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Lesson Plan Subject Date Class Enrolment Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated skill Learning outcome : English

Language : 14 May 2008 : 4 Bestari (Intermediate proficiency level) : 25 pupils : World of Knowledge : Animals : Reading Skill : Listening and writing : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: 3.3 read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts. 3.9 Read and enjoy simple poems and stories and respond to them by talking about the people, and moral values in the story/poem; and relate it to ones life. Curriculum Specification : 3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs. 3.9.2 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story heard or read. Language focus Behavioral objectives : Adjectives/nouns : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: 1) Complete the table with at least 6 correct answers. 2) Write at least 3 correct sentences using some of the words found in the text. 3) Write at least 3 sentences to describe their favourite animals. Instructional materials Educational emphasis : Mask of an elephant, LCD (video clip), text entitled The Five Blind Men and The Elephant. : Moral values Should always be open to others opinions. CCTS comparing and characterizing.



ACTIVITIES clip 1. Teacher greets the pupils.

RATIONALE To arouse learning about animals. stimulate previous

REMARKS LCD Video clip


The 2. Pupils watch the video clip pupils interest in Song. 3. Teacher and pupils name the animals found in the To video clip. pupils

Animals Song. of the song The Animals

knowledge about PREREADING (10 MINUTES) Introducing an ears, trunk, mouth.) 1. Teacher pastes a picture animals. To develop Picture of an pupils interest to elephant. read the text. To make the

body parts of of an elephant (refer to elephant. Appendix 1) on the white eyes, body, (Leg, tail, tusk, board. 2. Teacher then shows parts of elephants body 3. Teacher guides pupils to describe the appearance of the elephant on the white board. Adjectives: soft, sharp 4. Teacher by

pupils participate in class.

To introduce the words which text and their would appear in

introduces the

hard, big, long, adjectives sentences.

using explain meaning.

Eg: The tail is very short.


Pupils need to complete the table by referring to the text and write new sentences using the words given that can be found in the text.

1. Teacher distributes each To


the Reading text Task sheet

pupil with a text entitled The understanding of Mask Five Blind Men and The pupils of the text. Elephant. 2. Teacher reads aloud the text. 4. Teacher then gives five minutes for the pupils to read To instill moral the text silently. 5. Teacher asks pupils if there are any difficult words. If there are, pupils have to write the words and their meanings in the box later. 6. Teacher asks what are the difficult words and tell them the meaning and ask them to write the meaning in the box. 6. After that, teacher gives a task sheet to each pupil and pupils need to complete the task sheet. 7. Lastly, teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. value. To pupils skills. develop scanning


Pupils need to draw and write sentences to describe their favourite animal.

1. Teacher asks the pupils To what animal. 2. Teacher shows her is their favourite pupils

generate Blank paper critical

thinking skills. To enhance

favourite animal and gives model sentences. 3. In pairs, teacher asks pupils to draw a picture of their favourite animals and write animals. 4. Teacher picks pupils at least describing three the sentences

pupils creativity

randomly and asks them to show their picture and read their descriptions about the animal. CLOSURE (5 MINUTES) 1. Teacher puts pupils in To groups. ask to create a riddle about animals. 3. Pupils in other groups have to guess what is the answer. 3. Teacher ends the lesson learn to with


2. In groups, the pupils are group members.

Task sheet
Complete the table below with the appropriate information by referring to the text. The first one has been done for you.

Blind men First man Second man Third man Fourth man Fifth man

Part he had touched Trunk

Things / animal he compared with Snake

Descriptions Long and rubbery

Write a sentence for each word given. 1) Elephant ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) Sharp ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) Thin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4) Round -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------