GigaMune® TELS™

T cell identity, function, and abundance in a single assay.

A REVOLUTION IN FUNCTIONAL T CELL ANALYSIS Frustrated with current T cell assays? Take control with a single assay that gives you all the information you need. Discover which individual T cells express FOXP3, TNF-α, or other effector genes—without staining or cell sorting. Starting with a single-cell suspension, GigaMune® TELS™ (TCRβ-Effector Linkage Sequencing) uses unique microfluidics and molecular techniques to physically link T cell variable regions to effector genes expressed within millions of individual T cells in a sample. By sequencing TCRβ-effector linkage products, GigaMune® TELS™ gives you simultaneous, quantitative measurements of T cell clonal identity and effector gene activity. Never has a single assay combined accurate measures of T cell identity, clonality, expansion, and function. Let GigaMune® TELS™ revolutionize your understanding of the T cell response.

• • • • • • • • • • Autoimmune diseases Transplant rejection and tolerance Immune response to malignancy Cancer immunotherapy Adoptive T cell therapy Asthma and allergy Inflammatory conditions Infectious diseases Vaccine development and efficacy Global immune function and health

FEATURES Millions of single cells processed per hour Massively parallel amplification of transcripts produced by single cells Multiplexed measurements of TCRβ CDR3 sequence and effector gene transcripts High-quality sequence of TCRβ CDR3 regions Accurate measurements of clonal abundance Powerful web-based software suite for data storage, processing, and analysis in the cloud GigaGen laboratory and professional services BENEFITS Detect rare and ultra-rare T cell clones from peripheral blood Classify T cells based on expression of functional effector genes such as transcription factors Learn clonal identity, abundance, and function from the same sample Quantify and distinguish multiple clonotypes with specific effector functions Make objective, quantitative comparisons of clonal expansion across samples Track abundance and expression profiles of clones across samples, with statistical analysis Get reproducible results quickly with no startup costs or training time required

GigaMune® TELS™ is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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How GigaMune® TELS™ Works
1 Make single-cell suspension.
Tissue is dissociated into a single-cell suspension. Acceptable tissues include peripheral blood and organ biopsies. Pre-sorting by flow cytometry or magnetic beads is optional.


Encapsulate single cells.
Cells are loaded onto a microfluidic device and individually isolated in picoliter microdroplets at a rate of hundreds of cells per second.


Link TCRβ cDNA with effector gene cDNA.
Single cells are lysed within microdroplets, and reagents and multiplexed primers are delivered. cDNA is synthesized from rearranged TCRβ genes and effector genes, followed by physical linkage of TCRβ cDNA and effector cDNA. These processes all occur within microdroplets, so that linked cDNA originates from an individual cell.



Sequence TCRβ-effector linkage products.
Microdroplets are coalesced together and linkage products are purified. Tags are added to linkage products in preparation for massively parallel sequencing of TCRβ CDR3 regions linked to effector genes expressed by the same T cell clone.


Analyze results.
View data using ClonoByte™ web-based software for data storage, processing, statistical analysis, sample comparison, and data visualization in the cloud.

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