Melbourne Street Art 86: Street Art Locations in Central Melbourne

Healeys Lane Finlay Lane ‘Artists’ Lane Heape Court* Literature Lane Drewery Lane Stevenson Lane Hayward Lane Corrs Street Croft Alley Crossley Street

Flagstaff Gardens
Heape Court

Hayward Lane

Unamed Alley Meyers Place Westwood Place Coverlid Place

Note: This map Is a work in progress and does not capture all street art sites In this area
Healey Lane

Major Site Minor Site
Site name

McKillop St

Baptist Close ` 1 Higson LAne

Bullens Lane

(Not all streets are shown) A major site will have multiple artists and types of street art and usually be a well known Melbourne street art location A minor site may have a mural At the end of an alley, several paste ups and/or stencils or a combination of all of the above and generally will not be well known or included in street art tours
* There are murals and paste ups along the buildings just west of Heape Ct on Little Londsale Street

Flinders Court

Southern Cross Station

Caledonian Lane

McKillop St

Union Lane

Flinders Court

Centre Point

Degraves Street

Baptist Close

Rutledge Lane

Hosier Lane

Higson lane


Duckboard Place

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