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Cara Professional

Version 1.4

n o t e s for upgraders

Version 1.4 of Cara Pro is now shipping and contains these improvements: ♦ ♦ ♦ Improved installation Dongle removed - new method of copy protection introduced More standard books

The enclosed CD contains Cara Pro v1.4. Please read these release notes as the information here supercedes certain parts of the manual. Please ensure you safely retain these release notes as an addendum to your Cara Pro manual. You should also have returned your dongle to Miccant or to the agent from who you purchased this upgrade before proceeding. It is Miccant's policy to only issue activation codes once your current dongle has been returned. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience this will cause you. We regret that this procedure is necessary. However we know from previous upgrades that there are unscrupulous individuals who refuse to return old materials and try to 'sell them on' for profit to their colleagues. We hope you understand the need for such a security policy.

1. Improved Installation
This version does not overwrite your existing Cara Pro system in any way. The default folder for installation is now c:\carapro. If you are low on free hard disk space you may need to delete your current Cara Pro system so that you can install this new version. Before installing v1.4 you should take a backup of any cases and repertory additions you have made. If you have been saving cases through Cara Pro then you must take a copy of these or move them to a safe place elsewhere on your computer's hard disk before deleting your existing Cara Pro. If you have made repertory additions these are contained in files named SYM00038.WCX and SDL00038.WCX. Make sure you have secured these files. Once v1.4 has been installed simply copy these 2 files into the c:\carapro\dara folder. Taking file backups is not connected with using Cara Pro - it is part of using MS Windows. So you should make sure you are comfortable with making backup copies of files using Windows tools - if you are not we suggest you use the services of a computer technician to assist you. Miccant cannot instruct you in making secure backups of files this is your responsibility. To install Cara Professional v1.4 onto your system:     Start Windows as usual. Insert the Cara Professional CD into the drive and close the drive door. Click the START button Click RUN.

. Cara can no longer work with books on both the hard disk and the CD. You may de-select an individual book by de-selecting the check box associated with it. The default copies everything from the CD to your computer's hard disk and will occupy approximately 750Mb of hard disk space. The default suggested is Cara Professional. To change to a different component simply click on the name on the left side of the screen.) Click OK or press ENTER to begin installation. If you wish to change the location to which Cara will be installed simply click the Browse button and choose another location.  Type "d:setup" in the box that is titled 'Open' (if your CD drive is referred to as E: or F: then replace the D: as appropriate. These comprise the optional facilities that you can choose to install or not to install onto your computer's hard disk for use with Cara. You may change this if desired. Very Important Change from v1. On the right side the individual books are displayed that are associated with a component. If you do not have sufficient hard disk space available or you simply wish to conserve space by not copying over certain components you may de-select any component displayed. We strongly recommend you leave all components selected if you have sufficient hard disk space available. All components will be copied even though you may not have purchased some of them. By de-selecting any of these components you completely de-select all the books associated with each component. There may be more individual books displayed on the right side of the screen than can be displayed at one time.2 In this new version Cara will ignore any components you do not install to your computer's hard disk. In this case use the mouse to scroll down the list of books. What will happen during installation? Step One Once installation has commenced you will be asked to enter the name by which you wish Cara to be referred to on your computer. Step Two You will then be asked whereabouts on your computer you wish Cara to be installed to. By default all components are selected for installation. The default suggested is c:\carapro. Only those components installed to hard disk will ever be used. Step Three A list of installable components will be displayed. On the left side of the screen are the component 'headings'. Please ensure that any optional books you have purchased for use with Cara are definitely installed.

Until Cara is 'activated' it will not operate at all. Once activated Cara provides unlimited access to the following books: Combined Repertory (i. You must already have purchased your Cara Pro upgrade directly from Miccant or one of Miccant's authorised agents and returned your Miccant can only generate activation codes between the hours of 1pm and 5pm GMT Monday to Friday. However you will not be able to view remedy photographs or listen to the audio lectures if this is not installed. This operation will take several minutes. You need to be situated next to your computer in order to input the activation code. Similarly if you have only purchased 1 or 2 modern books you can safely de-select all those books you are not able to work Should you purchase any optional books in the future simply re-run Setup to install them.     As you de-select components you will observe that the disk space requirement reduces with each you de-select. If you do not reside in the UK then you may prefer to email your Reference Number to us to save cost. Opportunities for conserving disk space  De-selecting the multimedia component can conserve 250Mb of disk space.If you discover that you need a book installing simply re-run the installation process over again making sure that the desired books are installed. Our email address to use for this purpose is dwitko@miccant. If you have not purchased any of the modern materia medicas then you can safely de-select this component. You must quote the unique Reference (Serial) Number displayed when you start Cara and you will then be assigned a unique Activation Code. the authors of Cara. Step Four Cara will copy over all selected components to the location you previously specified. 2. If you know for sure that you do not wish to work with certain volumes of materia medica then you can de-select those books from installation. Cara's electronic repertory) . Activating Cara requires you to install Cara and then acquiring a license by contacting Miccant Ltd. Dongle-less Operation Cara now operates without the use of a dongle! Cara is now protected against illegal copying and distribution by means of a sophisticated software protection system. If you have not purchased the Complete Repertory or do not wish to use any of the Classical Repertories then you can safely de-select any or all of these works.e.

You must secure these cases to floppy disk or elsewhere prior to re-installation. We recommend you always answer 'No' whenever asked. SETTINGS. Please remember . When you purchased your copy of Cara you will have been assigned a unique Reference (Serial) number and received from Miccant an Activation Code. Refer next section for advice on how to do this Transferring Cara's Protection to another computer. Click the entry for Cara Professional to highlight it and then click the Add/Remove button to start. If you do it will undoubtedly prevent Cara from running. You will not be able to use the activation code on a different computer or hard disk. If for whatever reason you delete the Cara folder using Windows Explorer you will lose your activation and will need to apply to Miccant for replacement. Cara is protected by a sophisticated protection system.this is always preserved.Robin Murphy's Homeopathic Medical Repertory (2nd edition) Materia Medica Starter Pack (11 volumes) Classical Materia Medicas volume 1 (55 volumes) Classical Repertories (Boericke. If you use the services of a computer technician to do this for you please ensure they are supplied with this information. . CONTROL PANEL and then double clicking on the picture titled Add/Remove Programs. Important Note: You must not interfere with or try to modify Cara's software protection. Boger-Boenninghausen) and allows you to purchase additional upgrades and books.if you wish to install Cara onto another machine or new hard disk do not remove Cara until you have safely moved the protection. Windows will not delete any cases you have created. During removal of Cara. If you subsequently re-install Cara over the 'top' of an existing version you will receive an advisory message at the end of installation informing you that a prior activation code was already present. Removing Cara Professional in this way will not delete or lose your activation code . When removing Cara. This Activation Code is totally unique to you and your computer's hard disk. Phatak. This code will not activate Cara on another machine or even hard disk. Do this by clicking START. Removing Cara Go to the Control Panel and use Add/Remove programs. If your Cara installation is deleted the activation code will also be deleted. If you do need to re-install Cara onto a new computer or new hard disk please read the section of this manual entitled 'Cara's Protection' for details. If your Cara activation is lost through deletion of Cara you will have to obtain an additional activation code from Miccant and there may be a charge. Be aware that the activation code you have been given is totally unique to you and the specific hard disk you have installed Cara onto. Windows may ask if you wish to remove certain 'shared' files.

9. Write this down and make a note of it. 8. Click 'on' the check box field labelled Move Unlock-It installed protection 6. 7. Please do the following: 1.To prevent the loss of your activation code we have provided a special utility program. You can delete the previous version of Cara by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.exe to start Now click on the large Update Now button. Type in the new Activation Code. Your new Cara will now run. which allows you to transfer your activation. 4. Start up your new installation of Cara. 3. 2. Do not type in the / or the number after it. then RUN and type in the command the special utility program. 10. re-install Cara using the original CD onto your new computer or hard disk. In the field New serial number type in the Reference number that you previously obtained from the newly installed version of Cara. In the field Path to Protection type in c:\cara 5. Click START. . Please use the number up to the / only. A new Activation Code will be displayed for you after a short while. At this stage the screen should look something like this:c:\cara\ccchange. Without removing your current Cara installation. Run the newly installed Cara once and obtain a new Reference Number.

Repertory Note Although only Boger-Boenninghausen has been released in this version of Cara you will notice 2 more enabled entries on Cara's search screen. NG2 7SS Tel +44(0) 115 945 5289 Fax +44(0) 115 914 9232 Internet : www. 3. These are:    Scholten's Homoeopathy and Minerals Sankaran's Spirit of Homoeopathy. Clarke however is available for use in all ways except that the AllBooks facility will not operate against Allen is not available at the present time.miccant. You will be required to sign an additional agreement certifying that this is for your own personal use and there will be a charge of £35 plus VAT for a second licence. Your previous activation code will not work once you have re-installed Cara.Using Cara on a 2nd computer If you wish to obtain a second activation code for use of Cara on a second computer please contact Miccant to obtain a license. Boger-Boenninghausen) 2. Classical Repertories (inc. Substance of Homoeopathy and Provings Dr Sankaran's (Rajan's father) The Elements of Homoeopathy If you wish to order any of the newly released optional extras please contact the agent through whom you purchased your Cara system or Miccant Ltd. namely Clarke and Allen. Loss of Protection If you lose your Cara protection you will need to contact Miccant Ltd and there may be a charge for replacement. You must obtain a second copy from . We hope you enjoy using this new version of Cara Pro! Miccant Ltd 14 Mulberry Close. In all other respects it is fully available for repertorisation. Classical Materia Medicas (a total of 65 volumes !!) Other modern books are now available as optional extras. Boericke. Clarke refers to his Clinical Repertory of the famous Dictionary whereas Allen refers to Allen's Index to his Encyclopedia. Phatak. If Cara is deleted from your computer the protection will have been irrevocably lost. Please note: the activation code originally given to you will not work on a different computer. More Standard Books! Cara Pro now comes with the following volumes as standard: 1. So please take great care not to delete Cara after activation. Nottingham. England.