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Introduction- A Stem cell is a unspecified cell that can become any human cell such as muscle tissue, skin and even brain cells which is why many scientists believe it is extremely important that we research more as many scientists believe we can use these stem cells to treat life threatening diseases such as Alzheimer’s the main problem is that stem cells are only found in foetuses,
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placenta and the umbilical cord. In this case study I will be outlining the main areas of stem cell research how it is done, what implications it may have and also the benefits of stem cell research. In this case study I will be reviewing past newspaper articles looking at evidence for and against stem cell research I will then also talk about the ethics. The Science Behind it- many scientists believe that through the research of stem cells taken from the placenta and umbilical cord we can regrow cells in the brain that have been lost to Alzheimer’s and Paralysis victims as well as many other diseases that attack brain and skin tissue, ideally scientists would like to grow stem cells in a laboratory and then inject them into the patient as to replace any diseased tissue. Stem cells have been used to successfully treat a blind patient by injecting stem cells into the patient’s eye she can now see but with a limited 20/4,000 vision meaning that if she stands twenty feet away from an object then any she would see what a normal person can see 4,000 feet away. But many religious people disagree with stem cell research as they believe that it is not our right to alter the human body and that only god has such rights. another thing you can do with stem cells which people have already started to do is you can cryogenically freeze the umbilical
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cord which contains many stem cells, so that if your child was to develop an illness such as leukaemia or your family has a long history of a disease that can be treated through the use of stem cells there are many pros and cons to freezing a child umbilical cord the pro’s include having that assurance that your child can be treated in the event of a birth defect or developing a disease which sounds great but there is a longer list of negatives which include price and the fact that the stem cells may not even be used also the child will not be able to use these stem cells once he/she grows up as there simply is not enough to treat someone that is not a child. Stem cells are also naturally found although these stem cells are in a second phase of which they cannot create any cell but they can create many of a specified cell such as blood cells or skin tissue but they cannot create both. In adults they are needed for a process of self renewal they are mainly needed for renewing blood and bones. Stem cells are also used after serious injury or degenerative disease of the pancreas, heart and the nervous system use these stem cells to regenerate.

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All sources used have been checked for reliability by checking the status of the author as well as support within the scientific community. Although as there is very little data available for about stem cell research I cannot fully authenticate the authenticity of all materials used.

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