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To Mr. Siau the managing director a) (Introduction) Sir, I as an occupational health manager in the company, posses the responsibilities of informing up to date informations pertaining to the safety measures both to the workers and the company as well. In accordance to that , I was annoyed to discover that in the Material and Handling Department ,operates were simply ignoring the safety regulation which would cause a major damage to the welfare of the factory workers. There are about more than 860 workers working in our factory . It is our responsibility to provide them proper safety methods to save their life. Anything may happen if we fail to find out a quicker remedial action. It was very much annoyed to see that the workers especially those in the material and handling department hesitates safety methods and are not bothered about it I as an occupational health manager at the said department propose the following actions to be taken as soon as possible. 1.Make an advisory committee immediately to find out the problem faced. 2.Inform the operators the dos and donts in case of neglecting safety method. 3.Introduce new safety devises to replace old and unusable devices. 4.Transfer irresponsible operators to other department. b) (Body) I identified the following problems in our factory which seems to be severe and needs an immediate action.

Problem :1 Hesitating to wear helmets. It is one of our factorys regulation that all the operators should wear helmets in order to protect themselves from the danger of any heavy things knocking their head . I also would like to forward to your acknowledge that one of our staffs had a major injury on his head last year and was admitted in the hospital on a severe condition. The visitors from the National Health Department had also produced a wearing statement to our company on this matter dated 2.09.2011.This has been informed to all the operators earlier through circulars on the 4th October 2011. Yet the action taken did not produce good result. Our factory would have to be answerable in case of any miserable happening in future because such matters are seriously taken in consideration by the national health department officers. I had attend an introductory meeting held on 12 October last year which was organized by National Health Department(NHD) at Langkawi .The safety method has been the main topic of the meeting discussed deeply .Out of which the following conclusions are made as an advise to all factory managements. a) All the workers and operators or even staffs should be provided with helmets which are certified by SIRIM: b) The company becomes solely responsible for any major problems faced in case of neglecting to obey safety methods. c) The company has to bear the playing of computation charged thereafter. Bearing all these ups and downs in mind we had to make a quicker move in this matter. Possible remedies are as follows: I. II. Advise the operators to wear the helmets throughout the day while working. Produce letters of warning to all the operators working in our company who hesitates to wear safety helmets.


Acknowledge them the benefits of wearing helmets.

Such actions suggested above will safe both the operators and the managing department from trouble. Problem:2 Smoking at the prohibitted areas. Another problem that annoyed me was operators smoking at the prohibited areas .The operators know that it is highly dangerous to smoke at such areas where highly flammable chemicals are kept. Yet they ignore safeties and do things that are prohibited. Wordings in big red letter were kept in all the necessary places as warnings such as NO SMOKING .There has been an incident last month where one of our factorys guard room was totally destroyed. This was the cause of some irresponsible workers who threw the unfinished part of his cigarette in the room. The workers was sacked immediately in twenty-four hours time for haring caused a major loss to our factory .Although the operator in the Material and Handling Department aware of the danger ahead yet they seems to be not bothering anymore. Possible safety methods suggested are the follows. I. The operators working in the Material and Handling Department should be checked turrerly by the guards before entering the factory premises. II. In case of finding where operators caught on sport keeping cigarettes packets and match boxes should be informed to the authorities concerned immediately. III. IV. After giving a third warning the said person should be sacked. Investigate officers should go around the said premises every one hour to watch workers who smokes working hours V. Workers must acknowledged of the major problems caused by smoking both to personal and health condition as well as the safetiness of the factory Remedies actions suggested as above would be of much beneficial to our factory.

Problem: 3 Operators do not wear gloves: Hesitating to wear gloves is also seems to be a problem faced among operators. As they are dealing with materials which are connected with electrical and electronics substances it is very much important and needy to wear gloves recommended by the management. The high cost that the factory has to bear on buying high rated gloves has to be taken in consideration. The SALMA GLOVES ENTERPRISE is supplying high grade gloves to our factory every month and the factory has to spend a major proportion on buying gloves .But the operators seems to be bare handed while working and the gloves are scattered here and there. After some interviews with some of our operators, I come to know that they prevent using gloves because of the following reasons a. Their hands sweat and they find it uneasy to work. b. Sometime it is slippery and couldnt finish their jobs in time. c. They find free without gloves. These are the reasons receive from the operators. The operators are not aware of the problem that they may face if they dont use gloves. The following reasons are bared in mind for the importants given in wearing gloves. 1. The operators are dealing with things such as:

a. Sharp wires b. Scissors c. Very sharp cutters d. Chemicals e. Gums 2. The machines they use may cause cuts on their hands.

3. Some of the chemical used may spoil their nails of their hands. 4. Some of the nails and sharp needles, screwdrivers are very much harm full. After considering this entire problems the managing authorities has made it a must to wear gloves and this was implemented from the beginning. The following suggestions could bring changes: a. Advise the operators of the danger they may face by hesitating to wear gloves in their hands. b. Those managements may take deceplinery actions on operators who dont wear gloves. c. The management would not bear the cost of any injuries. d. operators without gloves will not be allowed to proceed their works. e. The management may take actions to sack their said operators who hesitates to wear gloves after tree warnings. A stern and strict action on operation neglecting safety regulation will bring changes. Problem: 4 Another big problem that I came across was negligence in wearing masks. The factory has amended the rule of wearing gloves and masks since the opening of factory .These safety moves were introduced for the safeties of the operators. But it is highly ridiculous to find out that the operators simply ignore because of ignorance. The management also provides the facilities of wearing masks bearing its costs. the masks were imported from a foreign company and are certified by the government. Using of masks during working hour is recommended because the workers sometimes have to deal with highly adorable chemicals. A continuous smelling of these chemicals may cause problems in breathing. There is a possibility to face problems in the defunctioning of the lungs. We had annalysed this earlier and come to a conclusion that wearing mask should be strictly followed. The data shows that event how wearing mask is highly recommended yet there are

workers who face problems in breathing. An analysis done last year shows that 53 workers had some chronical problem in breathing and were admitted in hospitals. Possible suggestions that could be implement: I. II. Operators not wearing masks must not be allowed to continue their job. Operator must be acknowledged about the high risk of health condition that they may face by not wearing the mask. III. They must also be acknowledged with the problems that the management may face if encountered by the NHD. The suggestion given above may help in overcoming the problem said above. Conclusions. Maintaining a factory is not a simple task . There are so many ups and downs where to operate each and every corner of the factory. In relation to that maintaining strict regulation on safety measures have also becomes an important factor that has to be handled carefully. Failing in implementing and preparing occupational and safety standard may end in facing though problem. Maintaining good safety method becomes impossible because of the ignorance of the workers .This is because; 2. The workers or operators are unaware of the high range of problems that would ruin totally the working systems of the factory both to the management and workers as well. 3. They dont understand that the government is very strict of health measurer that should be amended according to the act of Industries of Malaysia. 4. They take matters simple because lack of proper education.

Those factories which are dealing with .chemicals and electronic goods have to take major actions concerning safety measures. Wearing safety helmets, hand gloves, masks are among an important method that should be strictly followed .Smoking is not allowed too because it may cause damages to highly inflammable equipments and health.

There are thousands of factories throughout Malaysia and the complaints received each year about improper safetiness is also increasing highly day to day. Importances to safety must be in first place in every factory .An in accordance to that the government has to implement strict rules to all the factories. There are some modern methods of implements in factories to safeguards the workers. The management may have to bear an increase in cost in handling and implementing the methods by introducing new and safe devises .But this is must so that the benefits is shared both by the management and workers as well. Bearing all these in mind. I hope that as the managing director of the factory you would forward this matter to the authorities concerned. Thank you


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