. The shake hands when there are greeting one another. They also either greet by kissing one another cheeks. They are very fancy with what they do. When a man sits down he sits straight and with his legs crossed at the knee or with there knees together. When they sneeze the dont us napkins they us handkerchiefs. And when a women sits she sits ladylike

The British are very friendly and when the meet and great the shake hand. But the women extend first.

The British are very friendly and they do not slap back or touch others. In display of affection or out in public. When a family member is greeted they either hug, kiss, or touch properly.

Corporat e Culture

-Business is best initiated through a well connected third party. Who you know may be vital to your business success the Irish are not very time conscious but and may not be punctual for business and social meetings. But they a related sense of time.

or also with her legs together. Canadians get down to business quickly. Meetings are well organized and extraneous discussion is kept to a minimum. A premium is placed on time.

Helpful Hints

Irish are people who have manners. And they do include the children in family entertainment. The Irish dont like loud and bad behavior.

Not a lot of Americans do or say of Canada so we really need to right and listen about it. Or else who knows what will happen in the future with Canada.

The board of directors is the source of power and the principal decision making unit in a company. Formal approval of the board is required for most decisions. Decisions may be slow in the making. Expect formalities and protocol to be observed in business especially in London. Men are polite when it comes to open doors for women or greeting them. The British respect others privacy and demonstrate hand gestures with politness.