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3D Animation Workshop

i3indya Technologies (A unit of I THREE INFOTECH PVT LTD)

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AniMAGIC A Workshop on 3D Animation

Learn all about latest trends of 3D Animation with Maya implementation and begin managing your own animated clips and movies like a professional at this workshop. Attendees will be provided with instructions to build and manage their own new animated clips. A live speaker and instructor are available to answer questions during this 2 day workshop. Let a trained professional show you how to create and manage 3D animated clips & objects. Upon completion attendees will get a certificate of participation from i3indya Technologies.

A] Workshop Sessions Schedule:

3D Animation Workshop Day 1 2 3 4 5 Workshop Schedule Course Offered Introduction to 3D Animation. and Object Modelling Body Modelling Texturing & lighting Principals of Animation, Object & Character Animation Dynamics and Effects

B] Workshop Syllabus:
3D Animation Workshop Modules Introduction What is Animation? Types of Animation Computer Animation Production Process Pre - Production Production Post Production Particulars

The latest trends 3D world 2 Old B/W movies to Color 2D Movie to 3D Movie Conversion (Stereoscopy) Latest cameras used by the best filmmakers.

Showcase some shots, Animation movies and Maya show reel Maya Basics Essentials New project Panels and view Hot box 1234567 and 8 shortcuts Channels box and layers Display layers Attribute editor Q W E R T Y shortcut Camera key F and A with 4 views Outline Hyper graph Grouping And parenting Shelves Marking Menus

Maya modeling 5 Simple object and their manipulation. Complex object and different techniques

Animation Joints (Bone) Attaching bones to skin for Movement Motion Path Key Cycle Animation Playblast Dynamics (Fire, Particles, Light Beam)

Rendering Hypershade How To Apply Materials, Bump, Lighting (Look Through Light) Bach Render Day -2 Project 1: Handling Simple 3D object (Bouncing Ball)

Project 2: Handling Slight Complex 3D object (Forward Bouncing Ball) 8

Project 3: Handling Complex 3D Human Character

This Workshop is basically aimed at giving awareness on 3D animation. In this program, students will undergo classes on various topics from Pre-to-Post process in 2 days which Completes an animation assignment. Pre-Production: Pre-production is the process of preparing all the elements involved in a film, play, or other performance. During pre-production, the script is

broken down into individual scenes and all the locations, props, character designing, special effects and visual effects are identified. Production: The process of bringing the pre-production which includes character designing, Back grounds, storyboards, etc. from paper to 3D, which includes the stages of modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, rendering and to get the final output which will be used for editing & compositing(Postproduction). Post-Production: Post-production is a process of editing and compositing the production work for the final output which includes audio, video and visual effects.

C] Prerequisite for Workshop:

Passion to learn new creative things. Knowledge of how to use Computer. Good imagination power.

D] Who could attend ?

College students seeking career in Animation Industry. Person having interest in Animation. Education Faculty & Staff. Students from any branch can attend the workshop.

E] Workshop Highlights:
Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts. Receive an unparalleled education with personal one-on-one attention. Learn practically how to make Animated Objects and Animated Characters Get thorough insight of Animation and careers in Animation Industry. Hands on Demonstrations of Maya and on Latest Animation Techniques & Tools. PowerPoint Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive reading material.

F] Key Benefits of i3indya:

Conducted more than 300 workshops & Seminars for Students & Professionals across globe. Conducted workshops at Top most institutes of India including IITs, IIITs, IIST, NITs and Deemed Universities. Trained More than 40,000 students from Indias Leading Institutes.

G] Requirements for Workshop:

Minimum 100 students for conducting the workshop A Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of 100-200 students OR A Computer Lab with minimum 80 computers, each having 1 GB RAM One Projector 2 Collar Mike with Sound System Laptop Charging Points Workshop Coordinators (3-4)

H] Course Material & CDs:

Comprehensive course material (E-Book) 1 CD (Containing eBooks, Video's & Resources)

I] Workshop Duration:
5 Days (4-5 hours/day)

J] Charges for Workshop:

` 2,000/- per student (Exclusive of all Taxes)

K] Certification:
Certificate of Participation to all Participants from i3indya Technologies Certificate of Coordination to the Organizers/Coordinators i3indya Technologies Certificate of Association to College/University from i3indya Technologies