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12D ET Conversation Just Letting Them Speak

Homer – Odyssey – 1 of 7, audiobook Creation = Power of Belief(s) play list Ancient Aliens 2013 - Prophets & Prophecies - Season 5 Episode 7 43:56

Video Journal Hello, my dear friends. Greetings from Heart to you. Hello, dear Theresa-Ann. We have looked forward to this, as you know. Yes, I was so glad to hear what Ken had to say about that. It is clear the time has come for a deeper or more intense connection. Let it be so. I am more than willing. For tonight I have but one question for you. For the rest, I'd like to just have you speak and say what you will. My question is this: Are you currently incarnate on 5D or do you just lower your frequencies there to work with those in 3D? This is a good question. Listen closely for the response. First, what do you see? What is your take on this? I had initially assumed you were incarnate on 5D, as I am in

3D. It was a viewer's question that made me reconsider. Now, I'm not sure. Wait - for the first time I begin to get something vague by sight – there are many of you there. This is a first. Truly, I don't know. Not consciously knowing what the abilities are of beings on 12D, I don't know how this works. My guess is that you took incarnation, there, the better to be present to those you would serve. Am I right? Close – quite close. Yes, we did take incarnation here – that part is correct. What part is incorrect, please? That we did so to serve. It was more for Joy that we came into this realm – and for the experience, the subtle seeming separation. 12D has none of that. Okay, that suffices, thanks. I now turn it over to you to say and share what you will. Please help me stay tightly congruent and attuned to you, that what gets said is truly as you desire to speak. Very well, Theresa-Ann, sit back and get comfortable and listen awhile. We have much to share. In the far long ago we were together with you. You are far “older” than you used to think you were. We're here to confirm that. Though relative time has no real meaning, in earth years it's in the hundreds of billions. Neither Earth, nor even this dimension, were present then. Yet we were. So much that is nonsense has crept into the culture and society of the mankind of earth, making it more and more difficult for us to commune with them. In the old days it was nothing, it was common for us to hold converse with men and to teach them. They were willing and eager students. Not so, today. There has been quite a long period where the dark forces quite chased us out, making it impossible for this communion to continue. It tore at our hearts and yours. A grid was put up

that encircled the planet, its frequency and energy quite blocking us out. Then the dumbing-down took place, the erasing of real history, the replacing with lies. Men were made to fear us, to brand us as demons or devilish. When we would focus our Light we could get through the dark grid, but by then there were not humans sufficiently anchored in Light to be receptors for what we would send. They could not anchor our Light, so it just spilled upon the ground, so to speak. It was a sad time, for we knew the dark plans being implemented by TPTB (The Powers That Be). There was much suffering going around. Your supposition is correct – at a certain point we realized that the only way to get through to wo/mankind was to incarnate among them. We did not have masses of us volunteering for such service, for it did not entail only one lifetime, one amgodiment, as you like to call it. That was insufficient for us to fully adapt to and learn what life was like, there, which was necessary. No, it would take whole rounds of millennia of incarnating to sufficiently walk that mile in our brethren's moccasins. Yet of course some volunteered. You were one of them. We lost touch with many of you, for you would get in, then forget who you are, why you are there. It was troublesome to our hearts to be cut off from our family this way. The courage of heart of the volunteers is very great. Again and again they entered, forgetting all, and sought to remember while yet in 3D form. Earth has been one of the harshest arenas on which life can grow. The suffering there is immense – or rather, it has been. That old matrix is breaking apart, now, at a very fast pace. Rather than get into the details of the aeons of your time, there, we choose to stay firmly focused in Now – to acquaint you with how we see your Now time. Time, itself, the way it is seen and experienced in 3D, is truly amazing. It is radically different from the experience of it in the higher dimensions.

Time still exists, here – it isn't going away. What is dissolving is any sort of limitation time seems to place on you. There is full freedom to move about in time, as you will. You are not locked into one projected experience, as it seems you are, now. Truthfully, you are not so limited as you think, now, but there is much work to be done in each one's Garden of Belief, as you like to call it. This is powerful work bringing freedom in its wake – yet it must be done by each one. There are no short-cuts to this. So much of your planet's suffering is due to your concepts around time. You don't like feeling held back or held down to what the clock tells you is true, so you seek out the short-cuts. These never work, or work for long. Some help for one lifetime, but you're forced, by your integrity, to pick up the lost stitches in the next one. The gains are illusory, are very shortlived. Now, today, we have many of you who are more than able to carry the Light – to anchor Light from the highest dimensions right there, where you are. You are in the tens of millions. It is through your work, there, coupled with our work, here, which has heretofore been invisible to you, that things have come to this point. Truly, your freedom is at hand. One of the most important belief weeds for wo/mankind to pull up is belief in time as a limit. You are only as limited as you believe yourself to be, so things are more in your own hands than most know. This is an important message that everyone deserves to at least hear. Then it's in their hands, whether to accept or reject it. Of equal importance is your sense of who/what you are. It is long past time to be identifying with those 3D forms, thinking that is you, and that is your shape. It is not. The truth is that you contain the body – it doesn't contain (nor could it) you. We saw you at your sun-gazing this evening, and we were

impressed. We noted you consciously expanding out, seeking to directly perceive from your upper chakras, well above the body's head. You had some success. To do these things consciously will indeed give you all a boost, for this higher chakra awareness will make itself known to you, over time, but this is one thing you can accelerate. Expand your body awareness out, well beyond the bounds, the boundaries (so you think) of the body. You are already there, so this amounts to joining yourself up, uniting self with self. You were doing something else that is most useful. You were consciously knowing that you contain not just the body, but also the sun. You were looking to join that awareness of containing it all – the Sun, included. This is another way to leave behind the body's seeming strictures, its power to hold you, to keep you limited. In truth, these are just more belief weeds awaiting plucking. They are ready to go – and we, from our side, are helping. This is another powerful awareness that you can all begin to take on, this awareness of your own Light Being soul family, your spiritual Guides, those angels all around who have worked with you all along, invisibly to most of you. As you keep Heart-centering while holding the understanding that we do exist, that we are here consciously helping you, this will also help you break out of the body boundaries, the limitations you've accepted. Your wings have been clipped for quite a while, but that time is well over. It serves nothing now to be accepting the beliefs and the limits that have been your accepted fare for so long. It is very much a time of wo/mankind's stepping up into its native power. In truth, it's not really wo/mankind, it's the Light Beings incarnate there. It's time to once again recognize each self as That – as one with Source/God – for you are That. Let the dark ones, those you call TPTW (The Powers That Were) now begin to fade from your view – as you are fading from theirs. Though they don't admit it, yet, they are completely out-matched. Their power and domination, even their

ability to keep secrecy, is a thing of their past. Instead of balance in what you read and view between dark and Light, let the balance now begin to tilt strongly over to Light. Let there be less and less of their dark fare that you are willing to imbibe, to take in. You know the basics of what they are, of how they work. You have no need to study them. What do you think to gain, thereby? It won't be what you think. They have a frequency and vibration that is dark, so that when you are taking in such media it affects your own vibration. You take in some of their darkness, thereby. Once you know the basics about them – which could be gotten in one long David Icke lecture – you have no more need to pursue it. It's time to let that go. Get loose from the hold its fascination has over you. Get back to Heart. We have much that we desire to release through you, so we require that you be one of the first to step out of this energy. We ask that you be much more cautious about what you're willing to view. Yes, we know that you view much less than most do, even now. We ask you, though, to take the next step. It is time to isolate out from that. Love the self. Take in things more universally good for the soul. You know the feel of them. When you're watching something and you find yourself closed up or with muscles clenched in any way, step back – push pause. Tune in. See if Heart wants you watching that. Be ready, for it will offend some that you don't choose to view what they lovingly send you – or so they think. It is a time to really step up and out of the goop and the stickiness of the nets of dark energy woven so thickly around. We, for our part, are sending the messages to each one, alerting them to such things in certain media. They are certainly loving, just not yet wise. Nor are you, entirely, though you are well on your way. We would like to say something about who you take for

your heroes, those you look up to. In the past you have limited such choices to those who have embodied here on earth. We want you to expand that out, considerably. You, yourselves, are not from earth. Plus, you are almost all living other lifetimes elsewhere, in addition to your many lifetimes on earth. Don't be so limited, we'd like to say. You are beings of awesome proportions in every way – beings of magnificent stature. Use more imagination when it comes to envisioning heroes. If you will go deep within when you ponder this, we will help you out. It is time to raise your standards so much higher than your mind can even admit or allow. Don't let that limit you. Don't let your mind run the show for you, or the consistent factor will be to limit you to 3D. Much is coming together now, both for you and for us. Some have thought that only the dark force could lay their plans out over the centuries and stick to them – doing “the totalitarian tip-toe,” as Icke calls it. Please know, and know firmly that they are most definitely not the only ones. We, too, have our councils and our plans. It's time to look up from the drudgery, the dark and dismal picture they've been painting for you for so long – snaring you into believing in that. For every limit you notice being placed on you by anything, step into Heart with it. You will watch it dissolve, right before your eyes – your Heart vision. No limits are real. Light Being, Light Beings, we call out to you. You are an unlimited race. You work WITH wo/mankind – you are not that. We will continue to keep telling you that you are, one and all, divine. This is not for the select few. Anything like that is a lie. Yet it's quite up to you whether and when to accept what we say. No one can do this for you. We are so glad, too, to be beyond that 12/21 date that had so much hype around it. Much of it pandered to your

weakness, your feeling so limited and so wanting to be somehow “saved.” Save yourselves! You are not weaklings – you are Source, walking the earth in human form. How many are willing to plant these flowers in their Garden of Belief? How many will choose empowering beliefs? It does not matter that your heads are well programmed by the various nonsense you've been fed in place of Truth. Your Hearts are far and away so much more powerful than any of that. But when will you lay claim to it?! When, wo/mankind, will you make it your own? When will you step up and out of thinking yourselves to be the flesh forms? Does it take some effort? Surely, it does. Would it be of any worth if it didn't? Come to know Who you truly are, dear ones. It is time. You are right on schedule, and even ahead of time, for some of what has happened, already, both within you, individually, and within your societies, is far and ahead of what was projected by our plans for this time. Yes, we, too, can speak in terms of time. It will be useful for yet a while, until we can help wean you from your belief in it as any sort of a limit at all. Know we are there with you. You are never, and I mean never alone. It is not even possible that you, of the great Hearts, could be alone. Your word, “alone” is best seen as “all one,” instead – for that's what we are. You are us – we are you. Let go your belief in separation – cast it off! Recognize it for the lie that it is. As a tool to help us have a good time, a good experience of 3D, it was fine. The way it is viewed and believed in, now, is very much in your way. It is a time of casting off all that limits in your process of truly taking your divine power back. The time of the separating out is arrived. You are in the midst of it. We will not reveal much of this at this point – but soon, not too long, and then we will say more. For know (interesting “typo” for now) please see how your vision has been pointed down, glued down to the earth and to smallness. Many beliefs that don't serve you well have been incul-

cated this way. As long as you continue to allow your vision to be so limited, you won't get the boost so many of you seek. It is time to come to know – to re-member – Who and What you truly are. You forgot. That was part of the plan, but it is over, now. Your waking up is supported in more ways than you can yet conceive. Yet, for as long as you keep your vision glued down to the earth and the little things – believing yourselves little things, as well – so long will you hold yourselves back. You will find us speaking out much on taking your power back. A lot of that entails taking back responsibility for your earth lives – your am-God-I-me-nts. You come in to be the fullness of That which you are – to remember your self as divine. For this you must look up, my friends – must set your sights so much higher than you yet have. We would like to suggest that you all listen to the Homer audio book, The Odyssey. Imbibe the ancient Greeks sense of the bigness of adventure, of the potential of you. Love yourselves! Parent yourselves, lovingly, carefully selecting what you take in, being (more) aware of its effect on you, of its ability to mold you. When you are truly loving yourselves, you will see the evidence of it appear in what you watch, in what you're willing to take in. You won't go with the crowd, the herd so much, anymore. It won't matter to you that simply everyone's going to see this or that show. You simply won't care. There will be many more signs that you are pulling the self up out of the seeming muck and mire in which you've thought you were stuck. Well, you are not. Take that belief flower and go plant it, my friends – I'd love to call you that. We'd love to work so much closer with the many – or few – of you who are willing to make these changes. We do not only work with Theresa-Ann. Our soul family is very much larger than that. If you will look around at the various ET sightings, the

contactees, and precious few of the channels, you will see, if you look closely, the similarity of the one being contacted to those doing the contacting. You all have soul families, dear friends. You are all so magnificent that many of you will simply cry with the beauty of Who you are, once you finally get a glimpse of that. Ask for it! Ask for that inner glimpse of your true nature – of your Essence, your Higher Self. Start leaning a bit on your own soul families, on your Spiritual Guides. Know that they work with you, regardless. Yet know that you can very much more empower their work. How is that? By the simple and consistent use of your free will. It's all about choices – about being willing to go free. How willing are you to go free? I'm sure you've heard that there are some whose bodies are ill, and who seem to be seeking out cures – yet who don't truly want to be healed. This is more common than you know, to have the subconscious working at odds with the conscious self. Open your eyes to it. It is there to be seen. How willing are you to go free? What holds you back? What are your attachments to 3D, to anything in it? Look to them. Look to see what is underneath that. Find the fear, my friends, for it is there. Here is another way you can begin or continue to shift your self concept. It is time for you to take responsibility for having a subconscious and an unconscious mind, not just the bit that is conscious, that most of you inhabit habitually and think that it's you. It is not. You are far and away greater than that. So expand out. It's your subconscious, is it not? Then why not begin to inhabit and explore it? You are already there, in that subconscious, in that unconscious mind. It is nothing new to you, just unaccustomed is all. It's not that you CAN do this – you are doing it all along, just not being aware of it. We call you to awareness! The time is ripe. The time is now. This is the time of your unveiling – IF you will it so.

It will take real and determined action on your part, though the huge bulk of this action is internal. Others won't necessarily know a thing of it. Nor do they need to. At some point you will rejoice to find your own Heart leading your life, and you following its beautiful flow. You are all as rich as Croesus, my friends – but your treasures are not “out there” in the world. They are within. You always suspected that, didn't you? Most of you did, consciously. All of you did, subconsciously. So spread those wings, our dear earth friends. We are so very glad, so joyful to take our place in your unveiling. It still requires your continuous application of free will – your continuous intent to raise your eyes up from what you once took to be your sole, your whole reality – that 3D view of things. Are you getting the sense of this that we offer, here? Can you feel it? If not, get down into Heart, do a few deep breaths, and start from the beginning, again – for it is here for you. We cannot do this for you, but we can certainly work with those who show their willingness to be cut free, to take their power back. We can make a very good team. The rest, however, is in your hands. Be empowered. Choose it again and again, whenever limitation would continue to hold you down, or to bind you, afresh. Choose responsible empowerment, instead. The more you simply KNOW you are not human, not limited to 3D, the easier this whole thing gets for you. We're not saying we've come in to eliminate all the pain and bring you nothing but bliss. These are pied pipers of nonsense, who bring you such tales. We are saying, go deeper. Listen, think, and ponder from Heart. Leave head aside for a while. Most of your challenges are bound up with believing in mind, in what it says, what it believes. This is a good way to stay bound. You will see this, you will be shown this again and again – as you have been, already. Truly, it requires that you know what you want – and that you go for it.

Most of you are well acquainted with what you think you want – with what mind wants, in other words. We do not speak of that. We counsel you to leave it off, to dive deeply within. Get acquainted with your nothingness, your emptiness, and your wholeness. Be determined, friends. In the end, it is a simple matter of choices – millions of choices. As long as you make them from Heart you simply cannot go wrong. (And this is aside from the fact that “wrong” simply doesn't exist.) Come on Home. We are calling you Home. It is time. Know that your Home is right there, where you are – it is within. Dive in deeply – repeatedly. Learn to do your “thinking” from there. It's very different, yes, but it can be done. It's time to trust in your own divinity, your divine nature. It's no longer the time to separate out – not from this. The separating out is something that Heart, everywhere, is taking care of. Your way is Light-filled. The dark ones will not be able to take it, here, once so many of you opt out of their nets. Your rising frequencies, your coherent waves of vibration make them increasingly uncomfortable. We will close, now. This has been fun. We appreciate the determination in our soul sister, Theresa-Ann, to stay true to our energy, our frequencies, in order to let us come through this way. We look forward to much more of it, ahead. Namaste.

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