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TAPing into the local youth workforce building local talent for local employment


ORGANIZATION: The Corporation of the Township of Scugog

PROJECT DATE: 2nd Quarter 2012 CATEGORY: Advertising: Single Advertisement

PROJECT: Township of Scugogs Township Ambassador Program advertisement


PURPOSE OF PROJECT: On August 30th 2011, the Township of Scugogs senior staff advised of a new public service initiative that satised a strategic directive in Councils corporate plan 2012-2014. Both the program created and the resources that were developed were designed contribute to a succession plan for the municipality, one that stimulated community engagement in local youth, providing marketable experience and skills building, while allowing students to earn their community service hours required for a OSSD. The purpose of the promotional postcard was to; Promote volunteerism with the Township as a highly rewarding experience thats benets remain long after completion of the program. Communicate the key benets of enrolling in the program to key audiences, particularly local high schools. Allow the Township of Scugog, and the many summer events to be pushed into the mainstream dialogue of local youth, while simultaneously encouraging them to consider future career-paths and the critical decisions that must be made now to achieve those goals in the future. ATTAINMENT OF GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The postcard advocated genuine opportunities within the municipality to develop valuable experience now required by most employers but seldom offered. As a direct result of the single advertisement, the program has attained these progress markings; Hiring of 2 highly qualied and eager Township Ambassadors. Construction of a organized database of impressive young volunteers that can be shared across the municipality and its community partners. A 400% increase in volunteers at the municipalitys biggest community event The Township of Scugogs Canada Day Celebration 2012. Pre-applications to the program for 2013. Evolution of the program to span across municipal departments and projects as a shared Township resource. Successful Ambassadors have been considered for placement in the Townships succession plan. SUSTAINABILITY: Although a print advertisement was utilized (250 items) the card stock used was recycled paper pulp and its dimensions were smaller than that of conventional promotional print media. The projects total ecological footprint was further reduced by ushering all inquiry and documentation through paper-less channels (i.e. online). CHALLENGES & CHANGES MADE: Challenges overcome;

Create an advertisement without using municipal capital resources. Create an advertisement that in spite of budget constraints is elegant, simple and straight forward but also has resonating powers with youth that generate prompt action from ideal candidates. Promote public sector volunteerism as a mechanism for achieving future career aspirations. Present information in a way that appeals to youths, while producing a product that allows the supply chain to involve school administrators and parents. Must highlight the safety and security associated with working for local government; so guardians feel comfortable endorsing the program to their children. TARGET AUDIENCE: Teens, parents of teens and school administrators residing in the Township of Scugog. Township of Scugog Reachable Demographics; Males & females (teens) between census age; 15-19 (~ 7.05% of our total population) Males & females (parents) between census ages; 35-39 and 55-59 (~ 38.22% of our total population) Males & females (school administrators) between census ages; 20-24 and 65-69 (~ 65.35 of our total population) Number of census families; 6,505 Number of married-couple families; 5,020 Average number of persons in all census families; 2.9 Average number of persons in married-couple families; 3.0 Total private households; 7,705 Households containing a couple (married or common-law) with children; 2,660 Median Income of Township of Scugog census families; $80,828 Median Income - Couple households with children; $100,104 Language spoken most often at home - English; 20,775 (~ 98.18% of our total population) Educational attainment; Total population aged 15-24 - No certicate, diploma or degree; 1,255 (~ 51.58% of the Total population aged 15-24) Occupation - Occupations in social science, education, government service and religion (Males & Females); 905 (~ 7.50% of the Total experienced labour force 15 years and over) Industry - Educational services; 1,000 (~8.29% of the Total experienced labour force 15 years and over) The Township Ambassador Program (TAP) promotional postcard delivers on reaching our selected key audience by using this strategic research conducted to assist our advertisement in being attractive to those demographics.

Township of Scugog Municipal Ofces 181 Perry Street, Port Perry, Ontario. P.O. Box 780 L9L 1A7 Phone: 905 985 7346 Fax: 905 985 9914 Web Site: Or email us at



Wondering where to get good experience & your community service hours?

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A Career = Experience Required = EXPERIENCE GIVEN

Sound interesting? Then the Township of Scugog has summer volunteer opportunities available for you.

If interested,
Please send your resume to us along with your summer hours of availability & a oneparagraph statement on why you feel youd be a good Township Ambassador. Were selective, so be creative & email it to


Applications are due; Thursday, May 31st These are unpaid opportunities, the value is in the experience and fullment of Ontario Secondary School Community Service Hours required to graduate. Enjoy exible schedules Successful Township Ambassadors may lead to future lucrative opportunities in Scugog & the rest of Ontario.

Willingness to learn In need of community service hours this summer* Charming personality Responsible Intelligent Dedicated Connected with the student body*

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ZERO RISK! Even if youre not selected as a Township Ambassador you will still become an Eligible volunteer for Township events this summer!
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Township of Scugog Municipal Ofces 181 Perry Street, Port Perry, Ontario. P.O. Box 780 L9L 1A7 Phone: 905 985 7346 Fax: 905 985 9914 Web Site: Or email us at

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