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Special electrophoresis for hemoglobin Serufm electrophoresis First we ahd plasma ( clotting prteins plus regular prtoeins) Spin

plasma (serum and clotting proteins) Serum protein electrophoreisi Name of the segments of the panel - protein Immunogloboulns not named to where they fall Normal: Conditions that cause polyglobinuria Lwo level of monoclonal protein - we dont have to treat because it tends to be benign ( about 1% go on to develop overt malignancy Waldenstrom (reproducing IgM ) B cell that is being overproduced Immunofixation - using antibody with each of the immunoglobulins IgG lambda monoclonal protein Plasma cell is responsible for laying down amyloid Multiple MYELOMA can also be laying down protien Lesions in bone: osteolytic lesion from multiple myeloma Paraprotienemia- can cause bleeding , hyper viscosity Over comes the charge repulsion between RBC - rouleaux formation

Case 27: Enlarged spleen and lymph nodes Lymphadenopathy - t cells and b cells (lymphocytes) Monoclonal protein - B cell right before it becomes a plasma cells ( lymphoma) Paraproteinuria - affects primary and secondary IgM Lymphoplasmacytic LYMPHOMA = macroglobulinemia of Waldenstrom

Case 28: If its myeloma: calcium, creatinine ,globulin, x rya Serum protein electrophoresis