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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 18, 2013

Newark Entrepreneur Alexa Diaz of NB Laundry

Featured in Jet Blue BLUEPRINT Magazine!

Newark, NJ 2/18/2013 - Stranger Things Have Happened titles Alexa Diazs feature in the quarterly wrap-up of Jet Blue BLUEPRINT magazine. The title depicts Alexas quick leap from Jet Blue Crewmember to self-sustaining entrepreneur. She owns a very successful laundromat in East Newark, NJ known for its familial atmosphere - her parents are a regular staple, helping to service clients, decorate and even offer a word of advice or two to customers. Alexa credits her business insights partly to her immigration from Ecuador to America as a child and partly to a skill that has served her well as a nine year member of Jet Blues crew. She is great listener and does not hesitate to ask for advice, especially to airline passengers willing to share on long ights. On a ight in 2007 she began a conversation with a passenger that would prove timely to her yearning desire to do more. After hours of generous life/ business advice, I asked him, given the current state of the economy, what would you do again? Without blinking he said he would open a laundromat, says Alexa. Today Alexa is developing a pre-paid laundry program for college students, has introduced automation and credit card use to the laundromat and is on schedule with her goal to have three full-time employees within the next six months. I want to create jobs and hire people to run the laundromat, Alexa says. Ill be able to provide the same validation my parents gave me for other people. This time next year I want to have health insurance for my employees. Thats unheard of. If you treat your employees well, theyll treat your business well. I learned that from JetBlue.

Read the full BLUEPRINT 4Q 2012 Wrap-Up or the Feature Except by clicking below. Dont forget to check in with Alexa and the NBLaundry team on social media below!


4Q 2012 WRAP-UP


JetBlue will always have a place in Alexas heart. She wants to offer what shes learned about business to Crewmembers. I want Crewmembers, especially ight attendants, to consider that they have a friend in the industry or in business in general, she says. If they have an idea, Id love to speak to them. Not that Im an expert, but Im willing to share what Ive learned thus far.
Email with any business questions for Alexa.

About NBLaundry

NBLaundry aka Nina Bonilla Lavanderia is a family owned and run coin operated laundry facility based in East Newark, NJ with a specialty in pickup and drop-off, off-site dry cleaning, alterations, spot treatment and pressing services.


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