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Exam 1 Review

Middle Ages: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Justinian Dictatus Papae Hundred Years War Charlemagne Canon Law Ausculta Fili Avignon Papacy Treaty of Bretigny Battle of Hastings

Renaissance: 10. Machiavelli 11. Chiaroscuro 12. School of Athens 13. War of the Roses 14. Treaty of Lodi 15. Pope Julius II 16. Concordat of Bologna Reformation: 17. 95 Theses 18. Johann Guttenberg 19. Sola Fide 20. Martin Luther

Essays: 1. What were some of the characteristics of the Middle Ages that were important to the development of Europe? Discuss the use of Feudalism and why it was so successful in countries, such as France and England. 2. Examine the rise and fall of the Medieval Church. What were the various conflicts that arose between the Papacy and the State? How do the issues that plagued the Church in the Middle Ages allude to the eventual reform of Martin Luther in the coming century? 3. Analyze the ways in which the Renaissance was a break from Medieval Europe. Be sure to discuss varying aspects, such as art, architecture, literature, as well as political, economic and social concerns.