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Quantifying Initiative Value & Prioritizing New Concepts Seminar

Achieve alignment with important initiatives Develop creative alternatives to solve complex problems Create value by understanding risk and uncertainty Improve your confidence in decision-making

Why is decision-making in business so difficult? Can we do anything about it?

the one risk no investor [or manager] can ever eliminate is the risk of being wrong. Benjamin Graham Mentor to Warren Buffet Everyone intuitively understands what Benjamin Graham meant. No one can ever ensure that they wont be wrong with the choices they make. But Incite! Decision Technologies, LLC, can help your company reduce the likelihood of being wrong with important decisions. Our Advanced Decision Framework reveals why decision-making in business is so difficult and what you can do about it. It focuses on the aspects of human behavior and typical business analysis approaches that render decision-making prone to errors in judgment, unnecessary rework, cost, and lost opportunity. The Advanced Decision Framework provides a guided process by which leaders work collaboratively to overcome those barriers to success. Business leaders who learn to use this process effectively find they have greater confidence and understanding to achieve organizational alignment and improve business value in strategic planning, project decisions, portfolio prioritization, and budgeting.

Can we accurately value new strategic initiatives? How do we reduce the risks we face with them? Objectives
Rob's one-day seminar on decision-making was extremely informative, and I gained a much greater understanding of the tools available for probabilistic analysis. In my role as an operations manager, I frequently have to analyze a variety of alternatives to solve problems or support new products. These methods for weighing alternatives and assigning them quantitative values gives me the tools to make not just a good choice, but the best possible choice. Rob is also an excellent teacher who keeps the audience interested and on target. Richard Light, Manager of Business Continuity Services, Hewlett-Packard

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The business executive is by profession a decision makerwhether the outcome is a consequence of luck or wisdom, the moment of decision is without a doubt the most creative event in the life of the executive. How Businessmen Make Decisions Fortune Magazine, August 1955

Senior or middle-level managers wanting to improve their ability to gain deep insights, manage initiative risks, and develop appropriate confidence to move forward with strategic plans

Who Should Attend?

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Decision team members responsible for finding solutions to complex problems and opportunities Executive business leaders who guide their organizations to make better decisions in every endeavor

In an effort to provide you with the greatest value, Incite! offers this seminar on your organizations campus so that the collaborative elements of the process are best experienced with the least time and cost commitment from your staff. In the long term, your organization will develop and retain the skills that allow it to frame new opportunities in their proper context for action, avoid many unanticipated outcomes, focus attention on information that really matters, prioritize capital allocation on the right initiatives, and the identify the tactics that allow your team to achieve the value identified.

Value Proposition

Quantifying Initiative Value & Prioritizing New Concepts Seminar


Day One o o o o o o o o Factors that Contribute to Judgment Error Game of Chance to Demonstrate Sources of Judgment Error Problem Framing & Clarifying Objectives Generating Creative Alternatives Clarifying the Sources and Effects of Uncertainty Understanding Uncertainty and the Language of Probability Quantifying Uncertainty and Risk Prioritizing Initiatives

Optional Day 2 (or more) Incite! will coach the participants during an optional second day (or more, as needed) as a decision team to work through a current business problem that needs resolution. This second session provides a powerful means to reinforce the concepts learned in the first session for continued use by placing the process in the participants daily business context. Your organization will gain immediate value by working through a current problem with the Advanced Decision Framework to achieve deep insights for prompt application. To learn more about how Incite! can help your team improve its decision quality capabilities, reduce risk, and increase its confidence that the best decisions are being made, call Robert Brown at 678-947-5997 or send an email to

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