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Title Books and Stories by Laura Charles Erotic Inspiration Seduction of Steel Vegas Encounter Stolen Secrets Cayman Commitment A Letter from Laura Charles Books and Stories by Laura Charles

Books and Stories by Laura Charles Erotic Inspiration Seduction of Steel Vegas Encounter Stolen Secrets Seduction of Steel: The Complete Series .

Amber was a cute redhead with a great figure. of course. It lets you take a couple of thousand books with you anywhere you go. but the tips did add up and she did get to eat at work. I'll get you another piece of pie. I'm talking about the hunky guy who has hot. “It's a Kindle. Please. I mean. “As a rule.” “Erotic fiction? Do you mean those Harlequin-style 'bodice rippers'? You know . and I've been having fun with it. Really soon. There's a ton of it available online. Eventually.the electronic book reader. ------------------------------------------“Waitress! Can I please get more coffee sometime today? How many times do I have to ask?” The elderly woman in the ugly polyester pantsuit stood up to get Jessica Steel's attention. She'd be willing to settle for either one right now. no. really hot. and I thought it might be fun to get one. so why do you need to read explicit sex stories?” . what are you doing?”. she got off of work. working the swing shift at Freddie's Diner wasn't exactly where Jessica thought she'd be after spending four years and more than a hundred thousand dollars earning her college degree. the man asked. It came in a couple of days ago. The coffee isn't any good. After all. The pay wasn't great. but she was the sort who'd generally prefer to be watching some sitcom or reality show rather than reading a book. six months out of college. changed into some shorts and a T-shirt and got some much-deserved sleep. She woke up the next morning and went into the kitchen to find a cup of coffee and found Amber playing with a new gadget. the job was managing to pay the rent and right now. You know .” Jessica loved books. I need something better soon. was almost certainly asleep by now. “Morning. She wasn't exactly sure what it was she wanted to do for a living. and Jessica's degree in English literature wasn't exactly the sort of degree that had job recruiters beating down your door. and a marginally better job. Amber was sweet. Jessica took a quick shower. Still. But I'm having fun reading erotic fiction. Seduction of Steel. which helped keep the grocery bills down. she hoped to find something better to do with her time. “Sorry. Getting both was simply too much to hope for.the fact that Amber had a boyfriend or the fact that she had a job with reasonable working hours. You've got a boyfriend. Her roommate. On the other hand. At 2 AM. “Interesting. What really struck her as odd was that Amber was generally the last person she'd expect to be reading books. The events depicted here take place two years prior to the events depicted in that's a good thing you can read these books using only one hand. jobs were scarce in this economy.the hunky guy who saves the life of the chaste maiden and marries her in the end?” “No. steamy sex with the maiden who isn't chaste by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry for the delay.” Jessica laughed.” Jessica poured the coffee with one hand while holding a tray of meals in the other one. She worked as a barista in a coffee shop and at least was home for dinner every night. a steady boyfriend. Jessica wasn't sure which she admired more . Jessica thought to herself as accidentally dropped a piece of lemon pie in a customer's lap. Amber. and headed home. She wasn't really sure about the whole ebook thing. “Miss. sir.” Jessica scurried off to find a damp rag and another slice of pie. Still. Amber. ma'am. she was a literature major. while the idea of taking an entire library with her was certainly interesting.Erotic Inspiration Author's note: This story is a prequel to the book. Amber Mitchell. rather than later. incredulously.” Somehow. Let me help clean that up. but she was absolutely certain that waiting tables at a diner every night wasn't the career for her. “Yes.” Jessica finally found a mug and poured herself a cup of coffee. Sooner. We should have gone to Denny's instead. Some friends at work have them. The sex is hot and explicit. I'm not a big reader. What is that? Some sort of calculator?” Jessica asked while trying to find a clean coffee cup. “About time. Let's put it this way . she still liked the idea of holding a physical book in her hands. that was better than living on the streets panhandling. “You? Reading a book? That doesn't sound like you. anyway. and some of these stories are hot. I'd have shown it to you sooner. but you've been working.

She read a few more of the stories. What did you think about those stories? Pretty steamy. Her five inch stiletto heels made her luscious legs look six feet long.” Amber replied. she swallowed every drop of his salty. but he was determined to get his hands on Nancy's sweet pair of massive milkers... it has to be a 'love wand' or 'man meat”. Frank! I must come again NOW. and every Tuesday thereafter when Frank's wife was at her sewing club meetings.. creamy man goo. I could write better erotic fiction in my sleep. Amber was there. it became more tiring than arousing. and Jessica decided to spend the afternoon at the mall. After a while. no matter how young or naive.” “You probably could.. It would have to be ten times better to qualify as terrible. Frank couldn't believe his wife had hired Nancy to babysit. a few of them were a bit over the top. but now she'd grown into a fully developed woman. all of the Los Angeles Dodgers?” “Some of the stories are better than others. He didn't know how he was going to do it. football teams. the stories and the characters weren't even remotely believable. all of whom were themselves exceptionally fit. and guys who hired them to babysit. She used to be a little girl with pigtails. and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear. The book that Amber recommended to Jessica was a collection of sexy short stories.” They had sex six more times that night. or a 'purple-helmeted warrior of love.. Amber said. It was all she could do to resist the urge to throw the ebook reader across the room. how many 18 year olds do you know that have had sex with the Los Angeles Dodgers? I mean. it's not as much fun as a boyfriend.” “Why not? I've got nothing to do today. Jess. and all of them were gorgeous.. . and capable of performing eight to ten times a night. Furthermore.“It just sounded like fun. 'penis?” No. “I take it you weren't aroused”. The heroines were insatiably horny girls of 18 to 21 years of age. stepfathers. Despite the fact that she was only 4 foot 11. “I need your ten inches of hard love meat. She didn't know if she'd have any interest in reading erotic fiction. she didn't have a boyfriend. She started reading a story called The Horny Babysitter: Nancy. and they were all the same. They're pretty entertaining. You really ought to give this thing a try and read some of these stories. well endowed. her tits had to be at least 34 DD. Does Amber really get off to reading this stuff? It's terrible. Jessica shook her head. had just turned 18. it's worse than terrible. “It's hard to get aroused when I can't stop laughing. and had ridiculously improbable figures. there was a lot of sex. so why don't you? The market for erotic fiction is huge. Sure. Her too-short. When she got home. preparing dinner. the badly chosen euphemisms the authors used to describe body parts. and there are probably a lot of women who would love to read some . Frank checked her out from the driveway when he arrived to pick her up. The men in the stories were horny. Then they cuddled and watched Sportscenter. in what universe is every guy ten inches long? On what planet do all women have double-D cup sizes?” “OK. “So.the improbable description of the young women in these stories. all of the stories more or less consisted of wall-to-wall sex and little else. As her roommate headed off to work. You've got me on the ten inch thing. or the absurd plots. endowed like horses.Nancy took all ten inches of Frank's throbbing love pole into her mouth and as he erupted. let me show you how it works.. but on the other hand. Here. “Over the top? The language in these stories is ridiculous! Breasts are 'juicy melons' or 'creamers' or 'bazookas. their babysitter. but it's a whole lot less trouble.and then some. and possessed endless stamina. having insane amounts of sex with boyfriends. As he watched her strut out to his car. Jessica did have to admit that it was easy to use. But it was all so unrealistic. huh?” “Well. his huge ten inch love sword grew rock hard. She also regularly turned heads. if not bigger. Do you mind if I borrow your Kindle for the day?” “Not at all. Her ripe chest melons looked like they were going to burst out of her too-tight blouse at any second. behaved as if they were seasoned sexual professionals with decades of experience. No.. so perhaps reading about sex would be the next best thing. I'll admit. Jessica couldn't read any more of this. “Sexy” wasn't really accurate. Young women. circus clowns. Five minutes later she sat up and said. slutty.' Bazookas? Really? And why can't the author just say. all built like some teenage boy's fantasy. All of these women. see-through skirt barely covered her heart-shaped ass.. Jessica sat down on the sofa with her cup of coffee and the ebook reader to see what kind of erotic fiction Amber was reading.. I mean.' Honestly. We clearly don't live in that universe”.” Amber gave a quick demonstration of how to use the device and how to read stories on it. pouring dressing on her salad. trying to figure out which was worse . Yes. as she started to build a couple of salads. Amber said with a laugh.

He was a bit reserved. As for the fiction. Stupid me!. “Oh. I just finished my paper and I needed some mindless entertainment so I could wind down. and write it better. dressed in some old jeans and a T-shirt. it was going to have to be alone. she could effectively call her college career “done. and despite the thriller aspects. Rachel was looking for something relaxing to do for the evening. her roommate. Still. But she read as much as possible and took a lot of notes. that's OK. and her shoulder-length brown hair had . Most of it was awful. Brandon. She liked the fact that she could pull the reader out and catch a few pages during breaks at work. He'd had his eye on Rachel for some time now and had been meaning to ask her out.” She'd been working on this paper for weeks and it left her physically and emotionally drained. She managed to catch his eye as she left the theater and entered the lobby. Three weeks later. as he thought she looked really cute right now. especially the romantic ones. you'll figure out how to write it. Jessica ordered a reader of her own and began reading erotic fiction with a vengeance. or I'd have asked to sit with you. she even found some of it arousing. “Hi.” Rachel blushed. If you read enough of this stuff. Brandy had been raving about it. some of what she read was pretty good. I mean. Rachel spotted Brandon Richards. There are tons of stories like this for download. You?” “I thought it was fine. She couldn't help but notice the way the Dockers hugged his tight butt. The movie was interesting enough. so whatever Rachel was going to do tonight. “Sure”.good sex-related fiction. She did think that the lead characters were pretty compelling. since he hadn't yet asked her out. Unfortunately.” “You've got an English Lit degree. Jess. She was pretty enough that he thought she might be out of his league. This evening had turned out to be a fortunate one for Brandon. He was just afraid that she'd say no. What's the harm? If I could make a few bucks I might be able to quit my job at Freddie's. Say . Rachel loved happy endings. Rachel thought the crazy hair was cute. she thought. if a bit farfetched in the plot department. She wasn't all that sure how interested he'd be in her. I thought it was well done and I particularly liked the plot twist at the end. As the lights came on and the crowd started filing out of the theater. they did manage to survive to love one another at the end of the film.” “Me? I don't know anything about writing this sort of thing. I like the cheesy stories well enough. Yet here I am. Brandon did look pretty good in his Dockers and blue long-sleeved shirt. He had to admit that she looked rather attractive. She'd had several classes with Brandon and had a bit of a crush on him. The found a table near the window.” “I guess I'm willing to give it a try. With this major effort out of the way. Jessica wrote her first story: ------------------------------------------Deep Encounter on a Dark Road By Jessica Steel Rachel Adams took a final sip of coffee as she got up to get the stack of papers out of her computer printer. Perhaps he was a bit interested in her after all. On rare occasions. She'd been hearing a lot lately about a new romantic thriller that was playing at the local theater called Shattered Attraction . even in jeans and a T-shirt. She decided to head down to the theater for a couple of hours of mindless entertainment. She had talked to Brandon a few times and they were friendly. Did you like the film?” “I did. but stood nearly six feet tall and had beautiful brown eyes and some wavy brown hair that at times looked like it had a mind of its own. If that's all I got out of it.Would you be interested in talking about it some more over a cup of coffee?” Brandon hoped she'd say yes. I probably look dreadful. I'm not even wearing any makeup! Why didn't I take the time to put on something nice tonight? They headed to a coffee shop around the corner and ordered a couple of lattes and muffins. however.” That night. Brandy. but I'd welcome something well written as much as the next woman. Rachel's heart started racing. She did so for the next three weeks whenever she had some spare time. as had several of Rachel's other girlfriends. was off on a date.” “I'll admit that the plot was pretty complicated. but I had some issues with the plot. She had beautiful brown eyes. With her thesis finished. I'd be a happy camper. she thought. it was entertaining. Rachel! Are you alone? I didn't see you come in.

that shiny quality to it that you usually only seen on models in shampoo commercials. She also had quite a nice figure, he thought, as well as a cute little nose and a pair of lips that just looked like they were asking to be kissed. All of this was fairly distracting. He decided he'd better get back to talking about the movie. Brandon asked her, “What didn't you like about the plot?” “Well, some of the romantic aspects just didn't seem all that plausible. I mean, she didn't really know this guy, and when he shows up to help her when her car breaks down, they suddenly have hot, steamy sex on the car hood right on the side of the road. That just didn't seem realistic to me.” “Oh, I don't know. I guess I just attributed that scene to artistic license. They did, after all, need to advance the plot and they've only got two hours to tell the story.” “True enough.” Rachel dunked part of her muffin into her coffee. “I guess it's not like real life where you've got unlimited time to let romance find itself.” They chatted some more about the film, other movies they'd seen recently, and their classes together. After a half an hour or so, Rachel decided she was tired and probably should go. “It's been fun, Brandon. Thanks for the coffee.” “I'd like to see you again sometime, Rachel. Can I call you?” “Sure. I'd love that. Take care.” She got into her car and headed home, which was about five miles away down a road that had little traffic at this time of night. About two miles down the road, Rachel heard a loud “thump” and her car suddenly became difficult to handle. She realized that she had a flat right front tire and she quickly pulled over to the shoulder.

That could have been a lot worse, she thought.
Fortunately, Rachel knew how to change a tire, so it was just a matter of getting out of the car and doing it. She wasn't particularly comfortable doing it at night, but you don't get to choose when you get a flat. Making matters worse was the fact that her flashlight wasn't working.

I'll just have to fumble my way through it in the dark.
She had just finished getting the jack and spare out of the trunk when a car pulled up behind her. Rachel grew tense, as you just never know what kind of creep might pull up behind you at night under the pretense of offering “help.” She did have a small electronic zapper in her purse, and she reached into the car to get it. Her tension eased a moment later when she realized that the driver of the other car was Brandon. “Wow. Looks like you could use some help. Got a flat?” “Afraid so. It just blew out. I do know how to change a tire, but help is always welcome. Do you have a flashlight? Mine isn't working” Brandon didn't have a flashlight, so he parked his car so that the front of his car faced the front of hers. They used his headlights for light as they spent the next few minutes changing the tire. Rachel had a good spare, so in about ten minutes, Brandon had her ready to go. They stood facing each other in between their cars. “I can't thank you enough, Brandon. You've been a big help.” “You're welcome. You're lucky I was driving home this way. I usually take Highway 37.” Brandon started to turn to leave. “Wait a minute. You've got a grease stain on your cheek. Let me wipe that off for you.” Rachel pulled a tissue out of her pocket and reached to wipe away the grease stain on Brandon's right cheek. As she approached to wipe his cheek, their eyes met. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. The awkward silence was broken when Brandon grabbed Rachel's hips and pulled her closer to him. Suddenly, his lips were on hers, and she gladly received them. She'd wanted to have Brandon kiss her for months now, and she didn't care if the two of them were standing on the side of the road. They could have been standing on Mars, for all she cared. His kisses were welcome, and she greedily accepted them. He kissed her more deeply, and his tongue entered her mouth. His manly taste had a hint of coffee to it. He pulled her closer still, and she felt her nipples harden as her breasts met his chest. She could feel herself growing wet as his hardness pressed against her.

Her entire body was responding with glee as Brandon caressed her. He gently stroked her breasts over her T-shirt and began to nibble on her neck. Her nipples stiffened ever more as he gently stimulated them. He reached into her shirt and unfastened her bra, exposing her breasts. He delicately sucked on her nipples and Rachel cooed at the tingling sensation. She began to squirm from the overwhelming sensation of pleasure as Brandon alternately licked and sucked on each of her nipples. He then slowly moved his hands down to her jeans, and deftly unbuttoned them and pulled down her zipper. She wasn't wearing any panties under her jeans. She grew increasingly moist with desire. He reached into her jeans and gently slid a finger into her. She cried out in ecstasy as his finger entered the slickness of her most intimate place.

Yes. This is what I want. It feels wonderful.
He inserted a second finger, and began to quickly move them in and out, pushing through the slick folds of her pussy. She began to rock back and forth with each motion of his hand. He continued to lick, suck and kiss her breasts while proceeding to fuck her rapidly with his fingers. Rachel thought she might come right then and there, and she wasn't sure she'd come only once. She hadn't had sex in months, and Brandon's fingers were about to give her a tidal wave of pleasure. “I'm going to come”, she said. Just then, Brandon withdrew his fingers. The tidal wave was going to have to wait. He brought her to him and kissed her some more. Rachel reached down and felt his firmness. She then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and dropped to her knees, right there on the side of the road. She didn't care where she was, and she didn't care who saw her. All she wanted was to take care of Brandon's needs. Rachel pulled Brandon's hard manhood out of his pants. She paused for just a second when she saw the size of his erection, but then instinctively took him into her mouth. His cock was already slick with excitement. She licked the salty drop from the tip of his cock and ran her tongue gently around the head. “That feels so good”, he said. He moaned slightly. She then took his full erection into her mouth. She worked his cock in and out of her mouth, while slowly rubbing her hand over his balls. He began to thrust, and she knew he was going to come soon. She began to aggressively stroke his shaft while continuing to lick and suck the head of his cock. Just as Rachel was certain that Brandon was going to come at any second, he abruptly pulled out of her mouth. “Not yet”, he said. “I want more of you.” He took her hand and helped her stand up. He began to kiss her again and his tongue desperately pushed its way into her mouth. As he did so, he pulled her jeans down. She broke off the kiss to remove her jeans completely. Brandon turned her around so that she was facing her car hood. She put her hands on the hood and spread her legs. She was dripping with excitement and put one foot on the bumper of the car to give Brandon better access to her wet mound. Brandon dropped to his knees behind her and pressed his tongue against her moist hole. His lips sucked her damp folds and she squealed as his tongue greedily licked her clitoris. Her squirming intensified as he licked faster and deeper, giving her pleasure that she never dreamed could possibly exist. He knew exactly where to lick, where to suck and where to nibble. Rachel prepared for the orgasm of her life; the one she knew was coming any second. Just then, he stopped, almost as if to tease her intentionally. He stood up, turned her head slightly, and gave her a deep kiss. She could taste herself on his tongue, and she loved it. There was something so sexy and naughty about tasting her own juices on Brandon's tongue. After a minute or two of deep, wet kisses, Brandon pulled a condom from his pocket and unrolled it expertly. Then he stood behind her, put one hand on her hip and used the other to guide himself into her damp folds. Rachel squealed with delight as he slowly entered her. Any worries she had about the size of his cock quickly went away as he gently pushed all the way in. He began to thrust with increasing frequency, and Rachel bucked her hips with every thrust. She was overwhelmed with the feelings of his hardness and the fullness that his entrance had provided her. Their bodies were sticky with sweat, a bit of grease and the humid night air. Brandon began to thrust even faster, and Rachel knew that she'd be coming any second. That tidal wave was returning as he thrust deeper, giving her a tingle in nerve endings that she didn't even know she had. Each thrust brought her closer and closer, and finally the wave came crashing over her, followed by a series of smaller ones. Her entire body shuddered as she came again and again. Brandon came shortly thereafter, thrusting one final time as he shouted, “Yes!”. He hugged her from behind and held her for a few moments.

They shortly came back to reality and realized, with some embarrassment, that they were standing naked on the side of the road. They quickly gathered their scattered clothes and got dressed. “If you don't mind, I'd like to follow you home, just to make sure you get there safely”, said Brandon. “That would be nice. Thank you so much for your help.” Rachel got into her car and started her engine. Brandon turned his car around and followed her to her apartment. He escorted her to her door. “Don't forget to get that flat tire fixed. You wouldn't want to get another flat and not have a good spare. Would you be interested in having dinner and a movie with me tomorrow night?”, he asked with a smile. “I'd love to, Brandon.” They kissed intensely for a moment or two, and he turned to leave. “By the way”, she said. “I guess that part of the movie about having sex on the side of the road wasn't so farfetched after all. Who knew?” Brandon grinned as he walked to his car. He got in, waved, and drove away. Rachel felt extraordinarily content, and slept like a baby that night. Brandon did call her the next day, and they went out for dinner and a movie, and a cup of coffee and another round of steamy sex. In fact, they had so much fun that they agreed to have a weekly movie date night from then on. What had started as a casual meeting in a theater lobby had turned into a blissful long-term romance. THE END ------------------------------------------Her story finished, Jessica treated herself to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Jessica was happy with how her story had turned out. She'd managed to write a story that had a bit of romance, a bit of drama, and some sex scenes that, while not entirely realistic, at least had some semblance of taste. She'd hoped that readers might want to read some stories that didn't feature such awkward sentences as “He opened her treasure chest with his love sword.”

Nobody wants to read that. But will anyone want to read this?
She'd find out soon enough if the reading public was interested in buying her work. The next morning, over coffee, she showed her story to Amber to get another opinion. Amber sat down on the sofa to read it. About twenty minutes later, she said she thought it was terrific. “I like these characters; you could write an entire series of stories about Rachel and Brandon. They're one hot couple”, said Amber. “That sex scene on the car hood was incredible. Rachel makes a pretty good heroine. I think a lot of women could identify with her.” “Thanks. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Of course, I'll need to proofread it again to make sure there aren't any typos. I'll also probably tweak a bit of the dialog here and there. I want to make sure it's perfect before I submit it for publication. Thanks again for the input.” Amber headed off to work, and Jessica poured herself another cup of coffee. Then she sat down on the sofa to reread her story. As she got to part with the sex scene on the side of the road, she felt herself becoming aroused, much to her surprise. Her nipples began to stiffen and she felt herself becoming damp between her legs.

I guess this IS a steamy sex scene, she thought.
As Jessica continued reading, she worked her free hand into her shorts and began to slowly rub her now-swollen mound. She got wetter as she rubbed more aggressively and the more she read of her story, the more aroused she became. She couldn't believe that she was becoming turned on by something she'd written herself, but her peaking nipples didn't lie. She began to rub herself more aggressively as she read about Brandon licking Rachel's most intimate place. As the story progressed, Jessica could feel herself getting closer and closer to a climax, and her sensitive clit felt like it was being shocked with tiny jolts of electricity. The rubbing wasn't enough, and Jessica inserted two fingers and began to fuck herself . By the time that she got to the part of the story where Brandon entered Rachel from behind, Jessica came with a vengeance, feeling as if her entire body was having a head-to-toe orgasm. She shook as she came twice more, and she dropped the ebook reader as she lost herself in her pleasure. After a few minutes, she recovered, and decided that if she could become so aroused by reading about Rachel and Brandon, then other people probably could, too.

She'd managed to quit her job at Freddie's a couple of months earlier. Jessica headed off to the mall to treat herself to a small shopping spree. She was even interviewed by some women's magazines.She submitted her story for publication that afternoon. The End of Erotic Inspiration. Much to her surprise. either. and was surprised when it started selling well almost immediately. and her interviewers were usually surprised when she said that her great inspiration came from a book of badly-written sex stories. but then again. Things have worked out pretty well. she thought. that also featured Rachel and Brandon. If only I could find myself a guy like Brandon. Jessica had become a bestselling author. Perhaps that will come in time. she wasn't waiting tables. Jessica realized that she'd probably found her calling. longer story. . she wrote a half a dozen more stories about Rachel and Brandon. she started writing a second. Over the next six months. She'd felt she'd earned it. She wasn't getting rich. A few days later.

” “Why don't you write the same stuff everyone else does? Just have the girl meet up with a hunky billionaire. It's not as though I actually know any billionaires. Brandon.” “I'm just trying to find some inspiration. Jessica's roommate. And they're all brooding. and in the last one. please! Another Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you have any idea how many books have been written like that? Probably hundreds. silent. she thought in all modesty. That is. Every writer gets blocked from time to time. Right now. She'd met a couple of guys through Amber when they went out for drinks. I've written this entire series of books about Brandon and Rachel. Despite the fact that she'd written the book and knew every sex scene in it by heart. but the small blue vibe did what it needed to do on those lonely nights that Jessica encountered all too frequently these days. into bondage. and she'd had pretty good success with it. Wet and aching from one of the most Earth-shattering orgasms she'd ever had. brooding men she so often wrote about. obsessed with the young. asked Amber Mitchell. The guys Amber kept introducing to her were mostly either in between jobs or working at something temporary. per se. he lifted her off of the bed and took her to the kitchen for breakfast. The reading public apparently liked it too. Do you?” “No.” “And I love you. she was hoping to meet someone who at least had a steady job with some sort of potential. every other guy on the street is a billionaire.” “Well. multilingual and under thirty. and live happily ever after. they decided to get married. Jessica Steel put her Kindle down and placed her vibrator back in the drawer on the nightstand.” With that. “I love you. It did. I'd like to write something a little more unique. so it's obviously a winning formula. was one she had written herself. gorgeous. Rachel sighed and ran her fingers though Brandon's tussled hair. How long has it been since you had a date. anyway?” “Too long. she was just drawing a complete blank. took her into his arms. What am I going to write about now?. still firm. Brandon Richards?” “Of course I will! You've made me the happiest woman in the world! It's hard to believe that this all started with a flat tire on the highway. and lying there with Brandon made her feel complete. The small tool usually gave her a quick and satisfying orgasm. They meet cute. “live for the moment” type. THE END. Amber worked as a barista in a local coffee shop and had a semi-steady boyfriend named Jason. Jessica hadn't written a word since. virginal ingenue who thinks she can tame him so they can live happily ever after. Rent in this part of town wasn't exactly cheap. on the other hand. those stories are successful. even if she did have a roommate to help share the expenses.. but if it gets to be a habit. Besides. engage in a little BDSM. Why not copy the formula and cash in?” “I'm not interested in 'cashing in' on whatever happens to be popular right now. Jessica was still hoping to get swept off of her feet by one of those strong. it gets hard to pay the rent. with blue eyes and a figure any woman would kill for. Writing about another billionaire with a predilection for tying up young women in his mansion/dungeon/playroom just seemed like a cop out. “You must have every word of that book memorized by now. hoping to get some sort of inspiration so she could start writing again. I don't even know if I can write that sort of thing.” “Oh. He caressed her cheek gently. She really hadn't had a date.Seduction of Steel Chapter One .” Jessica sighed. He worked at an auto parts store. Rachel. but none of the guys had really interested her. A couple of her other books had made the best seller lists. “Are you reading that book again?.” “Will you marry me? Today? Will you become Mrs. at least a serious one.Rachel moaned serenely as Brandon. Until writer's block set in. Jessica was hoping for something better. but what was unusual was that the book she'd just finished reading. Rachel had never before felt so content. was more of the free-spirited. that is. Jessica picked up the well-worn Kindle from the crumpled sheets and turned it on again to read the first chapter one more time. Amber was happy to take life one day at a time. . living as an author. Jessica didn't think of herself as a snob. but you might meet one or two if you ever got out of the house. as the book had continued to sell well since it was first published some three months before. Amber. They're all rich. They're all the same. measuring only about three inches long. Forbidden Lust. and of course. She had been writing erotic novels for the past two years. I just don't know if I can do anything with those characters anymore. I've probably read Fifty Shades of Grey five times.. I like them. difficult. It wasn't unusual for Jessica to masturbate while reading erotic literature on her Kindle. when she had something to write about. It wasn't large. but as someone with a solid income in a lousy economy. contain some of the best sex scenes she'd ever written. but not spectacular. and she was earning a comfortable. but the two of them seemed happy. and tonight it did not disappoint. An attractive redhead. in several months. she still found herself aroused by it.

and her room and board are provided for her. but you never meet any since you never seem to leave our apartment. Bor-ing. I mean something you could do for a few months that might allow you to meet different kinds of people. and rolled over and went to sleep. As she toweled off. but it's still mostly that rich billionaire stuff or virgins being trained at S&M camp. and went back to her laptop to try to write something. Just like yesterday. I don't mean an 'earn-a-living' job. She was just like that. though she's not allowed to date passengers. I need something.” “A cruise ship? Really?” Jessica was curious. Jessica reached for the lamp on the nightstand. She's made a lot of friends and she's gotten to see a lot of really nice places. She was five feet six. Chapter Two Jessica rolled out of bed about seven and jumped in the shower. a decent enough height. The ships go to interesting places. Amber pretty much looked cute in anything. Amber asked. Amber.” Hmm. She works for eight months and then gets two months off. “If I don't find something to write about soon. And she says that she's met some truly amazing guys. I need some inspiration. “My friend Julie just went to work on a cruise ship. “No. Maybe I'll give that a try. she thought. Perhaps something involving travel. she was drawing a blank. Despite being the sort of woman who looked great in skimpy lingerie. Jessica said. I can have her put you in touch with the cruise line. What's the worst that can happen? “Sure. she gets to travel. The Caribbean does sound nice. pouring herself a cup of coffee. I need something new. There are a lot of interesting people in the world. asked Jessica. . “OK. Every time I get e-mail from her she seems to include a picture from some tropical beach. And all kinds of people take cruises. Amber was there already. and had wavy.” “Why don't you go find a job?” “A job? I have a job. I'm going to scream”. Of course. she says she's having the time of her life.” Jessica thanked her. thought Jessica. I get occasional e-mail from her. She says it's a lot of fun. She gets paid. and she's getting to spend most of her time in the Caribbean. Jessica had to admit that Amber did look cute in flannel pajamas. little bears or not. Jess. She's working as a cocktail waitress. but didn't think her breasts were anything to write home about. she did think she was attractive enough to be able to find somebody to call her own. so they must be OK. looking like she'd just crawled out of bed. “Really. if only to clear the cobwebs out of her brain and help her to get writing again. Still. shoulder-length blond hair. I'm a writer”. I'm not going to do it just to make money. Then again.Everybody is writing those books right now. Jessica liked her button nose and blue eyes. she looked at herself in the mirror. The Internet is good for research. “You're not having any luck? Have you checked the bestseller lists to see what other people are writing about?”. no one had ever complained. Something that might put you in a position to meet the right guy. as she put her bagel in the toaster. at least that might provide something to write about And why not? I'm already not getting anything written. but nothing gets your creative juices flowing like getting out in the world and experiencing new things and meeting people.” Jessica did agree that Amber had a point. Amber loved to hang around the house in flannel pajamas with little bears on them. Anything. “Sure. Got any suggestions?”. What do I need to do?” “I'll e-mail Julie and see if she's got the number for their human resources department. said Jessica. she's met some interesting people. If you want. She threw on a pair of cutoff shorts and a tank top and headed to the kitchen to grab some coffee and a bagel. While she had never regarded herself as a beauty. Perhaps it would be a good idea to find something else to do for a few months. It can't hurt.

the ship carried four thousand passengers and some fifteen hundred crew members. Crew members had to live in the crew quarters. and the ship did have a lot of great amenities. So far. She chased down lost dry cleaning. not even a porthole. but Jessica quickly discovered that nice looking men don't take cruises alone . Jessica's job working at the Passenger Services desk midship was going to keep her busy all the time. Chapter Three The hiring process with Enchantment Cruise Lines was fairly straightforward. which meant there were a lot of tropical destinations to see. with natural light and even balconies. mostly working at the desk in the atrium on Deck 6. a toilet. or MHI. and near the door was an all-too-tiny bathroom that had a sink.they take them with their wives or girlfriends. That meant that the room had no windows. Jessica boarded the ship in Miami during its weekly stop there. and had girl-next-door type non-threatening looks. . The ship was in various Caribbean ports several days a week. for the next few months. the passenger list does tend to skew towards the elderly. including a number of handsome ones. interviews and background checks. you'd likely want to be either in the atrium or in one of the ship's fabulous luxury suites. There were two beds in the room. she asked of no one in particular. home. the job was fun. rather than some interesting guys. you'll be off the ship at the next port. she thought. as you do get to meet just about everyone during the week or so that a typical Caribbean cruise lasts. and the smallest shower Jessica had ever seen. so there would be chances to see some beaches and restaurants. every passenger is likely to need Passenger Services for something. Jessica did meet a lot of people. Jessica was assigned to work on the company's newest ship. “This is it?”. which put it below the water line. she hadn't really met any interesting people. Jessica looked around her stateroom.She hoped Julie got back in touch soon. There were five swimming pools. but it was. That's one upside. It could have been worse. There she helped passengers with all kinds of problems ranging from cashing traveler's checks and replacing room keys to answering customs and import duty questions. She seemed nice enough. chrome. The Ocean Enchantment wasn't so much a ship as it was a floating city. It wasn't much of a room. which were open 24 hours a day. If you're caught getting involved with a passenger. as the sorts of things she was asked to do changed nearly every day. Her typical day involved anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours of work. since employees of the Ocean Enchantment were strictly forbidden from having any sort of nonprofessional interaction with passengers. Jessica rarely saw her. She tended to work odd hours. a spa. While all sorts of people take cruises. and Jessica loved shopping and catching some sun on the beach when she had occasional time off while the ship was in port. On top of the dresser was a small nineteen inch television. and natural light. the Ocean Enchantment was one of the largest and most luxurious ships afloat. There were hundreds of senior citizens aboard the Ocean Enchantment. everything you need crammed into about 125 square feet. Not that it mattered. While passenger staterooms on the thousand-foot-long Ocean Enchantment were plush and airy. I guess I'll have to find some interesting things to write about. Crew members did get some time off from time to time. While single women will take cruises with other single women. Still. those offered to crew members were strictly utilitarian. The job kept her busy. That was it. Jessica was sure that she and Kristin could become good friends in time. and she found the work interesting. if quiet. three nightclubs and a gorgeous five story atrium in the center of the ship that featured lots of plants. I guess that will make it easy to sleep in here since it's always dark. a fitness center. She tracked down lost luggage. which were somewhat less luxurious. her Norwegian roommate. she'd have to write about dungeons and billionaires just to pay the bills. The ship had a new drive system that was supposed to be quiet and more fuel efficient than those used on older ships. There were some younger men. one for Jessica and one for Kristin. with pale porcelain skin and shoulder-length blond hair that everyone from Norway seems to have. there was a small dresser with lockable drawers for each woman to keep their belongings that sat in between the beds. Actually. she tracked down missing children or senior citizens. If you want to meet people on a cruise ship. single men almost never take cruises with their male friends. you could do worse than working at Passenger Services. and it was rigidly enforced. they were a lot less luxurious. The room was on Deck 3. Of course. anyway. Kristin worked in one of the dining buffets. As for the room. If a guy is on a ship. Otherwise. That was company policy. Measuring a thousand feet long and some sixteen decks high. Jessica was grateful that she seldom saw her roommate. The ship was doing alternate trips around the Eastern and Western Caribbean. two dining rooms. other ships in the company's line had four crew members to a room. the Ocean Enchantment. it's a virtual certainty that there's a woman with him. anyway. however. The small room size didn't really matter. If you had to spend time indoors. as the room was pretty small for two people. She was pretty enough. and after the usual forms. Built by industry leader Matsumo Heavy Industries. the luxury suites were available only to paying passengers. and occasionally. and as a result. At one time or another. She was completely overwhelmed by her new place of work. Sure enough. She replaced batteries in stateroom safes.

a voice asked. She could tell from his huge biceps that Ryan worked out. no”.” “Nice to meet you. and she hadn't touched up her makeup in hours. Jessica frequently visited the crew bar after the end of her shift just to unwind with a cocktail after a long day. it wasn't an American brew. Besides offering a place to get a drink the bar also included a pool table. The job did offer a salary. He was certainly the most handsome man she'd seen since she came aboard three months ago. Jessica looked up. alone with her Kindle and her vibrator. It's a big ship. Here I am meeting this gorgeous man and I look like a mess. I'm a mechanic. even for employees. “You?” “I boarded last week in St. Well. She took a sip of her Cosmopolitan and wondered if the remaining five months on the ship would offer her a chance for either one.real light. offering a large variety of food that was reasonably tasty.” She chuckled at her joke. “Is this seat taken?”. a jukebox and several windows. “Excuse me. Some of the people came from some pretty exotic places.” “American?” “Yes. and it's both fattening and plentiful. It gave her an opportunity to meet some of the people who worked in other parts of the ship that she rarely had a chance to see. Five more months of long days and living in a room the size of a phone booth suddenly didn't look all that appealing. He looked about six feet tall. She was certainly enjoying visiting all of the tropical ports. “Where do you work?” “I work in the engine room. she probably didn't look all that appealing herself. His thick lips looked like they were made for kissing.” Ryan sat down with his beer. doing her best to keep fit. I'm still learning my way around. “I've been here three months”.navy blue slacks and a light blue short sleeved shirt with the name “Ryan” embroidered on it. The best of the employee facilities was probably the employee bar. she'd yet to meet any interesting guys or come up with a can't-miss story idea. The offerings weren't quite as fancy as what the passengers ate. Wow! This guy is ripped. which gave the room something that most crew areas didn't have . She was still wearing the knee-length khaki skirt and fashionably dull white blouse that constituted her official cruise line uniform. The fitness center was small. and that gave her an opportunity to learn more about how people live around the world. It's easy to eat too much and exercise too little on a cruise ship. I'm Jessica Steel. was perhaps the most handsome man she had ever seen.She also managed to keep entertained during her off-hours while on board the ship. but I do get to meet a lot of people and I do occasionally see some sunlight. the cruise line did provide quite a lot of things to do for their off-duty employees. but had a number of different exercise machines as well as free weights and a small aerobics area. Maarten. is this seat taken?”. Worse. at least during . she thought to herself. Louis originally. Jessica. She'd pulled her hair up into a ponytail when she got off of work. he asked again. with broad shoulders and piercing. but she didn't want to do anything that obvious. A lot. How about you?” “I work at the Passenger Services desk. she could save it all. Jessica spent some time in the gym every day. Not very exciting. My name's Ryan Stevens. She was lost in her thoughts about months of wasted time. she thought. Sit down. The paychecks weren't that great. she answered nervously.” Jessica played with her ponytail and thought about letting her hair down. The crew dining room was nice enough. Jessica took a sip of her Cosmo and gave Ryan a quick once-over. which was well below the waterline. rarely saw the light of day. He had thick. born and raised in Pittsburgh. The food is always there. the bar was probably the most popular offduty hangout for crew members. There was also a crew-only swimming pool as well as a fitness center. You?” “I'm from St. I'm fairly new here and haven't had the chance to meet many people yet. on Deck 1. as she realized she was staring at him. but it was certainly good enough. While using the passenger facilities was more or less offlimits. but since she wasn't paying rent or buying food. He was dressed in the standard uniform for below-deck personnel . From the dark amber color of it. “Please. a Foosball table. It was certainly better than spending time in her tiny little cabin. Ryan asked. Still. intense hazel eyes. Located near the front of the ship. She didn't answer. well aware that anyone who worked on Deck 1. Jessica was too busy pondering all of this to notice the handsome man who approached her table. not entirely empty handed. Jessica replied. dark brown hair. “How long have you been on board?”. Jessica suddenly became a bit embarrassed. after three months on the ship. “Uh. and there. especially if she was likely to wind up empty handed for all of her efforts. standing in front of her. if not a great one.

” “The only problem with coming up here at night”. but Jessica ached to have those lips meet hers. She'd only known him for a few minutes. A minute ago she was in ecstasy. Jessica took Ryan by the hand and escorted him to the railing at the front of the observation deck. “I have no idea why no one ever comes here at night”. partly because of her excitement and partly because of the cool evening breeze. There were a couple of bars and some shops there in the center of the ship and she showed him those as well. “I'd love to give you a tour. It is nice up here. He had on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved button-down shirt. “It's beautiful up here. it looked like he'd even taken a quick shower. I have no idea where to find anything on the upper part of the ship. down her neck and slowly moved them towards her breast. looking at buffets. “Oh.what. it was usually deserted.there's a full moon. They continued to kiss with increasing intensity. touched up her makeup and attempted to do something useful with her hair. and now.working hours.” With that. she said. She also couldn't believe how good looking Ryan was. and Jessica tingled all over at their very touch. and as they did so. Perhaps you can show me around the ship sometime. and then Ryan leaned in and their lips met. They stared at each other for a few seconds. she thought. hanging over the bridge. She went back to her room and put on some jeans and a cute red short sleeved top. She met Ryan in the atrium.” They continued walking around the ship for another half an hour. “Wow. Then they went up a couple of decks so she could show him the swimming pools and fitness center. If I'd have known about this. I've never had such an attractive guide offer me a tour before. and a nice breeze and you can just see a couple of other ships on the horizon.” Jessica couldn't believe how quickly her fortunes had changed. she figured she'd done the best she could in the few minutes allotted to her. His lips were soft and warm. he said. He'd cleaned up a bit. She returned his efforts greedily as he held her closer. I'm sorry. “Passenger Services? Then you obviously see more of the ship than I do. Ryan gently ran his fingers across her cheek. I'd have come up here sooner. “I guess I should have made an effort to find all of this earlier.. and she simply couldn't get enough of those piercing hazel eyes. His lips are made for kissing. Then again. but I'm going to have to go. Jessica felt the tingles increase along with the kisses. exactly? . They stood there for a few minutes and then she turned around to face him. I should have worn something with longer sleeves. This guy is a great kisser. Her nipples began to harden. She brushed her teeth. I should probably change clothes first. I had no idea all of this was up here”.” He's asking for a tour? Jessica couldn't believe her good fortune. His tongue entered her mouth and met hers. She also put on some cute earrings she'd picked up a couple of weeks ago in St. Ryan stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her as they looked at the stars and the ocean. I come up here often at night. She hadn't had a date in months and here she was about to give a tour of the ship to this amazing guy she'd just met.” Jessica nearly skipped back to her room. See you there. She looked at herself in the mirror and while she wasn't entirely pleased. Eventually. His lips certainly looked inviting enough. Looks like there's some sort of problem downstairs. she said. He looked amazing. One of the upper decks had an observation point at the front of the ship.. the theater.” “I can see why. but at night. and the computer center. A lot of people visited this deck during the daytime. Thomas. “Where shall we start?” he asked. He was just starting to run his index finger in circles around her left nipple over her shirt when the silence was interrupted by the squawk of a radio. the nightclubs. “is that it does get a bit cool up here. Why don't we meet in the atrium in about fifteen minutes?” “That will be great.” She showed him around the atrium area and the Passenger Services desk where she worked. she thought.” “Fine. Look . He could take me right now and I'd be in heaven. “My radio. How about now? There are lots of interesting things to see on the upper decks. “Why not start here? This is where I work. they ended up near the front of the ship. he said. no”.

How have you been?”. she ran into her roommate. so it didn't strike me as unusual. . Much to her surprise. Jessica quivered as his tongue met hers one final time.”. especially since she didn't intend to be onboard the ship for more than a few months. what. How was she supposed to have a relationship with someone on the ship? While it was strictly forbidden for crew members to become involved with passengers. She removed her panties and used two fingers to trace around the edges of her rapidly moistening pussy. This wasn't a career for her. Jessica told her the story of how she met Ryan. A few moments later. It had been a long time since she'd had any sort of romantic involvement with anyone. and after last night's incredible evening with Ryan. As Jessica thought about Ryan's kisses. her cheeks. He apologized once more for the interruption and promised to contact her soon.” “I had no idea. his amazing eyes.“Let me walk you to your room”. she said. The more she thought about last night. I guess.” “Perhaps you can return the favor. Preferably as soon as possible. imagining that her fingers were actually Ryan's skilled tongue. Then she asked a question that Jessica wasn't prepared to hear. and then her lips. relationships between crew members weren't exactly encouraged. Before leaving. On the other hand. reminiscing fondly about Ryan's full lips. and his incredible ability to make her wet just by caressing her. but she was a best-selling author and hoped to return to that life soon. Jessica hadn't slept long. working in the bowels of the ship turning knobs and wrenches. clenching the sheets tightly with her free hand as she moaned quietly. I'll have to deal with that on my own. She and Ryan didn't work anywhere near one another. she came quickly and violently. They exchanged email addresses and shipboard phone numbers and Ryan was gone. touch. How. if not decades. he replied. Engine room crews tend to be all of one nationality. he kissed her forehead.” Jessica stirred her coffee slowly as she spoke. how they'd had a drink together and how they'd followed that drink with a memorable tour of the ship. Kristin. I really don't know much about staffing among the mechanical crew. “Are you sure he said he was an American?” Kristin asked. she thought. He said he was from Pittsburgh. Chapter 4 The alarm went off abruptly at six o'clock. Not surprisingly. remembering how it felt to be held in Ryan's strong arms. “I've had a shift change. They took an elevator down to her floor and they walked to her room. Jessica rubbed her nub increasingly quickly as she shook with excitement. “Kris! What a surprise! I haven't seen you in. Ryan was a mechanic on a cruise ship. “Thanks for the tour. But it is rather unusual to have them working in the engine room. was she supposed to maintain a relationship with someone who was going to be at sea for eight months at a time? When should she tell him that she'd be gone in five months? Did she really want to get involved with a mechanic? She didn't think of herself as a snob. she'd slept like a baby. and most of them are either Italian or Filipino. Jessica came to reality. it's not unheard of to have American crew members on board. Jessica was only working on the ship temporarily in order to try to get over her writer's block. Kristin listened intently. She lingered in bed for a while. he said. so you may be seeing a bit more of me now. the more aroused she became. her right hand slowly worked its way between her legs. and his amazing physique. his masculine smell. I've never seen that. Was there really a future for her there? Jessica didn't know. four days?” Jessica asked. The one thing she did know is that she wanted to see. Why?” Jessica was baffled at the question. licking her clit and bringing on waves of ecstasy. She then mentioned all of her concerns about getting involved with a fellow crew member. I'll see how my schedule looks”. Maarten. I think they're Filipino on this ship. “Yes. He was likely to spend years. and taste Ryan again. exactly. and probably had radically different schedules. He said he came aboard last week in St. “Perhaps we can do that tomorrow. “Well. Kris replied. She went to the crew members' dining area to get some coffee and breakfast. her orgasm complete. I'd love a tour of the engine room. I'm not going to need the vibrator today. You make a great tour guide. but she had slept well. Ryan was making her wet. and it's very unusual to see an engine crew of mixed nationality.

though. For communicating within the ship. We'll have some relaxation time and I can tell her then. as cell phones were very expensive to use while the ship was at sea. I'd love to! I'll meet you in the bar in 90 minutes. and Kristin told her about a fellow Norwegian she'd met in the dining room. and spent the rest of the night in her room. After she got off of work. email was the best way to communicate. They'd seen each other a few times and it sounded like it might be getting serious.“There may be nothing to it at all. parts frequently broke or needed routine replacement. reading an erotic romance novel on her Kindle. There wasn't a lot of maintenance to do. He thought about last night with Jessica. his smoldering eyes and those amazing lips that had her quivering just talking about them. she checked her email to see if she'd received any messages from Ryan. she grabbed some dinner. She talked about how she longed to run her fingers through his hair and how she hoped to become more acquainted with him and his amazing body soon. He sent her e-mail when he got back to his room after getting off from work. but it got the job done. tell me more about him!” Jessica filled Kristin in about Ryan. In the meantime. Perhaps when we're in the Cayman Islands the day after tomorrow. telling her about his incredible body.. Cell phones did work in port. but right now. Maybe we can go to the beach in the Caymans.. From: Ryan Stevens To: Jessica Steel Subject: Drink tonight? Jessica.. When am I going to see Ryan again? Am I going to see Ryan again? Is he really the only American working down there? What is that about? She spent the day pondering all of her questions while doing her best to sound interested in such mundane things as missing towels. Ryan spent the day in the engine room. in that he wasn't sure that he wanted to get deeply involved with another crew member. His concerns were similar to hers. Jessica excused herself to head to work. So. She's a beautiful woman. It just seems odd. She had another long day of dealing with passenger problems ahead of her. Would you like to meet me for a drink? Ryan Jessica quickly replied: From: Jessica Steel To: Ryan Stevens Subject: Drink tonight? Ryan. It began to occur to Jessica that Ryan might simply changed his mind about getting involved with her. I'll be off in about an hour. or at least as serious as a romance can get under the unusual working circumstances aboard ship. After about fifteen minutes of chat. and she occasionally took hers with her when she went ashore if she needed to make a call. leaky sinks. And it would be great to see more of her. On the ship. and rejected credit cards. She needed to know the real reason he was on the ship. as the Ocean Enchantment was a relatively new ship. On her breaks. Ryan's job was mostly a matter of making sure that things were working as they were supposed to. She opened her email. doing routine maintenance and doing some system checks. Nothing. I just need to find the time to do it. On older vessels. They chatted some more over breakfast. He also had one other major issue that he needed to discuss with her. but she could really only focus on Ryan. She clicked “send” and went to get ready for the evening. Jess Jessica wished there were a faster way to communicate than email.. Sure. . email wasn't ideal.

Ryan was still in his work uniform. “What do you do down here?”. “We had a bit of a problem downstairs. rather than Pittsburgh?”. Again. and felt that tingling sensation return when he first put his hand on her shoulder. Presumably. It's really loud in here. It's pretty quiet down there this time of night. but at this time of day. It was difficult for the two of them to move freely without brushing up against one another.An hour and half later. “You look great”.that dull kneelength khaki skirt and the white. The ship had three large diesel engines that ran 24 hours a day. She was still in her work uniform .” They took a service elevator down to Deck 1. Ryan handed her some rubber earplugs. He returned a few minutes later with the drinks. The “room”. Ryan said. short-sleeved button-down blouse. “I mostly spend my time in one of the control rooms. I have a bit of unique experience with MHI drive systems.” Jessica put the plugs in her ears and wondered how she was going to hear Ryan as he gave her the tour. ladders and the occasional small control room. it takes quite a . she'd never had a reason to go. Jessica asked. “Aren't most of the engine crew Filipino? That's what I've heard. “I'm sorry about last night”. as modern ships have engines that are largely computer operated. she also knew that there were certain parts of the ship that were generally limited to essential crew only. she said.” Jessica took the last sip of her Cosmopolitan and chewed on the lemon twist that came with it. Jessica wondered what else he might be able to do with those hands. It turned out to be more of a computer system problem than a mechanical one. and often so narrow that only one person could pass at a time. he said. But they needed my expertise just in case something went wrong. She'd never been down here. Deck 1 was the home of the engines. She could hardly hear anything with the plugs in. she asked with a smile. fuel and water storage. The corridors were quite narrow. It helped that he was gesturing quite a bit as he showed her around. “Fine by me. teasingly.' By the way. Ryan guided her ahead of him.” “My pleasure”. unless something goes wrong. I can probably get away with it. and she might have been chased off by the other crew even if she had gone down there alone. He looked ruggedly handsome and his shirt showed off his ample biceps. railings. and most of the passengers and crew were likely asleep. MHI drive systems or cruise ship staffing. Jessica couldn't see anyone as they entered the engine room. who didn't know much about the Philippines. Jessica couldn't believe how good this guy looked.” “Yes. and headed down a long corridor towards the back of the ship. and he was sitting down to have a drink with her. “No.” Ryan said as he drained the rest of his beer. Ryan entered the crew members' bar and found Jessica waiting for him. Changing the subject. such as it was. when am I going to get that tour of the engine room?” “An engine room tour? We can do that tonight. The Ocean Enchantment was built by MHI and their drive systems are a bit different from those used by most other ships in the fleet. The engines were impressive. if you like. It really wasn't an engine room so much as it was an engine center. Ryan was pretty good at using his hands to help explain the workings of the systems down there. I'm really from Pittsburgh. and a few other essential services that kept the ship running. “Let's go. was really a series of connected corridors. Why not?”. I'm just sorry that the tour got cut short by your 'emergency. We do have to do occasional repairs and maintenance”.” That seemed like a reasonable explanation to Jessica. She could feel her nipples tighten each time he touched her. anyway. Ryan began. Thanks.” It occurred to Jessica that this might be a great time to learn a bit more about Ryan. and kept a hand on her right shoulder to keep her from bumping into any of the equipment in the cramped engine area. “I was all too happy to show you around. While she was curious. She didn't pursue that line of questioning any further. but then again. It was now after midnight. A few of the guys on the engine crew are new to this ship and don't know much about the MHI drive. “I really enjoyed the tour last night. She was thoroughly enjoying his touch. Ryan loudly replied. The engine room was large. she replied. so that's why I'm here.” “How did you end up working in the engine room with a Filipino crew? Or are you really from Manila. Ryan took a sip of his beer. Fortunately. and was quite labyrinthine in its design. Especially the view at the front of the ship. her voice at a near-shout. “Cosmopolitan?” “Sure. We're not really allowed to have nonessential personnel down there. mostly for security reasons. “You'll need these. they are. The entire area was a maze of small hallways. and astonishingly loud. the staff were all in the control rooms.

He then began to alternately touch and lick them.” She had to strain to be heard above the din of the engines. Just a little clumsy. no one would hear her in the loud engine room. “Please. and she explored his mouth with her eager tongue. Their lips met and her tingling intensified. Now. He kissed her again. He proceeded to gently trace around her nipples with his index finger. He caressed her cheeks and then her neck. He tweaked them gently in his hands as Jessica squirmed with delight. Jessica nearly melted as Ryan's tongue entered her mouth and met hers. as she enjoyed the taste and the smell of this astonishingly handsome man. The thought of possibly getting caught just excited her all the more. which was really a series of steel grates. He probably thinks I'm a total klutz. She felt herself growing wet and squirmed just a bit at the sensation. “Are you OK?”. Jessica wondered if it would hurt when she received his huge cock.lot of equipment to make a thousand-foot-long ship move. As Ryan continued to play with Jessica's hard nipples. and her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She might as well be mute. Jessica's body soon gave up what little resistance it had to offer.” After taking a moment to put on a condom. Ryan pulled her closer. As he prepared to enter her. he lightly nibbled on her ear. Ryan was there to catch her. As he began thrusting faster. At the back of the balcony was a small alcove. Jessica thought she would come any second as Ryan continued to aggressively massage her most sensitive of places.. Ryan continued to thrust with increasing intensity. Jessica could feel the growing erection in his pants as he gave her the most incredible kiss of her life. The kissing became increasingly intense. She gasped in excitement as his fingers entered her. She ached to have him touch her breasts. he was surprisingly well endowed. right here.. just enough to keep her nipples erect.he really wants me. she thought. fiery intensity that she'd never experienced before. Having her ears nibbled affected her in the same way as having her nipples touched. As Jessica stepped off of the top rung of the ladder. Oh my. as though neither one of them ever wanted to stop. not much larger than a small shower. and he quickly complied as he deftly unhooked her bra's front hook. Slowly. She needn't have worried. Ryan took her by the hand and helped her up a ladder. which gave her goosebumps. She felt him push her panties aside as he quickly slipped two fingers inside of her wetness. and then her breasts. She shivered slightly as a shock wave of pleasure came over her. Of course. His lips were warm and moist. Ryan pulled her into the alcove. and he kissed her with a desperate. and as he did so Jessica felt a wave of joy pass over her. Fortunately. smooth thrust. he moved one hand up her skirt and ripped away her thong panties in one quick motion. What a beautiful cock! I want him. Ryan turned her around to face the wall. She reached out for his firmness and told him. Clumsy me. he ran his free hand up her skirt and between her legs. She reached forward. though no one . she suddenly tripped. she thought to herself. as well as her good fortune. The thought of having sex in the noisy engine room. It seemed that Ryan's great physique didn't stop at his biceps. and he managed to grab her by the waist before she could fall to the floor. She hungrily accepted his tongue and returned his passion with equal intensity. Jessica's thighs were soaking wet and Ryan delicately touched the entrance to her pussy. and Jessica made no attempt to resist. There was something about having her nipples touched that Jessica found irresistible. unzipped his pants and pulled out his firm penis. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him up and down a few times. Ryan removed his fingers and pulled her close to him and kissed her again. even if she screamed in ecstasy. As they kissed. She squealed with delight as he entered her with one long. she felt Ryan's hands gently unbuttoning her blouse. having this gorgeous man interested in her. had Jessica aroused to the point where she thought she was going to explode. I guess. and right now. Now. it was like a jolt of electricity running through her body. She came with a torrent of intensity as she felt Ryan continue to work her saturated pussy and screamed with pleasure. where anyone could come in and see them at any time. in between a large pair of valves. he shouted. “I'm fine. Ryan took her by the hand and pressed her against the wall of the small alcove. Jessica's breasts came loose and Ryan quickly cupped them with his hands. She arched her back and spread her legs a bit in order to give him easier access to her treasures. that had a large number of valves in it. marveling at the beauty of his firmness. especially since they would both likely be fired if anyone caught them. taking time again to pay attention to her hard nipples. It was just so risky and naughty. They stared at each other for a few seconds as Jessica once again stared into those irresistible eyes. which took them out of the view of anyone who might be passing by. It led to a balcony of sorts that gave them both a good view of the entire area.

that everyone on the islands speak English. It helps. as many crew members and most of the passengers are gone for the day. She certainly wasn't going to pass up the chance to spend some time on the beach with Ryan today. but he was gorgeous and an attentive lover. everyone who works onboard eventually just needs the change of pace that comes with the occasional opportunity to go ashore. her wallet and a towel and threw them in an oversized cotton purse and headed down to meet Ryan at the gangway. As he thrusted one final time. Ocho Rios. She never passed up a chance to go ashore in the Caymans under any circumstances. or single college students. On the white beaches of the Caymans. and her time on the ship was almost halfway done. While a lot of the shopping and dining caters to cruise ship tourists. as there isn't a suitable cruise ship dock in the Caymans. Unfortunately. met Ryan. and she found the poverty in the area generally depressing. the trip was a bust. most people who work on a cruise ship are happy with any occasion to get off of the ship. Most of them were either senior citizens. There were. Jessica was no exception. or any industrial spies. She had. I'll meet you at the gangway at 11 o'clock. If she had to spend another five months on board this ship. she felt him come inside her. She grabbed her passport. as ran her hand along his cheek. Would you like to go to the beach?” “I'd love to. along with beautiful beaches. She didn't mind that commitment when she thought she'd come up with a slew of great ideas for books. rather than a corporate mover and shaker or a spy. after all. so far. Ryan said. she asked. she was out of luck. The problem is that she hadn't really had any adventures yet. She slept better that night than she had in months. the amenities offshore don't matter all that much. and he wrapped his arms around her and held her gently for several minutes afterwards while continuing to delicately play with her breasts. “When will I see you again?”. though. however. there's some fine dining and shopping to be enjoyed there. that's a huge problem. to get to shore. who ate dinner at five o'clock and turned in early. No. great places to eat. and they're also fairly safe as such destinations go. so even if she wanted to write the latest twist on Fifty Shades of Grey.” Jessica plopped down on her bed. but on subsequent visits. he was a mechanic. Sure. at least she'd have his company.could hear it in the noisy room. “Someone is certain to come along here soon. “We'd best go”. Jessica never felt as if she were in any danger when she went ashore there. Besides. She hadn't met any captains of industry. as her fair skin tended to burn easily. though she was a bit concerned about her commitment to spending the next five months aboard ship. leaving the ship rather empty and serene. who spent their days at the swimming pools and their nights getting drunk in the bars. Jamaica. however. For cruise ship crew. called a tender. some ports she'd already seen enough of to last a lifetime. she felt herself growing damp. Like most islands in the Caribbean.” They passionately kissed once more and quickly got dressed and he escorted her back to her room. Chapter 6 The Cayman Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. I've got to get back to work. She'd gone ashore there once or twice. Time flies when you're spending all day dealing with hundreds of often-disgruntled passengers. she decided to stay on the ship. “We'll be in the Caymans the day after tomorrow. Spending time thinking about Ryan isn't productive. While the ships certainly have their good points. what was going to happen at the end of her contract? What then? Would she still have a relationship with him? Or would they both go their separate ways and dismiss their time together as a great but brief short-term fling? At least she'd have plenty of time to think about it. they had to take a short ride in a small boat. but she hadn't met any truly interesting passengers. It really isn't so bad staying on board when the ship is in port. Jessica felt all of her worries melt away as he held her in the afterglow. though her tan was improving and she was enjoying her time in the Caribbean. Chapter 5 The next day went by like a breeze for Jessica. too. From there. completely satisfied and totally exhausted. She threw on a not-too-revealing pink bikini and covered it with some khaki shorts and a blue T-shirt. was one such place. and a lot of fun places to shop. and what company! She was tingling at the very thought of his touch. they have great weather most of the time. She certainly hadn't met any billionaires or men with BDSM hangups. such times rarely last. or any larger than life figures. The shopping was only so-so. too. she loved going ashore at nearly every opportunity. Not only that. She also made a point of putting on a fair amount of sunscreen. either. and as she reminisced about their steamy encounter in the engine room. eight months of interesting adventures could lead to a long list of potential best sellers. The Caymans are beautiful. .

It's often better to do major work at night when the demands on the ship's equipment aren't as heavy.. I like a little stubble on a man”. He played with her breasts through her bikini. airy and comfortable. She closed the door flap behind her as she entered. “How do you manage those long hours?” “Sometimes things just need fixing. Soon she had it in her mouth. “I had to work all night. Afterwards.” Jessica noticed that she was starting to burn a bit. but it's ridiculously expensive. and I barely had time to take a shower. She quivered with his every touch. Jessica couldn't get over how good Ryan looked in a bathing suit. the rolling surf. she asked. This is great. She loved buying clothes in the Caribbean as they were colorful. Ryan entered first. while forming a ring with her thumb and index finger. They stripped down to their bathing suits and took a long stroll on the beach. She worked it around his shaft while sucking. As she approached him. he put his arms around her and pressed his lips against hers. I'd love to have a winter home here in the Caymans. hairless chest. “That feels wonderful”. There were two padded lounge chairs inside. anything beats those Pittsburgh winters. he said. of course. Her nipples began to stiffen. and she slid her tongue around his shaft.” “That's OK. he said softly. but she at least wanted to know that something was available for the time being. He had amazing six-pack abs and a smooth..” “How long to you plan to be on the ship?”. She wasn't inexperienced at oral sex by any means. but was covered and could be closed completely in order to change in or out of a bathing suit. Still. so the opportunity to have an enclosed cabana available was a welcome one. enjoying the white sands. she said in reply. they did a bit of shopping. . “I'd like you to come in my mouth”. “You look completely worn out”. Ryan moaned a little more loudly. she said. Jessica ran her hand over his sizable erection. She wanted to spend a lot more time with Ryan from now on. the gentle breeze. As their tongues met. He gave her a kiss and apologized for his appearance as well as the roughness of his face. Jessica thought. Jessica said. as she was in a chatty mood. but she'd never had to handle equipment this large. and each other's company. Ryan and Jessica found an empty cabana and put their belongings inside. Jessica bought a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts. She loved the fact that she could cause this handsome man to moan with pleasure. “but I have to admit that I just love coming here.Ryan was dressed in a pair of jeans and a green Ralph Lauren short sleeved shirt. “Sorry about the stubble”. There's still a lot that the rest of the crew needs to learn about the MHI drive system. Jessica did most of the talking. she knew she'd look cute as a button in it.” “It is nice.” That eased Jessica's concerns a bit. That little bit of stubble was just icing on the cake as far as she was concerned. Jessica thought he looked positively divine. What shall we do?” “Why don't we shop a bit and then spend some time on the beach?” he asked. “Let me take care of you. tired as he was. Perhaps one day. and you can't always do it during the daytime. He had a day or two of stubble and she thought that made him look positively hot. His tight bathing trunks did little to conceal his growing firmness. “Please”. and suggested that they return to the cabana. and the cruise ships often make arrangements for their passengers to use them. I'm worn out. As before. they took a taxi down the road to one of the local hotels. she replied. It's a shame we're only here for a few hours at a time. The cabana was small. but that comes with the job. They continued walking and talked about work and the various ports they'd seen and which ones they hoped to visit next.” She took him deeper into her mouth and began to suck faster. “I want to taste you. Jessica enjoyed the sensation of licking and sucking Ryan as he moved his hips gently forward and backwards. “I enjoyed growing up in St. She wasn't sure about establishing a long-term relationship with another member of the crew. “A few more months. She ran her hand through his hair as he explored her mouth with his tongue. light. She hoped she wouldn't embarrass herself by gagging. He took her hand and they proceeded to board the tender for the ride to shore. Ryan. “We're here until three o'clock. surprised that she would respond so strongly to the touch of a finger. All of the beaches are open to the public. His girth was substantial. She couldn't wait to wear the dress. Louis”. she said. just went ahead and let her talk. They continued to kiss and he touched her cheek with his right hand. Once they got there. with Jessica trailing behind. at least. Don't let this stop. as well as a beautiful pink cotton dress. and she knew that she would soon be wet. she began to tremble slightly at the touch of his lips.” She pulled open the Velcro fly of his swimming trunks and pulled his erect manhood free. The days often get hot there.

Just then. but I should be free anytime after ten. Want to catch a drink afterwards?”.” . she came closer and closer to coming. Jessica replied. Ryan came a few seconds later. As his thrusts quickened. but she wasn't ready for that yet. “Here. They were both dripping with sweat as they returned to reality. and they didn't want to miss it. I'll meet you later. I'll be off around eleven. first to her breasts and then he offered several kisses to her stomach before moving lower to that soft. but I think I want to fuck you. but she wanted more. It was Ryan's. causing Jessica to have an orgasm that hit her like an earthquake. Ryan stood up and stroked his cock a few times to maintain his erection while he applied a condom. She wanted to feel his manhood within her and she wanted it now. Ryan and Jessica spent the next few minutes on the lounge chair. Please don't stop”. The last tender to the ship was leaving in about fifteen minutes. He quickly yielded to her request. The line continued to move slowly. With one smooth thrust. as he caressed her face and hair. It took all the strength she could muster to not come at that very moment. and they made small talk. Ryan's skilled tongue brought her close to an orgasm. “I have to take this call while I'm still on shore. “Please make love to me. “I'm so wet. He teased her by slowly entering and pulling out. as the ship was going to pull anchor and leave within the hour. She thought that would be a great time to put on that cute pink dress she'd bought earlier today. He took one of the lounge chairs and adjusted it so that it was lying flat. Lie down on the chair. Lots of people tend to linger on shore a bit longer than they should. the passengers needed to be accommodated. She ran her hands over Ryan's toned pecs and wished they could just stay there on the beach forever. She thought she was pretty enough. so the last few tenders are often fairly full. tasting her flowing juices. a cell phone rang.” Jessica shook with pleasure at hearing the eagerness in his words. and she hugged him tightly as his body tensed from his own powerful orgasm. he said. Jessica squirmed as Ryan continued to lick and gently suck. I've got to put in some time myself. but no one had ever called her that.” Ryan removed his trunks and kissed her lips. I'd like to hold him inside forever. “I've got to put in about six hours at the Passenger Services desk tonight. With each of his strokes. While she rarely thought of herself as a great beauty. right here and right now”. This is as good as it gets. the stops are a nice occasional perk of the job. He was gentle. she moaned in desperation. only penetrating an inch or two for the first few strokes. she was pretty sure that seeing her in that dress would knock Ryan's eyes out. Jessica asked. Ryan pushed all of himself into her. He continued the kissing. As he did so. she said. they could not. They approached the dock and stood in line to catch the tender. and Ryan and Jessica needed to do their jobs. and she knew this orgasm was going to be tremendous. and the stops along the way are the entire point of the cruise. The thought of Ryan getting excited got her excited. Jessica experienced the closest thing she had ever known to complete bliss and satisfaction as his cock seemed to touch every nerve within her. wet mound of flesh between her legs. But the job comes first. hoping to hold him inside. The time spent on the beach was nice. They got dressed. gathered their things and made their way back to town to catch the tender back to the ship. Of course. and entered her slowly. You go ahead. she thought. too. She took his tongue eagerly and did her best to let him know that she was his to do with as he pleased. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She shook almost uncontrollably as wave after wave of carnal bliss washed over her like the Cayman surf outside the cabana. She wanted to feel him inside her. The ship had to leave. Cruises are for passengers.“That's sweet.” Jessica wondered if anything could possibly be better than this. I need you inside me now. Ryan nibbled on her right ear. Jessica removed her bikini and got on her back on the padded chair. but that meant that they both needed to put in some time in their respective departments later that day. She spread her legs slightly as his tongue moved in and out. stepped out of the line and said. Ryan was driving Jessica wild with his teasing. For crew members. An orgasm right now would be amazing. “I want all of you”. “Sure. How about if I meet you at eleven thirty at the crew bar?” “That will be great”. Jessica tightened her legs. She wanted to feel his fullness as it stretched her aching pussy to its limit. He looked at the phone.

wondering how he was going to find his way back to the ship. The office fairly small and had a couple of desks. Jessica looked back and saw Ryan having a rather animated conversation on his phone. Besides. as she couldn't remember what she was supposed to be doing for more than a few seconds at a time. I'm sorry. remember?” “Oh. two computer terminals. but she couldn't keep her mind on her work. The ship had long since left port. ------------------------------------------At 6 AM. What was that phone call all about? Did Ryan get back to the ship? “Miss. It was just a place to conduct business. Yes. But come it did. but it's better to have an available cell than not. There wasn't much she could do tonight. The burly man held out a photograph. She'd get distracted. There are rarely problems with violent crimes on cruise ships.. She began to grow more concerned. right on schedule. “Do you know this man?”. nobody is friendly at 6 AM. After all. a scent called Lovely. as the last tender had just arrived.” She quickly threw on some jeans and a T-shirt. They'd agreed to meet at the crew bar and she was there at eleven thirty. just in case. She put on that adorable pink dress and a cute pair of Steve Madden wedge sandals that she'd been saving to wear on a special occasion. “What is this about?” “Please get dressed and come with us.. She quickly threw on a robe and opened the door slowly. Chapter 7 Jessica put in her time at the Passenger Services desk that evening. There were a couple of portholes to let in a bit of early morning light. and the cruise line didn't hire these people for their congeniality. hoping to see some sort of message from Ryan. This is the last tender. Jessica was awakened by a pounding on her door.Right then. He's going to miss it! The tender began the trip back to the Ocean Enchantment with Jessica onboard and Ryan still on shore.Miss. ship security is serious business. the office wasn't particularly attractive. Where is the signed check?” “You're holding it in your hand!” It went like that for the entirety of Jessica's shift. put her hair in a ponytail and followed them to the security office. they must be a hundred miles from the Caymans by now. Then again. let me take care of that for you. but on the whole. Nothing. Hello! You were trying to cash a traveler's check for me.” “Could you come with us. and he never did arrive. She looked back at him in panic. he asked. Outside stood two members of the ship security team. the queue moved quite a bit. What happened to Ryan? She needed to find out. Eleven o'clock couldn't come soon enough. Ryan did say that he'd be along and that he'd meet her. and a small holding cell in the corner for the occasional criminal. Jessica went to bed crying and spent a fitful night trying to sleep. But how? She'd never been to his cabin and didn't know even know the name of his roommate. and she grew concerned. please?” He didn't seem to be particularly friendly. and the passengers were obviously becoming a bit short tempered with her. which was leaving port within the hour. “Yes. . and she quickly ran downstairs to her room to get dressed. She waited for an hour.. she'd had a long day and needed to work early tomorrow. asked a burly man security man with a mustache. and she didn't want to show up in that dull khaki skirt and white blouse uniform. Ryan was nowhere to be found. as she was clearly preoccupied. He was gone. She went back to her room and checked her email. She really wanted to make an impression on Ryan tonight. She touched up her makeup and put on a bit of her favorite perfume. A harbor employee was frantically trying to get everyone on board. “Jessica Steel?”.

and possibly in trouble with the law. the police were there to talk to her. I'd never seen it.It was a photo of Ryan. What else can I do? Chapter 8 The next few weeks were grueling for Jessica. “Good morning. She met with Detective Johnson. Did he make it back to the ship?” “We don't know. When the ship docked in Miami. but you are prohibited from leaving the ship until further notice. she wondered. She wasn't even sure which one. I'll just have to be patient. “He told me that he was a mechanic.. In the meantime. He took me on a tour of that part of the ship. I guess all of these things will sort themselves out in time. at least. Jessica fidgeted nervously in her chair. though the passengers had undoubtedly seen better service than they'd received from her today. She was really eager to find out what happened to him and to find out the truth about whether he was really a spy. one of the great perks of working on a ship. Stevens may be an industrial some country or another. and I thought it might be interesting. she was forbidden to leave the ship. who met her in an empty office at the port.” “Are you sure? The ship has surveillance video of you and Mr. Our evidence and surveillance video suggests that he was here to steal a copy of the software that runs MHI's new drive system. thin man. Stevens in the ship's engine room. thank you. who didn't appear to have much of a sense of humor. did eventually come to an end.” “I have no involvement with Ryan Stevens.” .” “Why?” “It appears that Mr. That's all I know. We're looking for him ourselves. Sunsets. Jessica took a walk on one of the upper decks to watch the sunset. Jessica's heart began to race.” Jessica realized that she was a bit overdue for work at the Passenger Services desk. and that included the engine room. We were friends. Ryan a spy? How could that be? How could an industrial spy infiltrate the ship's mechanical crew? “We've had a couple of drinks and a date or two. were. “I had nothing to do with that.” Jessica bristled at the suggestion.” Jessica was nervous. After her shift was over. He was.” The burly man with the mustache looked at her sternly. They were always beautiful. cordial. “You know that only authorized personnel are allowed in the engine room. We spent some time on the beach yesterday and he missed the last tender back to the ship. “Yes! That's Ryan Stevens! He got left on shore in Grand Cayman. What were you doing down there with him?” He took a sip of his coffee from a Styrofoam cup. in deep trouble with ship's security. We had a couple of drinks. Miss Steel. That's all I know. He was a tall. What am I supposed to do now?. I met him on the ship. Cup of coffee?” “No. Somehow. He disappeared. She didn't want to spend the next five months on the ship. she didn't think that Detective Johnson would appreciate that or find it amusing. We had a date on the beach. “Am I under arrest or something?” “Not at the moment. steamy sex in that engine room.. Stevens engage in espionage. like all work days. That is all. especially without Ryan. How well do you know him? Do you know where he's gone?” Jessica's mind was racing. “Please tell me about your involvement with Ryan Stevens.” Jessica didn't mention that she and Ryan had engaged in some hot. Your presence there suggests that you may have been helping Mr. and we were hoping you could tell us. How was she supposed to get any work done now? Is Ryan really a spy? How could I have been so foolish to fall for him? And how am I supposed to get through my remaining months of my work contract? I can't even leave the ship! The day. after all. We may have some further questions for you later. You may go.

over and over. It was a great day to shop. as shipbuilder MHI is a Japanese company. Chapter 9 The next day was a typical day in the Cayman Islands . do some shopping and have herself a good time. as it would be great to just have a girls' day out. . and even with officials from the Japanese government. but the faces that went with those problems changed weekly. and it wasn't too hot. We can lend you some clothing until your bags arrive at the next port. he was in a Japanese prison. You may go. But then again . I'm sorry that I can't help you further.” “Fine. What became tiring was the passengers' reactions.” Jessica was relieved that her time on the ship would be up in another two months. Kristin joined her. Miss Steel. Jessica wasn't sure. “That's the only story I have. But it does become tiresome when you can't leave. After weeks at sea. While the video of Jessica and Ryan in the ship's engine room was pretty damning. He left her without warning. the ship's security officials told Jessica that she was free to leave the ship when in port. cruise line officials. The day was sunny and cloudless. of course. The Ocean Enchantment was due back in the Cayman Islands the following day. and he left her to be grilled. Sure. She had almost identical interviews with the police in the Cayman Islands. Cruise ships are fun. Jessica thought to herself. Jessica was feeling pretty conflicted about Ryan right now. she didn't expect to see Ryan again. had a couple of dates.“That's your story? You just met this man. after all. and you just happened to accompany him to the very part of the ship that interested him as a spy?” His look suggested that he didn't believe a word she was saying. They had come to the conclusion that she likely didn't have any additional information about Ryan Stevens to give them. with representatives from the cruise line. she'd never have become involved with him. This wasn't the first time that Jessica had been interviewed by the police. She didn't know any more about Ryan than they did. plumbing problems and financial issues. by detectives. that in addition to being an exceptional thief. at all. grabbed her purse and took the tender to shore. even for employees. For all she knew. and there is plenty to do. and Jessica gave them the same answers. not to mention the incredible sex she'd had with him. how she'd react if she saw Ryan again. which was almost always to blame her for the missing luggage. “What am I supposed to wear to dinner tonight?” “I'm sorry. ma'am.” This was the third time today that Jessica had been accused of essentially losing luggage herself.gorgeous. I'm a spy?” She was angry with Ryan. It was nice to set foot on dry land again. she was still keeping busy at the Passenger Services desk. “By the way. Except. “I don't know how you could have been so careless”.” He stood up and held the door open for her. She didn't mind helping someone who had lost their luggage. won't you?” “Yes. “I certainly hope so”. hang on the beach. one woman exclaimed. land can feel strange. The problems themselves tended to be the same . and even while shopping in the stores. He also left her with the lingering memories of the warm touch of his hands and his lips. Had she known he was a spy. and government agents. After six months on the ship. It's a good thing they didn't catch the sex on camera. She was hoping that Kristin would be able to come along.” “Thank you for your time. I'll be in Miami roughly once a week for the next few months. or just walk around and look at the sights. even though she was standing on a cement floor. there was a gentle breeze. the video didn't actually show the two of them doing anything unusual. I still have several months left on my contract and I intend to fulfill it. he was also an exceptional lover. it is rather difficult enjoying a cruise when you don't have a bathing suit or even a single change of clothes. In the meantime. It's the truth. he'd deceived her. and the nature of the cruise business meant that she had thousands of new passengers to solve problems for every week. Then again. police. Jessica put on a pink sun dress and a cute white hat. You will make yourself available if I need to ask you some more questions. Jessica was beginning to get a bit worn down by the strains of working in customer service. “I can't wear these clothes every day for a week. ------------------------------------------After a few weeks. and Jessica was determined to leave the ship. She felt hurt and deceived. the woman huffed. Jessica occasionally thought she felt the ship moving. They all asked the same questions.what kind of spy tells people. That's the best that I can do. She was also delighted that she was now able to leave the ship when it was in port.lost luggage.

” “At least you had something for a little while. It wasn't a fancy place. I'm fine. Never mind.” “Perhaps we should go to the beach next”. “Yes.” They paid their bill and took a taxi back towards the ship. along with a Margarita. and then he turned out to be something else. Kristin said between French fries.” “I'm not even sure what happened with Ryan. and the umbrellas made the place comfortable.It's a disconcerting feeling. fries and a beer. Unfortunately. Something about that guy just creeped me out. Ryan quickly turned to leave. wait a minute. she was only going to be on land for five or six hours. Kristin tried on a red bikini. I don't care. and one that doesn't pass for several days. Jessica bought a cute pair of earrings and a matching necklace. I thought we had something between us. and then he was just gone. said Jessica. We just didn't seem like a good fit. This guy had gotten her in a lot of trouble. I'm fine. “Excuse me. “NO! You're a criminal. Let's do a bit more shopping before we go back to the ship. Jessica just spent a moment enjoying her day on dry land. This was an informal restaurant that had plastic tables with umbrellas and a number of wild birds just sort of roaming about. Kristin asked. . In one shop. but right now. “Jessica. so she just had to deal with it. and ordered a small rack and a salad. Jessica wasn't really all that crazy about beards. “Are you OK?”. Even though Jessica hated messy foods as a rule.” Just then. “Ryan! What are you doing here? No.” They both laughed.” As they finished their lunch. but they made a great rack of ribs and a decent burger. She turned around and there was Ryan. And then she came back to Earth. I told him that I wasn't interested. “You look gorgeous”. If I don't call the cops. If you don't let go. as she wiped barbecue sauce off of her cheek. Please give me two minutes of your time. as that voice was instantly recognizable. We need to talk. she loved ribs. Kristin ordered a burger. even on the hottest of days.” “Kristin is going to be back any minute. Kristin excused herself to use the ladies' room. I'd like to stay on the ship for a couple more years. but nothing serious came of it. Jessica shivered for an instant. Let's go.” “What happened to that guy you were seeing”. “Who was that?”. Jessica couldn't help but notice how her skin tingled when Ryan touched her.” He grabbed her arm as she stood up to leave. Get away from me. said a male voice.” She got up to leave. and was wearing sunglasses. “Jessica. and cute beachwear. she thought Ryan looked positively hot. “You could probably land a guy in about five minutes if you were wearing that on the beach right now. He'd grown a beard. Is this seat taken?”. I can explain everything. I'm going to call the cops now!” Ryan let go. You've gotten me in trouble with the authorities from three different countries. she asked. That's all. Kristin came around the corner. “I'm really sorry about what happened with Ryan”. They talked a bit about their love lives. I'm still not ready to leave dry land. she will. a short sleeved Polo shirt and some fairly new Levis. but he was ready to leave. and they took a taxi down the main road towards Seven Mile Beach to find some lunch.” “Did he try to hurt you? Maybe you should call the police. but wouldn't stop trying to talk to her. too. Spending some time on shore with Kristin was helpful. She tried to ignore it. Kristin replied with a grin. They decided to dine at a rustic outdoor restaurant called Sloppy Joe's. Kristin noticed that Jessica seemed a bit uncomfortable. Just a guy trying to pick me up. as it got Jessica's mind off of all of the problems she'd been having lately. “He sounded pretty hot. Kristin asked. Really. “No one.” “No. They visited the local shops and looked at jewelry and T-shirts. I don't have anybody. “We had a few dates.

I had planned to tell you everything. and she didn't her to see Ryan. I'm involved in industrial espionage. “It's true that I am a spy. He sat down and joined her. After they finished their coffee.” She stood up to leave. I am a spy. “It's been a long time. 'not exactly'?” She took a sip of her latte. by the way. I steal things for hire. I'm not sure why I'd protect this guy. but they haven't been able to prove it. they decided to head back to the ship. Besides. She told a way. tried on some more clothes. They also believe that MHI has infringed on their patents for their drive systems. and that you were only on the ship to steal some software or something having to do with the engines. Jessica was certain that she could see Ryan out of the corner of her eye. But I wasn't on the ship to steal the software.Eastern Shipworks. but she was too angry with him to sit down and talk. “You go ahead. “Sit down. “Do you have any idea what you've put me through?” “I'm sorry about that. Not exactly. angrily. Please hear me out.. Kristin was with her. I'm also pretty good at .” “Not long enough”. “I do have some talents. What is this all about?”. “Let's go get a cup of coffee. I'm good with a wrench.” Jessica added some sugar to her coffee. “Some of that is true. That's my specialty. He's a criminal. Jessica found a table in the corner while Ryan got a couple of lattes.” “That sounds like something for lawyers to work out.” She took another sip of coffee. You win.” “What do you mean. They also said that you're a criminal and that you're going to go to jail if they catch you. They're one of the biggest shipbuilders in the world. I steal from people who need to have things stolen from them. but I'm also really good with computer software. You're not going to get arrested. the lawyers would work that out. She turned quickly and saw him duck behind a sign. but Jessica couldn't keep her mind off of Ryan. Eastern thinks that MHI is building ships now that use their designs and software. What have they told you about me?” “They've told me that you're an industrial spy. At Ryan's urging. “You look beautiful”. The walked the short distance to the pier and got in line to board the tender. standing behind a sign for a glass bottomed boat business. but I don't steal from just anyone. and looked at some more jewelry.” “I don't understand.” “And what makes you so special?” Jessica gave a look that suggested that she didn't believe a word that Ryan was saying. “You are a spy? I could get arrested just by being seen with you. I think they're too cute to leave behind..” He took her by the hand and they walked to a small coffee shop a couple of blocks off of the main road.” Jessica was reluctant. he said.” “I was hired by a shipbuilding company .” Kristin went ahead and got on the tender. “OK. Anything that improves efficiency by even one percent could save thousands of dollars per day in fuel costs. sure. but she sat down to give him a listen. But a criminal? I'm not so sure about that. These ships consume unbelievable amounts of fuel. there was no one there. I'm going to go back and buy a pair of earrings that I tried on earlier. Kristin was putting together quite a stack of bargain clothing. “Hold on”. “I work freelance.” Ryan just smiled. That's per ship. she said. she asked impatiently. What did he want? What is he doing here? Has he been here for the past three months? Of course. if they had proof. She found him a few yards away. So they hired me.” “Tell me everything? When? When were you going to do that?” “Remember that night I got left on shore? I was going to tell you later that evening when we met for a drink.They visited a couple of other stores. A minute later. again grabbing her arm. Jessica went looking for Ryan. she'd know the answer to these questions if she'd taken the time to talk to him back at the restaurant. “Yes. but when she turned to take a better look. he said. she thought she saw him again.

” They got up to leave. She could feel her juices running down her thighs as Ryan's probing fingers massaged the wet folds of her private parts. but right now.. and started to walk back towards the ship.” “I'll think about it. His tongue danced on her lips for a second and then found its way into her mouth. She kept replaying their meeting over and over in her mind. it's worth hundreds of millions of dollars in court. As she regained her senses. “I really must get back to the ship. Or did she? Jessica was still feeling quite conflicted about Ryan.” “You really don't trust me. Not now. as Jessica knew she was seconds away from a torrent of pleasure regardless. “I want you to come. she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Come for me. Jessica still hadn't gotten over her chance encounter with Ryan. but she was soaking down there. and if possible. She took a minute or two to compose herself. She exploded with an orgasm that shook her from head to toe. to get a copy of the software that they were using to run them. Be patient. She wanted to resist. She met his tongue with hers and was astonished at the intensity of his desire. but at the same time. Really. do you?” “Not so much. Ryan. Jessica didn't know if Ryan was a good guy or a criminal. He was kissing her. lingering. Jessica couldn't hold back any longer. Chapter 10 Two weeks later. He took his hand and rubbed her most intimate place through her dress. without getting caught. I need to get away. As he continued to stimulate her. she thought. slipping two fingers into her panties. such as a cruise line. He pulled her to him and pressed his lips against hers. She stood there in the alley. As they walked past a narrow alley. Jessica just stood there quivering. We can't do this. pressing his lips so firmly against hers that she didn't think that anything could pull them apart. and Jessica quickly became aware of the intensity of her own arousal. Ryan stopped about a block from the pier.infiltrating just about any place of business. That's kind of useful.” “So you were on the ship to look at the engines?” “Partly. Her nipples slowly became erect as Ryan's tongue continued probing. She wanted more. I must stop least most of the way. She was not only getting wet. I was there to photograph the engines. and then she took the tender back to the ship. she felt that she should get away.” Not wanting to be seen by the authorities.” “I can prove it. “I can prove that everything I've told you is true. His kissing became even more passionate. and kissing her in a way that turned her to jelly. He's a criminal. . Can I go now? I don't want to be late getting back to the ship.” “I know. his smell. As they continued to kiss. I have to go.” Ryan was insistent. Jessica moaned softly. Give me time and I'll prove that I'm telling the truth. but she couldn't. and his firm grasp.” He gave her one more slow. penetrating kiss. and then he was gone.” Ryan pulled her back towards him and kissed her again. and if they can prove it. I have to go. She missed his lips. She slowly pulled away. and in time you will see. She tried to resist. but he did it so quickly that she didn't have time to respond. she wanted Ryan to kiss her all along. shaking from the explosive wave of pleasure. still shaken by the magnitude of the orgasm he'd given her in the alley. Eastern is sure that the software that MHI is using is a copy of theirs. I shouldn't be doing this. “No. she came a second and then a third time.. Ryan grabbed Jessica's arm and pulled her aside. exploring. Ryan rubbed her more aggressively. It didn't really matter what Ryan wanted. He broke their kiss and said. she said. I'll walk you back. Jessica's skin tingled all over as if she were on fire. Even though Jessica was reluctant to admit it.” “And why should I believe you? That's a pretty farfetched story.

Any idea what this is about?”. Jessica had a huge smile on her face. she did what she was told and she went to her room and began to pack her things. and after being cleared by customs. Good luck with your next ship. so she gave Jessica a quick hug. she heard a familiar voice. I just saw it on the news. Jessica asked as she pulled a suitcase from the closet. No one had ever heard of anything like this happening before. once again. The ship was typically empty of passengers for about three hours in between cruises. Kris. Jessica's heart fluttered for a moment as she looked him over. “Ryan! The cruise ship.” “Thanks. She didn't know what it was about Ryan that excited her so. We regret to inform you that due to legal action. the police. and reached over to wipe it away. we apologize for the inconvenience. or whatever it is you're going to do's been impounded. Those of you who are within 90 days of the end of your contracts will be released. duffel bags and backpacks.” “I'm so sorry that I didn't believe you. The Ocean Enchantment made its weekly stop in Miami two days later. She found an interesting Cuban restaurant and grabbed a seat. Is this seat taken?” It was. however. This was the weekly stop where one set of passengers disembarked. She didn't. All others are to meet with the agents in the next room. I wish you well with your writing. The information I provided to Eastern Shipworks was a big part of that. Please meet in large room outside of the customs area.” Ryan saw a tear coming from her eye. “Hi. With all of the crew members present. I just didn't know what to do. “No..” They gathered their belongings and hauled them down the gangway. “May I have your attention. Everyone is to be off of the ship within two hours. Jessica bought a one-way ticket home and checked her bags. and everyone was overly bogged down with suitcases. They passed through the customs area. Ryan.” Jessica was almost beside herself with happiness. Repeat: All crew members of the Ocean Enchantment are to gather their personal belongings and disembark immediately. she'd never encountered anything like this during their weekly stops in Miami. find the thought of being romantically involved with a criminal to be all that appealing. Jessica decided that it was probably time to return to her apartment and her roommate. Kristin still had six months left on her contract.. so she decided to get a bite to eat before she went through security. A representative of the cruise line began speaking over a bullhorn. . Nevertheless. She was free to return to whatever life she had before. I told you that I was telling the truth. but just thinking about his touch made her tingle. only to be replaced by another set just a few hours later. Kristin was already there. He was clean shaven and looked positively dreamy. I've been on cruise ships for years and I've never seen anything like this. an announcement was made to the crew over the ship's public address system: All crew members of the Ocean Enchantment are to gather their personal belongings and disembark immediately. “Excuse me. Would she visit him in prison? Would she wait for him for years while he served out his sentence? Or should she simply forget about him and move on? These thoughts began to consume her. As the last of the passengers left the ship.. Jess. The line was rather long. We do not know when the ship will be permitted to sail again.” The cruise line had arranged transportation to the airport for anyone who wished to fly home. Once again.everybody. the Ocean Enchantment has been temporarily removed from service. Kris. She just knew that Ryan had something to do with this morning's events. Her contract had been terminated. they met in the adjacent room. She noticed that she still had about two hours before her flight was to leave. “I know. It has to do with the lawsuit over the drive system. Jessica realized that her time on a cruise ship was over. the room was quite crowded and rather loud. They will provide you with your next ship assignment. as everyone was talking at once. While she was looking over the menu. At the Miami airport.” The room erupted in chaos of conversation.. Jessica thought that this was rather odd..though most of the replays centered on their quick but passionate encounter in the alley. please. I was under pressure from the cruise line. Amber. “It's been great.

the thought of spending some extra time with Ryan was pretty appealing. His soft. especially after all the stress she'd endured over the past few months. Jessica. Jessica shrugged and went on to her gate to catch her flight.“It's OK now. Ryan.” Ryan then gave her one of those unforgettable kisses. mail. Jessica wasn't sure she'd done the right thing by returning home right away. They held hands as they walked through the concourse. 40 hour week. Ryan asked.” “Goodbye. When will I see him again? Will I seem him again. I'm not in any kind of trouble.” She smiled at him.” She showed her boarding pass to the security agent. thinking that perhaps she should have stayed in Miami for a few days. “I'm not doing anything for a while. she stared out the window. What I really need is to go home and get some rest. I was so worried about you. Being a spy actually pays pretty well. and that head-to-toe tingling returned once more. Customer service isn't really my calling”. I'm sorry. it's time to move on and go home. I just paid a lot of money for a one way ticket. I travel a lot. Why don't you spend a few days with me in Miami?”. What about you?” “I'm just going home to Denver. I have to go home. but I don't have a regular schedule. “Not this time. she was just worn out. “I think my days of working on a cruise ship are permanently over. and the thought of just lingering in a hotel and making love whenever it suited them was pretty appealing.” They chatted for a while longer. anyway?”. she said. ------------------------------------------Jessica arrived home without incident. “May I call you? I'd love to see you again. The work finds me. she asked.” “I'm happy to hear that. Goodbye. He was gone. A few days later. and laundry. “That's nice of you.” he said with a grin. No. Still. She spent a few days catching up on sleep. It's not as though I work a regular.” She gave him her cell phone number. but no. As she flew home. but I really just want to go home right now. At the same time. Jessica did like the idea of spending a few days with Ryan. “When will I hear from you?” “You never know. What would be the harm? I'm exhausted right now. and then turned to look at Ryan one more time. she sat down with her laptop and began typing: The Sea Thief Chapter 1 .” “Absolutely. it is sort of what I do. Besides. and she and Amber quickly got caught up on each other's news.” “How do you find these jobs. “I'm pretty well connected in a number of industries. ever? Even as her plane landed. So what will you do now? More spying?” “Well.” “I can cover that for you. “I have to go now. Ryan escorted her to security. laughing. moist lips met hers. and Jessica realized that she needed to get to her gate to catch her flight home. They shared the most passionate of kisses for a moment or two.

To look at Bryan Robbins. Jessica beamed. you'd never suspect that he was an international spy. standing six feet tall with wavy brown hair and piercing hazel eyes.. but he also had this disarming quality that suggested that there was nothing dangerous about him. The End of Seduction of Steel . She was a writer again. he had good looks.. Sure.

.but I don't know when I'll see you again. Jessica finished her time on the ship. Not by text. fresh from her job at a local coffee shop. as she was quite outgoing and it gave her a great opportunity to meet people. ------------------------------------------Jessica Steel hit the “save” key on her laptop with a self-satisfied smile on her face. With the authorities just one step behind. “I love you. She also had quite a bit of writing to do. But Jennifer knew in her heart that he was a good man and that she'd see him again.. strong. an industrial spy who was on board the ship to steal some software from the ship as evidence for a lawsuit. but the time spent in the Caribbean was entertaining. Not by phone call. Amber came in the door of their apartment just a few minutes later. I love you. promising that she'd hear from him again.. She had friends and family she hadn't seen in quite a while. and Jessica was confident that The Sea Thief would once again put her at the top of the best seller lists. it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him. thus ensuring a steady income as well as helping her avoid another run of writer's block. If I have to wait ten years or more. “Typical. “So. But she had months of mail to catch up to. and she'd returned home to Denver. Jessica smiled again as she thought of Ryan.Vegas Encounter Chapter 1 . she had to spend months on a cruise ship to find the inspiration she was looking for. Sold a lot of coffee. they'd yet to really spend much time talking. Part One. He was also. she finally was able to finish her next book. She had also met Ryan Stevens. For a short time. “It's OK. too. Granted. and they'd had a steady relationship for some time now.Bryan looked into Jennifer's eyes. Had a few guys flirt with me. she could create an entire series of books based upon her adventures with Ryan. Amber. For now..” Bryan kissed her once more and then he was gone. OK?” A half an hour later. Jessica had a lot of catching up to do. Bryan. . but the authorities eventually sorted all of that out.” she said with a laugh.” Jennifer brushed away a tear. and had a pair of piercing hazel eyes that made her weak in the knees. how are you and Jason doing?” Jessica asked. as it turned out. After suffering months of agony from writer's block. Jessica had been home for a month. That was a month ago. The whole adventure with Ryan and the spying and the dreamy Caribbean settings gave her just the inspiration she needed to get writing again. she met some interesting people. Her residual income from her previously published books had helped pay the rent at the apartment she shared with Amber Mitchell. so that wasn't a problem. She'd been working there for about two years and loved it. She hadn't yet heard from him. Perhaps soon. Not that she cared. Good day at work?” Jessica asked.. With luck. they grabbed a table at The Light House. I understand. and I'm ready to celebrate. but as Amber was often working and Jessica had been busy writing. Not by email. a local bar. none of them were creepy today. She'd met him on the ship and thought he was just a mechanic. She wasn't too concerned about it. Ryan was quite the lover. He was gorgeous. “How was your day?” “I just finished my new book. Just give me a few minutes to clean up. After all of that time away from home. Yes. she wanted to spend some time with her roommate and celebrate the completion of her book. I will. Fortunately. End of The Sea Thief. She'd met her boyfriend Jason there. and Ryan kissed her goodbye at the Miami airport. Jessica could submit the book for publication tomorrow. and she was able to take huge volumes of notes that she might be able to use later for other books. “Hi.. Ryan's legal problems became Jessica's legal problems. They met for a couple of dates and had engaged in some sex that was so steamy that just thinking about it had Jessica squirming in her chair. Wanna go out for a drink?” “Sure. They each ordered a drink and got to chatting. Amber and Jessica had a lot of catching up to do.

Even if you don't hear from him again. Being involved with a spy who was also a brilliant. I had hoped that we had something special between us. the sex was amazing. Amber. Jess. It would be great to see you married. attentive lover was better. “I don't know that I'd put it that way.” “Please.” “You've been spoiled by that spy. Regular guys with normal jobs aren't good enough for you anymore.” “It'll be OK.” Jessica replied. It might be worth keeping in touch with him just to get more story ideas. They had another drink. Sure. There are a half a dozen guys in here tonight who'd be happy to buy you a drink. but it's looking like I was just another woman he met while on the job. Jason.” She took a slow sip of her drink and smiled. “Don't sell yourself short. Masturbation was OK. I just want sex and a relationship..” “Sorry. But I'm just not in the mood right now. “Was he that good?” Jessica just smiled. Not that she paid much attention. though that part of him was sexy. “I'm still hoping to hear from Ryan again. Good sex is hard to find. are they?” Amber winked at her. He's been promoted at the auto parts store. with shoulder-length blond hair.” She pointed to her left hand. I think you two make a cute couple. ------------------------------------------Jessica walked into her bedroom and began to get ready for bed. but most of his work ends up being resolved by lawyers.or take you home. I don't think there's a lot of danger involved. either. Jess. She sighed. I was just thinking about a day I spent on the beach with Ryan.. She might meet a lot of guys before she met someone like that again.” Amber is right. “No. yes and no.” “Still. and got some good ideas for your books.. Let's just say I'm not ready to start dating right now. And you're still hot. Jessica found herself getting aroused just thinking about that day on the beach. She'd brushed her teeth. and a shapely derrière that rarely went unnoticed.. He told me that most of his work was actually kind of dull.. I'm hoping that he'll propose before too long.” Jessica was pretty enough.” “I keep dreaming. and went back to the apartment. “You OK. Have you heard from him since you got back?” Jessica sighed.. anyway. as she was happy with her boyfriend. he has to go sneaking about. I'm beginning to think he was just leading me on. and chatted some more about the rent. “The sex was nice. he apparently is a real spy and his work usually involves industrial secrets of some sort. You could probably pick up a guy here tonight if you wanted to. changed into her favorite pink nightie and was getting . she'd just have to spend a lot of time getting reacquainted with her vibrator.but I'd hoped for something more. but it was nothing compared to the orgasms that Ryan had given her. But Amber was a striking redhead with a nearly perfect figure who simply stopped traffic wherever she went.“We're doing great. Jess. new neighbors and other trivial matters.. You had some great experiences on that ship. and knew exactly how and where to touch Jessica in ways that simply made her quiver..” “Isn't all spy work dangerous?” “Well. It's not as though Ryan goes around sabotaging factories or anything. Jessica thought. though. They're all looking at you.” “Don't sell good sex short. Ryan was hot. She wasn't sure she'd ever have sex like that ever again.” “You're sweet. I don't think he's like James Bond. In the meantime. a cute button nose. It wasn't just that Ryan was a spy. tell me more about Ryan.” “Oh. Being involved with a spy was good.” She sighed again. Is he really a spy? Kind of like James Bond?” “Yes. if you'd let them.Look around. it sounds more interesting than a boyfriend who works at an auto parts store. though. Somehow.” “That would be nice. “I'm ready for this finger to have a ring. Jess? You seem a bit lost. a one night stand with an accountant or a bartender just didn't seem all that appealing after having hot sex on a tropical beach with a spy.

I understand that they've got a nice steak place there. I didn't mean to wake you. you could get any man you want. with that dress.” Jessica spent some time fidgeting with her hair and makeup. “I'm so happy for you. Where shall we eat?” “I'm staying at the Ritz-Carlton. You look awesome. I thought I'd see if you were interested in having me pay you a visit. Jessica loved reading erotica. Is that OK with you?” “That would be great. Finally. so she went back to reading her love story. “When will you be here?” “I should be there tomorrow afternoon. Is that OK with you?” “That will be great. Talk to you tomorrow. she was more than willing to do her part. and I've had a skirmish or two with the police here and there. Chapter 2 The following day. She changed earrings three times. I'm just wrapping up a job here and then I'm free for a couple of days.” Jessica was positively giddy. I'm in Nashville.” Jessica couldn't sleep. I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch. “Can I go back to sleep now?” “Sorry. I'm at the airport. That was fine with her. and if she had to read a lot of steamy sex books as part of her job. Are you still up for dinner?” “I'm up for anything. She couldn't stop thinking about Ryan and now good it was going to feel to be in his arms again. She liked both reading and writing. I'll meet you at the restaurant. Jessica. . she decided that she'd done all that she could with her appearance.” “Thanks. The fact that she needed to read all of the currently popular authors' works in order to stay trendy was a bonus as far as she was concerned. Just to be safe. “Hi. “Amber.” “Isn't it always complicated with you? Where are you now? Some dungeon or jail somewhere?” “Actually.ready to do a bit of reading on her Kindle. Amber was already in bed. and ran out into the hall to tell Amber. Jessica had just crawled into bed and was about to start reading a book called His Every Whim when her cell phone rang. Or at least she tried. “Hello?” “Jessica? This is Ryan. I'll give you a call from the airport and then we can meet for dinner. but finally settled on a spaghetti strap little black dress and some matching Jimmy Choo pumps. “Jess. and she was determined to look her best for him.” “I'd love to see you!” Jessica could barely contain herself. One of the things she really liked about being a writer of erotic literature was that it was actually necessary to read a lot of erotica in order to “keep up” with the genre. She grabbed her purse and keys and went to her car.” Amber said. See you then. she managed to doze off.” “Ryan! It's good to hear from you!” But why didn't I hear from you sooner? she thought. I've been in and out of the country. Jess.” Jessica spent quite a bit of time worrying about what to wear. She wanted to make her reunion with Ryan a memorable one. falling asleep with her Kindle in her hands. Eventually. Ryan called as promised at about 4 PM. It's a bit complicated. how do I look?” “Jess. she got a second opinion from her roommate. Is six o'clock a good time?” “That will be perfect.

anyone can make it or sell it. Ryan met her at the door. “Did you say that you wrote a book about me?” Ryan asked.” “You don't think being a spy is interesting work?” “I think people misunderstand what I do. Most of what I do is pretty boring.” Ryan looked a bit embarrassed. Well. He also looked incredibly fit. being a spy does pay well after all. really. She thought that little bit of stubble made him look so sexy.” “If two people already know the recipe. He looked great. Neither is my job. I wrote a book that was inspired by you. rather than imposing. adjusting her hair the whole way. I'll fill you in over dinner. He looked great in his Polo shirt and matching slacks. I don't topple governments or blow up top secret facilities. The hotel also appeared to be very expensive.' Supposedly. She really wanted to look good and she just wasn't sure her hair was cooperating today. and they were going to sell it to a company in Europe. somebody managed to steal it. She'd never been in such a nice hotel before. especially since I still don't really know all that much about you. You want to know what I've been doing recently? Retrieving a stolen chicken recipe. Jessica pulled into the parking lot. anybody can make that chicken and it will taste just the same. but he's not exactly you. “Well. a recipe is really just a list of ingredients. she thought. The one with the dozen secret spices or something?” “That's the one. with a floor-to-ceiling wraparound wine display. Why couldn't I have hair like Amber's? Her hair is always perfect. I know even less about your work or how you go about it. and it's written down on a piece of paper that's locked up in a vault. It was tastefully elegant.” he said as he gave her a quick kiss. which sat in a corner of the dimly lit restaurant. right?” “Sure. The restaurant was decorated in brown leather. Jessica's black dress really stood out against the white linen tablecloth. “Why me? I'm not that interesting. then why is the stolen one such a big deal? Can't one of those people write it down?” “It's a little more complicated than that. I did take a bit of artistic license. Once word gets out that the secret isn't a secret anymore. gave her car keys to the valet and walked into the hotel.” He took a bite of his steak and let her ponder that last statement while he chewed slowly. they want the original. I love that dress. “It's nice to see you again. The thing that makes Cousin Tom's chicken so popular is the lore about the recipe being a secret.She nervously drove to the hotel. just as he had on the beach that day in the Caymans. and Jessica nearly melted when she saw him.” “What's so special about it?” “Well. The company isn't trying to get the list of ingredients back. I'm not like James Bond or anything. really. How does he find time to work out? Where does he work out? It didn't matter. the spy in my book leads a pretty exciting life. A big part of the company's marketing involves this 'secret recipe. Jess. They ordered steaks and a bottle of wine and got caught up with each other's lives.” “Like I said. only two people know the recipe. with brown décor that looked comfortable. and you can't copyright that. I've been busy. Ryan. “Jessica. handwritten document back. Well. If the recipe is out.” “Not me.” . The hero is a guy who's like you. You look beautiful.” The maître d' showed them to their table. “A chicken recipe? Who would care about a chicken recipe?” “I'm sure you're familiar with Cousin Tom's Tennessee chicken. I was wondering if I was going to hear from you again. Apparently. and Jessica was tickled to see him again. and the Ritz-Carlton was simply beautiful. He had a day or two of stubble.” “No? That's what I thought spies do.

the stolen item is probably in there. While Ryan was talking about his adventures. It's not as though the recipe was hidden in a fake heel of a shoe or anything. If somebody steals something. The company knew who took it. In the elevator. . He got the message.” Jessica sat down on the sofa while Ryan opened a bottle of champagne and filled two glasses. he gave her a passionate kiss. his lips were on hers.” Jessica laughed at the entire idea. Then he kissed her again. “I guess you're tired of talking about chicken. especially if you're outside of the United States.” he said with a laugh. lightly brushing his lips against hers. She felt herself growing wet. Jessica was stunned by the beautiful view of downtown as Ryan opened the curtains. The hotels I have to choose from in Denver are a bit nicer than the choices I have when I'm in central Africa.” “A chicken recipe. I just needed to intercept the recipe before the sale took place. but didn't immediately respond.” Jessica had taken off her pumps. and you see them in public carrying a briefcase. Instead. But it does come with a lot of variety. and led her to the bed. but she didn't give it too much thought. hoping that he would take advantage of her invitation. It's just a matter of getting it back. I like it here better. He pulled her closer and suddenly. and she put it down for a minute at a Starbucks while she ordered a cup of coffee. beautiful 400 count sheets on the bed. It's just not really an exciting one.“So the secret is the secret?” she asked with a giggle. once. pressing his lips intently against hers. Ryan sat down next to her and handed her a glass of champagne. He caressed her cheek and said. Ryan smiled. Their kissing became more aggressive and more passionate. She'd have been content to kiss him right there for hours. Somebody would pay you to retrieve a list of stolen ingredients?” “Keeping that list a secret is worth millions of dollars to the company. He also started brewing a pot of coffee. which were hurting her feet just a bit. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. “Africa? How often do you end up there?” “So far. Do you always stay in hotels that are this nice?” she asked.” “It wasn't dangerous or anything?” “Not really. Like I said. took her by the hand. He helped her lie down and as he said. he stood up. “Sort of like that. she began to slowly rub her foot up and down his leg. Their tongues intertwined as they eagerly explored each others' mouths. It has a great view. which she thought was a bit odd. “I do when I can. He took her by the hand and led her to the elevator. That was enough. This work isn't like it is in the movies. tasting slightly of champagne. They each took a sip and sat their glasses down on the coffee table. You don't always have these kinds of choices available. I still can't get over that. This guy really knows how to kiss. especially if it could all be done on the hush-hush. so yes. pressing her breasts against his chest as she greedily took his tongue into her mouth. They just steal because it's convenient. and they knew who was likely to be the buyer. His tongue slowly entered her mouth. “Yeah. “Close your eyes and be still”. Jessica shook slightly as Ryan took her into his arms. “This view is incredible. I just took it.” She responded by pulling him to her and returning his kisses. and slowly spread her legs. she thought.” “So how did you get it back?” “The woman had the recipe in a briefcase. this time more deeply than before. “You have no idea how much I've missed you..” “It's a beautiful room. Ryan noticed Jessica's inviting pose. it might as well have been a year. Would you like to see it? She quickly put her shoes back on as Ryan paid the bill. with exquisite furniture. he produced the waist ties from several of the flannel bathrobes which the hotel provided. Jessica couldn't believe that it had been a month since she'd tasted Ryan's kisses. It wasn't really that big of a deal. Perhaps we could skip dessert and have a nightcap in my room. He teased her at first. it's a funny business.. and a large picture window that overlooked the city. Most criminals are amateurs. but the elevator quickly reached their desired floor. The room was quite nice. from the way she felt herself becoming aroused. they were actually willing to pay quite a bit to get it back. it's a good living.

“I'm going to come!” she whimpered. however. and a warm. and then pulled up her dress. . Jessica felt safe with Ryan. she'd never been tied up before and felt both turned on and completely helpless at the same time. Between the kisses. He sat down on the bed next to her. Jessica responded strongly to the urgency with which he tore her panties off and she felt herself becoming even wetter. I want you inside me. but there was nothing she could do about it. “Please. Jessica was helpless. Make love to me now. He teased her again by rubbing the head of his penis against her clit for a few minutes. She began to shake as he repeated the procedure. and not a moment sooner. causing her to shiver. and slowly moved the straps of Jessica's dress over her shoulders and pulled the dress down a bit. I'm going to make you come now. He jerked at them quickly and tore them off with a single motion. He wasn't ready for Jessica to finish. Ryan relented. Ryan stopped and put the ice and the coffee down. While the sensations were driving Jessica crazy. Jessica didn't have the use of her hands. unable to move. She squirmed as he teased her. He played with her stiff nipples with one hand. exposing her breasts. At last.” Ryan moved slowly down the bed and prepared to mount her. He straddled her on his knees and moved towards her. He repeatedly brought her achingly close to an orgasm. the ice. and cautious as he approached her slick entrance. Even though she was completely tied up. she wanted his cock inside her and she wanted the two of them to come together. exposing her panties.” “No. he pulled away. but they became rock hard as Ryan gently ran the ice cube around her areolae. He slowly moved it up and down for a moment. “Please. and then put his mouth on her wet mound. She bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming as he continued to thrust harder and harder. She knew it was pointless to hold out any longer. The teasing and the tension was driving Jessica insane.” she pleaded. the hot mouth on her wet pussy. Let me finish sucking your cock. satisfied feeling overwhelmed her as he slid inside and thrust deeply into her wet pussy. Jessica simply wanted to please him. You never let me do that. securing them to the feet of the bed. “Please! Stop teasing me! Put it in” she begged. but always stopped just before she came. Ryan was in complete control. Jessica nearly had an orgasm right then and there. She was wet. eager and completely at Ryan's mercy. running the ice around her nipples and then sucking on them gently with his warm mouth. she took the head of his penis into her mouth and sucked it as Ryan thrust it slowly in and out. All she could do was enjoy the overwhelming sensations as he continued to tease her with the freezing cold of the ice and the warmth of his mouth. and completely and hopelessly aroused. but the feeling of the ice on her clit was indescribable. while gently massaging the wet folds of flesh between her legs with his other as Jessica writhed on the bed with pleasure. but she desperately reached for the head of his penis with her tongue. Jessica was now on the brink of ecstasy. Ryan. Ryan ignored her plea. he was slow. He did this for a few minutes. Jessica wasn't sure how much more of this mixture of ice and coffee she could take. After several minutes of having her excited mouth on his penis. What is he going to do? she wondered. as the contrast of the bitterly cold ice and the feel of Ryan's hot mouth on her pussy gave her feelings of pleasure she didn't know were possible. gentle. He continued to tease her for what seemed like an eternity. he was every bit as excited as she was. She licked her lips in anticipation as his firm cock moved towards her mouth. Ryan stepped across the room to take an ice cube out of the bucket that sat on the desk. He removed his pants and underwear and exposed his firmness. “Please. she'd have been happy.” Ryan repeated the process of alternating the cold ice and his hot mouth on her wet pussy. Her nipples were still rock hard from the ice cube.Jessica complied as Ryan deftly attached one to each of her legs. and then took it away. Ryan. and the deep thrusts of his hard cock. He approached the bed. He gave her a deep kiss as he slowly penetrated her. leaving Jessica wanting more. It was pleasurable and painful at the same time. As his began to thrust in earnest. He used his belt to secure her hands above her head. She tried to resist the urge. If Ryan had come at this very instant. Clearly. The contrast between the cold and the warm made her shiver with pleasure all over. He then proceeded to rub an ice cube along the lips of her pussy. she was completely unable to resist in any way. Her nipples were already stiff. She knew she would only come when Ryan was ready for her to do so. He stood up and returned to the bed with a cup of coffee and another ice cube. whether she was able to have an orgasm or not. She was so aroused. She felt it grow slightly stiffer as she tasted the salty drops on the tip. rubbing her clit with the tip of his firm cock. either. she started to gyrate her hips. Ryan wasn't going to deny her any pleasure. As always. Jessica began to squirm again. He took a sip of the coffee. As he moved closer.

angel.” “I'd love to spend today and tonight with you.” Ryan untied her legs. Well. She didn't have a problem with traveling. but I'd really like to see you on a more regular basis. had those amazing hazel eyes. She'd slept better last night than she had in weeks. That's all I can really say about it right now. slowly and passionately.. He seemed at home no matter where he happened to be. too. but it does have variety. I need to get it back. “I have to be in Las Vegas next week for the Consumer Electronics Show. I hadn't written .. He came out and gave her a quick kiss. either. I can probably come back afterwards.” Jessica wasn't ready for Ryan to leave yet. can't you?” “I can. hash browns and a bowl of fresh long are you going to be in town?” “I've got to leave tomorrow. Thanks for the breakfast. she thought. He caressed her face with one hand while untying his belt to free her hands. “I slept great. An amazing hotel doesn't hurt.. but I like it. exhausted. “I've missed you.” he said. Her entire body was convulsing as she climaxed again and again. “I'm sorry. For Ryan. and she bucked her hips hard as the first of several incredible orgasms overtook her. by the way.” she said as she took a bite of bacon. I know that my job is a strange one.. They cuddled in the bed and fell asleep. I'm so glad you came to visit. and then kissed her again. It's why I love living here. next to her on the bed. Believe me. Jessica. For Ryan. Then I have to go to Vegas for a week or so. The problem for her was that Ryan lived somewhere else. Finally. with one final push.Jessica could resist no more. and who wouldn't be? He was tall. The only reason you met me on the cruise ship is because I was blocked. but she needed to feel grounded somewhere. I guess it does pay well. We can spend today together. Good sex and great company can do that. too. Ryan hadn't spent a lot of time in Denver. Then she pondered the question she was reluctant to ask.” “Are you sure you can't stay a few more days? I'd love it if you could stay a while longer. It's another assignment involving something that's been stolen. so Jessica took the time to show him all of the sights. She heard Ryan in the bathroom shaving. Did you sleep OK?” He was wearing pants but no shirt. eggs. he reached an orgasm of his own as Jessica came yet again.” Jessica took a moment to look around at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton room. Jessica just wasn't sure there was any kind of future for her with a man who didn't feel the need to call anywhere home. I do.” “Isn't it? I just love the mountains. I hope this won't be the only time. She wasn't going to give all of this up easily. “Thanks for driving me around. and was easily the most gentle and attentive lover she had ever known. As fond as she was of him. She took a sip of coffee as she looked over the tray containing orange juice. good looking.” Jessica tried not to show her disappointment.” he said. It is pretty here.” “I understand. if you'd like. Jess. but I have to go to Vegas tomorrow. “So Ryan. bacon. “Good morning. “Yes. It may not be as dangerous or exciting as you thought it was. “living” was merely being where he needed to be at any given time. Ryan continued to thrust as his breathing became faster and more intense. and tonight. Chapter 3 Jessica awoke the next morning to find a tray containing breakfast lying next to her on the bed. and Jessica was distracted by the sight of his chest. Jess. She was quite taken with him. but I do have to go. He fell. doing a bit of shopping and taking a drive to do some sightseeing. it didn't seem to matter.” “I guess you can write your books pretty much anywhere. Tomorrow? He just got here! “The electronics show? Why? What are you going to be doing there?” “I can't really talk about it. each thrust seemingly deeper and more determined than the last. He pushed harder and harder. and it does pay well. was extraordinarily fit. “I've missed you so much. including the nearby mountains.provided that I have something to write about. really. he didn't seem to live anywhere at all. and said. with Jessica still in his arms.” They spent the day together.

and spent another delightful evening back at his hotel. Thanks. you seem pretty good at it. Somehow. looking a bit more disheveled than usual. I'll go get it and come back. and the next thing you know.anything in months. watching a movie over at his place. Writing erotica is fun.” They both laughed. anyway? Is that something you always wanted to do?” “I sort of blundered into it. I'll be staying at the Bellagio. you're running around the planet.” “How did you become a writer. She returned his kisses with equal intensity with her tongue responding with a fury of its own. and my bosses saw I had a knack for that sort of work. basking in the glow of the two amazing nights she'd just spent with Ryan.this isn't a dangerous job. I miss you already.” “Ooh. really. It's beautiful. I began to freelance. Not really worth staying up for. I promise. Eventually. Jess. I was working as a waitress when my roommate.” . “You'll be back for another visit when you're done in Las Vegas.” “From the little that I've read of your writing. and partly not having the money for it.” “I hope so. OK. Could you at least tell me where you're going to be staying while you're there?” “I guess there's no harm in that. caught up on some reading. He began kissing her and she felt all of her concerns slowly melting away. I should be back in a week or so. I managed to catch one guy who was doing that. “Morning. but I thought I'd be teaching at some point. She was catching up on the news on her laptop when Amber stumbled out of bed. They kissed passionately for several minutes. Your stuff is pretty steamy. he was gone. I'll spend a few days checking out the situation and then I'll do what I need to do. Jess. but ignored the question. and the company I went to work for was always having problems with people stealing their patents and other stuff that was supposed to remain in-house. Some zombie thing. won't you?” “Yes. How did you become a spy?” “I have an engineering degree.” “I'm worried about you. You look kind of worn out. Once you solve someone's problems. Amber. and turned in early. I've told you . other people find out about it. I took the job on the ship to take my mind off my writer's block. it's your turn.” He put his arms around her and pulled her to him. One day. I take it?” “Partly that. I have an English Literature degree. They had another great meal together. It just seemed like a natural fit for me to write in that genre. It's pretty boring. but Ryan finally had to pull away.” “I guess I'm just a bit of a worrier.” “Oh. you'll hear from me. which at this time of year were covered with snow. Amber. introduced me to erotic ebooks. Jason and I were up late last night. She got out of the car to help him get his bag out of the trunk. Chapter 4 Jessica spent the rest of the day in a romantically induced haze. I'll call you in a week or so. I told you . I'm afraid something terrible is going to happen to you.this assignment is no big deal.” “No interest in grad work. you're working on a software patent case. She did a bit of editing on her latest book. Jess. That meant going back for more school.” “Sort of a 'spy for hire'?” “I guess so. Are any of the sex scenes based on your personal experiences?” Jessica smiled. His tongue danced on her lips and then entered her eager mouth.” “No need to look. She woke up the next morning and went out to the kitchen to get some coffee. I love that hotel. and continued driving through the mountains. “I'm sorry.” “No worries. saving the world by tracking down stolen chicken recipes. but I have to go or I'll miss my flight. I need to get something. Now I'll know where to look if I don't hear from you soon. “Thanks for the compliment. After a repeat of room service and a leisurely round of lovemaking the next morning. I'll be back soon. Jessica took Ryan to the airport.” With that. I never got around to that. It's as routine as it gets. This is a fairly straightforward job.

“You're probably right. I never liked those scary movies. Coffee?” “Sure.” Jessica got up to pour a cup of coffee for her roommate. “So, Jess. I haven't seen much of you for the past two days. Have you been all hot and heavy with Ryan?” Jessica smiled. “Yes, I've been with Ryan for the past couple of days. He had a room at the Ritz-Carlton. It was really nice.” “The Ritz-Carlton? Really? Tell me more...” “Well, we met at the restaurant and had a great meal and then went up to his room...oh, you can imagine what happened after that.” “I can imagine, but why should I? Why don't you just give me all of the juicy details?” Without going into too much detail, Jessica described the previous two days with Ryan - the dining, the sex, the amazing hotel, and the sightseeing. It was pretty obvious to Amber that Jessica was completely smitten with Ryan as she was just beaming throughout the entire conversation. “ anyway, that's kind of how it went. And now he's gone to Las Vegas for a week. At least that's what he said.” “You don't believe him?” “I don't have any reason not to believe him. I don't know, really. He's got such a strange occupation. How many spies do you know?” “Well, none. But it does sound like his job isn't nearly as exciting or adventurous as it sounds. It's certainly not as adventurous as what you've written about in your stories.” “You know how the stories are. You've got to keep them exciting, or else no one will read them. Besides, at the time I started writing about the fictional spy, I didn't know too much about Ryan's real work. I was mostly guessing.” “It sounds like you might have made him out to be a little more adventurous than he is in real life.” “Maybe, but that's OK. Like I said, the more exciting the story, the more books people buy.” “True. So...are you two getting serious?” Amber took a sip of her coffee. “Well...I'd like to think so. It's hard to say, really. We haven't spent all that much time together yet. I mean, the sex is great, but sex isn't a relationship.” “No, but it's a good start,” Amber said with a laugh. “If the sex is terrible, the relationship is probably going downhill from there. You could do worse than starting with great sex.” Jessica smiled again. “I guess if good sex is a good start, then we're on the way. That's not the problem. The problem is that I'm here and Ryan isn't. It's worse than that, really.” “In what way?” “Well, it's not just that Ryan isn't here. Ryan isn't really anywhere. He doesn't have a place to live. He has a bank account and a P.O. Box in Pittsburgh. No house. No apartment. Nothing.” “Where does he keep his stuff?” Amber asked. “I don't think he has any stuff to speak of.” Amber responded with a confused look on her face. As a woman in her mid-20s, she couldn't even fathom the idea of someone not having either “stuff” or a place to put it. She looked around the kitchen, taking notice of all of the decorative knickknacks that she and Jessica owned. She shook her head. “Everyone has stuff, don't they?” “I don't know, and I'm not sure it matters. I don't really care about what he does or doesn't own. What I care about is whether I'm going to continue to see him or not. It's one thing to not live in the same city or state, but in this case, one of us doesn't seem to live anywhere at all.” “He must have some downtime every now and again. Surely he could spend that time here just as easily as anywhere else.” “True, but so far, he's mostly been elsewhere. Then again, I haven't known him that long.”

“I guess having him constantly on the move is a bit of a problem. You're probably not going to be happy with just the occasional visit, are you?” Jessica thought for a minute about spending the last two nights at the Ritz-Carlton. It was a really nice place to spend some time.

There are benefits to him not having an apartment, she thought.
“The visits are nice; no question about that. But I'm getting to that point where I think I'm ready to at least think about settling down. Having a relationship with someone who is only here every now and again for unknown lengths of time isn't going to work for me.” “I probably couldn't go for that, either, Jess. If you're always available whenever it's convenient for him, he'll probably just take you for granted.” “So what am I supposed to do?” “I don't know. I guess you need to figure out what's good about the relationship and what isn't, and see if the pros outweigh the cons. What are the good parts?” “Besides the sex? Obviously, I like his company. He's so good looking. I just can't get enough of looking into his eyes. He's attentive. He's gentle. He really does seem to care about me. He's funny.” “And the bad parts?” “Well, I never know when I'm going to see him. I never even know when I'm going to hear from him. He's pretty secretive about his work. I don't know what he's doing, or when he's doing it, or where he's going to be next week.” “Anything else?” “I have to admit that knowing him has made it easier for me to write. I've been able to create this interesting new character, Bryan, for my books. The better I get to know Ryan, the more I'll be able to write about his fictional alter-ego.” “It sounds to me like you've got some incentive to keep spending time with Ryan, then, even if you don't know when you'll get to see him. I mean, it's important that you be able to write, and if he's made it possible for you to create a new character, then you should probably let the relationship go where it's going to go.” “You might have a point. I don't want to get hurt, and I do really care about Ryan. But I guess you're right. Even if the relationship doesn't last, it has given me something to write about, and I've probably got three or four books of material already.” “Maybe you do. But you're only going to get that material if and when Ryan actually shows up. And even then you'll have to get him to talk about what he's been up to. You can't write books about someone you never see or about stories he won't tell.” Amber got up to pour another cup of coffee. “That is a problem, isn't it? Even when I see him, he's rarely interested in talking about his work. I mean, it's fine that he wants to spend time with me and he is very attentive when we're together. But if I'm going to write about him, I need to know more about the sort of work he's doing.” “Then why don't you travel with him and find out for yourself? You can hang out in nice hotels and take notes while he works. How bad could that be?” “I'm not sure how well that would work, Amber. Most spies don't exactly take an entourage with them when they travel. They're usually loners who work alone. Don't you ever read or watch movies?” Amber laughed. “Yeah, I'm familiar with the typical spy - the 'quiet loner' type. But who said he has to know you're there? I said 'hang out in nice hotels.' I didn't say, 'hang out in nice hotels with him'.” “You mean, spy on him? Spy on the spy?” Jessica laughed. “That sounds like a plot from a bad B-movie.” “Why not? You can follow him around from place to place. You just take notes, write new books and spice up the story if Ryan's work isn't interesting enough to write about. That chicken recipe thing doesn't exactly sound like the subject of a best seller.” Jessica chuckled at the idea of a book about the chicken recipe. “I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure that following Ryan is a good idea. It might give me some insight into what a spy does, but I'm not sure how he would react if he found out. He might be pretty mad.” “Maybe. Is that what you're really worried about? Or are you worried that he's not really a spy and you'll find out he's actually up to something else? What if he's really married or something?” “I really don't know. If he says he's a spy, then I believe him. While I'd like to see him at work, I don't want him mad at me. I certainly don't want to endanger him in any way.” “You said yourself that his work isn't dangerous, right?”

“Well, that's what he says. Based on what he's told me so far, I don't think his work is dangerous.” “Then what's the problem? If you want to know what he does, then you should go see what he does. What have you got to lose, Jess?” Amber did have a point. Jessica didn't really know all that much about Ryan, except that he said he was a spy and that he said that his work wasn't dangerous wouldn't even strike the average person as being particularly interesting. She did need to know more about spies if she planned to keep writing about them. She also wanted to know more about Ryan, simply because he's Ryan. As far as Jessica was concerned, the more Ryan, the better. “Thanks for the suggestion, Amber. I'll have to think about it.” She would have to think about it. How would Ryan react if he caught her observing spying on him? Would her presence put him in some kind, any kind, of danger? What if he really wasn't a spy, but was just hiding some other way of making a living? What if he really was secretly married, or had some other deep, dark secrets he wasn't telling her about? He might really be a drug dealer or a murderer, for all she knew. The more Jessica thought about it, the more she realized that she needed to know more about both Ryan and his unusual occupation. If she was going to either have a long term relationship with him or write about spies, she was going to have to know a lot more about Ryan Stevens. She certainly wasn't going to learn more about Ryan if he was in Las Vegas and she was sitting at home in Denver. Finding out more about Ryan meant spending more time in his vicinity.

Chapter 5
Jessica spent the rest of the day trying to decide if she wanted to go to Las Vegas to observe Ryan at work. She had no idea how he'd react if he caught her, and she didn't have any sort of plausible excuse for being there if he did. He'd likely be angry with her, and he'd have every reason to be. On the other hand, Jessica wanted to know more about Ryan and she wanted to know more about his work. She was a writer, after all, and writers need sources of both information and inspiration. What better way to find out how an industrial spy operates than to observe one first hand? That's the truth; perhaps he'd simply believe her and agree. As she prepared a pizza for dinner, she pondered all of the problems she'd have trying to pull this off. She'd have to get to Las Vegas. She'd need a place to stay. She'd need a car. After that, she didn't know how she was going to find Ryan. She didn't know what he was there to do, nor did she know where he was going to be at any given time or even who it was he was trying to find there. All she knew was that he planned to stay at the Bellagio. If she were going to go to Las Vegas to find Ryan and observe him working as a spy, Jessica was simply going to have to hope for a bit of luck. It's not as though the Bellagio's front desk was going to give her Ryan's room number. For all she knew, he wasn't even registered under his real name. Oddly enough, it had never even occurred to her to ask him about that. Jessica grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and sat down at her laptop to do a bit of research. It turned out that following Ryan to the Consumer Electronics Show wasn't going to be all that easy, after all. The trade show wasn't open to the public; admission was only available to those who worked in the electronics industry. Worse than that was the $1000 cost of admission. Making matters worse was the fact that hotel rooms were nearly nonexistent. Large conferences and conventions brought huge numbers of people to Las Vegas, and rooms often disappeared months ahead of time. She certainly wasn't going to be able to book a room at the Bellagio. They'd been sold out for months for this convention, which was taking place just a few blocks away. Getting industry credentials for admission to the convention was a bit of a problem, too. Fortunately, Jessica used to date a guy named Jay who worked for a major computer chip manufacturer in the Denver area. While they weren't overly close, they were still cordial with one another on the rare occasions when they encountered one another. He also owed her a favor, as he'd once set him up with a friend of hers on a date. She decided to give him a call. “Jay? Hi. This is Jessica Steel. “ “Jessica! Good to hear from you. How are you?” “Fine, thanks. How are you?” “Doing great. To what do I owe the pleasure of the call? You calling to ask me out?” he said with a laugh. “Not today, Jay. Sorry. I'm doing research for a book I'm working on and I need credentials to get into the electronics show in Vegas this week. Can you help me?”

the neighborhood was quiet. She had no idea. Would he even be there? He might be staying there. she wondered if she was doing the right thing. but there were always thousands of non guests wandering around. Unfortunately. and hoping to randomly find him there without him randomly seeing her first was a tall order. but when a convention comes to down. That's all. You're the one who said you owed me a favor for setting up the date. buy a plane ticket. The hotel/casino complex was immense. You're an angel. How am I going to find him? What if I don't? What if I do find him. She tossed and turned a bit before she finally fell asleep. either. Las Vegas has tens of thousands of hotel rooms.” “For setting me up on that date with Kelli? That didn't even work out. and try to find a hotel room in a busy town on short notice during one of the busiest weeks of the year. but spending all of his time elsewhere. Making all of those arrangements turned out to be both time consuming and expensive. Jessica got in her car and drove towards the Bellagio. With the last minute plane ticket. She spent the remainder of the evening packing her bags.. Now she just needed to register for the convention. The best Jessica was able to do was the Sundown Inn. For what. I sure hope that whatever I get out of this is worth a few thousand dollars.“You're not looking to get into any trouble down there. lots of people wear sunglasses and hats in Las Vegas. Even at that. If she accidentally encountered Ryan.” Jessica hung up the phone. and didn't really have the slightest idea as to how she was going to pull this off. She was grateful for that. the rental car and the thousand dollar admission to the convention. exactly. OK?” “Thanks.” “That's not my fault. After checking into the motel and unpacking her suitcase. but she'd forgotten just how large the place was. he likely wouldn't recognize her with just a casual glance. She'd been there before.. The beautiful fountains outside the front of the hotel tend to draw in lots of sightseers. they disappear in a flash. She needed to find enough information to make her tremendous effort and expense worthwhile. I'll ask some questions and take some notes. but clean. But no more favors. but don't get anything useful out of this? She knew that the convention wasn't going to start for two days. a small motel about twenty miles out of town. It had a pool and free wi-fi. too. A little black dress often comes in handy. The only thing that Jessica knew for sure was that Ryan was staying at the Bellagio. She did her best to pack a mixture of casual and business wear and threw a bathing suit and her little black dress and pumps in her bag just in case. While she had healthier than average curiosity and was a rather clever sort. I'm just doing some research for my book. this little adventure of “spying on the spy” was costing her a fortune. I've got to sell a lot of books to pay for this. The hotel has nearly four thousand rooms. that meant that he could be anywhere. She put her hair in a ponytail under the hat and figured that she likely wouldn't attract too much attention. On the other hand. Jessica wasn't a spy. and her flight was at 8 AM. the price was more than $150 per night. You've got me there. The motel was suitably nondescript. hoping that she could somehow find Ryan and observe him while he worked as a spy. I'll have some business cards and a badge for you that should be good enough to get you into the show. got her rental car and drove to the motel she had rented some twenty miles outside of Las Vegas.” “OK. It was already near midnight. Here she was. There was a coffee shop next door. Chapter 6 Jessica caught her flight to Las Vegas early the next morning. wearing a nondescript dress and a large floppy hat with sunglasses. I really should have thought this out a bit more. a thousand miles from home. After all. rent a car. Then Jessica tried to grab some sleep. but that was about it for amenities. but the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas was nowhere to be seen. She had decided to dress like a tourist. Besides. I won't do anything that will reflect badly on you or your company. As Jessica checked into the Sundown Inn. If you stop by tomorrow morning. She wasn't really sure how to pack. Jessica was overwhelmed by the size of the place. and that Ryan was here early just to do some advance scouting of some sort. One step down. She needed to do all of this without him finding out about it. since she really had no idea what awaited her. Jessica charged everything to her credit card and hoped she'd be able to recoup her expenses through book sales later. She parked her car in the garage and headed inside to get a look around. . Jay. you still owe me. That's a big hotel. And I hope I don't mess things up with Ryan. are you?” “No. she had no idea.

as finding Ryan and discovering what he was up to was her first priority. “I wanted to watch you work as a spy. The buffet was also large enough that Jessica could probably eat unnoticed. She decided to eat at the buffet. of sorts. however. “Uh. an entree and a dessert. as she hadn't eaten since breakfast. incredulously. It would be hard to find someone there even if they knew you were looking for them. I hoped to follow you all week. and Jessica was beginning to get hungry. Besides. right in the middle of the restaurant. thought that sounded like a good idea. Jessica felt a bit underdressed. “Are you OK.” “You what?” he asked. I'm sorry. I guess I'd make a lousy spy. Due to the hotel's size. and she was always up for shopping. Ryan offered to get her some lunch. “Never mind. the shopping area. It was approaching dinnertime. it's a bit more private. most of whom appeared to be fairly well to do. The array of shopping boutiques caught Jessica's eye.the casino.” Realizing that Jessica had more food on her clothing than she had on her plate.” she muttered. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you. “Uh. I'm so sorry.. the swimming pool area. I'm probably wasting my time. Jessica was feeling a bit frugal.” They both laughed. she looked into the eyes of her would-be rescuer. She was on vacation. picking out a salad. “Why don't you come up with me to my room. There could be thousands of people inside the place at any time and it wouldn't even appear to be crowded. “I'm fine. so why not grab that slice of Boston Cream Pie? After walking around for hours. “Jessica? What are you doing here?” he asked. she failed to notice the wet spot on the floor where someone had recently spilled a drink. miss?” he asked. even if Ryan were there. the gardens. As research for my books. Come with me. There were usually hundreds of people dining there at any given time. Jessica wandered around the hotel complex for nearly two hours. Since she'd already committed a lot of money to the convention admission and the hotel. “I'm so embarrassed. Jess. Before she even realized what was happening. Jessica slipped on the slick floor. dropped her tray and landed flat on her back.. the art gallery. The Bellagio was clearly frequented by wellheeled guests.. Jessica was so flustered by the sudden accident. One could easily spend days in the stores there. It was Ryan. I was trying to find you and observe you without your knowing about it. As she assessed her situation.. hungry and sticky. as well as her clumsy way of being discovered by Ryan. One gentleman immediately rushed to her aid and offered to help her up. though she was far from the only one there who was dressed like a tourist. “Yes. too. While concentrating on finding a suitable table. Jessica just looked at him sheepishly.” “What are you doing here?” he asked again.” Jessica. Hotels and casinos are loud places. as she allowed him to help her back to her feet..” He quickly ushered her to a nearby table. which offered an incredible variety of food at a reasonable price. You can clean up there and I'll order something for you from room service. or inside any one of the restaurants. Quickly. but you found me in a couple of hours. The crash of plates breaking on the tile floor was loud enough that nearly everyone in the immediate area stopped to see the source of the noise. as everyone seemed to be wearing designer clothes. she felt as if she'd earned it. but the sound of breaking dishes never goes unnoticed. she'd just blend right in. He started to head back to the buffet line for her. “OK. That would have to wait.” she said. I'd say your spy career is off to a pretty poor start. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.. Jessica was also quite impressed by the clientèle. but then stopped when he had another thought. Ryan.” ..The hotel seems so much larger when you're trying to find one person. She paid for her meal and began to look for an out-of-the-way table where she could watch people come and go without being seen herself. that she could barely speak. there were a lot of places that anyone could hide in plain sight .I'm.uh.I wanted to observe you. hi. Jessica worked her way through the line.

If you need to. She took her free hand and began to rub the sweet spot between her legs. The stress of the incident downstairs was forgotten as she focused on the pleasure coming from her own hand and Ryan's mouth. you know. I sort of blew that part. we can call and have the hotel clean your dress. “I'm so embarrassed. her fingers easily slipping in and out of her increasingly damp pussy. You always get such nice rooms. with wave upon wave of pleasure cascading over her as Ryan continued to kiss and suck her swollen nipples. Jessica ran her hand across his chest and slid it down near his belt. she rubbed herself harder and harder.” She took off her dress and put on the robe and then proceeded to blot out the stains using a damp cloth. I could see what you were doing and take notes. He continued to rub her for several minutes more. coming again and again. She leaned in and his lips met hers. and Jessica felt herself convulsing. I had intended to do it secretly. I've been writing stories about a spy but I don't really have any firsthand information about what they do. She knew she'd find her release soon. She was sweating. “Don't be. shaking. Jessica took a seat next to him. What shall we do to kill time while we wait?” Jessica smiled as Ryan took her hand and pulled her closer to him on the sofa. They were soft and gentle.. It didn't take long. Dropping your dinner in the middle of a restaurant isn't exactly the best way to avoid drawing attention to yourself. they were comforting enough to make her forget pretty much anything.. That's why I thought I'd come to Las Vegas. Ryan slowly leaned forward and began to kiss and suck her nipples.” “I get that. When Ryan kissed her. and they were comforting enough to help her forget her embarrassment from the incident at the buffet. A burger will be fine. Jessica came quickly. Jessica.” she said between deep breaths. “Why don't I call room service for you? A burger and fries OK with you? Something else?” “Whatever.” “No need for the cleaners. She hung up her dress to dry and came out into the main room.” “Why don't you clean up in the bathroom? There are a couple of robes in the closet.” .” Ryan laughed. though.” “Well.” He laughed.” Ryan called room service and they told him that the food would be there in about thirty minutes. Ryan's finger running around her nipple was torturing her. Come on. “I have to admire your spunk. You didn't see the spill and you slipped. But could you explain again why you're here?” “I realized that I didn't know that much about what you do for a living and even less about how you go about it. The combination of the kisses and the caressing of her breast was making her squirm with excitement. You'd make a lousy spy.” “True. Ryan was sitting on the sofa. “I could get used to staying in nice hotels with you. Actually. As he did so. I'd see if I could find you and follow you around at the convention. bringing her yet another thundering orgasm. You do have the right attitude and a fair amount of curiosity. Jessica felt herself growing wet between her legs. “You're that good.spies can't exactly go around telling everyone what they're doing. then he slowly moved his hand into her robe to gently run his finger slowly around her erect nipple. Ryan continued to kiss her with his soft lips and probing tongue as she began to caress his erect but still-clothed cock.“Don't worry about it. I think I can clean it up. It sort of defeats the purpose of being a spy if you go around talking about it all the time. “You should patent whatever it is you do with your fingers. Uh. and throbbing all at once as Ryan's masterful fingers worked their magic. It's not that big of a deal. He slipped two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her aggressively. Of course. Everyone makes mistakes. wet tongue entered her mouth. He stroked her cheek as they kissed. Ryan's well-apportioned room had a beautiful view of the swimming pool area. “I guess we've got a half an hour or so until the food arrives. Were you good at it from the start?” “You have a point. As he continued to lightly stroke her nipple. I guess. She loved Ryan's kisses.” They caught a nearby elevator and went up to Ryan's room on the eighteenth floor. it was my first time trying to spy on somebody. and she felt her nipples stiffen as his warm. Jessica entered a world where nothing else mattered.” she said. She could feel his stiffening erection through his pants. Ryan. So I needed to find out for myself since you haven't told me much about your job.

just vague ones. but at the same time. Finally. She took the head into her mouth and began to slowly move it in and out. She sucked and slurped faster and with more determination as he continued to thrust his hips.” “Well. Lick it. It hasn't gone into production yet. right here and right now. you can't stay here with me. what are you going to do now? You can't spy on me anymore. The job had to come first. and she wanted him there until she was done with him. lingering kiss. She could feel that his cock was slick with excitement as she wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke it's hard length. She continued sucking ever so gently for the next few minutes. Besides. He instinctively knew this. It's confidential. sticky semen. Ryan. and began thrusting his hips in time with the movements of her mouth..the chips that actually make them run. I'll change the details for the book. tasting the salty slickness on the tip. I can take some notes . “So. Suck it.” “I've been hired by a company that manufactures microprocessors for smart phones. But it's so far ahead of the competition that nobody is likely to duplicate it for at least two years.” “No one's going to hear you up here in the room. She was delighted to finally be able to make him come with her mouth and she swallowed with joy and satisfaction.” “I don't know. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. then that's what he needed to do.” “They've developed a prototype chip that runs twice as fast as anything on the market right now.” “OK. “No arguments.” Jessica didn't need an invitation. If he needed to give her a few details about this job in order to get her to go home and stay out of his way. She wanted all of him in her mouth. This time. I can't have you following me around. and write a story based on that. “Put your mouth on it.” “So it's faster and lets you use it longer without recharging it?” “Exactly. she was more than willing to comply. Just give me the basics of the job. Ryan had also ordered a burger for himself.” .. She rubbed it gently as Ryan slid off his pants and undershorts. A few minutes later. “Was that OK?” she asked with a smile. You know . “Please. But here's the best part .” “You know I can't talk about what I'm doing in the middle of an assignment. I have a job to do. “I'm coming now. Come here. I really don't have much information for my next spy book. She took it out for a second and said. “OK. wet mouth over his cock and returned to sucking with a vengeance.. She pulled the head towards her mouth and circled it with her tongue. She reached for his pants and unfastened his belt.” “Well. Jessica was determined to make Ryan come. She reached into his boxers delicately and pulled out his hard penis. She could feel herself dripping between her legs as she continued to lick and suck Ryan's throbbing cock. I'm going to finish this. and this was her chance to return the also uses only a quarter of the power of current chips.maybe you could tell me a bit about what you're here for. with a gasp. I'm so sorry you caught me. “That was wonderful. while working the underside with her tongue and running her hand up and down its impressive length. As they ate their sumptuous meal of hamburgers..” Jessica found a notepad and pen in the nightstand to take notes. I'll fill you in on what I'm doing here.” Ryan was a bit skeptical.Jessica decided that it was Ryan's turn to experience incredible pleasure. he uttered.” he asked. Jessica felt him stiffen and she knew he was ready to finish.” He pulled her to him and gave her a long.” Ryan just moaned softly and said nothing as Jessica slid her warm. He had been such a good and attentive lover.” His entire body shook as the thrusting stopped and Jessica felt her mouth filling with Ryan's hot. “Go ahead. Ryan asked Jessica about her plans. She stroked his cock carefully as he continued to shake. fries and a good Cabernet Sauvignon. Promise. But here's the deal. room service brought the meal. he didn't want Jessica's presence to be a distraction. since I know you're here. someone might hear me or find out what it is I'm doing. it's still in the testing stage. as well as a bottle of wine.

” “So are you looking for a guy with a lot of money in a briefcase or something?” “Maybe. “So what do you do?” “I thought about just grabbing the briefcase.” He showed her the small. I do have a photo of Kellerman.“Sounds great. but I found it on the Internet. or briefcases here. actually. That's why I came early.” “So what's your plan?” “In short. I think Kellerman is here already.” “Koreans?” “They're into manufacturing cell phones in a big way. pistol-sized device.” “Who is the buyer?” “It's a guy I know only as Mr. Well.” “You're going to set off a nuclear weapon?” she asked with a giggle. There's a buyer coming here that represents one or more of the companies. I've got a small handheld device that puts out a similar.” Jessica laughed. I don't know his real name. It's worth a bundle to get that chip to the market first.” “Is it that easy?” “I'm not entirely sure. “No. He's about five foot eight.. Do you think they'll meet secretly.. Where did you get that?” “I wish I could say something clever. That's the problem. I don't know which ones. I'm not even all that sure what he looks like.” “His name is Bob Kellerman. a lot of extra bucks. There's not going to be a shortage of Koreans. “He's not that unusual looking. A building full of people might be a great place to simply hand over one briefcase for another one. with short brown hair and glasses like Woody Allen. Yes. but it will destroy the chip or any nearby electronics if I activate it within a couple of feet. but I came up with something easier. smaller pulse. I just need to find him. A couple of million wouldn't be unreasonable. It shouldn't be hard.” Ryan showed Jessica the photo of Kellerman.” “And he is. There are tens of thousands of people here this week and the convention center is going to be crowded. looking for a nerd in a convention center full of nerds might be a difficult task.” “Why be that obvious?” . but not Kim. “Wouldn't that be overkill?” He smiled at her. or can you catch them somehow?” “I don't know. I'm just doing a lot of people watching. It looks like he's going to bring it here to sell it to some Koreans. Like I've said.” “How much?” “The Koreans might be willing to pay seven figures for the thing. What's the problem?” “The problem is that one of the engineers for the company has stolen one of the samples. I know more about the seller. Have you ever heard of an electromagnetic pulse? “No. It destroys all electronics that are nearby. which looked like the sort of picture that might be taken for a corporate identification badge. They want to acquire the chip as a group so that their country can effectively own the industry for a while. He's just an engineer who's pissed at his employer and wants to make a few extra bucks. like I got it from the spy gadget department. guys like him are usually amateurs. find the chip and set off the pulse near it and go home.” “It's a surge of electrical energy that is produced when a nuclear weapon goes off. It wouldn't be all that hard to just meet and exchange the money for the chip in plain sight. He'd stand out just about anywhere except at a convention of engineers. Kim. It's only effective within a range of four feet or so. “Wow. American engineers.

Kellerman just wants money. “Take care.” “OK. Mr.” He gave her a hug and a slow. Now go home. catching some sun and catching up on some reading. among them the fact that Kellerman isn't a spy. A welcome distraction. But I need you to go back to Denver tomorrow. Ryan and Jessica woke up. Two pair of eyes are better than one. It didn't make any sense for either of them to hang around.” “Look. hanging out by the pool.” “But Ryan. But I wish you'd let me stay and help you. She might be leaving Ryan. This way. .. Jessica gave some thought to what she'd be doing over the next few days. and she was certain that Kellerman and Mr. Promise me you'll leave tomorrow. I'm going to stay here and see what happens.. I just need to get to Kellerman and destroy the chip before it changes hands.” “No. Jess. and bid each other farewell.. you know. I can help you find Kellerman. Maybe she could help. I'm not going to let Ryan catch me. After giving it a bit of thought. The motel wasn't much. Jessica wondered why moments like these couldn't last forever.” Jessica scowled. They crawled into bed and turned out the lights. Jess. Chapter 7 The following morning.. Jessica drove back into Las Vegas and spent a couple of hours shopping at several boutiques near Caesar's Palace. Promise me you'll leave. She went to the parking garage. She spent part of the day back at the Sundown Inn.” “But you're trying to find a needle in a haystack. Perhaps she could learn something. Jessica was determined to stick around. These people are businessmen. She decided to purchase a couple of wigs and a new dress or two.. But I don't want you here. Do you pay attention to every person you see with a briefcase?” “No. You've been watching too many spy movies. sooner was better than later. you win. I'll call you when I'm done here. Regardless. She just needed to make sure that she could find Ryan and follow him while he pursued his mission. After all. she wasn't ready to get on a plane back to Denver. I guess I don't. she'd already demonstrated that she was pretty clumsy as a spy when she tripped and fell in the buffet. but a distraction just the same. had an amazing room service breakfast. found her car and headed back to her motel.” Ryan pulled her close to him and gave her one of those kisses that made her tingle from head to toe.” “Jess. I'm not leaving. I'll figure out how to get the chip from Kellerman. lingering kiss. Kim will meet Kellerman. Jessica realized that she needed a better disguise than just a floppy tourist hat. and both of them will go their separate ways. You could use my help. This way. She rolled over and went to sleep. And this time. As their lips met and their tongues danced. but she was determined not to leave town. “Ryan.” “OK. Kim would meet to exchange the chip fairly quickly. You're a distraction.“Several reasons. I'll get it back to my employer. pay him.” “That's quite an interesting story. I was going to tell you what I was doing and you were going to go home. we had a deal. Kim just wants the chip. She wanted to to straddle that fine line that would allow her to look attractively professional while not drawing any undue attention to herself. she could hide her blond hair and masquerade as a brunette or a redhead. I'll leave in the morning. You need to go home. you can stay here tonight if you like. She found a couple of attractive but nondescript dresses that looked suitable as business attire. she'd at least be harder to recognize if something like that happened again. Is Kellerman in any danger?” “No. but it was clean and not very crowded. The convention was starting the following morning. He's probably eager to get rid of it in the fastest and easiest way possible. So how can I help?” “You can't.

holding a briefcase and looking rather nervous. They weren't anything she was passionate about. drinking her coffee and waiting to see what happened next. The place was simply packed with people from all over the globe. she decided to follow the two men. Chapter 8 The next morning. It could take several days just to look at it all. A few minutes later. She put on a gray dress and the red wig. She hadn't seen Ryan. assuming that “Kim” was even his real name. and Jessica hadn't had any luck. and the smart phones. was already a redhead. They were comfortable and looked nice without breaking her bank. She also picked up a matching pair of Steve Madden pumps. Amber pretty much owned the “hot redhead” thing. She dozed off with her notebook computer still open on her lap. and then the two men proceeded to walk down a long hallway towards an area of the convention center that wasn't in use.” Jessica found herself wishing she had more interest in technology. He kept checking his watch. someone standing off to the side caught her attention. Jessica wasn't entirely prepared for the size of the event. It took a while to find a suitable parking place. Yet here she was in a huge convention center full of demonstrations of stereo systems. she'd already seen everything at the convention that was of interest to her and keeping a constant watch for several different people was tiring. . She did. and doing a bit of research about cell phone technology. at that. huge flat screen televisions. but she saw no sight of him. got dressed. Jessica got about halfway down the hall when the tall man came out of the room at the end of the hall alone. The thought of having to do that wasn't very appealing. looking over her notes about Ryan's mission. At two and a half inches. as though someone were late to keep an appointment with him. She'd found Bob Kellerman. He wasn't that unusual looking. however. Kim. the heels would look fashionable without overly hindering her ability to walk. grabbed a quick breakfast at the coffee shop next door and headed to the convention center. They walked about fifty yards and then went through a door at the end of the hallway. or the mysterious Mr. She was beginning to wonder if she'd have to repeat this for the remaining three days of the convention. Jessica didn't see any point in trying to duplicate Amber's look. the less alert she was likely to be. Jessica kept her eye on him while ordering her latte. She might attract attention for the red hair. Not so for Mr.” he said brusquely in an eastern European accent. but even his name was pretty ordinary. preferably something with espresso in it. She paid for her coffee and stepped aside. as everyone seemed to be arriving at once at the convention center. and a natural one. Of course. As she approached the coffee counter. her roommate. Jessica wasn't sure what to do. who could be any one of the hundreds of Koreans in attendance. hoping that the crowd around the coffee counter would obscure the fact that she was watching him intently. Breaking in a new pair of shoes on a hard convention floor probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. the engineer with the stolen smart phone chip! He appeared to be waiting to meet someone. Amber. Jessica woke up. Kim? Or Bob Kellerman? Or anyone? She didn't know. but these were just tools that she needed for everyday life. Sure. While she'd rather be wearing shoes from Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. and clearly not Korean. He was also Caucasian. she wasn't really supposed to be watching the demonstrations. There had to be a million people in Korea named “Kim. How was Jessica supposed to find Ryan? Or Mr. there to show off their latest technology to people who could potentially manufacture. or any mysterious behavior from anyone. Bob Kellerman. another man approached Kellerman. She stepped out of the main convention area and into the adjacent food court. she was supposed to be looking out for Ryan. They spoke for a moment. reading about electromagnetic pulse tools. at least. at least six foot three. distribute or sell it. Jessica was finding this Las Vegas adventure to be getting a bit expensive. Both of them changed her looks dramatically. know what Ryan and Kellerman looked like. She spent the rest of the evening at her motel. Perhaps I should try being a redhead more often. Jessica put on her new pumps. he was about of average height with brown hair and thick glasses. Not only was he not going to stand out from his appearance. He kept walking. He was tall. “Get out of my way. What caught her attention was the fact that the man was standing against the wall. Jessica decided to find a cup of coffee. the electronics show had several thousand exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors in attendance. On the other hand. She hoped so. and she was sure Ryan wouldn't recognize her at a casual glance. Jessica was rather amused at how she looked as a redhead. Not bad. but she likely wouldn't be recognized by Ryan right away. The longer she had to keep this vigil. The day was wearing on.She continued shopping and bought a shoulder-length red wig and a brunette one in a shorter. tablet computers and notebooks of tomorrow. bob cut. Kim. She stood off to the side. As she looked in the mirror. she owned a smart phone and a notebook computer and a few other gadgets. He had a briefcase in his hand and he seemed to be in a hurry as he quickly walked by Jessica. After a few moments. Jessica froze. She looked around to see if Ryan was nearby. In his hurry. he brushed against her. She grabbed a meal at one of the casino buffets and managed to finish her meal without dropping it all over the floor. In order to stay alert. for all the good it would do.

Jessica? What are you doing here? What's with the red hair?” “It's a long story. As he sat. and Jessica was worried about him. he knew he would probably be walking on crutches for a while. she thought. it didn't matter if the money changed hands or not.” She managed to help him get to her car. it appears that Ryan's “boring” job was actually quite dangerous.Jessica came to the doorway at the end of the hall and opened it. but wasn't able to get close enough to him to activate his pulse device. the paramedics were arriving in response to Jessica's emergency call. carrying a briefcase. and seemingly in a hurry. They returned to his hotel room and had a lengthy chat about their day. it was more likely that they'd step aside and conduct their business in private. he managed to crawl back up the flight of stairs. Ryan was diagnosed as having a severe sprain and he was given a pair of crutches and told to stay off of his feet for a few days. Ryan had hoped to approach him without being seen. Ryan began to follow him. Just about that time. Just inside the door she found Kellerman lying on the floor. After all. When the paramedics arrived. and the chip. it took a few seconds to fully charge. That man bleeding in the hallway could just as easily have been Ryan. Ryan knew that Kellerman. hoping that he'd either lead him to Mr. After that. stunned.” “Lets get you to a doctor and find out. Can you walk?” “Not easily. she told them that she'd seen the men go into the room and only one had come out. After hours of nothing happening. and they went to the nearest emergency room. spraining his ankle in the process. The tall man grabbed the man by the arm and pushed him into Ryan as he approached with his pulse gun. stabbed and bleeding. She told them that she didn't know anything else.” . He watched them step into the doorway at the end of the hallway. a man returning from the concession area happened to walk in between them. as if waiting for someone. stepping into a stairwell near the concession area.. Just as Ryan approached the tall man. at the bottom of the staircase. he saw that tall man come out of the doorway. After sitting in a daze for a few minutes. You promised. the chip was effectively worthless. She thought that was odd. and she figured that she'd let Kellerman tell the authorities whatever story he wanted to tell them. Ryan watched him push a red headed woman aside and he prepared to approach him with the pulse gun. What do I do now? Chapter 9 Ryan had spent the day wandering around the convention center. while they might simply meet in public. He watched as a tall man approached Kellerman and the two of them began to walk down the hall. Kellerman abruptly stopped just past the concession stand and paused to stand by the wall. Once he did that. Ryan didn't recognize her. He was no longer her concern. alone. Ryan reached into his pocket and turned the device on. but she couldn't miss him as he sat on the floor at the top of the stairs. but now he realized that this wasn't going to work. Kim or at least get far enough out of the main convention area for Ryan to get close enough to him to activate the pulse. He had actually located Kellerman early in the day. A few minutes later. He stopped to observe. Ryan saw Kellerman take a phone call. which is hardly a way for a spy to get anything accomplished. He opted to wait. looking for either Kellerman or Mr. a redheaded Jessica walked by. He decided that the best course of action was to wait until Kellerman and Kim had made contact. “Ryan! Are you all right?” “Uh. Worse.. I'm not sure if it's a break or a sprain. Kim. Worse than that. She did what she could to put pressure on the wound to slow down the bleeding and called 911 to get help. So now it seemed that Kellerman was out of the picture. Like a camera flash. so she opened the door out of curiosity. as he was behind a counter in a trade booth. Ryan fell down a flight of stairs. he started walking towards the concession area. A few moments later. “Jess. were likely gone. Ryan had to decide whether to approach the two of them or to wait to see what happened next. That might present a better opportunity for Ryan to get close enough to damage the chip. the chip had been stolen and Ryan was nowhere to be found. I thought you said you were going home.

Jessica got on her knees and pulled up her dress. Still.” “Like Kellerman? He's in the hospital now. She sat down on the bed next to him.” “You did plenty. Jessica knew that Ryan was in pain from his ankle injury and hoped that she could make him forget about it for a little while. As their lips met. Just a quick way to make a huge profit. You could have gotten hurt. Jessica marveled at Ryan's tongue. and swirled her tongue around it. If the plan is to sell to the same Koreans that Kellerman was dealing with. He was about six feet two.” She then began to stroke his shaft more aggressively. Jessica. “Is there any chance we can find this guy?” “Maybe. sprained ankles and third parties aren't usually part of the equation. he pulled her closer to him. They continued to kiss. Jess. “That feels wonderful. I”m not sure what we do next. She could feel herself becoming wet as Ryan ran his hands over her breasts. He was wearing a light gray suit. where would you be now? Who took you to the doctor?” “I guess I should thank you for that. and ran her fingers through his somewhat messy hair.” “What do you do now?” “I'll make a few phone calls and see if I can find out something about the European guy. as she continued to run her hands through his hair. maybe a bit taller.” “It seems that somebody has another idea. “I've got some people looking into it. She leaned in to kiss him. Don't stop.. They probably just wanted to grab it so that they could sell it to the Koreans. moving up and down on it and licking the underside with her tongue. She could tell that Ryan was growing hard as he lay there on the bed. leave. He entered her easily. She got back on the bed on her knees.” “I wish I could have done more. almost with desperation. then the guy is probably still around. Any idea who the tall European guy might be?” “I don't know. I can take care of myself. She closed her eyes and savored the pleasure. “Climb on top of me. heightened by the realization that they had both survived a dangerous encounter. Still. She gently licked the salty drops from the head. She cradled his balls with her hand and took the head into her mouth. if it weren't for me. Russian. I wish you had gone home like you said you would. . The fullness she felt whenever Ryan was inside of her was intensely satisfying. I doubt whoever took it really wants the chip. Can you describe him?” “Sure. You told me your job wasn't dangerous. it's better than nothing. and wrapped her hand around Ryan's growing erection. Get near the guy. still wearing her dress.“Well.” “It's never been dangerous before. I needed the research for my book.” he said. She straddled Ryan and slowly lowered herself onto his hard cock. imagining what it could do to other parts of her body. She pulled his pants down near his knees as he struggled to help her. They'll call when they know something. while continuing to work the head of his penis with her mouth. Ryan.” Ryan spent the next half hour on the phone.. Stabbings. maybe?. Blond.” “You're right. Looked pretty mean. stood up and removed her panties. Her legs began to quiver as she felt him thrust deeply into her wetness. Besides. She got on her knees next to him and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Ryan's cock was hard and slick. But who's the one lying in bed with his foot propped on a pillow?” Ryan laughed. he had to admit that Jessica had a point. This was supposed to be simple. He had an athletic build.I really wanted to watch you work.” Ryan was lying on the bed with his bandaged foot propped up on a pillow. You lied. The kiss was the most intense that Jessica had ever experienced. set off the pulse. We just need to find him. as she was about as wet as she had ever been.” “That's not much to go on. placing calls to several different people. She was grateful to have Ryan safely back in the hotel room and equally grateful to have him kissing her passionately.

“You're amazing. They continued thrusting in unison.” “Do you still think the Russians are going to try to contact the Koreans here?” “Probably. Maybe they've got somebody on the Koreans' payroll. then?” “I'm not sure. I really don't want you to get involved.” “How did they even find out about the chip?” “I don't know. Chapter 10 Jessica and Ryan awoke at 6 AM when Ryan's cell phone rang. I can't walk. however. It might have been the danger. doing so increasingly quickly as they both became more aroused. “Who was that? Any news?” “Nobody seems to know who that guy is. partly for privacy and partly to allow Jessica to return to sleep. He reached up and stuck his index finger into her mouth. They could solve the problem of the chip and the European and the Koreans tomorrow. with Jessica simultaneously wanting to come and at the same time wishing the pleasure could continue indefinitely. The chip is here. I think they're just looking to make some money.Ryan's sprained ankle gave him limited ability to move. his thrusts were so deep that he was reaching nerve endings she didn't know she had. When he is able to talk again. she was awake and had the room light on. with Jessica having a climax unlike any she'd had before.” “I'm sure I can do something to help. I'll take care of it. his throbbing cock still inside her. A few minutes later. and I won't get paid. but she shook uncontrollably as Ryan pulled her close to him. Right now. I don't want you getting involved. too. If I don't do either. Ryan removed his finger from her mouth and put both hands on her hips to help her move up and down on his erection.” . He went into the bathroom to take the call.” “What are you going to do. I'd hate for that chip to get away. hoping to do what he could to help bring Jessica to a climax. or the position. but at least we know what he looks like now. she slid off of him and fell to his side. She greedily sucked it as though it were a second cock. It's not a great picture. “How can I help you. with her mouth and her wet pussy both being put to work at once. Like I said. She moved up and down on him. She lay on his chest. I can use that pulse thing just as easily as you can. and no one has seen the Russian guy except you. especially now that we know we're dealing with dangerous people. The Russians aren't really in the cell phone business. Who knows?” “What do we do now?” “I'm not sure.” “Jess.” He held up his smartphone and showed her the picture. I can look for the guy. When he returned a few minutes later.” she said. I guess Kellerman saw him.” “Is there any good news at all?” “Maybe. the Koreans are here and the money is here. Jess. Kim. They came together. he'll probably have his hands full dealing with the police. She could feel his heart pounding against her chest as she lay there in astounding post-coital bliss. even with a sprained ankle. It would make sense. Jessica was lost in the moment. Well. Ryan?” “You can't help me. The company hired me to either get it back or destroy it. He closed his eyes as Jessica's movements became faster and faster. They both drifted off to sleep. they won't be happy. The company that hired me now has a picture of Mr. so Jessica was having to provide most of the motion. In this position. Or they tapped their phones. she just wanted to enjoy being held by Ryan. I said NO. but he's in intensive care and probably isn't talking. though everyone I talked to thinks he's part of a Russian group.

” “I can get around on crutches. maybe you can take a picture of him. How did you know I had it?” “Just a lucky guess. making it a short walk. Taking a picture might not be as exciting as destroying the chip. or computer vendors were located. Just get a photo if you can. as she had hoped to do more than that. if necessary. If I can find him.. Jessica was frustrated. I'll call you if I need anything. If she concentrated on just the part of the center where the cell phone vendors and manufacturers were. She also had the pulse gun in her purse. making it hard to locate anyone in the huge convention center. but he was hardly in a position to do anything himself. It occurred to Jessica that she could ignore a large part of the convention. and the Russian. but Ryan was doing his best to keep her away from any action. I told you . but if you do. he was stuck in his hotel room with a sprained ankle. including seizing the briefcase. “OK. The doors to the convention center had been open for a half an hour or so before Jessica arrived. And if you see Mr. She spent several hours looking around and bought a couple of lattes to keep herself alert. she was certain she was capable of doing more. The crowd was already pretty dense. Of course. her feet were hurting a bit from wearing the new heels the day before. While she was content to be able to help Ryan in any way possible. If anybody was going to solve this problem. a nondescript blue knit top and a pair of flats. please.” “Jess? One more thing. she'd have to settle for getting his picture. She grabbed her smartphone. Kim. That would be helpful. Jess.a little. I doubt that you'll see the guy. I might be able to find the Russian. she was determined to get a picture of him. as there are a number of Korean cell phone makers.” “What's that?” “Leave the pulse gun here. The Russian had seen her the day before as a redhead. Maybe I can find Mr.” Jessica scowled and grudgingly removed the pulse gun from her purse and left it on the nightstand. She'd be more comfortable that way. Today she dressed in jeans. Let me help you. television.” “And do what? On crutches. gave Ryan a kiss and prepared to leave. she was still annoyed that Ryan had caught her trying to walk out of the hotel room with the pulse gun. I might not be a trained spy.” “I'll be fine.” Jessica frowned. She didn't think it would be that hard to find the Russian and disable the chip. Ryan might not like that.I don't want you getting in trouble. The convention center was a few blocks away. so they probably wouldn't be in the part of the center where the stereo. I should be able to do this. If she saw the Russian. You can go down to the convention center and look around. Just get some rest. Chapter 11 Jessica grabbed a cup of coffee and a bagel on her way to the convention center. but at least Ryan was willing to allow her to help a little bit. but she didn't mention that to Ryan. Kim?” Ryan sent the photo of Mr. stay away. it might be difficult to locate Mr.“How? You can't walk. Maybe you can help. it would have to be Jessica. Besides. blond self. Don't do anything reckless. Kim. Could you send me the photo of Mr. I'll get dressed and go down there and see if I can find the guy and get a picture. I don't want you to get hurt. but I'm not inept.” She kissed him one more time and headed down the hall to catch the elevator. and you don't even know what the guy looks like. and don't do anything else. as there were hundreds of Koreans in attendance. Nevertheless. if possible. The two people she was looking for were engaged in a deal for cell phone components. “Just take a photo of the Russian if you can. so today she could simply go down to the convention center as her normal. She didn't want to get caught in heels if she had to run or move quickly. she hadn't seen . Kim and the Russian together. she'd probably have a better chance of finding either the Russian or Mr. “You caught me. So far. you're not exactly a threat to anyone. Kim to Jessica's cell phone. Nevertheless. Jessica was determined to find him. Jessica was glad she didn't have to wear a wig today.” “I'll tell you what. Kim.. but Jessica was willing to help Ryan in any way possible. She continued looking around the cell phone manufacturer's area with renewed determination. however.

Jessica had followed the Russian slowly. and Jessica was determined to succeed. Jess. too much ground to cover.anything. The Bellagio has two large swimming pools and a number of smaller ones as well as several hot tubs. I'm going to try to get his picture. They might be here. but she'd also have a lot to write about. She hadn't seen anyone who looked like him all day. she'd not only have his gratitude and the satisfaction of having accomplished something. He appeared to be headed for the swimming pool area at the back of the hotel. pressed the button and prepared to enter when the door opened.” Jess didn't reply. Jessica continued to follow while keeping a safe distance. I just haven't seen either of them today.” “See you soon. If she were able to help Ryan finish his job. Kim. but the convention was huge. People were splashing in the pools. “Ryan. especially with so much at stake. but there were a lot of people there and many of them would come and go throughout the day. she was ready to give up. taking extra care to avoid being seen. The door opened and a half dozen people came out.” “Be careful. I'm still not really in the mood to try walking. Every time I see someone from Asia. others were simply reading or napping on lounge chairs. It's not your concern. She was tired and hungry and really just wanted to hang out in the hotel room with Ryan. She didn't know where the Russian was going. She left the convention center and walked back to the Bellagio. The cabanas are large enough for six to eight people. Why don't you just come back to the room? We can have a meal up here. one way or another. having long ago grown tired of looking at faces. She was going to get that picture. The pool area can easily accommodate several hundred people at once. but she was determined to follow him. She remembered her embarrassment when she'd dropped a tray of dishes at the buffet and was determined not to be discovered so easily this time. there were thousands of people there. . It was simply a matter of remaining vigilant. They might not. it's a great place to spend the day. I'm going to follow him. She found the elevator to the room.” “Any idea where he's going?” “It looks like he's headed towards the swimming pool. Please. “I'm sorry. and the odds of finding two people who weren't going out of their way to be found weren't good. She decided to give up for the day and called Ryan. If there's a place at the Bellagio where you can have privacy while still being in public. The Russian is down here and he has the briefcase. Kim on her phone one more time to refresh her memory. privacy.” Jessica was frustrated. Every blond guy looks like the Russian. I'm down here in the lobby. and the pool area was busy. He was carrying Kellerman's briefcase.” “OK. she noticed that the Russian was among the people coming out. a private patio and most of all. I think it's Mr. Jessica stepped behind a large potted plant and took a moment to call Ryan while keeping the Russian in her sight. the cabanas at the pool are the place to get it. In the meantime. Don't do anything careless. Jessica was in and out of the elevator in a flash. The Russian walked towards the back of the hotel and walked outside to the swimming pool area. Jessica wasn't really paying attention at this point. I just don't know. but as she looked up to enter the elevator. By mid-afternoon. The Russian was walking towards a cabana on the far side of the largest swimming pool. but for those who can afford it. “Jess?” She'd hung up. I'm so tired of looking for these guys that I think I'm seeing them everywhere I look. There were too many people to watch. They cost a few hundred dollars per day. I'm giving up and coming back to the hotel. She looked at the picture of Mr. and Jessica was beginning to lose her focus.” “Don't worry about it. and a few others were relaxing in private cabanas that surrounded the pools. and come with televisions.

” Jessica took another sip of her Martini. Kim! They shook hands and walked inside. appeared in the doorway. Now they were inside the cabana where they couldn't be seen and where Jessica couldn't get the photo she needed. Then they'll throw you and your friend out. “Once again. the Russian was greeted by another man.” She pointed her smartphone at the Russian and took his picture. who noticed that it wasn't working.” . and approached it with her drink in one hand and her smartphone in the other. “What are you doing here?” the Russian asked. “You are mistaken. Jessica did her best to keep her distance. After thinking about her options. We'll get out of your way. Jessica walked over to the cabana. as the pool bar was rather busy. They both stood up as Jessica wandered in. “I'm not going anywhere. It looks just like ours. but how was she going to get inside to take the picture? She couldn't exactly barge in and ask them to pose. Jessica wasn't sure what to do.” Ryan slowly put his hand in his right pants pocket. You need to leave. You should not have come in here. she intentionally spilled some of her drink on her blouse. acting like she belonged there and as if she'd been drinking double vodka Martinis all day long. “Fine. “You know you shouldn't drink so much. It took a few minutes to get her drink. and she blundered into the cabana entrance. She approached the man again. It was open. gentlemen. It was Mr. I'm sorry. He pushed her out of the way and she fell to the ground. and they almost certainly had the chip with them. I'm going to take your picture and show it to security. and as she left the bar area. and he saw the chip inside in a small case.” she said with slurred speech. Is my girlfriend making trouble again?” The Russian said.” Ryan turned to face Jessica. Ryan approached the table and pressed the button on the pulse gun in his pocket. “Oh. In fact. This is not our cabana. A minor skirmish ensued. The Russian had placed her phone on the table. They'll straighten this out. She was intentionally walking in a sloppy. “She came in here and said this was her cabana.” Ryan turned to face the men. Ryan. “Hey! You broke my phone!” “I'm sorry. honey. “Please go. was no match for the much larger man.As he approached the cabana. I'm so sorry. but she was determined not to let this opportunity get away. They'll know you don't belong here. She paid for the drink. took a sip. closing the canopy behind them. It belongs to these men. “I want my phone back!” Jessica said. She'd found both people she was looking for. “Excuse me. “Hey! You took my phone!” Jessica went to grab it back. “What am I doing here? You're the one who's in my cabana.” the Russian said. Please go. but Jessica. on crutches. dropping her drink and breaking the glass. “I want my phone back!” When he refused. Ryan saw Kellerman's briefcase on the table. He grabbed the phone out of her hand. drunk or sober. The Russian handed the phone to Jessica. I think she's drunk. Jessica kept her eye on the cabana.” As she turned to leave. As the Russian turned to get the phone. She had her smartphone. she said. madam. You are obviously in the wrong place.” Jessica played along. making sure that neither one of the men left while she waited for the bartender. madam. haphazard manner. I'm going to find security. she walked over to the nearest bar and ordered a double vodka Martini with extra olives. The two men were sitting at a table with their briefcases open.

Jessica frowned and turned to Ryan. I mean. It's not as nice as the Bellagio. Straight to the parking garage. but they had peace and quiet and the pleasure of each other's company. Let's go. Jess. honey. My foot is still pretty sore. “No.” Ryan said. They weren't exactly living the high life in their motel. He was obviously quite angry. presumably the Korean. Chapter 12 Jessica and Ryan spent the next few days simply taking it easy.” They walked out of the cabana and started to walk back towards the hotel. Right now. It should have destroyed the chip. and all of his electronics. no. The Korean probably tried to test the chip and noticed that it. too. I need to contact the chip company and explain what happened. “Once again. I need to turn in a report fairly soon. Why?” “I've got a motel room outside of town that's paid for until the end of the week. I broke your phone.” They walked down the hall to the elevator. How did you find me?” “I just went to the window after you called and watched you walk towards that cabana. I'm sorry that my girlfriend caused trouble for you. who said. but other than that.” Ryan finished packing his things. The sooner we get out of here. I assume that you need to go home to Denver. and Ryan hopped into the passenger seat. and said.” “He broke my phone!” Jessica complained. and the Russian came out of the cabana. but it's clean. Spending a few days with you sounds like fun. inside.” Jessica pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the Sundown Inn. I just want to leave. Ryan began to pack his belongings.” They walked about fifty yards and then hid behind some trees. and it's paid for. and found their way to the hotel's parking garage. Spending a few days by the pool might be fun. “That was close. Let's go before they start looking for us.” “Aren't you going to check out?” “No. too. I thought you might need my help.” “Then we're done here?” Jessica asked.” “Are you in a big hurry?” “Not really. I'll call later and tell them I'm not coming back. “What shall we do now?” Jessica asked. twenty miles from the glitz of Las Vegas. “Are you leaving now?” Jessica asked. “Come on. I think we're both done with our business here in Las Vegas. I set off the pulse gun while we were in there. the better. “At some point. “Let's keep an eye on them for a while. I thought that guy was going to hurt me. were not working. “I think we are. along with any other electronic devices that were in the cabana. They reached Jessica's car. “I'm guessing that the deal is off.” He turned to the two men. He shouted for another few seconds and then stormed off. Since I don't actually have the chip. He turned around and was yelling at someone. I'd like to be gone before those two guys figure out who destroyed the chip and ruined their business deal. they'll need a full report. “My work is done here. . They watched for a few minutes. “Let's go. Want to relax for a few days?” “Relax? That might not be a bad idea. it's got a pool.” They walked back to the elevator and went back up to Ryan's room.

“You're right. you're probably disappointed. If you're going to have a partner. They talked about it as they relaxed in their hotel room after having a light dinner at the coffee shop next door. Jess.” “.. If you came all this week to watch me be a spy. and he goes all over the world solving problems. “It does seem that way. If I were you. “I'm not really sure I learned all that much about how you work this week. and in great shape.” They both laughed. but it does occur to me that you might be able to help me from time to time on my little adventures. the entire point of following Ryan to Las Vegas in the first place was to watch him work as a spy.he's hot. I've been doing this for a couple of years now.” she said.” “.” “Sounds like a familiar story. Bryan. I had no idea that your work was actually dangerous. First of all. It gave Ryan a chance to rest his injured leg. Jessica felt that head-to-toe tingle she always felt when she was kissing Ryan.” she said with a smile.” Ryan laughed.. seeing as though I already live there. The End of Vegas Encounter . I guess we both learned something this week. Adding an element of danger to my stories will probably help my sales.” She smiled at him.. and that included finding the stolen chip. “I might be able to do that. I'm mostly living out of hotels now. don't you think she should be nearby?” “You're probably right. On the other hand. Would you be interested?” “Maybe.” “So you're willing to help me every now and again?” “Yes.” “Come a little closer. Of course.” “I didn't actually know that my work was dangerous. That's what I like to do and that's what I intend to keep doing.. but having some place to call home might not be a bad idea. “Well. on one condition. I did find a lot to write about. or put you in danger.. I don't want to get you in trouble.. Jessica had gotten a lot of good material and some new ideas from talking to Ryan about his work on this trip. you realize that you might need occasional help?” Jessica asked. a little 'field experience' can go a long way towards helping me write better books. so they spent most of their time lounging by the pool. I'd ask for my money back. and I've always gotten along fine on my own.Ryan's ankle was still swollen. She was looking forward to having the source of that tingle living closer to her from now on. Ryan continued: “One thing I've learned this week is that my job is a bit more complicated than I'd previously thought.especially if you think you're going to need my help every now and again.. even if Ryan didn't entirely approve. I don't want to spend all of my time wondering where you are or when I'm going to hear from you again. You know . I almost feel like I know these people.” “What's that?” “That you establish some sort of home somewhere near where I live. Ryan leaned in towards Jessica and she gave him a big kiss. So what are you working on now?” “I'm just starting the next story about my fictional spy. first and foremost. and it gave Jessica an opportunity to work on her next book.. Jessica ended up doing a lot of the spy work herself. As their lips met.with the help of his clever blond girlfriend. She couldn't help but be proud of that.” “I suppose you're suggesting that I move to Denver?” “Denver would be convenient. I'm a writer. seeing as though you spent a lot of the time in bed in a hotel room.

Ryan was an industrial spy. Want one?” “Sure. or exceptionally fit. I think the next story is going to be . he usually took Jessica along. Yes. and having Jessica along for help might not be a bad idea. it's better to have a happy one.Stolen Secrets Chapter 1 . He was skillful. and Jennifer wasn't sure she'd see him again anytime soon. As the sun went down. would not last.” They enjoyed yet another night of all-consuming passion. Without a doubt. enjoying the gentle breeze. Bryan's last assignment in Las Vegas was easy enough. dangerous work often leads to intense. He'd be gone for a few days each week. aside from some clothing. in deepest Africa. but that he'd be willing to move to Denver in order to be closer to her. and as dawn approached. a cell phone. They had a little romance on the beach. it seemed that he owned very few possessions. too. Jess. Bryan quietly left Jennifer again. I'm making a salad. “Hi. would be dangerous. and Jessica was more than willing to comply. just like her relationship with Ryan. but the stories she wrote were exciting. Jessica smiled as she thought about her last sexual encounter with Ryan. when Ryan injured his ankle and nearly let the stolen chip get away. He spent his time in exotic locations. She watched the sun rise. Jessica wasn't really sure why Ryan needed an apartment. If you're going to have a roommate. Jennifer did her best to enjoy the moment. of course. and eager to bring her to the heights of ecstasy. and when it came to sex. He still traveled frequently. After their last adventure in Las Vegas. and part of it had to do with the amazing amount of inspiration that she found ever since she'd met Ryan Stevens. just a few blocks from the one that Jessica shared with her longtime roommate.. he told Jessica that he'd not only like having her around for his missions. It wasn't just that he was tall. and Amber was happy to have a roommate who wasn't so sullen all the time. “Yes. and a laptop. One look from those gorgeous hazel eyes of his and Jessica usually turned to putty. Bryan stopped to put his arms around Jennifer's waist. End of Vegas Rendezvous. of course. as many of his assignments were simple ones that either didn't require help or didn't involve long. “Do you have to leave tomorrow?” she asked. How's the book coming along?” Amber asked as she cut up an avocado. and I'd like to spend the entire evening making love to you. Jessica came out of her bedroom/office and found Amber in the kitchen. It was all that she could do. He'd also discovered that doing his job alone was dangerous. How about if I open a bottle of wine?” “That would be great. out of town stays. if ever. and his work took him all over the world. and a pretty talented spy. but his next one. to protect all parties involved. fully aware that this bliss. and always had something interesting to talk about. having just finished her latest in a series of erotic stories involving Bryan and Jennifer. patient. exquisite as it was. and hoped for the best. ------------------------------------------Jessica Steel took a sip of her latte and smiled with satisfaction. it rarely took much effort. and Jessica was able to turn those adventures into best-selling erotic ebooks. He pulled her to him and gave her the kiss of a lifetime.Bryan took Jennifer's hand as they walked along the beach. the pleasure of each other's company. She was more than grateful to have him around on more of a regular basis. Ryan was incredible. She changed the details. claiming her lips as his own. Jessica learned first hand about how dangerous the spy game could be when she spent a few days in Las Vegas with Ryan. or handsome.. Ryan was an incredible lover. I'm getting a bit hungry. the writing of erotic fiction. preparing a salad. Having finished her story. Part One. He was also the most attentive lover that she had ever known. It was sort of a win-win proposition. the gorgeous sunset and. he also had this confidence about him that Jessica found very sexy. occasionally encountered dangerous people. and Amber loved that. passionate sex. Part of it had to do with renewed passion for her work. and now he's left her to go to Africa. “I think I just finished the latest story. Jessica was happier these days. She also discovered that intense. Amber Mitchell. As their tongues tingled. She'd long ago gotten over her world-class case of writer's block and now found herself with more material to write about than she had time to type. He'd rented an apartment a few weeks later. but we still have tonight. helping him destroy a stolen cell phone chip that might have cost the developer millions of dollars had it remained in the wrong hands. Ryan had backup help on his spy missions. but for jobs that lasted longer than that. fun to read and contained copious amounts of incredible sex. If Ryan wanted her to come.

Amber was clearly happy dating Jason. She'd been seeing Ryan off and on for a few months now. but she was beginning to grow impatient.. probably tomorrow. Amber. Chapter 2 As promised. and he's here some of the time and gone a lot of the time. He seems like a great guy. I think he really means it this time. but Jessica thought that Amber could probably land just about any guy she wanted. See you then. Jess. “I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. or corporate raiders. Jessica became as giddy as a schoolgirl. and Jessica spent the rest of the evening proofreading her new book. as Amber and Jason had been dating for several years and that proposal had been “just around the corner” for quite some time now. what's new with you and Ryan? I haven't seen him much lately. “Hi. We can't have a love story without having it finish. Well. Where are we going?” “That's a secret. He was tall and fit. Readers like those 'happily ever after' endings. Is it OK if I pick you up in an hour?” “That will be great. So. and he's pretty good company. While doing so. Ryan called the next day..” “I hope so.” Amber grabbed her purse and left. how are things with you and Jason?” “Great. The sex is certainly amazing. but she still got excited at the very thought of him. Still. I'm not sure where we stand as a couple right now. aren't you?” “Probably. Jason had a steady job at an auto parts store. and hoped that she and Ryan could have a relationship that lasted as long and worked as well as the one her roommate had with Jason.” “Are you two getting serious?” “We're as serious as we can be. but she trusted him. Want to get together?” “Sure. Jessica admired Amber's dedication. OK?” “Fair enough. I'm headed over to Jason's. Jess. too. It's essentially done.” “Good luck with that. I love reading erotic fiction. We'll just take things as they come and see how it goes. Sometimes I go with him and sometimes I don't. you know.” “He's been back in Pittsburgh for a few days.” “I understand. so I guess I'll see you later.” Jessica thought it was odd that Ryan wouldn't tell her where they were going. lawyers. visiting family and taking care of some family business. and she loved Jessica's work. When can I read it?” Amber was a voracious reader of erotica. and. and any man would admire. I hope that works out. She simply couldn't get enough of Ryan and she was ecstatic that she'd see him again tomorrow. I can't disappoint them. given our odd situation. “I'll be there tomorrow. “Anytime you like. but I hate it when the ending is ambiguous. Want to take a ride?” “Sure. and spent more time than necessary getting her makeup just right.oh. but his piercing hazel eyes that just made Jessica melt. put on some jeans and a knit top. Call me.” “He is a great guy.” Jessica replied. Give me another story or two. He's been hinting that he's going to propose soon. She jumped in the shower. By the way. She was a gorgeous redhead with a figure that any woman would envy. Maybe this time it will really happen. I want to see the guy and the girl get married in the end. He should be back in the next day or two. she received a text message from Ryan. Amber. aside from the usual proofreading. you're going to have to marry those two off.” “I'm working on it.” “No kidding.” They both laughed.a bit dark. I just got back in town. I'm here. . including doctors.” “Sooner or later.

And I can't imagine a better place to have one. Jessica saw that he was becoming erect. Everything's OK in Pittsburgh. Ryan produced a bottle of wine and the usual picnic meal of fried chicken and potato salad. It seemed like a nice day for a drive. Jessica felt her flesh tingle. though. Ryan watched intently. They're going to travel a bit more now that they've got the time. she saw the formidable bulge in his underwear. Her pulse quickened as Ryan ran his fingers through her hair. but for now.” They drove along the two lane highway for about twenty more minutes and then turned off on a dirt road. When the kiss came to its inevitable end. admiring the deer and other wildlife they saw on the way. Then they turned down an even smaller road and went a few hundred yards.” Jessica hopped in the passenger side and the took off. He removed a blanket and a picnic basket that seemed rather heavy.” “How is your family?” “Fine. You knew what to bring. Jessica stood up and pulled her shirt over her head.” Ryan got out of the car and opened the trunk. It's always fun to travel. it just sits here. no one ever comes here. as Ryan's kisses always stirred her most basic inner desires. driving what appeared to be a vintage Corvette convertible. How did you ever find this place?” “It's some land that belongs to an uncle of mine. It was a nice sunny day. Jessica never understood how Ryan manage to stay so fit.” “I do my homework. As she pulled down his jeans. What do you think?” “It's beautiful. It just arrived. and he had the top down. As their lips met. she began to trace the contours of his chest with her index finger. Ryan. the place was eerily quiet. time effectively stopped for Jessica. as she was completely lost in the moment. “I just thought this was a great day for a picnic. After their short walk. They'd stopped amidst a thicket of trees alongside a brook.” “So what do we do now?” “We have a picnic. as the sight of Ryan without a shirt just made her quiver inside. They put the blanket down in a shaded area near the brook. As they sat next to one another. Speaking of travel. she didn't know. Ryan stopped the car. Dad recently retired from a manufacturing company that he founded. She surrendered completely to Ryan as his lips and tongue claimed her mouth as his own. Ryan put his hand around Jessica's neck and gently pulled her toward him. Get in. When his shirt was unbuttoned. It's a 1967 model. so she unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his jeans. She lay on the blanket next to him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.” “Are they retired?” “They are now. He met Jessica at the curb and he gave her a hug and a quick kiss.” “Thanks. his desire for her clearly evident from . pulling Jessica close to him as he reclined. I just needed to take care of a bit of family business. Eventually it became clear that they were headed up into the mountains. That kiss might have lasted seconds or hours.” They talked a bit about his trip to Pittsburgh while enjoying their meal and their wine. they returned to the picnic site and sat down on the blanket. teasingly doing so one button at a time. “I'm impressed. you know. The mountains rose high above them and aside from the sound of rushing water. and Jessica always enjoyed a mountain drive.” “That's nice. Then they held hands and took a walk along the brook. “So. two things that he knew were among Jessica's favorites. She was grateful. They continued down the dirt road for what Jessica thought must be four or five miles. I've had it in storage. where are we going?” “You'll see. and then removed her own jeans. Come on. It's private land. “Is that a new car? It's beautiful. It seemed that there wasn't a soul within miles of them. He hopes to develop it someday. My parents are starting to slow down a bit. As their tongues became entangled. given his grueling travel schedule. so I'm trying to see more of them these days when I can. running around his nipples and across his astonishingly tight abs. They were gorgeous this time of year.Ryan showed up right on time. Jessica looked around. Ryan proceeded to lie down on his back. how was your trip?” “It was fine.

but awakened as she realized that Ryan's cock was once again growing hard. Jessica marveled once again at his magnificent cock. and Jessica felt Ryan's hot seed spilling into her. overcome with the essence of pure joy. Jessica dozed off to sleep for a few minutes. Perspiration began to bead on their flesh as they writhed on the blanket in the warm summer sun. “This is so good. strong and erect. Jessica eased her backside up against Ryan. Jessica was clad only in a bra and panties. on her.” Ryan removed his finger and stood up to take off his underwear. and then lowered himself to kiss the folds of her damp pussy. Jessica. the two of them spooning on the blanket by the side of the babbling brook. each of them dressed only in their underwear. Ryan slowly removed her bra and began to kiss her. With that. I want you inside of me. but he then began to add more pressure.” With each thrust. starting at her shoulders and then moving to her chest. he exploded with a gasp. “I'm going to take you now. Harder. again and again. as their eyes locked and their bodies moved in harmony. and Jessica shook as she came. They collapsed on the blanket. The gentle breeze that washed over them helped to cool them down from the heat of their passion. He began to thrust. “I want you to come now. and then two fingers into her moist entrance. and she gasped as he slid one. The rush of sensation left her dizzy. Ryan moved off of her and lay behind her. and he began to suck on her nipples.” he replied. as Ryan continued to thrust with determination. his lips were sucking on her nipples. I'm coming. He thrust still deeper and harder.” Ryan said.” she said. and clearly eager to enter her. Ryan. but her lust for Ryan quickly overwhelmed that discomfort. doing her best to get him wet all over. Jessica began to squirm. licking his tongue gently around her now-erect nipples. Her breaths became a series of short gasps as Ryan's strokes increased in intensity. “Yes. She moaned at the sensation. “Please. Right now.” she said. Ryan could tell that she was close. “Keep going. His cock was thrusting against her clit. Ryan moaned softly as Jessica's mouth traveled the length of his hard erection. Ryan kissed her as he held himself up on his forearms. The near orgasm that Jessica had experienced a few moments earlier was back with a vengeance. wiggling his finger just a bit as her opening stretched to accommodate it. licking the salty drops from the tip. He continued to lick her while massaging her with his fingers and she felt herself approaching the edge of orgasm. Jessica was half asleep. He moved his hand around her to fondle her breast and he pushed into her again. With two fingers on each of her hips. She again sat down beside him. She reached down and found his shaft and slowly guided him in. She held him tightly as he continued to thrust in a series of ever smaller spasms. Jess? Do you want more?” “I do like it. She likened these to the aftershocks of an earthquake. She gasped again as one of his wet fingers slipped out of her pussy and touched her tighter rear opening. in between gasps. I need it harder. She no longer cared. He quickly escalated his thrusting as she moved her hips to match his movements. She gently grasped his balls as she started to work her mouth up and down his thick. first one. He pushed . and around her. Jess. completely forgetting that she was about to make love in public in broad daylight. he pulled down her panties. slowly at first. She just wanted Ryan's beautiful cock within her as soon as possible. but she quickly became fully awake and aroused in response to Ryan's desperate need. but soon he began to push with the passion of someone who seemed driven to do nothing else but make love.” he said. Jessica sat up to admire his cock a bit closer and brought it to her mouth. He began to lick it ever so gently with the very tip of his tongue. Deeper.” She lay back on the blanket as Ryan lowered himself onto her. Jessica could tell that he was close to finishing. throbbing shaft. Jessica moaned with approval as his lips met her flesh. “Do you like that. As he removed his shorts. she wanted to feel his not-quite-erect cock within her as they lay there. Her knees shook as his tongue teased her hard. and then the other. His first touch was so gentle. exposing her wet mound. savoring the moment as he entered her. Her legs wrapped around him to pull him closer. Make me come.his erection. Jessica came closer and closer to the edge of uncontrollable orgasm. Jessica was a bit uncomfortable taking off her clothes in a public place. “Come here. sensitive clit. Lie down. It only took a moment before Jessica was overwhelmed with the intense torrent of pleasure. drawing him even further into her. but I don't want more just now. He gently pulled her legs apart. from the intense sensations of Ryan simultaneously being in her. She felt as if she was leaving her body as Ryan brought her to a shattering climax.

“That was a beautiful place for a picnic. and Jessica spent her evening chatting with Amber and preparing for her trip to New Orleans with Ryan. Casual clothes will be fine. Chapter 3 Jessica woke up early that morning and had breakfast with Amber. though. this one's a bit more serious. Jessica had never felt more content than she did right then and there. I'd be happy to go make some more memories any time you like.” “It's a bit different. She started to rub her clit as Ryan continued moving his hard cock within her. I've got another assignment. Ryan walked Jessica to the door. Picnics should be relaxing. either. Between the deep thrusts of Ryan's cock and the extra stimulation from her own hand. I've been wanting to take you there for a while now. and gave her a kiss that nearly made her knees buckle. I'd like to take you there again. What are we getting into this time? she wondered.” He took off. but he says it's not illegal. I'd also like for you to tell me that you won't get into any sort of legal trouble. I can't really tell you everything yet. but be sure to pack some business attire. I'll take care of the travel arrangements and I'll pick you up about 6 PM. but it involves hacking a company's computer systems and obtaining some of the company's sensitive information. Ryan was shaking as he gave his final thrust. For various reasons.” she said. Jessica knew she soon be awash in orgasmic ecstasy.harder and faster. Something nice to wear to dinner might be helpful.” “We'll do that again soon.” “Where will all of this be taking place?” “New Orleans. You'll have to assure me that I'm not going to get into any sort of legal trouble.” “You won't get in trouble. I hope he's telling the truth. I can't fill you in on all of the details yet. I likely won't. are you?” she said with a laugh. and climaxing in harmony. “Me. they got dressed. and Jessica felt a wave of electric pleasure wash over her.” “Another trip? Where to this time? What will you be doing? Not retrieving another chicken recipe. which was desperately earnest and achingly tender. Jess. Care to come along?” “I don't know. She felt as if they were one.” “That sounds illegal and not like the sort of thing you usually do. you're off on another adventure with Ryan. all at the same time. I enjoy . too. When do we leave? Do I need to pack anything unusual?” “The day after tomorrow. Jessica was lost in the kiss. I already have fond memories of the place. picked up the blanket and the picnic supplies and got in the car for the drive back to town. It was so romantic.” “My pleasure. “I'll see you soon. Don't pack anything that needs to be checked.” “Count me in. A few minutes later. They both lay quietly on the blanket. I have no idea what he's up to. “Whew. Are you coming?” “I love New Orleans! Is there any chance we can spend some time in the French Quarter while we're there?” “I think we can manage that. When the moment ended. He's doing some sort of computer hacking. Jess. Thank you. but there's a good chance that I may need your help. They both came at the same time. Any idea what it's about?” “Not really. their bodies moving. “So. “No. just something that would look good in an office. lying by the side of the brook. too. remembering one of Ryan's recent adventures. gasping. put his arms around her. completely satisfied and totally spent at the same time. Jess. Nothing special. It won't be soon. his deep thrusts reaching nerve endings Jessica didn't know she had. she thought she saw stars. It didn't take long.” He dropped her off at her apartment and declined an invitation to stay for awhile. embraced by Ryan's strong arms.” She smiled. but Jessica felt completely exhausted. but satisfied at the same time.

and prepared to take a short nap. The more he teased her. But I'm grateful. She pulled a blanket from the overhead bin. just the same. She gave him a quick kiss and they drove to the airport. pulled it over herself.” “Well. I'm a writer.” “It must be. Jessica put on a short but simple dress. I'm not sure I'll be able to write from prison. . She had a loyal reader following. Jessica knew that Ryan was going to do more. Jessica was beside herself. Jessica would have been happy enough with the larger seats and the additional legroom. he'd get closer and closer to touching her swollen clit. Ryan had other ideas. As always. When they arrived at the airport. Jessica spent most of the day fine tuning her latest book. Shortly after takeoff.” Jessica didn't really like being kept in the dark about whatever it was that Ryan was up to. You're making me feel special. he moved his finger under her dress and traced over her damp mound. finishing her entree. Really. at least until it got dark. especially if she was going to have to participate in it. Ryan.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. While the extra pampering that came with a first class ticket was nice. and a nice glass of Chardonnay. grabbed her carry on bag and met Ryan in the parking lot. Ryan handed her a boarding pass and they went through security and found their way to the gate. of course. Jess. Just enjoy your meal and get some rest. you should get some good material for your books.” “Well. Jessica also noticed that the seats were leather and were much more comfortable than the seats one usually finds in coach. Still. dessert. but I don't want to get in trouble. “Row 2? Are we sitting in first class?” “We are. This one's pretty lucrative. You deserve nice things. Ryan then ever-so-slowly began to slide his index finger up her thigh. Shortly thereafter. Some of them pay better than others. including a salad. she wanted to make sure it was just right before submitting it for publication. but I'm not. He turned out the lights over their seats so that it was relatively dark. This is actually quite good. He teased her slowly and gently with his finger. the flight attendant brought them cocktails and bowls of warm mixed nuts. she looked at her boarding pass for the first time. but coach seats on airplanes are pretty cramped these days. It all depends on the job. Have you flown first class before?” “Never. and since I'm gone from home a lot. it's my treat. at five foot five. Finally. tracing an imaginary line between her hemline and her knee. but it really irked her to have typos in her books. Jess. She wasn't terribly tall. I can't afford anything but coach. Who's your employer this time?” “I'll give you all the details in due time. and believed that he'd tell her what she needed to know soon enough. Enjoy it. With every pass.“ They both laughed and finished their breakfast.” she said. She began to grow wet with anticipation and squirmed slightly in her seat. she trusted him. Shortly after five. He then slipped his left hand under her blanket and rested his hand upon her right knee. but she had no idea what or when.” “You may be used to this. Jessica began to feel goosebumps. and they'd gladly forgive simple mistakes. I like to travel well when I can. let me know if you need anyone to post bail for you. For a few minutes. this isn't that big of a deal. I'm usually better rested when I fly up front. I like to fly first class when I can. and the extra room was both noticed and appreciated. As they were boarding the plane.helping him. and then moved it back toward her knee. the flight attendant served them dinner. touching her with the gentlest of pressure.” “If I'm not in jail. “I didn't know anybody served food on airplanes anymore.” “You are special. “I'm glad you're enjoying it. the wetter she became. She sat by the window in order to enjoy the view. “I had no idea it was so nice in first class.” She did enjoy it. but he was never in a hurry. Ryan simply ran his finger up and down her thigh. I earn a good living. after what seemed like an eternity.” “Either way.

It was a spring break thing I did with some friends. the place was packed with customers and was surprisingly loud from a combination of people having a good time and a piano player over near the bar. bucking her hips rapidly while screaming into a pillow. For this place. he slipped a finger under her panties and into the wet folds of her pussy. “Thanks for the drink. and a pair of French doors that led to a private. “Lots of people get crazy here. French-style furniture. indeed. It was inevitable. which was. just around the corner. He began to rub her more aggressively now. How long do we get to stay?” “Four or five days. and she knew she was powerless to resist. “Touch me. Ryan was a master of the tease. she was both exhausted and drenched. Actually. and began to read a magazine. I haven't had a Hurricane in years. They found their way to the famous Pat O'Brien's bar. but she'd never stayed in such a nice hotel there. in a moment that Jessica thought would never come. It all depends on how the job goes. Why don't you freshen up and we'll go get a drink. Jess. I'll need to meet him alone. and coming hard.” she whispered. Eventually. which was located right in the heart of the French Quarter. The room had its own Jacuzzi.” She started to moan lightly every time his finger approached her wetness. Giving in to a force she knew she couldn't overcome. I'll need to get to work the day after that.“Please. A few of them were staggering out of the bar. “So. Jessica squirmed more as Ryan's fingers continued to probe her wet flesh. tops. singing along with the piano player as they wandered out. What's the plan here? What are we doing? What happens next?” “I've got to meet with someone tomorrow just to finalize some things. after all. isn't it?” “It's positively gorgeous! Bourbon Street is right outside the window! Can we spend some time down there?” “Sure. . The feeling of pure joy as his fingers rapidly fucked her clit was more than she could bear. and this time. full-body shudders. Ryan.. Jessica had been to New Orleans before.. So. and the present company. and his playfulness was driving Jessica insane. Without saying a word. She wasn't sure how she'd react and she didn't want to embarrass herself in a plane full of people.” She looked around and saw a number of people who had clearly had too much to drink. turned on the light overhead. I'll fill you in to the extent that I can. We had some pretty crazy times here. was fairly alert and refreshed by the time they exited the airport. Jessica was in a world of her own.” “And you'll need me to help you?” Jessica took a sip and emptied her glass. hoping that this time would be the time when he gave her more. “I think I could live here. she had never stayed in such a nice hotel anywhere.” Jessica washed her face and freshened up her makeup. however. Ryan ordered a couple of them and he and Jessica grabbed a table in the corner. I did order it. Jessica napped and slept like a baby. Pat O'Brien's is right around the corner. Even though it was a weeknight. The king sized bed looked positively divine. Ryan's eager fingers persisted. though. Ryan removed his hand. it's the perfect drink. She awoke fairly quickly. awash in a sea of ecstatic pleasure. Just look at this crowd. a rum and tropical fruit based cocktail that goes down easily while packing a whollop. Ryan.” “You really don't like it?” “It's fine. It is nice. The signature drink at Pat O'Brien's is the Hurricane. Jessica stared at their hotel room in disbelief. Jessica came in a series of convulsions. and thanks to the nap on the plane. Her nipples began to harden in anticipation.” “It's a bit sweet for my taste. and Jessica tried to resist the urge to come. They picked up a rental car and drove the twenty minutes or so to the hotel. Ryan. After that. Ryan continued his rapid fingering of her pussy and her orgasm continued with a series of electric. you say you've been to New Orleans before?” “I came a couple of times when I was in college. but when in Rome. and she knew that there was no way she'd be able to avoid a coming. It was spacious and decorated with new but antique-looking. It didn't really matter if anyone heard her muffled sounds or not. When he finally stopped. wrought-iron balcony that overlooked Bourbon Street. Chapter 4 Jessica was sort of half asleep when the plane landed at the New Orleans airport. She gasped as he lightly touched her nub and she gasped again as he slipped a second finger inside.” She took a couple of sips of her drink. every now and again.

“I'm not done.” he said as she came out of the bathroom. “You say that as if it's a bad thing. where she found a few more drops of salty nectar. She had the ability to bring him to ecstasy or cause him pain. Jessica felt waves of pleasure overwhelming her as his tongue danced on hers. just in case. completely lost in the moment. She pushed against his tongue greedily.” They took the short walk back to the hotel. and then slowly moved them towards her backside. which now betrayed his excitement with a small wet spot near the tip of his cock. Jessica took the waistband of his underwear in her teeth and pulled them down. wearing only a pair of Dockers. I love just looking at you. and she ran her hand over the bulge. Jessica could see from the tent in Ryan's pants that he was excited. I mean it.” Jessica was ready for Ryan to take her. Ryan's tongue was like a paintbrush in the hands of a master. Her nipples were firm with desire. Ryan looked deeply into her eyes.” Ryan persisted for another minute or so. but after a couple of those. He unbuckled his belt. and after he pulled down the thin straps of her nightie. hoping that Ryan would take what she was offering. cried out in ecstasy. But even then he teased. He inserted two fingers into Jessica's still-wet pussy. Jessica shuddered as she felt Ryan's hot breath on her pussy. He was now wearing only his underwear. and Jessica became more aroused as she thought about it.” He took her by the hand and pulled her close to his lips. He explored every crevice with his tongue. I'm not certain that I'll need your help. kissing her thighs and moving ever-so-close to her wet folds of flesh without actually kissing or licking them.” “No. gently grabbing his manhood through his pants. her breasts. Jessica changed into a sexy nightie that she'd recently picked up at Victoria's Secret.” she pleaded. but I'd rather have you here than not. She wrapped her hand around his girth and took the head into her mouth. Ryan ignored her offer and continued to kiss. She'd bought it with Ryan in mind and hoped he'd like it. “Lick me. He . We've had a long day. But I'm not ready to come yet. “Please. “Do you really like it? I bought it with you in mind. and his strokes were driving her insane with pleasure. Lick me now. Come here. He continued to kiss her. the shoulders. “You're beautiful. thanks. Jessica. Jessica. Power is sexy.” she said.” “No. “That was soooo good. darting it in and out rapidly. You are a beautiful woman. then he began to lick her. after all. and removed them. “Why don't we go back to the room?” “Fair enough. Jessica grabbed the sheets and began to convulse on the bed as Ryan licked faster and harder. He knew she wanted him inside of her. swollen clit. Ryan's writhing on the bed told her that she was doing a good job.” she said with a laugh. Ryan removed his underwear and Jessica slowly licked his cock. as she felt electric shocks all over her body.” She came over and sat on the bed next to him. but he was taking his time. I could wind up doing some things that I'd probably regret. unzipped his pants. “You're just saying that.” She paused and looked up. it's a great thing. and Jessica felt the flesh between her legs growing wet and shaking with excitement and pleasure. He kissed near and all around her aching and eager sensitive parts. I enjoy a Hurricane. starting with the labia and working his way to her hard. if you don't stop. Jess.” Ryan had Jessica turn on her side. slowly bobbing up and down as she licked the veined underside. “Jess. Ryan was lying on the bed. You look amazing. allowing his firm erection to spring free. and finally close to her wet pussy. Ryan. The anticipation alone was bringing her close to orgasm. and there was nothing he could do about it. She wanted more. She liked the power that she had over him as she sucked his cock. he inserted a finger into her wetness and that sent Jessica over the edge.” Jessica blushed. but he continued to deny Jessica the direct stimulation she was craving. He was completely at her mercy. Do you want another drink?” “No. She thrashed on the bed as Ryan continued to lick her and stimulate her with his finger. She spread her legs. Without warning. I'm going to come. but he was content to torture her with exquisite kisses and gentle caresses.“Maybe. His lips were so soft and so gentle. starting with the lips and then moving to the nape of the neck. There's more. “Wow. moving from her breasts to her navel. The orgasm she had felt approaching overwhelmed her. starting at the base and working her way to the tip.

and a firmer-than-usual handshake. Would it hurt for him to insert his large cock into her that way? While continuing to work his fingers into her backside. Shortly before noon. Ryan pushed deeper. Ryan used the fingers of his other hand to stimulate her clitoris. She tried to hold out. had a stocky build. After a moment. “Don't worry about it right now.” He continued to thrust. using her own hand to stimulate her clit. Jessica was amazed at the architecture. Chapter 5 Ryan and Jess awoke the next morning. and put a few documents and something that he'd laminated into a large manila envelope. Jess. Jessica had a feeling of fullness that she'd never experienced before. and some fascinating old homes. and then went back to his laptop.” He continued working with the equipment.” she said. Jess?” “Yes. Please sit down. I could spend weeks here. A moment later. Don't worry about me. a printer and a laminator. “Ryan Stevens? I'm Bill Walker. “What's good here?” . He took a photo of Jessica. had a leisurely breakfast. Much to Jessica's surprise. coming inside of her as they both gasped for breath in harmony. as she was easily able to accommodate his sizable cock. where Ryan did a bit of work using a laptop. “Good to meet you. This orgasm was shattering in its intensity and she was swept away in a sea of multiple orgasms. “That feels good. he pushed a little deeper. “Are you OK?” he asked. her worst fears turned out to be groundless. running his finger around the entrance in circles. They stopped back by the hotel. “I'm coming. “I will. Jessica cooed at the sensation. Then he slipped it in a bit further. Please be gentle. gradually increasing the speed and the depth of his penetration as Jessica fingered herself with increasing determination. and Ryan walked a few blocks to a local restaurant.” The man stood about five foot ten. Keep going. Jess. Ryan announced that he had to leave. He was being patient with her. Jessica moaned as he massaged her opening. They looked at old churches.” Jessica began masturbating.” she gasped.” Jessica told Ryan. he inserted his finger slightly and paused.” After a moment with one finger. I'll meet you back at the hotel later. Ryan thrust one final time.” Jessica decided to explore the French Quarter for the rest of the afternoon. His contact was there waiting for him.” The two of them sat at a table in an out of the way corner of the busy seafood restaurant. some interesting stores. Jessica knew she wouldn't last much longer. “Keep it slow. You are so tight. and how the old look of the city persisted even into the twenty first century. Ryan lay down beside her and slowly and gently inserted the head of his cock into her tightest hole. and took a walk through the French Quarter. I'll fill you in later. The sensation of being stimulated both front and rear was incredible and unique. They continued to spoon in the bed until they both fell asleep. It shouldn't take too long. “I'm fine. I've got all kinds of things to do here. Trust me. Jessica never slept as well as she did when she was cradled in Ryan's arms. penetrating and thrusting slowly. pausing to see how Jessica would react. “What do you need the photo for?” she asked. allowing her to adjust to the sensation. “You go ahead. “I have a lunch appointment.” she added. “Are you OK with this. He looked like a man who was all business. a haircut that suggested that he was exmilitary. After a moment. touching ever so lightly. She knew that she'd be hit by a tidal wave of pleasure at any second. but she was helpless against the onslaught of sensations. however. Bill. and Jessica appreciated that. With massive stimulation from several places at once. Ryan inserted a second one and again waited for her to adjust. “It feels amazing. Ryan looked at the menu.took his index finger and applied the gentlest of pressure to her tight rear hole. She was still a bit concerned about his size. It feels good. Removing his fingers.” she replied. Jessica felt herself close to having another orgasm.

” . They'll have a badge for you. Ryan showed her how to eat them. “No. are you ready?” “I think so. probably not. nineteenth century décor with oldstyle ceiling fans and lots of brass accents. Still. cozy feel to it. you've got a few days.” “What am I supposed to be looking for?” “The company has a number of high profile products in development. the catfish was delicious. “Interesting. and dipping it in the cocktail sauce. “Not everyone likes the sauce. with a slight.” “Naturally. She chewed once. but I'm not sure you'd need one.” Ryan ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell.” Jessica squeezed a bit of lemon juice and then she took her fork and stabbed the ice-cold oyster. Want to try a few? I like them. and not-quite-liquid all at once. Crisp. Ryan knew what he had to do. dead or alive. the furniture and the walls consisted mostly of dark brown paneling. squeezing a bit of lemon on it. and then swallowed. Find out what they are. Then he put the entire oyster in his mouth. and Bill trusted him to get it done. The waiter came by and quickly took their order. “I understand that the oysters here are quite good. Ryan met Jessica back at the hotel. if you get caught. Successes are yours. if I've done my research correctly. Have you taken care of your end?” “Yes. At the conclusion of the meal. go ahead. Your badge will get you in. you're on your own. but not overpowering seafood taste. It was not-quite-solid. Ryan decided that hush puppies probably ought to be named the national food. There's a fabricated resume that will make you look pretty good. Ryan. taking one out of the shell with a fork. Aren't they supposed to be some sort of aphrodisiac?” “That's what they say.” “Sure. I've never had them that way.“I suggest you try the blackened catfish.” he said. covering her mouth as she spoke. I hope it doesn't come to that. “So. Jessica wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to eat a raw animal. Like many bars in the city. they're tasty. giving the entire bar a rather dark look. Just go to human resources and give them the name Ryan Smith.and not exactly what I expected. She thought she'd try the first one without sauce. They went down to the hotel's oyster bar. “Ooh.” he said with a laugh. and get back to me. beer.” Their meal arrived and as promised. How long do I have to get this done?” “They're expecting you to stay for a month.” Ryan folded his menu and placed it on the table. but realistically. but once you start wandering around... they're going to be suspicious.” she said.” “Sounds good. It had a nice. Tell the front desk that you're a newly hired temporary employee. I think they'll put you in marketing. Bill paid the bill. You're to show up tomorrow morning at nine. “And you can either chew them or just swallow them. which had rich. so they won't go to waste if you don't. just to see what it was like. hot and delicious. Your choice. or Bloody Marys than they do with fruity drinks.” he said. “Do you like them on the half shell?” “Actually. which came on a bed of ice with a side of lemon and cocktail sauce. I'm usually horny enough as it is. Ryan and Bill made small talk throughout the remainder of their meal. but neither one had much else to say about the job at hand. I like trying new things. After all. but she knew that lots of people eat them every day. You'll find that they tend to go better with Martinis.” “Sounds great. and they went their separate ways. you're supposed to be a temp.” “They do. though. Still. Of course. they shook hands. they went well with the blackened catfish and a cold beer. briny bivalve. It's excellent. and that means you're supposed to be wherever they put you. They feel kind of weird in your mouth. failure is mine. I should be able to handle that sort of emergency. at best. She was surprised by both the taste and texture as she tasted the slick. I wonder why they're supposed to be aphrodisiacs?” “I have no idea. That's the nature of this business. Ryan ordered a dry Martini and Jessica requested her favored Cosmopolitan. anyway. that's a matter of personal preference. and there must be some reason why they order them. get whatever information you can. ------------------------------------------Sometime later.

” “I think your libido is just fine. Their lavishly appointed room had beautiful furniture. something that may revolutionize some aspect of medicine. “I don't.” She smiled at his compliment. unzipped his pants. They make high-end electronic medical equipment. I love having you along. as she twirled another oyster on her fork.She took a sip of her drink.” “OK. Thanks for bringing me along. as she moved her hands over his bulge. It also sounds illegal.” “Will I have to hang around the hotel the whole time?” “No. she reached for his crotch. I've got a packet of information for you back at the hotel. Jess. Their wine finished. It will tell you what to do in the event of a problem.” They went back to their room. Their meal finished.” she said.” “How are you going to find what you're looking for if you don't know what it is?” “I'm going to have to find out what it is. I'll tell you what I can. Her balcony view was just terrific. “I'm going to give you a good luck present for tomorrow. “My pleasure. She unbuckled his belt. I'll only need your help if something goes wrong. as she urged Ryan to sit in one. I'm getting kind of hungry. but I'm a little uncomfortable with this. “These chairs probably cost more than I earn in a month. go ahead. and dined on filet mignon and shrimp while watching the crazy partiers on Bourbon Street below. I've been hired to find out what they're working on. Can we get something else to eat?” “Sure. and noticed that he was becoming firm. Ryan. but why don't we call room service? We can eat on the balcony. that's a bonus.” “It is a little different from what I usually do. and those oysters aren't all that filling. and to see if I can obtain some of their computer files that have to do with manufacturing specifics of whatever it is they're making. Ryan and Jessica sat on the balcony. but antique-looking. Ryan's company was even better. to get hired for a few days as a temp in the marketing department. and pulled them down. Jess. and then find the computer files. new. She worked a finger under the band of his undershorts. I'm supposed to infiltrate a company called Peavy Manufacturing. Ryan shrugged.” “Where do I fit in?” “I hope that I won't need you. Jessica was really enjoying having a bird's eye view of a popular tourist attraction without having to get actively involved. I'm going to have to wing it from there. they're working on something pretty amazing. the Cosmo and oyster combination isn't bad. They've got a full menu here. Just don't stray too far. Jessica suggested that they move indoors. but if you want more oysters. I can't say any more about it right now. “This really is romantic.” “You don't know what you're looking for?” she asked. I don't know what it is.” “So. I wouldn't mind eating a few more of these. Jess. through a contact that provides contractors.” “You'll just have to trust me on this one. I've arranged. though you are sometimes a bit of a distraction. I think I work better having you around. Supposedly. If they increase the libido. ordered a sumptuous dinner for two and a bottle of wine. just touching the tip of . how did your meeting go? When are you going to tell me what we're doing here?” “OK. I wish I had a better idea of what this was about.” “This sounds like you're just planning to steal stuff outright. enjoying the view and having a good time watching the crazy drunks on the street below. Along with the bed and nightstand were a pair of large upholstered chairs and a coffee table. OK?” “All right. “You're probably right. Not a lingering kiss. I promise you that what I'm doing isn't illegal and won't get you in trouble. I should be able to call or text in the event that something goes awry. As she did so. and Jessica bent over to kiss him. just a tease of a peck. He sat down. Still.” “Sounds wonderful.” said Jessica.” She smiled and took a sip of wine.

Jess. overwhelmed by the magnitude of his orgasm. but he was completely powerless when Jessica was sucking his cock. releasing a torrent of salty juice down Jessica's throat. She would alternately take him deep and then tease his head. OK?” “All right.” “I'm worried about you. just in case. She touched the very tip of her tongue to the head. Ryan. “Oh. Ryan was a strong. ever so lightly. Ryan continued to moan as he shook slightly in the chair. the kind that would have made her knees buckle had she been standing.” “I'm glad you enjoyed it. creating a regular rhythm as she bobbed up and down. I did. I've got to go now. He began to thrust in desperation as Jessica tried to keep the pace with her mouth and her hand. I've got complete instructions in there. more slowly now. muscled chest. and Ryan flinched again. Ryan handed Jessica the manila envelope he'd been working with the day before. and would eagerly do it again. Chapter 6 They woke up early the following morning and ordered breakfast from room service. masculine man. Ryan arched his back as Jessica took him deeply into her mouth. she ran an index finger up and down his shaft. This will all be OK. He continued to thrust his hips as she accelerated her pace.” “Trust me. “If you receive a text message from me that suggests I'm in trouble. “That was wonderful. Even so. After a moment or two of teasing. but don't stray too far. He kissed her again. Jess.” She didn't reply. She ran her tongue around the head. Jessica pulled the waistband away further. “Your cock is truly beautiful. as she milked the last of his essence from his cock. Jessica felt powerful and sexy at the same time. too. After all this time.” “What kind of trouble? What do I do?” “It's all pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to have a look at it if you like.” “Don't be. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his tight. but over time. She loved that. soul-scorching kiss. Once he was slick. and after his cock grew limp. Ryan moaned as he finally got the deep oral penetration he'd been craving. After she had finished sucking. She briefly paused to admire his cock again. just open the envelope and follow the instructions inside. and his groans became more audible. I'm coming. she simply kept on licking and working his shaft. Have fun today. Thank you.” she said. she put her mouth on his shaft sideways and worked up and down its length. and Ryan's gasping breathing suggested that he wouldn't last much longer.” .” He came hard. and she licked it away. She could tell from Ryan's expression that he was eager for her to take him into her mouth. she had gradually become accustomed to his size. the kiss gave her goosebumps all over. Ryan said. As she licked the tip with her tongue. and exquisitely shaped. She began working his cock with her hand and her mouth. that feels wonderful. She continued to suck and move her hand on his shaft. coating it with her saliva. He flinched slightly. His hips began to gyrate. firm. A drop or two of salty essence appeared at the tip. They cuddled in the chair for quite a while before turning in for the night. He put his arms around her and gave her a deep. large.his erection with her finger. This will work out. She narrowly avoided gagging. still amazed at her ability to make Ryan come. Jess. she still marveled at the sight of his magnificent cock. she used her hand to slowly pump him as she took the head into her mouth. but Jessica was determined to take her time. gliding her hands on his saliva-slickened shaft. A moment later. Just do what it says and everything should be OK. “I'm coming. she sat in his lap. But I'm a little uncomfortable with all of this.” She did truly love getting Ryan aroused and bringing him off with her mouth. She could feel the head continuing to swell in her mouth as Ryan became more aroused. and his cock sprang forward like a lunging animal. He grabbed the armrests of the chair tightly. teasingly. and he involuntarily began to thrust slightly.

walked toward the pier. The plant was large. employing several thousand people in a group of six multistory buildings. I'm looking for something interesting to do while I'm here. the powder tends to get everywhere. which was where he'd been assigned for his short-term stay with the company. They serve lunch and it's a pretty popular thing to do among tourists. which was located on the outskirts of town. but she exercised some restraint. Still. Jessica put the envelope on the nightstand and soon forgot about it. She decided to spend the day doing a bit of sightseeing. She decided she'd spend the rest of the day shopping and take a ride on the steamboat the following day. She bought a nice dress that afternoon that she hoped would captivate Ryan during dinner that night. and the fresh beignets were better than anything she'd get at the grocery store.” “Do you like riverboats? You might want to consider taking a steamboat ride on the river. and looked like he'd been working there for decades. since it's much easier to move around without drawing suspicion in a large area than it is in a small one. and when he mentioned the name Ryan Smith. The table was sticky. right down that street. please. like donuts. “Nawlins. She spent the rest of the afternoon reading her Kindle on the balcony at the hotel. The stifling heat and humidity in New Orleans only contributed to the stickiness. She finished her coffee. a one hundred and fifty year old coffee shop in the French Quarter that serves a mixture of coffee and chicory. When your primary product is a pastry that's covered with powdered sugar. There were a lot of stores with astonishingly tacky souvenirs. The company was actually based in upstate New York. He looked it over and was pleased to see that all the information on the documents were fictitious. The hot. but it's not bad. He was given a cubicle. not far from the airport. catching up on the latest in the world of erotic fiction and enjoying the view. Her coffee and beignets came a few minutes later and she savored the strong mix of coffee and chicory. the chairs were sticky. He was given a badge which gave him access to the secured area of the building. Why not spend the day on the river? A steamboat ride sounded like fun. and bought a ticket for the next day's lunchtime/afternoon ride.” Jessica would have loved to have ordered a half a dozen beignets.” “Is the food good?” “It's not the best that New Orleans has. but Ryan knew he likely wouldn't be there for more than a couple of days. they would be here. They also make these delicious donut-like pastries called beignets. They're fried. and have no hole. Just in town for a few days. sugary dough almost melts in your mouth. sticky can be washed off. perhaps sixty.” “I'll think about it. If someone were to tell her that she'd have to spend the rest of her life at that hotel. Thanks. The hot beignets were delicious. served with hot milk as cafe au lait. . but this plant was their largest manufacturing facility. The marketing department was primarily concerned with existing products. and he was escorted to the marketing department. The receptionist directed Ryan to the human resources department. they said that they'd already received his paperwork from the temp agency. Are you visiting New Orleans?” The waiter was an older man. His pronunciation of the name of the city sounded like. The part Jessica really liked is that they're covered with powdered sugar. if even that.Ryan kissed her and left. but she was pretty sure that Ryan wouldn't be back until later. but there were also a few specialty stores with some interesting fashions and jewelry. and it might give her a great view of the city and perhaps even some ideas for a story. but Jessica was a bit surprised at how sticky everything was in that coffee shop. she stopped to have a cup of coffee at Cafe Du Monde. “Yes. She started off by doing a bit of shopping in the French Quarter. but they're square. Ryan knew that he'd have to go elsewhere to find information about the products that were currently in development. If there were corporate secrets to be found. Jessica ate every bite of the two she'd ordered.” She really hadn't given a whole lot of thought to what she was going to do with her day. you should try it. You can buy your tickets just a few blocks from here. and was introduced to a handful of people in the office.” “I am. Jessca found a seat at a table and a waiter came by. The company expected him to work in marketing for a month. “I'll have two beignets and a cafe au lait. ma'am. and even the napkin dispenser was sticky. ------------------------------------------Ryan drove to the Peavy Manufacturing plant. If you haven't done it. About mid-morning. He was pleased to see that the campus was as large as it was. and even had a second cup of coffee. Jessica would have been fine with it.

and that the details of that information were available in some documents that had been distributed in a company meeting some weeks before. “How did it go at Peavy today?” Jessica asked as she started in on her salad. He'd look over the documents later. the person you want to talk to is a guy named Howard Kensington. “You look gorgeous yourself. looked just like the company's genuine business cards. but she'd never been there before. Did you buy those today?” “I did. saying that he was interested in helping the company secure sensitive information. “Hi. I'm glad you like them. He's in charge of new products. it's amazing how much you can learn about a company from publicly available resources. I want to help make the company's data more secure. The restaurant is famous for its food as well as its décor. and the shoes match quite well. or his co-workers in marketing would be suspicious of his absence. Much to Ryan's surprise. He answered the phone right away. She felt special going to dinner there as Ryan's date. Ryan pretended to be interested in the work for an hour or so. He went to Kensington's office. Call me Howard. Ryan took the copies. which fit his muscled frame well. Kensington told him that he could meet with Ryan in about an hour. giving the place a cozy. in detail. Brennan's had multiple. but I'm not entirely sure exactly what it is that we're supposed to be protecting. she said as they waited to be seated. That would work well. romantic feel. and spent the rest of the day looking over a mixture of documentation relating to marketing and documentation relating to products that were in development. My name is Ryan Smith. I love that dress. and thanked him for his cooperation. A quick check of the company's internal Website provided him with Parker's phone number. He'd begin by talking to him. and Jessica was overwhelmed when she entered the establishment. Ryan was looking for information about yet-to-be-developed products. Ryan finished out his day and drove back to the hotel. How can I help you?” Ryan proceeded to fill him in. that the individual in charge of research and development was a man named Scott Parker. Can I meet with you to discuss that?” “You could. which was located in an adjacent building. Ryan”. but actually. “You look quite handsome. She was familiar with the famous restaurant. Right now. which was once frequented by some of Hollywood's biggest stars.Having been given some work to do in his cubicle. Then he began the work he came to do. I'm Ryan Smith. Companies have millions of files on their network. for instance. These were the items that needed vital security. Ryan gave him a call. and wore her new dress and a pair of four inch pumps that she'd bought earlier that day. He'd previously done research on the company via the Internet. smaller rooms. the location of the files related to new products. Ryan returned to his cubicle. “Ryan? Come on in.” “Great.” “Hi. but little of it is of vital importance. He was astonished to discover that not only had the papers from the company meeting outlined. he needed to get back to his cubicle. The card.” They were escorted to their table and they ordered a bottle of wine as well as the prix fixe four course dinner. He knocked on the door. shook Kensington's hand. He met Jessica and he offered to take her to dinner at Brennan's. but he didn't know which information was actually sensitive. Howard offered to give him copies. printed at a local print shop. We spoke earlier. Kensington gave it a casual glance and set it aside. She loved the feel of his tight pecs. “Parker.” Ryan handed him a business card that he'd had printed up the week before that identified him as a company security officer. Unlike most restaurants. although it was open. He knew. . Ryan wore a pair of slacks and a Ralph Lauren shirt. and his department has most of the company's sensitive information. Howard explained that most of the information was stored on a single file server. things that hadn't yet been patented. I've been brought in from corporate for a few days to look into the company's security strategies. coinciding with Ryan's lunch break. The building was built in the late eighteenth century and was simply gorgeous. which had but one dining room. and he needed to know what those items were and where those items were stored. They discussed how they'd spent their day. he said. and things that were due for production soon. but they also provided a username and password for access to the documents themselves. Could you give me his number?” Parker gave Ryan Kensington's phone extension and Ryan gave him a call. She ran her hand over the outside of his shirt.

He continued to kiss her with abandon while slowly running his finger up her thigh towards her wet. Not if you cooperate. “I just love our hotel. “Well. Ryan. She and Ryan held hands as they walked back to the hotel. as having Eggs Benedict and freshly-squeezed orange juice delivered to the room is a pretty nice way to start the day.maybe just a few minutes.” “Be careful. Jessica marveled at the presentation. hardening nipples. Trust me – this shouldn't be that difficult. That way I won't get caught doing it at my own desk and they won't track the activity to my computer. gently stroking her lips and then her hard clit. She felt tingles of delight all over and noticed that she was covered in goosebumps. I just love sitting out on that balcony. as he worked the soap over his tight abs. Ryan jumped into the shower. Their kisses took on a life of their own. her shopping expedition and her relaxing afternoon. They spent the remainder of the evening making love. sensitive spot. “That was an incredible meal.. but I met several people in product development. Maybe we could live here part of the time.” She related her story about her coffee and beignets. I'm worried about you. After breakfast. presenting myself as a corporate security officer. It's also fun watching all the tourists on the street. Ryan.” “I told you. She took her soapy hand and ran it up and down his growing erection.” he said. found out where the files were stored. Care to work off some of those calories back in the room?” She smiled and started to walk a bit more briskly. Peavy has lots of people on vacation at any given time.” “Are you going to download the files tomorrow?” “I'm going to try.” They finished their amazing seafood meal and enjoyed a dessert of Bananas Foster. I can pop into a vacant office at lunch and get the files from someone else's computer. I'm in a bit of a hurry. she had nowhere to go for a few hours. tell me about your day.” His cock became rock hard as she stroked its length. I still need to download the files. which included actually setting the dessert aflame right at the table. Jessica noticed that Ryan was becoming physically aroused. Anyway. Ryan. as their tongues continued to dance. She neglected to mention that she'd be taking a riverboat cruise the following day. Could we move in there permanently?” she asked with a smile. despite the cascade of hot water. soapy shower and the heat of the water only added to the heat of the passion. dart. It's so peaceful. . and took a little extra time to play with her slick. Jessica felt so close to Ryan right now. Jessica helped smooth the lather over his taut physique and gave him a kiss. “Jess. “I don't think this will take too long. she wished this shower could last forever. but there aren't any mountains here. and obtained access to them.” “Is anyone suspicious?” “I don't think so. He ran his soapy hands over her breasts. and his tongue entered her mouth with eagerness and desire. and kissed her as the hot water streamed over them both. “You can't spare just a few minutes to shower with me?” she cooed. and touch. She hoped that would continue as she fell asleep in his arms. and Jessica marveled at how every sexual encounter with Ryan seemed to be better than the last.” he said. of course. but her pussy was dripping with the juices of anticipation. I spent most of the afternoon at my desk.“It went great. Jessica wasn't really in a hurry. Like any large company. Jessica was wet with water from head to toe.. Thanks. I made a couple of phone calls and met a couple of people during lunch.. doing marketing work. Jessica thought she could definitely get used to that sort of life. Chapter 7 They awoke the following morning and ordered breakfast from room service. Their bodies rubbed against one another in the hot. She snuck into the shower and joined him. Ryan pulled her to him. tingling. “It would be nice.” “My pleasure. I haven't had a chance to do anything else yet. His mouth claimed hers. She shivered as Ryan inserted a finger into her moist entrance. Wouldn't you miss them?” “I would. I had to pretend to do some work.

She was so wet. and then was given some routine tasks to work on in his cubicle. and the computer and monitor were cold. She wasn't sure how much longer she could take it as he plunged deeper and deeper into her wet folds. and engineering designs for both prototype and soon-to-be-manufactured products. Like I said yesterday. It's easier to get lost in a crowd than it is to get lost in an empty building. “Who are you? What were you doing in that office? Never mind. steamy water. Ryan couldn't believe the files he saw – files containing blueprints. he another flash drive that he had with him that was unlikely to be discovered. She arched her back and put one foot up on the soap shelf in order to give Ryan easier access. He'd hit the jackpot. He found an office that looked as if its occupant might be on vacation. and so slick. combined with the torrent of water. which were so hard they could cut glass. The door opened to reveal a security guard. wet folds of her pussy. combined with Ryan's deep. Ryan held her tightly as she gasped one final time. He had what he needed. Just as the door began to close. someone shouted. she desperately wanted to feel it inside of her. Jessica spent the morning reading her Kindle and drinking coffee on the balcony. Instead. He'd seen several vacant offices there the day before and thought one of them might give him a good place to access and look over the production files. The feelings of fullness from his penetration. OK?” “I'll do my best. He'd had to attend a meeting about marketing issues. but soon was entering her in full. and Ryan thought his chances were better in broad daylight. answering email and surfing the Web.” They finished their shower. but less likely to be seen as suspicious. hard cock. but she was grateful. “Wait!” and stuck their arm in the door. passionate kisses was all it took to push Jessica over the edge. unfiled patent applications. driving into her like a man possessed. The elevator showed up a moment later. Chapter 8 Jessica enjoyed the short walk from the hotel to the pier where the riverboat was waiting. Ryan walked down the hall towards the elevator. the two of them convulsing in pleasure under the waterfall of hot. increasing the speed of his thrusts as Jessica began to breath harder and faster. Ryan continued to stimulate her clitoris. Lunchtime came. Then he logged out and turned the computer off. She still couldn't get over how easily his large cock slipped in. and most of the people in the office either went to local eateries or spent the hour in their cubicles. Ryan continued to deliver.” Ryan had been caught. She'd enjoyed reading Mark Twain when she was . but that one was just for show in case he got caught. “I'm coming now. She pulled Ryan to her lips in order to kiss him again. and pressed the down button. He had a USB flash drive in his pocket. Ryan used the time to step out of his office and walk down the hall in search of an empty office. He turned on the computer and logged in using the credentials he'd been given the day before. The touch of her clit. as there weren't many people in the building after hours. she was rewarded. He be more likely to be seen. Ryan began slowly. Even though he has already finished. A moment later. soapy nipples. He decided that lunch hour was probably the best time to pursue downloading files. left her awash in a tsunami of bliss. Jessica gave him a gentle kiss. He filled the drive with enough data to set the company back a decade if a competitor got their hands on it. thrusting in such a way as to give Jessica the maximum amount of pleasure. and Ryan drove to the Peavy plant. “Try to stay out of trouble today. Ryan slowly pushed the head of his erection into the soft. and he stepped in. rather than return to his office. The desk was tidy. The sensation was truly amazing.” Ryan finished at almost exactly the same time. She felt electric shocks all over with every stroke. Come with me. and every thrust made her shiver. It just takes one suspicious person to get you in trouble. Jessica moaned loudly as Ryan continued with abandon. so he decided to simply leave. so intensely that she thought she was having an out of body experience.She reached for his hardness. He continued to thrust while playing with her wet. She started to shake as she gasped. I'll send a text message if there's a problem. and the combination of a pending orgasm and the water streaming over their heated bodies was bringing her to the edge of ecstasy. and Jessica quickly came again. He continued pumping while using one of his hands to massage her throbbing clit. ------------------------------------------Ryan showed up for work and spent the morning at his cubicle. Jessica eagerly awaited the entrance of Ryan's beautiful.

The ride was a pleasant one. Finally. with two large stacks near the front and a large paddlewheel in the rear. she never quite got around to it. you're likely looking at a long prison sentence. He sat there for about fifteen minutes. the steamboat returned to the pier. Otherwise. The boat was beautiful. a fortyish brunette in a gray skirt with a matching jacket and a dour expression. “You're a temporary employee here. a few dollars in cash. J. There was a window that faced the hallway. Still. ------------------------------------------The guard escorted Ryan to a small room and asked him to empty his pockets. Do you have anything to say?” Ryan said nothing. If there's any proprietary information on here. and a flash drive from him. exploring all of the decks. He had asked her to look it over. We don't know what you're up to.” She turned to Ryan. the room was empty. They locked the door behind them. fried chicken and mustard greens. such as corn bread. “What did you find on him?” “Just what you see in the bag. Jessica found herself enjoying the trip. and she didn't even know what it contained. ------------------------------------------After what seemed like an eternity. Jessica was having fun.” The guard left Ryan in the room and locked the door as he left. while it undoubtedly had a lot of modern equipment. Jessica received a text message. the guard returned with another company employee. his badge. “We're going to have a look at this drive and see what you've put on here. humid and partly cloudy. She hoped that Ryan wouldn't be too late today. but we're going to find out. His cell phone. The envelope that Ryan had given her was back at the room. Ordinarily. and it's pretty apparent that you've used that as a ruse to spy on us. it was both tasty and filling. let alone near the hotel. She began to worry. What were you doing in that office?” Ryan said nothing. bridges and freight ships. “Wait here. She hoped that she'd get her money's worth on her two hour ride with lunch. but at least there was plenty to do in the city while he tended to his spy business. Jessica put on a sun dress and sandals and put her hair in a ponytail to help her keep cool. The day was a typical summer day in the South. I'll be back. though it felt like a bit of an anachronism sailing on the river in this old-looking boat while surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Jessica wasn't sure what to do. but somehow. The guard put the contents into a plastic bag and took them with him. You've taken all I have. I'm the head of security here. when women wore frilly dresses with petticoats and parasols and men wore coats with tails and top hats. This was the message that Ryan had warned her about. with about a half an hour to go on her ride. “You don't have a wallet?” the guard asked gruffly. As she was finishing her meal. representing a nice spread of southern favorites. The guard took Ryan's cell phone. “Not on me. Jessica could only imagine what it must have been like traveling up and down the Mississippi during the heyday of these large ships. walking from one end of the boat to the other. Lunch was welcome. and a table and a couple of metal chairs. with the security guard following her. and while it wasn't as impressive as dinner the night before. She turned to the security guard who had caught Ryan. She was sorry that Ryan couldn't join her.younger and thought the idea of taking a riverboat ride on the Mississippi was romantic. but she wasn't even on land. she thought.” “We'd better take a look at the flash drive. his badge.I need your help. Jessica would have enjoyed the ride and the lunch tremendously.” She turned and left. it certainly looked like a vintage riverboat. warm. wondering what was going to happen next. R. . and she was glad she'd decided to take this trip. She stepped forward and spoke. Perhaps I've been reading too many historical romance novels. and taking pictures at every opportunity. and there was nothing she could do until the boat docked again. She took the flash drive out of the bag. some cash and the flash drive.” Ryan reached into his pockets and turned them inside out to indicate that he was hiding nothing else. “My name is Elaine Joseph.

On the first page. They were sweating profusely. and got out of the car. ------------------------------------------Elaine Joseph returned to the room where Ryan was being held. tell the receptionist that you want to speak to the head of security. eating fine meals and engaging in espionage in the abstract. but was that wishful thinking? Jessica had loved the idea of traveling with Ryan and even helping him out on some of his spy missions. When they arrived at the hotel. . do the following: Dress in business attire.” “Yes. Mr. It's one thing to think about globe trotting. She didn't see how Ryan's plan could possibly work. perhaps for years. Take a taxi to the Peavy Manufacturing plant at 134 W. she ran from the pier and immediately hailed a cab. Mechanical Road. “Here you are. Just then. The computer was warm. He also outlined a solution. Ma'am. reality differed from fantasy.” Jessica looked at her watch. As soon as the boat docked. “Take me to 134 West Mechanical Road. She opened the envelope the look at the contents. she felt as if she were about to explode. if that's really your name. grabbed the envelope and headed down to the street to get into the taxi. She pulled the photo badge out of the envelope and clipped it onto her jacket. You might get a shorter prison sentence if you tell me what you're doing here. staying in nice hotels. -Ryan Jessica quickly threw on her business suit and some sensible.. That office belongs to the Director of Manufacturing. She was anxious. Thank you. Follow the instructions on the next page. She rubbed her hands together nervously. Ma'am. She ran up to her room and found the envelope. she had no idea what kind of legal trouble she or Ryan might encounter. That will be $31. “I've looked over this flash drive and I can't find anything on it. He had promised her no legal problems. You were seen coming out of the office. and provided Jessica with a specific set of instructions. It's another thing altogether to realize that this sort of work could also cause you to wind up in prison. and opened the front door of the building. and a note: JessicaIf you've received a text message from me. she could probably go through with it. Elaine Joseph. but she loved him. I'm in a hurry. The Peavy Manufacturing plant. and she had no idea what kind of trouble he might be having.but that was all forgotten as she panicked over not being able to respond to Ryan's message quickly. Smith.50. Inside. telling her what to do and what to say when she arrived at the plant: When you arrive at the plant. Inside were a number of documents. She approached the receptionist. ran a comb through her hair and put it in a bun. I'll get there as fast as I can. Ryan had outlined a specific scenario that he thought might happen. her cell phone rang.” Ryan just stared at her blankly.” “Here you go. touched up her makeup. and knew that she'd have to compose herself in a hurry if she was going to help get Ryan out of trouble. Jessica was nervous. It's about fifteen minutes away. She read it several times and decided that. while she was a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation. She had even less of an idea as to what she was supposed to do about it. “You might as well come clean. so you'd obviously been using it.. a badge. but once again. it's obvious that you were using the computer in that office for something.” Ryan continued to sit in silence. and he's out of town for the entire month. adjusted her shoes. Tell them that your name is Robyn Holbrook and explain that. Trust me. It had been more than an hour since she'd received Ryan's message. she asked the driver to wait for a few minutes. Nevertheless. The cab pulled up in front of the main entrance to the plant. low-heeled pumps. She straighted out her skirt. trying her best not to appear nervous. please. and she was determined to do everything she could to get him out of this jam. grabbed her envelope.” Jessica handed him two twenty dollar bills.

Mr. Joseph's office. She attempted to reassure herself and remembered that Ryan does this sort of thing every day.” “Go on. and he told her this would work. “If that's the way you want to do things. Please. Mr.” “Thank you. Ms. “How can I help you. We caught him with a flash drive. rather than here in the reception area?” “Of course.” They walked through the secured door and down the hall to Ms.” Jessica rose to leave. A door opened and a Elaine Joseph came out. and as he set up an automatic text messaging alert system. Apparently. trying her best to look professional and not betray how much she was shaking inside. Ms. but it looks like you're doing a great job here.” “That's what I wanted to talk to you about.” “Well done. Joseph. Joseph? My name is Robyn Holbrook. That's why I'm here. Joseph smiled with pride. what happens now?” “Nothing. I commend you and your staff for being so alert.” Jessica showed the woman her badge. Ms. but it was empty. and work up our reports on this matter. Smith and I will go back to Schenectady. Joseph. really.” Ms.” “He was unsuccessful. we'll have an idea as to what we need to do to improve security company-wide. I became aware of that shortly after you caught him. Joseph. fine. She also trusted him. “Have a seat. Smith is part of that test. Was he able to steal or download any information?” “It doesn't look like it. “If you don't mind. I work at corporate in Schenectady. Holbrook. “So we're doing OK on the security front.. I want to talk to you about Ryan Smith. I'll be back shortly. Mr. Could you tell me what this is all about?” “We've been having some problems lately with industrial espionage at the corporate level. and in Schenectady. ------------------------------------------Jessica sat in the lobby. So. she left him locked in the room. “Ms. Joseph stared at her.” “Can we go somewhere and talk in private. Unfortunately. we haven't been quite as successful elsewhere in the company. and you can tell your story to them. “What do you know about Ryan Smith?” “I'm aware that you have Mr. a couple of people that we hired to hack the system were able to get in successfully. Ryan hoped that the phone call meant that Jessica had arrived.. Jessica stood up and offered her hand. Holbrook? I'm really very busy right now. I guess?” “It looks that way. What is it?” She listened for a moment.” She turned to Ryan. We'll have to close those loopholes.“Elaine Joseph.” “I don't understand. Let's go to my office. Nothing serious has been compromised. We caught him.” “Yes. Smith in custody. Smith and I have a plane to catch. one of our 'spies' was able to obtain some information internally.” . I have a bit of a crisis at the moment. I'll be there in a minute. In our Peoria plant. Ms. he couldn't find what he was looking for. I'm going to call the authorities. We'll add what happened here to the report and in another month or so.” “Because of this. “Fine. I'm an information security supervisor. you did.” Once again. we're trying to test our security company-wide to see if there are any areas where we need to increase security. but we've had people try to hack our networks from the outside and we've had people try to steal information from the inside. These tests include both external and internal penetration. We hired him to see if he could discover what the company's most sensitive secrets are and to see if he could manage to steal them.” Ms. Mr.

“I suppose you're right. “Thank you. I set up a series of them to go to your phone once an hour. you did that.” “But you didn't. You are free to go. Elaine Joseph accessed the company's internal Website to look up Robyn Holbrook. The secret is just to act authoritative. Chapter 9 Ryan and Jessica left the parking lot and drove towards the hotel.” she said with a smile. Joseph escorted Jessica to the room where Ryan was being held. Thank you for filling me in. Where did you get these?” “You think I've got some sort of 'secret spy store'. As near as I can tell. I didn't even know what I was supposed to do until I read your notes in the cab on the way there. She pulled it apart. “I've got flash drives built into my cuff links. Where was the drive?” He pointed to his shirt sleeves. It all worked out. You'll keep receiving them once an hour until I log in and cancel the rest. and give my best to your team. Good day. Holbrook. I thought you could probably do that. Jess?” “No. They hopped into Ryan's rental car and drove away. She opened the door and addressed Ryan.” “The drive I allowed her to find had nothing on it. and sure enough. That wasn't the only drive I had with me.” he said. anyway. By the way. “That's amazing.Ms. “By the way. Holbrook has explained everything to me. “Of course. and I'm walking out of there with about five gigabytes of production and patent documents.” “But they took everything you had on you.” “It's not a waste. don't you? I hate to disappoint you. “Are you OK. Mr. I've found that if you show ID and act like you know what you're doing. it had a USB connector on it. I had no idea what I was getting into in there. Ms. so I figured that she likely wouldn't know everyone at corporate. Joseph escorted Ryan and Jessica to the reception area. It's a good thing you're not trying to make a living as a spy. Ms. but I just did a Google search. “Good thing I'm in the security business and not the spy business.” Ms. Smith's attempts to compromise our project data. “Mr. Have a look.” He removed one of his cuff links and handed it to Jessica. the message went out automatically. I found them on the Web. Smith. Joseph.” “You're doing a good job.” “How did you get them? She kept your flash drive. Jessica was visibly distraught. I had to log into the Website once an hour to delete the next message if I wasn't in trouble. The silver-plated unit was even engraved with Ryan's initials. I'm not. “I told you to trust me. You were here to obtain come computer files. how did you get a text message to me without a phone?” “There are services on the Web that let you schedule texts. All of the color drained from her face when she realized that the company employed no one by that name. aside from turning me into a nervous wreck.” “I had no idea this sort of thing was available.” He stood up and walked towards the door where Jessica was standing. Apparently. I thought she'd see me shaking. As they left. Jess. and it didn't have anything on it. And how did you know that they'd believe me when I showed up and said that I was at corporate? And how did you know the Elaine Joseph's name?” “I found her name on the company's Website. As long as you acted like you belonged there.” Ms. If I got caught. You have no idea how nervous I was.” . I'd never have thought to ask you to remove your cuff links. I'm glad we were successful in stopping Mr. that woman would have put us both in jail. she'd take you at your word. Keep it up.” Ryan spoke his first words to Ms. We caught you rather easily. It seems as if this entire trip was a waste of time. Peavy is a huge company. Joseph looked positively proud. Ryan. Smith. I got exactly what I was looking for. Ms. and you weren't able to steal anything.” Ryan laughed.” “Thanks. and they saw themselves out of the building. and if I'd said the wrong thing. including your cell phone. and you got nothing.” “Clever. Joseph. people are going to believe you 99% of the time. you did a great job..

“I just love your breasts. You owe me at least that. wearing only a pair of boxers.” They looked over the menu. Their kissing continued.” “Fine by me. and I miss Amber.” He pulled the straps of her nightie over her shoulders to expose her hardening nipples.” Ryan spoke with hostess.” she said with a smile. “This area is called The Mezzanine.” “I'm sure you will. You can come with me this time. but I've heard great things about it. His determined tongue entered her mouth and she greedily took it in. “I did. After that. didn't you?” she asked Ryan.” “We're not quite done.” “My pleasure. He was already there.” “My breasts? They're nothing special. They've got alligator sausage on the menu. They've got great creole food and a terrific atmosphere.” Jessica moved closer to Ryan and nestled herself in his arms. I'm not sure I'm bold enough to try that.” They finished their delicious meal and returned to the hotel. I have to meet with someone tomorrow. who escorted them to an area on the second floor.” “When are we doing that?” “We can arrange to do it for breakfast. I do like Denver. It's delicious. Jessica changed into her favorite nightie and climbed into bed next to Ryan. “Look. which offered some rather adventurous items. Thanks again. I'd think you were bold enough to try anything. Ryan.” “That's OK.” he said with a laugh.“It took you longer than I thought it would to get there. What happened?” “I wasn't thinking.” Ryan ordered a nice wine and they had a delightful meal while chatting about their adventure and things to come. They stopped by the hotel to freshen up and to change into some clothing that was more suitable for dinner. “If you're not brave enough for the alligator. I imagine. Ryan took Jessica to Arnaud's. their tongues playing with one another as though performing some ritual dance. There were just a few tables up there on a balcony that overlooked the main dining room. It's sort of private and out of the way. but I don't think we can stay here indefinitely. Jess?” “No. Jess. “You did promise to attend to my pleasure.” .” “Good thing you got there. I hope you're buying.” “Why don't we get some dinner first? I spent lunch being a spy and didn't get to eat. I was beginning to think I'd be spending the night in jail. we're done here in New Orleans. Kind of romantic. I guess we can fly home and see what happens next. Jessica.” “It's beautiful up here. I'm so sorry it took me so long. Why don't you come over here and I'll see to that now. So. Ryan.” “I'll see to your pleasure when we get to the hotel. I went on a riverboat ride. Are we done here? I could stay here for months. I should have thought this through before I bought my ticket. the same person I met for lunch the other day. She was nearly exhausted from the stress of this afternoon. as well as oysters prepared in every conceivable way. He pulled her to him and his lips met hers with fiery passion.” “It's been here for nearly a century. I've got another book to write. “You are so beautiful. too. I was out in the middle of the Mississippi eating lunch.” “After what you did this afternoon. Ryan. “Have you been to Arnaud's before. There was just no way to get there sooner. I know you like it. coyly. she really needed Ryan's attention now. Besides. another restaurant in the French Quarter that was a short walk from their hotel. Ryan pulled away as Jessica gasped for air. you might try the Seafood Ponchartrain.

Ryan pulled away. She also didn't want to ask Ryan to stop. He thrust harder and faster. “Don't come yet. shaking thrusts that felt like the aftershocks of an earthquake. he teased her nipples with his fingers. She'd had some amazing orgasms before. This was no longer about sex. Ryan comes highly recommended. She'd never thought much of her figure and had always thought of her breasts as ordinary.” He returned to licking her pussy with renewed passion. She was so out of breath that she nearly passed out.” he said. “Please. Ryan was working her pussy like a pro. I'm just getting started. if the powers that be would allow it.” Jessica blushed. groaning loudly as he came.” Jessica looked astonished. he knew exactly how to drive Jessica wild. the man was already there. and Jessica dreamed she was in heaven. And they're the perfect breasts for your figure. Jessica was content to lie there that way forever. the neck. Bill. Jessica was holding her pillow with both hands in a death grip and squeezing her thighs tightly around Ryan's head. but trying to not come was difficult. so we gave him the job. He pushed her thong to one side and buried his face in the wet folds of her most intimate place. and if he was happy with her figure. his semi-erect cock still within her. Let me come now. pushing his erect cock into her completely. They're yours. Ryan turned her on her side and entered her from behind. he does. He continued with a series of smaller.” Ryan looked up for a second and then returned his attention to the space between her legs. showered and got dressed. It didn't matter if Ryan wanted her to come or not. she wasn't going to argue. A second later. Ryan. She shook so violently that the lamp on the nightstand was rattling. meet Bill Walker. Jess.“They are special. in an increasingly intense series of waves that washed over her like the surf at high tide. Jessica moaned and thought she'd come in seconds if he kept this up.” “How can I not come?” “I'm serious. but she didn't want to come yet. As he began to thrust. and I wanted to hire someone from outside the company to test our security. They drifted off to sleep. But she did feel special when she was in Ryan's arms. They were meeting Ryan's contact in the restaurant at the hotel. Bill. we've had some problems with internal and external hacking. Jessica felt herself becoming aroused. he inserted two fingers and Jessica lost all control. At that moment. Bill works for Peavy Manufacturing. The rolling waves of pleasure that were washing over her were delightful. this was about the pure joy of sharing herself with Ryan. “Good morning. Just try to enjoy it. Jessica came again and again. Jessica screamed in ecstasy. why don't you tell Jessica what I've been doing here. and spread her legs to invite Ryan inside. She was completely content. “You mean the story I told yesterday was actually the truth?” .” “Pleased to meet you. manipulating her breasts from behind as his cock rubbed against her rock-hard clit.” Jessica got on her back. Bill. slowly licking her entire slit from bottom to top. “Please roll over. and the shoulders. Don't come. This is Jessica Steel. Jessica. it was merely a question of what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. she was lost in an orgasm that hit her like an tidal wave. Every stroke of her tongue brought her closer and closer to orgasm. ------------------------------------------The awoke the next morning. He's the Information Security supervisor from their corporate headquarters in Schenectady. their bodies joined as one. Ryan exploded within her. As he continued to kiss her on the cheek. again and again. Certainly not now. He never failed. When they arrived. For the first time ever. Ryan extended his hand to the man. He pulled her closer to him and held her in his arms. He gently circled her clit with his tongue and then thrust his tongue inside of her vigorously. Suddenly.” “Well. but this one had her seeing stars. Jess. and wondered how Ryan would satisfy her this time. did you say he works for Peavy Manufacturing?” “Yes. “I want to taste you. He slowed his tongue down. Excuse me.

Jess. After that. your security head at the plant. “So. and you weren't doing anything illegal. The Creole Crab Benedict is really good here. “I'm really going to miss this hotel. Bill was the only person in the company who knew about this test.” “It was fun.” Jessica looked at Ryan. ------------------------------------------After finishing her unpacking. “I think I know how that story ends.” Ryan added. Jessica sat down at her laptop and began typing. By the way. and there's no one I'd rather spend my time with. “Do you have anything else for me?” Bill asked. if you like.” “You're probably right. but your staff gave me full access to all of your files simply because I identified myself as being from corporate security. and I'll have some really good memories of the time we spent here. “Let's have some breakfast.” Bill looked at Jessica. I'm not sure. believed every word Jessica told her when she arrived to impersonate someone from corporate headquarters. Ryan.” Ryan pulled her to his lips and gave her one of those knee-buckling kisses that always made her tingle from head to toe. Here you go. When they were finished. “It seems to me that we have some security gaps to work on.” “I love you. you're great company. Come on.” “Were you successful? How did that go?” Bill asked. Ryan.” “You're sweet. and Elaine Joseph. It's about a spy who has to break into a company's computer system. OK?” “OK. effectively. Bill. it's got a great view of Bourbon Street. Oh. Not only that. “I was successful. why didn't you tell me about it ahead of time? Why wait until now?” “I wasn't sure you'd be able to be convincing if you knew we weren't in a real. .. “If this was all just a test. Jess. “Not exactly. “I'm working on a complete report for you. they all shook hands and bid one another farewell. “It seems that Ryan's got pretty good help on his team. I've got to write a full report to send to Bill.” “I like having her around. and Jessica started on her next book that night. I was. too. so anything is possible. You're beautiful. do you have the flash drives with you?” “I do. We need to go or we'll miss our flight.” Ryan handed the cuff links to Bill. but it's happening more and more often. but I still wish you had told me first. I have two flash drives full of sensitive manufacturing and patent documents. I'll have it for you in a few days. I thought it best to keep you in the dark on this. We could take a vacation. what's next?” she asked after she caught her breath. You sure you don't want to go on a vacation?” “We'll talk about it on the plane.” “I don't know. including making sure our employees know with whom they are doing business. Do you two always work together?” “Not always. “I guess we fly back to Denver.” Bill rubbed his chin.” They enjoyed their meal and made small talk about New Orleans and restaurants.. It's beautiful. serious situation.” Ryan cut her off.” She walked over from packing her suitcase and gave him a quick kiss. He put his arms around her “I love you. Bill changed the subject. More travel? Right away? I've got another book to write. Ryan and Jessica returned to the hotel to check out. Ryan. But I think I could be happy just about anywhere with you. So's the French Toast.Ryan answered her. a hired thief.” They caught the next flight to Denver.

and a ship's mechanic. he simply needed to figure out how to steal vital data from one of the world's most secure corporate computer systems. but not so good looking that he couldn't masquerade as anyone. As a top industrial spy. he'd pretended to be a scientist.. an airline pilot.The Corporate Raider Bryan was handsome. Today. The end of Stolen Secrets.. .

She was. and her world changed in ways she'd never imagined. The End of The Corporate Spy ------------------------------------------Jessica Steel declared her latest book finished. But Ryan was constantly traveling and his job was occasionally dangerous and that meant many lonely and worrisome nights for Jessica. met handsome Ryan Stevens. How's Ryan?” “He's great. too. “Wow. He was so sweet. Best of all. as Bryan's lips met hers with a fiery passion. “That's great. Then she went on a cruise. Bryan. It wasn't all that long ago that the best-selling author of erotic fiction was hopelessly blocked and unable to write a word. “Jess! It finally happened! Jason proposed!” Amber could barely contain herself as she showed Jessica her engagement ring.” “Thanks. Want to go out?” . an industrial spy.Cayman Commitment . But I'm not going anywhere just yet. traveling with her globetrotting spy boyfriend.” She never finished her sentence. Amber.. Amber came in.” “Are you hungry? I was going to fix something to eat. Amber Mitchell. I'm happy for you. it seemed.. She was traveling with Ryan and seeing the world. I wish I'd spent more time with my parents before they died. as long as you've got your belt unbuckled. His father is ill and Ryan wants to spend as much time with him as possible now. She didn't intend to waste a minute of it. and it's going to take a lot of time to play. but she and Jessica weren't seeing much of each other these days. Jessica was still living with her roommate. Perhaps that would come in time.. Amber was positively giddy as she came in the door. returning home from work at the coffee shop. She melted in his arms.” “I do. Jess. He hasn't had too much to do lately in the way of work. but we don't have much in the fridge. Jessica was happy. His whole family is back on the East Coast. Jennifer ran her fingers through his hair. When did this happen?” “Last night. She longed for stability in her life and in her relationship. “I knew you'd find a way to do it. as any woman might.” “A lot of men are. and she was glad to be able to see her now.” “Again? Wasn't he just there a few weeks ago?” “He was. I thought Jason might be allergic to commitment or something. too. but right now he's in Pittsburgh. seeing his parents. She had been on a roll lately when it came to writing. and Jessica was often away. she was desperately in love with the most passionate. Probably in about six months. courtesy of his job. Just then. a shapely redhead who always acted as if she didn't have a care in the world. I admire him for that. attentive and caring man she'd ever known. He loved her. Jason took me to that Italian restaurant down on Colfax and proposed right after dessert. He had. He even got down on his knee to do it. That's a beautiful ring. she was happy to have such an amazing man in her life. when are you two getting married?” “I'm not sure yet. By the way. feeling so safe. Jessica missed her roommate's company. so secure and so loved. For now. Of course.. And until his next assignment.” “You're sweet. She liked Amber. Amber worked odd hours and spent a lot of time at her boyfriend Jason's apartment. That he was physically gorgeous was icing on the cake.Bryan smiled cleverly. of that she had no doubt. Amber was a great roommate and a good friend. finding enough to write about that she was sure she'd never have writer's block again. Jessica closed her laptop and went into the kitchen to prepare something to eat. managed to abscond with the documents that had so eluded him throughout his mission. he was all hers. showing Jennifer the microfilm that he had hidden in his belt buckle. she'd like more. I was wondering if he was ever going to propose. I'm going to miss having you around. I'll miss you.” “That sounds so romantic. but she longed to have her relationship with Ryan turn into something deeper. So.” Jessica gave Amber a hug. after I got off of work.

if that's OK with you. flying coach would have been fine. I'll need a few more days here. I'll call you every day while I'm still in Pittsburgh. He sounded distraught.” “Oh. Jessica took a sip of her wine and looked out the window as they flew over the expanse of crystal blue water.” “Thanks. “That's OK.” “I'll see you in a few days. it's the way she'd flown all of her life.” Jessica hung up the phone and turned out the lamp. You can call me anytime. How are you?” “I'm fine. We'll have a small ceremony the day after tomorrow. I miss you. I'm so sorry. When do we leave? I can pack right now. the wider seats. She also loved that Ryan was willing to pamper her. “A week from tomorrow. She couldn't wait.“Sure. too. She had trouble going to sleep. too. She would gladly visit there again. “The Caymans? Of course I'd like to go there again. Her memories of the Caymans were fond ones. Jess. “Hi. I have a bit of work to do there. and the in-flight meal were all luxuries that she appreciated. At least he's not suffering anymore. I need to take a trip. but I think we can manage some free time. always-gone boyfriends and other things of little consequence to anyone but themselves.” “I love you. OK?” “OK. and they had spent a terrific day on the beach making love in the Caymans. Jessica had just crawled into bed when she got a call from Ryan.” “Where will be staying? A hotel. He'd been ill for a while. Jess. There's another reason why I called. How long are we going to stay?” “I'm not sure yet. Are you interested?” Jessica smiled. After all. ------------------------------------------Jessica and Ryan once again flew in first class to the Caymans and Jessica still marveled at how nice it is to travel that way. Dad passed away today.” “Have you made arrangements?” “Yes. and I'd like you to come along. and the extra legroom. Sorry to call so late. Jess. I assume?” .” “I understand.” Jessica turned on the lamp on the nightstand. A few days.” “Good night. Ryan. Ryan. “It's so beautiful down there. She had met Ryan on a cruise ship. It's a long flight to the Caribbean. Pizza OK with you?” Jessica and Amber went out for pizza that night and spent the evening discussing wedding plans.” “That would be great. They were going to a tropical paradise again in a week. as she couldn't help but think about the wonderful time she and Ryan had in the Caymans on that cruise. too. I love you. maybe longer.” “I miss you. especially with Ryan.” Ryan laughed at Jessica's eagerness. Ryan.” “Where?” “The Cayman Islands. though. Go to sleep.

the world where her lips met Ryan's was a world that only they inhabited. Jessica stepped into the bathroom for a few minutes and returned wearing a skimpy. Wow. “I like coming here for several reasons. Is that new?” “It is. and all of the furniture looked brand new.” Ryan replied. I love it. put his arms around her and pulled her towards him. and her nipples grew harder with every motion. Ryan's fingers worked their way to the knot that held her bikini top fastened. I bought it just for the trip. yet his kisses always had a desperate urgency to them. Jessica was astonished at the site of the luxurious condo. we'll be staying in a condo on the beach. He took her hand.“Actually.” “That's it? Just get something out of a safety deposit box? Why hire you? That sounds like something anyone could do. “You look amazing. and Jessica could easily see herself spending her days sitting on the patio with her Kindle. The top fell to the floor and Jessica barely noticed. Yes. For her. Jess. She was completely lost in the kisses. or on the beach. Their lips met in sizzling fashion. Are you sure we can only stay a few days?” “We can talk about that later. Jessica was so taken with the first floor of the condo that she hadn't even noticed that there was a second floor. she'd do it now so that she and Ryan could spend the rest of their days there. It's huge. with his other arm reaching around the small of her back. “I do. a modern kitchen. Jessica kept staring out the window at the beautiful sea. it's beautiful.” “Sounds nice. Why don't you come here so that I can get a closer look?” Ryan had a gleam in his eye that suggested that he had more in mind than just getting a look. The condominium was fully furnished.” Jessica spun around on her heels in order to give Ryan a full 360 degree view. her skin tingling at his very touch. You look beautiful. Why don't we go up to the bedroom and unpack?” The master bedroom was on the second floor. it had three bedrooms. I have to retrieve something from a safe deposit box at a bank. He began to softly run circles around her areolae with his index finger.” “Do you like the condo?” “It's wonderful. and so tender. They spent a few minutes unpacking their suitcases and getting accustomed to their surroundings. They might have been in the condo. “I take it that you like the suit?” she asked. for them to become one. and Jessica got goosebumps from head to toe. If it were possible to stop time. They took a taxi for the ride down the beach to the condominium. let alone one with a huge master bedroom. of course. and a patio that faced the beach. ------------------------------------------They arrived in Grand Cayman in the early afternoon. as she turned around for him to see all of it and all of her. a huge bathroom with marble fixtures. and I'll always think about it any time I visit here. And for you. and that balcony that had a view that stretched for miles.” Ryan went back to reading his magazine. His lips were so soft. . That day was special. I'll explain it later. an incredibly large and luxurious bath. who was standing next to the bed. or at the South Pole for all she knew. as if he thought this would be the last time he'd ever get to kiss her. and had a balcony that looked over the beach. sharing her tongue with him and returning his kisses with an equal intensity of her own. as did everything in the kitchen. “They are nice.” “It's complicated. Jessica walked over to Ryan. Jess. What kind of business do you have in the Caymans?” “It's pretty simple this time. It's right on the beach. The look in Ryan's eyes told Jessica all she needed to know. I think you'll like it. but I also like it because we spent an amazing day here once. Ryan's nimble fingers worked their way to her breasts. The crystal blue water of the Caribbean was just a few yards away. Jessica hungrily responded to his passion. He held her close to him. “The beaches are so pristine here. two piece bathing suit. and I know how much you love coming here.” she said. She wished she could somehow merge with him. I just love them. and deftly untied it. I love the beaches there.

She'd certainly experienced this before. Jessica began to dig her nails into his back. his eyes locked on Jessica's. a little bit of light sucking. teasing him by pulling it out of her mouth every now and again to simply admire the beauty of his cock. probing and stroking. stimulating her through the thin material with his lips. She slowly licked around the head with her tongue. Then she'd resume the teasing . Ryan found his release a few seconds later. Ryan responded by rapidly licking her pussy. rubbing her hard clit through her bathing suit. he slipped a finger under her bikini bottom and inserted it into her slick pussy. returning her attention to his cock. hoping to bring him to orgasm so that they could share this incredible moment. It came but a moment later. untying the side of her bikini. pulling him ever deeper into her wet. and throwing it nonchalantly on the floor. grabbing so tightly that her fingers hurt. “I want to taste your cock. She moved her hips to match his thrusts. Jessica took that as an invitation. Ryan wanted to please Jessica in every way. The primal sounds coming from Ryan suggested that she was pleasing him. but Jessica couldn't wait. Jessica wrapped her legs more tightly around him. With each pulse of his tongue. Ryan's throbbing cock burst out as though it had been held prisoner. Please fuck me. Jessica felt a wave of pleasure washing over her. much like the waves on the beach just outside their room. as the series of small waves soon became an intense cascade of pleasure that felt like Niagara Falls. Jess. throbbing pussy. She pulled away slightly in order to put her hand on the growing bulge in his pants. “You're teasing me. Ryan continued to thrust slowly and rhythmically. pulling it off. exploring every crevice of the wet folds of her flesh. He pressed his mouth against her bikini bottom. but she tried her hardest to stave off the inevitable outcome. Ryan continued licking. With every thrust of his cock. swollen. his tongue flicking in and out of her mouth as he slowly crawled on top to mount her. He thrust slowly but forcefully. Jess. She wrapped her legs around his waist. and then just a bit of taking him deeper. “I need you inside of me.” Jessica could feel herself growing wet as Ryan's erection pressed against her mound through her skimpy bikini bottom. and she came yet again in unison with him as he collapsed in exhaustion upon her. giving special attention to her hard. as she pulled down his underwear. They lay there in bed. She thought she would come instantly. and placed her on the bed on her back. first just a bit and then some more.” she said. She grabbed the pillow with both hands. throbbing clit. At last. Jessica continued. His tongue darted in and out. helped her up. I am. Jessica felt a growing climax within her. as though nothing could distract or deter him. She squirmed with every stroke. hot.He leaned forward and gently kissed her erect nipples and Jessica sighed. fully satisfied and completely spent.a little bit of licking. his breath increasingly fast. but gradually increasing in intensity.” “Yes. and Jessica found herself on the precipice of pleasure. She grabbed Ryan by the hair and pulled his head away from her wet. “I love your breasts.” she begged. “I love you. Every time he started to thrust. wet.” she said. rubbing her wet flesh and reaching for her aching G spot. and he wasn't ready. After a few minutes of this. but it felt amazing every time Ryan did it. starting with small pulses. Jessica wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft as she lovingly licked the salty drops from the tip. she wanted to share this moment. She decided to make his work easier. a sudden detonation like a ton of TNT. He took Jessica by the hand. his thrusts both quicker and deeper. They are perfect. She would take the head into her mouth. and he was going to take his time in doing so. Jessica didn't want to be selfish however. Jessica exploded as a torrent of indescribable pleasure washed over her. as he licked her with his talented tongue while stimulating her with his finger. working her hand up and down the shaft. Ryan's pace increased. He let out a soft groan as she touched him through his pants. He found her wet entrance without taking his eyes off of her. occasionally giving attention to his firm balls. Ryan may have intended to take his time. knowing that at any second they would both soon reach the heights of ecstasy the both craved so desperately. Ryan could stand no more. She gave Ryan a quick peck on the lips and then she dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. wanting to savor the pleasure for as long as possible. Jessica moaned and began to writhe a bit as he continued. coming hard as he offered one final. After a moment. desperate thrust within her. Jessica knew that she'd soon be helpless against an orgasm of blinding intensity and she tried her best to be patient as Ryan kept his deliberate pace. she'd pull his cock out of her mouth. Jessica gasped. slipping his cock into her slowly and deliberately. Ryan leaned over to kiss her. Ryan gave her a gentle kiss and said. Jess. He was going to come soon. He groaned loudly as Jessica felt the heat of his essence filling her. She knew she'd be overcome with ecstasy soon.” . mound to get his attention. giving special emphasis to the sensitive underside.

enjoying the sea breeze. what's the plan for the rest of our time here?” “I just need to visit a particular bank and get something out of a safe deposit box. and I'll let you know what you need to know when you need to know it.” “Ryan.” “Good. and I'm not going to know anything about it and won't be able to help you. As they ate outdoors. I'll do what I need to do. So. I shouldn't be gone for more than a couple of hours.warm. It's a long trip. Maybe I'll also do a bit of reading. if you like. but could hardly be angry. She did trust Ryan. She'd just have to trust him again and hope it all worked out for the best.” “I'm just afraid that one day you're going to be arrested.” she said. I'm asking you to trust me. put in jail. and with security and customs. Do you trust me.' Do you have any idea how frustrating that can be?” “I do it for your own good. I won't be gone very long. they noted that the weather was another typical day in the Caymans .” “OK. Jess. but I thought it might be nice to have breakfast here at the condo. I guess I'll just lie out on the beach and catch some sun.” she said with a wink. Ryan. I'm not happy about it.” “Not very likely. and catching a bit of sun.” “Can I go with you?” “Not this time.” she said. Jess. It shouldn't be a big deal. but I really. given that they'd had a long day of travel. and he hadn't let her down yet. but I guess anything could happen. “Not a problem. I went ahead and bought a few groceries. The remainder of the explanation will have to wait. “I'm getting in to this safe deposit box using a key. and opened a bottle of wine that he'd picked up on his shopping trip. I like to cook and I knew you were tired. Jess. “Since we'll be here for a few days. you do this every time. He and Jessica dined outdoors as the sun set. “This is delicious. I need to get to that safe deposit box. . thinking that a romantic dinner at the condo might be nice. I like having a cup of coffee handy when I wake up in the morning. it's easy to get worn out.” She got up to change into her bathing suit as Ryan walked towards the front door. ------------------------------------------They slept in the following morning. and then collapsed into a well-deserved nap. There's always some aspect of these adventures that you won't tell me until 'later. slightly breezy and beautiful. You'll find out what this is all about in due time. I'm not stealing anything.” “So what's happening today?” “I need to take a short trip into town to take care of some business.” “This doesn't sound like your regular work. Ryan went to the store and picked up a few groceries.” She scowled at him. too. Ryan baked some fish and some potatoes. ------------------------------------------Jessica spent the remainder of the day sitting outside on the patio. in between bites of fish.” “Our little adventure in bed took what little energy I had left. I know I told you that I could live in that hotel in New Orleans forever.“I love you. If I ever win the lottery or something. really like it here in the Caribbean. Thank you so much for cooking dinner. Like I said. They had a leisurely lunch at a local hotel restaurant. “Ryan. We can go out for dinner.” “That's great. No. while the waves from the sea crashed behind them. OK?” “OK. As always. I might just move here. Jess?” “I do. as they were both exhausted from the trip.” “I understand. Jessica sighed as she finished a cup of coffee and looked admiringly at the beach. But for the record. How are you getting into this safe deposit box? To whom does it belong? Are you stealing something?” Ryan laughed.

Jessica was completely taken by surprise. two glasses.” “My pleasure. He invested it in a number of places. where she was already wearing her bikini. and I'll be ready to take that walk. I was here to handle some paperwork regarding the accounts. he visited a single bank..” “And. “Jessica. “Hi. It's a beautiful day for a walk. A tear rolled down her cheek as she took Ryan's hand and helped him stand up. “Millions? Really? You're a millionaire now?” “It seems that way. where there was a small table. .” “How much money are we talking about?” “Millions. “No. Like I said. That didn't take long. Ryan. he said. met with someone in a private office.” Ryan dropped to his knee and presented the box to her. I didn't have a work assignment here. Did everything go according to plan?” “It did. Is that OK with you?” “Sure.” “How so?” “My father had quite a lot of money from his manufacturing company. actually. His was gone just a couple of hours. filled the glasses. “This was my grandmother's ring. I know how much you like the beach. reading her Kindle. I had personal business. and shortly afterwards. I did have to pick something up from the vault. located on the beach at one of the local hotels. “Thank you. Are you going to tell me what this 'mission' was all about?” “In a little while. Jess. It's been in the family for years. I love you. and I wouldn't have come to the Caymans without you.” Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing. and had a lot of it in a bank here in the Caymans. Dad was quite the investor. including Jessica's latest book. “It really is beautiful here. Jessica didn't notice that they were approaching a cabana. which was already selling well.” she said. Thanks for bringing me here. half of that money is mine.------------------------------------------Ryan's trip was a fairly short one.. He opened the bottle.” Ryan changed into a bathing suit and met Jessica out on the patio. and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without you. holding hands and walking in the gentle surf. She looked up and recognized it as the cabana where she and Ryan had made love many months before while they were both working on the cruise ship. Will you marry me?” The usually calm and collected Ryan sounded unusually nervous. They began a leisurely stroll down the famous Seven Mile Beach. Ryan. it was all pretty straightforward. and handed one to Jessica. and a chilled bottle of champagne. He found her out on the patio. “What is this all about?” “I haven't really been honest about why we're here. taking a sip of the bubbly beverage.” “Now that he's passed away. What about the safe deposit box? Was that just something you made up?” Ryan reached into the pocket of his bathing suit and produced a small black box. Jess.” They continued to stroll while making small talk about various things. Ryan led her inside. Jess. Give me a few minutes to change. and Jessica was surprised to see him back at the condo so quickly. She had no idea that this “spy mission” of Ryan's was nothing but an elaborate way to propose to her in the Caribbean. Would you like to take a walk on the beach?” “I'd love to. retrieved a small package from a safe deposit box in the bank's vault.” Ryan opened the box to reveal an exquisitely beautiful diamond ring. I guess.

They each took a sip of the champagne and then walked back out on the beach. The End . “So many questions. and the proposal were certainly welcome. beautiful. fully furnished condominium on the beach. I don't have to work anymore.” Jessica's tears began to flow in earnest. And no. but they were also completely unexpected. Ryan. kissing her like she'd never been kissed before. She again found herself wishing that she could stop time forever.” He put the ring on her finger and she responded by giving him a hug and a deep. Jess. As they walked in the surf. I own the condo where we're staying. I just want to spend my time with you. the waves crashing over their bare feet. The sun was just beginning to set over the horizon. She was safe. Jessica almost became dizzy from the wave of emotions running over her. She was going to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved. She was loved. and we can spend it anywhere you like. if you want. and Jessica beamed as she held hands with the love of her life. passionate kiss. We can live wherever you like.. “Where are we going to live.“Of course I'll marry you. My spying days are over. Ryan? Are we going to stay in Denver? Are you going to keep working as a spy?” Ryan laughed. including here. The cabana. She could write her books from the beach.. “You own it?” “I do.” Jessica's jaw dropped as she thought of that new. Jessica though to herself: This would make a great ending for a book. I bought it a month ago and had it furnished as a surprise. the champagne. He returned the kiss with equal passion. I love you so much. She could spend her days in a beautiful place with this beautiful man who loved her.


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