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Front-End Engineer, PlayStation 4, San Francisco

Sony Network Entertainment (SNEI) manages and develops global cloud services, PlayStation Network, digital multimedia content distribution and UI platforms as well as designing and implementing cutting-edge front-end experiences. We're looking for a talented, multidisciplinary front-end software engineer to join our team. You will be architecting and developing system User Interfaces for PlayStation 4 and future flagship Sony devices and services. This position offers the opportunity to directly impact millions of PlayStation customers experiences around the world. Our UI team develops TV user interfaces, not traditional websites. Theres no cross-browser development. You will be free to use and advocate for bleeding edge technologies. We believe in simple data-driven front-ends with smart services driving the overall experience. We love open-source and web technologies. Our UI platforms are based around WebKit and OpenGL solutions to give us the best of rapid development and speed and fluidity of native graphics. At SNEI San Francisco, all of our cloud services, visual design, platform and UI teams all reside under one roof. We maintain a SoMA start-up culture of passionate, agile development, close collaboration and rapid prototyping. We also offer highly competitive San Francisco salaries and benefits. Core Requirements Expert in JavaScript HTML5 / CSS3 Node.js Git Beneficial Requirements WebGL / OpenGL Canvas2d C# / Python Qualities Passionate about creating amazing software. Works above and beyond set expectations. Is able to work independently and contribute wherever possible. Education 5+ years of relevant experience and a bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent