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Sunday, July 24, 2011


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Crack rentals problematic for police

By Kirsten Crow
Tribune-Herald staff writer

Its a scenario familiar to police: residents loaning their cars to drug dealers for a couple of crack rocks. Authorities said theyre just as familiar with scenarios in which the vehicles are not returned and instead are reported stolen by duped owners. Primarily known as crack rentals by Waco police among

other colorful variations, such as rock rentals and rock rides the practice became so common, and so problematic that the department instituted a policy requesting that people reporting their cars as stolen sign a legal document swearing they did not loan out their vehicles in exchange for drugs or anything else. The new documentation has discouraged some from reporting those cars as stolen, reducing the number of false reports to police,

Its mostly a defense or a disguise mechanism . . . I guess its called entrepreneurship.

Judge Ralph Strother, Wacos 19th State District Court authorities said. But at least two police discover the car wasnt stocases of crack rental deals gone len at all, officials said. awry in recent weeks are evidence In one case, a man reported of the danger posed by such ar- that three suspected drug dealers rangements, as well as the waste of departmental resources when See RENTALS, Page 2A

Scanpix Norway Vegard Groett

Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon (right) and Princess Ingrid Alexandra attend a vigil for victims of Fridays attacks outside Oslo Cathedral on Saturday.

Dry weather stings business

A nation mourns
Police charge 32-year-old Christian fundamentalist with bombing, shooting attacks
By Steven Erlanger
The New York Times

OSLO The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a man they identified as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian in connection with a bombing in central Oslo and a shooting attack on a nearby island that killed at least 92 people. As stunned Norwegians grappled with the deadliest attack in the country since World War II and a shocking case of homegrown terrorism, a portrait began to emerge of the suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, 32, as a gunloving, highly religious Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threat of multiculBreivik turalism and Muslim immigration to the cultural and patriotic values of his country. We are not sure whether he was alone or had help, police official Roger Andresen said at a televised news conference. What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist. The horror of the attack on a political summer camp on Utoya Island, a remarkably meticulous attack on Norways current and future political elite, also came into focus Saturday as witnesses told their stories. It was an hour of hell that left at least 85 people dead, some as young as 16 years old. As soon as the shooting started, they said, people panicked, running in all See ATTACK, Page 3A

aco-area beekeepers are feeling the heat from the drought, which is affecting production from hives. Jimmy Bartley (above), 84, does bee removals and keeps a few hives at his North Waco home. If bees cant bring in nectar, the queen stops laying and the hive goes down, he said. Bill Winkler (right), 74, has participated in his familys honey business for 58 years, but the drought has made him think about giving it all up. He once had 1,500 hives on his farm near Lake Belton. He now has only 12. See Page 4B for the story.
Staff photos Rod Aydelotte/Duane A. Laverty

Junior wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended indefinitely by Baylor University for violating team rules.

Skeen hired parents of son-in-law

While not illegal, some county officials question practice
By Michael W. Shapiro
Tribune-Herald staff writer

Deal sought to head off default by US

As time winds down to the Aug. 2 deadline, congressional leaders struggled in urgent, weekendlong talks to avert an unprecedented government default. Republicans sought as much as $4 trillion in deficit Reid cuts in a decade as a condition for raising the nations debt limit. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused GOP leaders of intransigence, adding he would not accept anything less than a deal that raises the debt limit through 2012. See Page 6A.

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In 2005 and 2006, McLennan County Tax Assessor-Collector Buddy Skeen hired the parents of his son-in-law. While Skeen isnt breaking any laws by employing the couple, several county officials questioned his hiring practices. Skeens daughter married in August 2002. About 2 years later, Skeen hired his son-inlaws mother, Diane Ander-

son, and a year later the sonin-laws father, Darrell Anderson, according to payroll status forms obtained from the countys human resources department through a Public Information Act request. The Andersons still work full-time for Skeen, according to the forms. Texas ethics code prohibits the hiring of a childs spouse but not that persons parents. McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis said Skeens hiring deciStaff photo Rod Aydelotte sions nevertheless carry more Buddy Skeen is under investhan a whiff of nepotism. Theres no way I would do tigation by the Texas Rangthat in my office, because it ers because he reportedly failed to pay $1,375 in sales See SKEEN, Page 2A taxes.



SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011

From Page 1A
does not pass the smell test, Lewis said. District Clerk Karen Matkin said hiring in-laws could also make an office less functional. My theory on hiring is never hire someone you cant fire, Matkin said. Its above board in a legal sense, she said, But it creates situations where it could make people very uncomfortable in the office. Darrell Anderson declined to comment Friday, and a supervisor in the downtown vehicle tax office said a reporter would not be able to speak to Diane Anderson. Skeen did not respond to a message left at his office Friday. Its unclear what procedures Skeen used when he hired the Andersons. Butch Kelly, county personnel director, didnt immediately respond to emailed questions about the process sent Friday.

Theres no way I would do that in my office, because it does not pass the smell test.
McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis of collecting whats called the vehicle inventory tax, or VIT, but tax assessorcollectors have wide latitude in determining what constitutes a valid expense. The county truck Skeen reportedly claimed as a tradein to avoid paying the nearly $1,400 in sales taxes had been purchased with money from the VIT fund.

From Page 1A
chased him and his wife with handguns after a dispute about the keys and the time of the trucks return, police said. The pickup was found later in a parking lot of a club, with a gunshot through the windshield and other damage, according to officials. The truck had been rented to complete a drug transaction in Marlin on the promise the owners would receive cash and groceries, Swanton said. And last week, police issued a warrant for the arrest of a suspect who falsely reported his car stolen several months ago. A man found driving the Chrysler was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle but protested that the owner of the vehicle loaned it to him in exchange for drugs. The owner later confirmed the account, according to authorities.

Salary boost
Documents obtained by the Tribune-Herald show that in the last five years Skeen has used more than half of the money in the VIT fund to boost the salaries of three employees, one of whom has since left his office. In the last full fiscal year he supplemented the other two employees salaries by $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. The $20,000 sum amounted to nearly a 50 percent salary bump. As details have become public about the investigation, local politicians have criticized Skeen, distanced themselves from him, or both. County Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Petree has called on Skeen to resign. Meanwhile, Republican Party chairman Joe Hinton said Thursday he had no choice but to help Skeen fill out paperwork a month ago to bring him into the GOP. A day later, Hinton took another step back. He argued that while Skeen signed a letter of intent to become a Republican, the switch doesnt take effect until the tax assessor-collector either registers as a Republican candidate or votes in a GOP primary. Hes still, for all practical purposes, a Democrat, Hinton said. 757-5707

Widespread problem
What has been referred to by The British Journal of Criminology as a crack-forcars program isnt exclusive to Waco. Local authorities said this week it can likely be found in any urban area. Its not new, either. Crack rentals have been around since the epidemic emergence of the narcotic, although the phrase may not have been attached until the last decade, officials said. Despite the prevalence described by law enforcement, several legal and criminology experts said this week that they were neither familiar with the term or the practice. I have never heard of such as strategy . . . but its not necessarily surprising that drug dealers may adopt this for their own benefit, said Sung Joon Jang, Ph.D, an associate professor of sociology at Baylor. Such a practice is not a total shock. Its a creative way to take advantage of others. (Drug dealers) are criminals; they dont care about other people. In theory, crack rentals

Ongoing investigation
The longtime tax assessorcollector is currently under investigation by the Texas Rangers because he reportedly failed to pay $1,375 in sales taxes when he bought a truck in February. Court documents filed by the Rangers state Skeen admitted in a July 11 interview with a Ranger that he sold a county vehicle and then claimed it as a trade-in to reduce the sales tax on his new truck. On Wednesday the Rangers searched the countys downtown tax office, looking for documents detailing Skeens history of vehicle purchases. Skeen has refused to speak to reporters about the investigation, which touches on his use of money from an account filled by taxes on car dealerships. Car dealers across Texas prepay taxes on their inventories, and interest earned on the prepaid dollars flows into accounts controlled by tax assessor-collectors. The money is supposed to be used to defray the cost

can be a beneficial arrange Such a practice is not a total shock. ment for both dealers and Its a creative way to take advantage of drug users, experts said. The dealers get an undocumented others. (Drug dealers) are criminals; they rental car that has no ties to dont care about other people. their identity, should they encounter law enforcement Sung Joon Jang, Ph.D and decide to flee, or if the associate professor of sociology at Baylor University car is seized during an arrest. And its an easy way for drugusers to get their next fix or, ports, only to find the com- claim the car, Swanton said. for some people, just to get plainant lied, he said. Officers And thats often when police must take the initial reports, are called to referee and encash or groceries. civilian employees then enter sure the rightful owner of the Power of addiction the information into the sys- car is who ends up in possesBut in cases of drug users, tem, and an officer follows up sion of it. We dont want a disturits evidence of the power of on the case. Then, in the event the car bance, he said. We would addiction and the power of crack, said Steve Robertson, is spotted, authorities are re- say, Its your car, you can Wacos Drug Enforcement Ad- quired to make a felony stop get it back, but try to avoid a ministration agent in charge. involving multiple officers confrontation. Going to calls for such disHe described the Waco area making an arrest, often with putes, and sorting out who as having a significant prob- guns drawn. lem with the drug. In 2009, the department in- has a legal right to the car, is People will sell anything stituted new documentation in such a big drain on manpow their bodies, their friends an attempt to reduce the num- er, Swanton said. to feed that, he said. Were not a repo service, ber of false reports on stolen Although higher-level drug cars. Although not every com- he said. dealers have reputations plainant must sign one, people Additionally, car owners for preferring flashy luxury reporting a car stolen under involved in crack rental cars, most of the time deal- questionable circumstances agreements put themselves ers participating in crack are asked to sign the affida- at risk for losing their verental schemes are simply vit stating they did not loan hicle for good, said State Dislooking for a ride with a very their car out, or give anyone trict Judge Ralph Strother, practical, utilitarian purpose, permission to take the car, re- of Wacos 19th State District Swanton said. Court. gardless of remuneration. These are lower-level guys Anybody who loans out Its helped to stem the flow of on the food chain. Not sup- those cases, Swanton said, es- their car for that sort of activpliers, but low-end sales, he pecially for people who habitu- ity is running a big risk of not said. getting it back, he said, referally report their cars stolen. Because experts and offiIf the complainant is truth- ring to vehicle seizures. cials suspect the majority of ful about a crack rental Strother added that many such transactions are never problem, there may not be of the drug search warrants reported, its not known how much police can do, Swanton he signs are for vehicles not often they occur. registered to the subject of said. Drug dealers breaking the an investigation. Its par for crack rental agreement is Civil dispute course, he said. indicative of the relationship When a car is taken without Its very common . . . I rebetween dealers and the loan- the permission of the owner, member (these cases) even a ers of the car, Jang said. a charge of unauthorized use couple of decades back. A lot The drug dealers are a of a motor vehicle may be of (dealers) figured out that if power figure, not only in filed. But if the owner agrees the car is traced back to them, terms of symbol, but in terms to loan out a car for a period it creates problems for them, of real impact and intimida- of time in exchange for cash he said. Its mostly a defense tion, he said. From a deal- or other goods, its no longer or a disguise mechanism . . . ers point of view, they can a criminal matter, but a civil I guess its called entrepresee easily how to take advan- dispute, he said. neurship. tage of those people (who are) The registered owner is not able to appeal to the po- within his or her rights to re757-5748 lice. And they can certainly use actual physical force. When vehicle owners report the car as stolen in an effort to retrieve it, its considered making a false report to Saturdays story on Page 1C about the Six-Man All-Star a peace officer, given the cirgame should have stated that local official Michael Muhl will cumstances, authorities said. officiate the second half of the THSCA all-star game at 7:30 That creates a new set of p.m. Tuesday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. problems, Swanton said. Its time-consuming for the The Tribune-Herald uses this space to correct errors and make department to take such re- clarifications.

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Hot and humid conditions will be widespread once again over much of the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast, and the central and southern Plains today. In the West, high pressure will leave most locations dry, but with hot temperatures. A low pressure system will trigger thunderstorms from the Northeast and the Great Lakes to the central Plains.
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