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Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankenstate'?
By Claire Hope Cummings, Beacon Press. Posted May 2, 2008.

Earth Friendly Mother's Day

Taking a technological approach to agriculture has put the future of the world's food supply in jeopardy.


The following excerpt is reprinted from Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds by Claire Hope Cummings. Copyright © 2008 by Claire Hope Cummings. By permission of Beacon Press. On a frozen island near the North Pole, a huge hole has been blasted out of the side of an Arctic mountain, and a tunnel has been drilled deep into the rock. When the facility under construction here is completed, it will be lined with one-meter-thick concrete, fitted with two high-security blast-proof airlock doors, and built to withstand nuclear war, global warming, terrorism, and the collapse of the earth's energy supplies. It's known as the "Doomsday Vault," and in it will be stored millions of seeds and mankind's hope for the future of the world's food supply. The idea is that in the event of massive ecological destruction, those seeds could be used to reconstruct the planet's agricultural systems. Exactly who might remain to begin replanting the earth after such a catastrophe is only one of the questions this astounding project raises. The more immediate question is, are seeds in peril? The answer is yes, especially the seeds that provide us with food, fiber, and fuel. Both the diversity and the integrity of seeds are threatened, in the wild and on our farms. They are being put at risk by agricultural technologies, patents and corporate ownership, and the overall degradation of the environment. The plight of seeds is one of the most important environmental stories of our time. Until now, however, this critical issue has not received the attention it deserves. Seeds are as critical to our survival as air, water, and soil. And yet despite the everyday miracles that they perform, we tend to take them for granted. Seeds sustain the beauty and vitality of the earth. Seeds are essential to the regenerative capacity of the planet. We will need their natural resilience and adaptability even more as temperatures rise. Biologically, each seed has a unique way of fulfilling its promise. Taken together, the world's seeds maintain the plant systems that keep the planet breathing. Every breath we take has been exhaled by a plant which turned it into oxygen for us. Seeds have always been our silent partners in maintaining life on earth. People and plants coevolved through the ages, and that relationship has been mutually beneficial. Seed plants dependably meet our needs, producing the corn and rice we eat, the flax and cotton we weave, and the oak and pine we use for shelter. Eighty percent of the people in the world still rely on plants as their primary source of medicine. The remains of long-dead plants provide all of us with our fossil fuels. As metaphors, seeds are a rich source of inspiration in art, literature, and religion. We cannot

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5/5/2008 8:00 PM

with its focus on chemical and genetic technologies. you'd notice.. consumers would reject them. and most fruits and vegetables. No one asked for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). this abundance. and taro.get more than their fair share of attention because of their industrial uses. coffee. as well as tobacco. This is where the hope lies. According to the Global Crop Diversity Trust. If someone came onto your farm and stole the seeds you were about to plant.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. there have been plenty of welcome countertrends. as well as barley and sorghum. and fertile soil. they're designed to substitute for or increase the use of proprietary weed and pest control chemicals. It was developed on the basis of flawed assumptions which have since been discredited by the scientific community. the organization that is building the Doomsday Vault. this beauty. you'd notice. bringing local food and farming back to life and restoring agriculture to its ecological roots. cassava. the best choice for ensuring a healthy future? Genetic engineering is a commercial technology controlled by private corporations. in the promise of the seed. there are more than 50. and all of them. We find ourselves at a dramatic turning point for life on earth. Industrial food production is exhausting the planet's basic biological support systems. It puts control over seeds and the fundamentals of our food and farms into the hands of a few corporations who have their own. It comes down to this: Whoever controls the future of seeds controls the future of life on earth. About 150 of them have been sugar. no. There are five solid reasons that genetic engineering is not right for agriculture. Can you travel like a king on a shoestring? Do you know how to go on just a little dough? Could you have a hoot on a minute amount of loot? 44 chances to flip out! and one ginormous chance to win 25 thou. If someone came into your kitchen and took all the food off the shelves and out of the refrigerator. Three: It's bad social policy.alternet. Is industrial agriculture. cotton. One: It's bad science. All of these trends are threatening seeds and forcing us to take a careful look at how we will feed ourselves in the future. who use it to dominate agricultural production from seed to stomach and to profit from every bite. unequivocally. It's been done by changing the biological and legal character of plants. Seeds are the common heritage of all humanity. Five: It's bad Is this video worth $25. But the theft of the world's genetic heritage has not been so overt. and yet they are being stolen right from underneath our noses. Other plants are important sources of sustenance for many people in the world. have been patented or genetically modified. best interests in mind. and they are undermining the autonomy of the farmers who use them.thou. making them even more vulnerable to the effects of global warming. not our. http://www. can this one technology provide for our food and environmental security? The answer is. and only 40 of those are cultivated regularly. A dynamic new food and farming movement is rising up all over the world. and they offer nothing new. That's the short list of plants that we rely on for our basic needs.000? afford to lose any more of this generosity.. and given a choice. sunflowers. corn. Four: It's bad economics. ownership of them has shifted. and wheat -. Only three of them -rice.provide most of humanity with its mainstay foods. Given the enormous environmental stress the planet is under right now and increasing demands on our natural resources from all forms of human activity. fresh water.000 edible plants in the world. GMOs don't address the real issues plaguing agriculture. and in the hands of the farmers and the native planters who tend the earth with the wealth of nature in mind. It was deployed without regard for its potential for genetic contamination and its risks to human health. The natural world is experiencing catastrophic losses of biodiversity. Patented and genetically altered seeds perpetuate the very worst problems of the industrial food system. After billions of dollars and thirty years. It can be found in the natural world.THOU-sand smackeroos! Read More Be 1 of up to 6 ads in this strip! Advertisement Advertisement 2 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . Three others -. only a few products have been commercialized. While all this has been going on. Population and consumption are rapidly expanding. Two: It's bad biology. so that while the food and seeds remain where they were. and canola -. especially potatoes.

She was an environmental lawyer for 20 years. Industry spends millions telling its story and defending its products. and political implications of how we eat. Search: Go See more stories tagged with: food. The Doomsday Vault is only one way of preparing for an uncertain future. just an invitation to consider our options Organic farmers. Liked this story? Get top stories in your inbox each week from Environment! Sign up now » Story Tools: EMAIL PRINT 59 COMMENTS Environment » E-mail address ZIP/Postal code Advertisement 3 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . I'm not offering a prescription for the future. and sometimes together. Then we remember who we are and where we are. New sustainable strategies and green technologies are being created. Right now we can let others decide our fate and continue living in a fundamentalist "Frankenstate" where the corporate gene giants feed us artificial food and drugs produced with their genetically modified patented plants and lull us into complacency with their choice of electronic conveniences and entertainment. The new story of agriculture combines the guidance of the old creation myths with the insights of science.. but our "collective nervous system" still has trouble recognizing the threats to our survival. I see this all the time. My hope is that we will create a future for ourselves in which it will never be needed. an environmental lawyer. an advocate for traditional native land rights. to change the way we produce and consume food. and the wisdom that we choose to guide us. As an environmental journalist. http://www. and the healing begins. What's at stake is nothing less than the nature of the future. and activists are all working in their own ways. There are many proven ways to produce food and energy that protect both human health and the life of our soil and water while providing for our prosperity. The story of agriculture is often told as the story of humans' domination of nature. and possibly. AlterNet Your turn Support AlterNet Do you value the information you're getting from AlterNet? Please show your support with a tax-deductible donation. dare I hope. to weave together a meaningful context for the subject of genetic engineering and the future of seeds. the decisions we make now. I often feel it myself. This is what I have learned: if we can. Now a new story is being told. Feedback Tell us how we're doing. as members of both human and biological communities and caretakers of our commonwealth. The answers we need will come when we begin the conversation that starts with telling and listening to each other's stories. They're putting the culture back into agriculture.alternet. Someday we may be glad it was built. a farmer. pause and stop looking at the world through the lens of technology. as a mother. genetic engineering. I have brought all my life experiences. urban and rural youth. gmos. artists. including four years with the United States Department of Agriculture. We are facing a planetary emergency. We are learning the language of generosity from nature and of tolerance from our experiences in returning to local economies. will make all the difference.. as Al Gore says. and it stands poised to convert our upcoming ecological crisis into a commercial opportunity. These new agrarians are restoring respect for the skills of the human hand and the ingenuity of the natural world. even for a moment. health. As we go about searching for ways to return meaning and morality to our lives. Or we can summon the courage to resist the worst of all that and begin restoring ourselves to our rightful places. All of my work has been guided by one central value: respect for the integrity of the natural world. seeds Claire Hope Cummings is an environmental journalist specializing in stories about the environmental. chefs. and a journalist. to the political system. then suddenly the beauty and wonder of nature reappear. then practiced environmental and cultural preservation public interest law. I wrote this book because I love seeds and because I have found that telling the stories of the people and places behind these issues can help us face them and the complex challenges they present.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta.

H2S or other poison gasses could seep in and kill the seeds. What state/country do you live in? Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » Why terrorists can't rob radioactive materials from nuclear reactors Posted by: AsteroidMiner » Pretty much contradicts itself.. or be interested in purchasing and consuming an increasingly inferior product.2 .Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. Posted by: Beck » Nuclear fuel recycling requires a GOGO plant GovOwnedGovOperated Posted by: AsteroidMiner » What country/state do you live in? Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » containment buildings Posted by: AsteroidMiner » You didn't answer my Comments Turn comments off sitewide Give us feedback » View: Threaded Tools: [Post a new comment] [Login] [Signup] Problems with the article Posted by: AsteroidMiner on May 2. The important problem is the corporations and rabid capitalism. Capitalism needs to be leavened with an appropriate amount of socialism in the forms of government control and restraint on corporate control.3 . 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] The question. Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » 14. is how long are people going to accept. these are for profit corporations why would they want and excess amount of food product. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] Of Claire Hope Cummings' reasons that genetic engineering is not right for agriculture. Religious belief in an economic theory. especially when most food problems are in a sense artificial problems created by bad policies. The corporations' authority should be reduced to no more than the authority of an individual farmer. not our. and the like) say gmo poses no risk and it works to alleviate problems of food availability. After all. some(usually being paid by Monsanto. whether capitalist or communist. only two of them are actually solid. #5 is a corollary to #3. Posted by: flyingfish on May 2. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .5] » And yet you believe that nuclear power can operate outside the corporate problems you mention. Then introduce the fact that gmo introduction is more bad policy. They are: Part of #2: Insufficient care is taken to avoid including allergens in foods that previously did not contain allergens. people wouldn't accept wine if a new method for growing grapes in parking lots was developed if it meant sacrificing unique taste and smell aspects of wine. It's like wine. The second problem is that over millennia. best interests in mind. The first problem with the Doomsday Vault is that corporate power may doom the Doomsday Vault. The Doomsday Vault should be moved to the moon or Mars. But. It seems they are more interested in "proprietary" seeds that don't produce seeds so farmers have to buy from them year after year. Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » RE: AsteroidMiner. not a separate issue. just because a capability to modify foods has been developed doesn't mean it is the solution. "The Market" is a human construct. I suppose. and #3: It puts control over seeds and the fundamentals of our food and farms into the hands of a few corporations who have their own.4 . that would make prices go down right. is insanity. 2008 3:45 AM Current rating: 5 [1 = poor. but many Americans worship the market as a god. 2008 1:27 AM Current rating: 2 [1 = poor. not a god. ADM.7 million tons of CO2/year/1000Megawatts Posted by: AsteroidMiner » Coal releases sulfur not radioactive waste. the Doomsday Vault is a threat to corporate authority. does this concern the topic? Posted by: nightgaunt » Ask Beck Posted by: AsteroidMiner » RE: Nuclear fuel recycling requires a GOGO plant GovOwnedGovOperated Posted by: bornxeyed » Problems with your vision of the future Posted by: bornxeyed It is a quandry for sure. 4 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . When that inferiority starts to encompass potential negative health effects and disruption of ecosystems in the case of GMOs you really wonder. Sure. Farmers have been loosing lawsuits to corporations when it was the corporations fault that corporate pollen drifted into the farmers field.

That certainly is not all bad but.I would say there might be a minor problem here. hawes the agronomist Posted by: madhawes on May 2. There are a lot of seed companies that have a no GMO policy. the consumers (farmers) find they do offer something new.4 . they are a fairly good sized seed bank in Iowa and have a pretty large membership of people interested in seed diversity.3 . http://www. which could be solved with a longer testing period and food I'll stick with wine and food that makes itself. Does the author expand on her "five solid reasons that genetic engineering is not right for agriculture? One: bad science? Why? Two: bad biology . [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . but certainly she is correct it doesn't have our "best interests in mind. I don't know what the answer is to how to avoid the Monsanto lawsuit machine. Five: What are "the real issues plaguing agriculture"? The author appears to write with an emotional bias . [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . 2008 4:02 AM Current rating: 5 [1 = poor.2 . Three: It is not social policy. Posted by: nightgaunt Franken Foods are POISON! following The Corpirate Trail of Tears! Posted by: williameon on May 2. I wonder if her book has balance.anti-chemical industry.Fedco seeds in Maine and Johnnys are good sources for small scale growers. Evolution can't happen without them Posted by: AsteroidMiner » Genetic engineering is LESS organized than natural mutation Posted by: kellysgarden » RE: Genetic engineering ignores the natural world.alternet. No GMO." Four: I disagree.4 .3 . Posted by: williameon » All organisms are mutants.3 . 2008 5:19 AM Current rating: 3 [1 = poor. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] 5 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . 2008 4:55 AM Current rating: 3 [1 = poor.but a solution is to find out what varieties they sell and do not use them from any source.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta.2 .2 .. Posted by: Fat Man at the Buffet Line on May 2. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] One of the better organizations to support is seed savers...5] MMMMMMMMM chopped liver. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .It is quite a conundrum to be sure.5] » It is BAD: Genetic Manipulation is Wrong.4 . 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] I have questions more than comments..5] » I am a member of Seed Savers Posted by: kellysgarden d.

Such fears led to unprecedented discussions by hundreds of scientist. You know the ones that promised thirty years ago to eradicate hunger. Millions of years to get it right and these BOZOs think they can change it in a instant..3 . courtesy of Bill Clinton. Is that too much? The Corpirates destroy everything they touch. when a consortium on genetic engineering of science. Depleted Soils.5] » maxpayne is radioactive. Yes thirty years ago. The Genetic Crap Shoot has opened a Pandora's Box of Destruction and for what? A few extra Dollars. So let's sum it up. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . Your health and well being is at stake.coli (common transgene). Balance global with local AND stop using the current crop of fertilizers and pesticides being manufactured from petroleum.2 . his party. We are suffering because of it. All you get is lip service and The Occasional Finger! Pile the bodies high into the Sky. Posted by: bornxeyed » Some people are so DESPERATE to sell their nuclear bs. We are the collateral damage in this Shrub/Chainey Corpirate Nightmare. we need to repeal the mislabelled "Freedom to Farm Act of 1996".4 . 2008 5:54 AM Current rating: 3 [1 = poor. even if that emotion offends some..5] 6 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . and there.. Selfishness is Evil.4 .2 . There is nothing in our lifes so magical and giving. Finally.. They harnessed the power of the sun. What have they done? The Corpirates are messing with The Grand Design. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] I love seeds also.3 . 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] As the rising costs of oil keep making their way into corporatized food. Their fears at this point are now a prediction. they'll stoop this low. government.5] First things first. http://www. Posted by: maxpayne » RE: The only motherfucker who is radioactive is AsteroidASSHOLE. Obesity and Clogged arteries for everyone! Mess with Mother Nature and suffer the consequences. more people will have to join the fight to TEAR DOWN the policies stifling the growth of going local. which killed small local farmers in the first place. and informed citizenry came to the conclusion that E. our usually harmless colonic tenants might accidentally become pathogenic with epidemic results.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. Selfishness is GREED. Their bottom is more important then your life? Squeeze that nickel till it cries. Creation Itself! The Apple in Adam and Eve's garden represented: Genetic Manipulation. Posted by: Richard House » now I get it. The better. Now who's ready to join the club and be a winner? [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . your name refers to being a masochist.Corn syrup and hydrogenated oil equals = Heart attacks. Unless of course some slave trader owning petrochemical companies thinks it's profitable to do so. Let them fry! The sooner you figure that out.. and the GOP.3 . Second. Problem solved. repeal the policies currently RIGGED to favor Big Agri. Franken Crap . our ancestors didn't use petroleum based products or for that matter cancer causing radioactive crap to grow and maintain their Leave The Apple Alone! Putting all of your eggs in one Corpirate Basket Is good for them and Bad for you. Nutrition less Foods. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .2 . Posted by: maxpayne on May 2. STAND BACK 500 FEET! Dead Eye DICK Chainey would love to Suck you into The Black Hole Called his Heart! Prepare! Survive and Prosper.4 . GREED is EVIL. 2008 8:00 AM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor.alternet. Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » AMEN max ! Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » RE: AMEN max !AsteroidMiner still off topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by: nightgaunt Good article Claire Posted by: grn1 on May 2. So were all of his ancestors Posted by: AsteroidMiner » The only motherfucker who is radioactive is AsteroidASSHOLE. All the Creator asks? Please leave the Apple alone. It is of little concern to them! They have health care and EMS on call.

S. Posted by: g50 » Untrue! Posted by: bornxeyed Paradise doesn't include *terminator seeds* & FrankenFood..took all the trees.alternet. or like BigTobacco. family? Vandana Shiva: The Suicide Economy Of Corporate Globalisation The Suicide Economy Of Corporate Globalisation Stone. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] For example. 2008 8:14 AM Current rating: 1 [1 = poor.5] greed Posted by: cwilsondrum on May 2.. But so do the techniques that are empirically less susceptible to crop failure.3 . Its not food.2 .Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. They took all the trees Put em in a tree museum And they charged the People A dollar-and-a-half just to see 'em . Greed is the problem. organic and local has a place as well. a gene for making vitamin A was added to rice. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .2 .5] » RE: Genetic engineering is GOOD if done for good reasons Posted by: kellysgarden » RE: Genetic engineering is GOOD if done for good reasons Posted by: nightgaunt » Genetic engineering is immorality done for money Posted by: bornxeyed Unfair Posted by: g50 on May 2.. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .. 2008 8:49 AM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor.. Science is not the problem. A Project of the Rural Education Action Project ~~~ Spread Love.2 . to go out of business.adm.5] » There's Green Revolution but it's being infiltrated with Green WASHING.MARK KASTEL / Rural Vermont 1995. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] time for monsanto. we will not realize any more broadly meaningful balance between human use of natural resources and the importance of ecodiversity. Financial Troubles .4 . preventing blindness in many people...4 .. two. do you really think any of them are interested in your family's health? or providing an abundance of food? 7 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . they are about greed and nothing else.-India Nuclear Genetic engineering is GOOD if done for good reasons Posted by: AsteroidMiner on May 2. The green revolution should not be so carelessly dismissed . 2008 9:19 AM Current rating: 5 [1 = poor.. Wal-Mart in India & More Joni Mitchell: ". http://www.if we get a generation of organic advocates who don't understand that balance means acknowledging the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the green revolution. 2008 8:33 AM Current rating: 3 [1 = poor.con agra. Posted by: BlueBerry PickN on May 2. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] THE CORPORATION: [17/23] Unsettling Accounts .etc. The point is that the chemical pesticides guarantee that the crops won't be wiped out by pest or disease.. BlueBerry Pick'n can be found @ ThisCanadian com ~~~ "We. do they hand out their product to friends.. sustainability or consumers.4 .. its PROFIT.3 .but I have to wonder? do you think MEAT executives feed ORGANIC to their families? .3 . Hey farmer! farmer! Put away that DDT...BGH coverup. ~~~ "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced" "do no harm" [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 ... The whole point of the genetic engineering is not to supplement the chemicals. so the farmer has a guaranteed and highly reliable crop and consumers of food have a reliable supply. Posted by: GrantBurkeVT » RE: There's Green Revolution but it's being infiltrated with Green WASHING." Down on the Farm: The Real BGH Story Animal Health Problems. whether you LIKE it or NOT. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] It is unfair to completely trash the green revolution... now Give me spots on my apples But leave me the birds n' the bees Please! Don't it always seem to go? That you don't know what you've got 'til its gone They paved Paradise. Biotechnology & Suicide in India on Farmer Suicides. form a Multitude" ~ Ovid. the U. Yes. .

This has nothing to do with GMOs.4 . 8 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . GM seeds are going to save agriculture because they can make low input sustainable agriculture possible with decent yields. If the Marine Phytoplankton is destroyed. How they are used gives them moral value. We have to protect our environment to protect the sea so it doesn't collapse and destroy our main source of oxygen and the most nutrient rich source of the food chain. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] First the seed vault thing has nothing to do with Ag. 2008 11:52 AM Current rating: 2 [1 = poor. Plankton is the source of 90% of the oxygen we breath and is the bases of all the food source of almost all live. The Ocean provides everything we need to continue our existence on this planet. The substance is called FrequenSea and will give you what you require to maintain optimum health. The author is confusing corporations with a technology.4 . Second humans dont need seeds. taking with it all the pollution and chemicals from the earth. survival. Cut forests down and plant monocultures. Grow a shit ton of food.alternet. Genetic engineering is amazing science brought about through amazing biology. The biology required to create a GMO is profound and yielded a large number of Noble prizes. Dupont. This has nothing to do with GMOs. There is little precedent in human history to study the effects of agriculture on ecological systems.That is why we have to protect the Sea. Genetic enigneering is a public technology anyone can use.. Internet wielding bloggers need them since without them we wouldnt have time to make "progress" Third. It is Marine Phytoplankton and has sustained all creatures from the smallest to the largest for centuries. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . Bad economics? In what system? Its a profit driven system with all the players trying to maximize profit. Bad farming? What is the point of farming? To grow food and sell it. Harvest huge amounts of stuff and distribute it. Farmers can grow what ever the hell they want to.5] » RE: greed Posted by: willymack » RE: Greed & imbalance Posted by: nightgaunt Our Total Existence is under threat Posted by: topview on May 2. Seed savers. Chemical componies like Dow. Its more like a giant work of art lamenting our frail and uncertain existence. http://www.5] Author needs to think things through a little more Posted by: kungfoofighterx on May 2. Divert water. You know a lively hood. True agriculture has always been bad biology from day one. The amount of work and theory it has taken to create GMOs is a testament to the excellent hypothesis testing which has taken place. Read about in on my blog. Even ending hunger? the only thing that all of that would do is end their profit!!! think it's going to happen? [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . That is a recent thing. Farmers arent stupid they are going to grow what they can sell. there will be no life left on this planet. Lowers inputs for farmers. It is being threatened by our pollution of the waters of this world. Has a big impact on biology and society. we can forage fine on those 50. stocks. dont destroy your soil. It is a product of exceptional science. 2008 11:22 AM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor. and a lot more education. a lot more biology. http://www. Technologies are neutral. a bank account? Its based on profit. This is why some GM crops are created. Love to plant their seeds and trade with other seed savers. and in fact all living things.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta.Nasa Has said. Every thing in the Sea depends on Plankton to feed every living thing in the Watch the video. No one owns it. However I must say the good biologists have been studying these issues otherwise you wouldnt even know it was an issue. and Monsanto can breed whatever they hell they want to.2 . Without proper use of the scientific method it would not be possible to generate a GMO. mutual funds.2 .000 edible plants and the animals that eat them. Corporations add value with their traits and breedings. and sell it at maximum profit. We are polluting every Natural substance we were given to co-exist in this world and the consequences will be dramatic for the future of the human.3 . Cities need seeds. Its great to protect your investment and take of your soil. The Seas contain the most treasured substance on this planet and it is the bases of all food source. Growers can always band together and hire beeders to help there cause. GM crops can take far less input than conventional crops.. Its all driven by profit. Every drop of rain comes from the sea and filters the air then drops to earth and ends up back in the sea This has nothing to do with GMOs.3 . Now doing that with the lowest possible input and in the most sustainable manner is going to take GMOs. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] We are slowly destroying the environment we evolved from and are changing the balance of Nature as we change the seed and kill off what Nature has given us to survive on. Bad society? Got a 401K or roth IRA. or any such thing. We depend on the plankton to feed everything we harvest from the sea. Your a farmer youve gotten the subsidies? Change the laws. We are in luck right now as this source has been made available for mankind to have this whole food for our use and to restore our health back to the way nature intended. I got two words for this author Foundation Seeds Make and sell your own stuff if you hate GMOs so much. Biology is applying the scientific method to study living things.

5] Imagine Plants Posted by: terryhallinan on May 2. 2008 6:28 PM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor. low cost for higher profits. the farmers discovered that the seeds would harvest only if they used the farm inputs including the fertilizer. an advocate for traditional native land rights and see if they are enough feed the cities of the world. kits of GMO seeds were handed out to impoverished farmers with a view to rehabilitating agricultural production in the wake of a major drought . overpopulated livestocks contained in small areas.4 . especially if you skip tomatoes and include cut-and-come-again crops. The reproduction of seeds at the village level in local nurseries has been disrupted by the use of genetically modified seeds.not the animals} GMO's are an unnecessary technology in use right now. Who needs GMO when we have that? MONSANTO would if they could patent the DNA genomes but can't and therefor are of no use to them.5] GM seeds bring famine upon 3rd world countries Posted by: kellysgarden on May 2.3 . GMO seeds have been imposed on farmers.'s a labor of Love. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] 9 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . Posted by: nightgaunt on May Be an entrepreneur start you own seed company and breed the things you think are great science. Something previously not known. {The plants.ahs never worked in live stock. as a mother. social and economic traits.but also provides more assurances that the Animals are being properly cared for. farming. return the Stolen Family Farms! And take these items off the Stock & futures markets and let US feed the World! NO farmer is doing this type of work to get Rich fast. 2008 10:12 PM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor. We need to stop working against nature and work with it or else. No sharing and technology isn't nuetral because the humans who create it aren't. Hard work in often the most severe conditions and always requires Committment and Dedication.4 . Creating GMO's is like bringing animals and plants from other ecosystems only on a new scale. Mass production requires no such 'heart' nor any ability to SEE what your next meal has bee subjected too. Without strict controls.3 .3 . which enables farmers to store their organic seeds and plant them to reap the next harvest has been broken. Then. yielding a harvest.GMO plants and animals can spread altered genes to other species.2 .000 under used edible plants in sore need of being utilized. produced and distributed by the biotech agribusiness companies.Propriatary means they own it. Arch Daniel Midland et al. Take your life experiences. insecticide and herbicide.Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. like greens and celery. Take a minute and read about the life of Alfred Noble. Teh fact that a samller producer must gaurantee his product to assure sales elimiates many problems we now see with our food supply..5] Agribusiness Kills Posted by: Purple Girl on May 2. Entire peasant economies were locked into the grip of the agribusiness conglomerates.4 . Bring Down Agribusiness. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] I just read an article by Chossudovsky and thought I'd put in one part of his article.4 .That not only puts a face on my food safety & quality. http://www. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] The GMO seeds can't be saved because the corporations like MONSANTO own them and won't allow it.4 . How would you get human genes into a tomato if not by insertion. If you don't have access to a plot of ground. MONSANTO's bottom line isn't feeding people or preserving the integrity of the biosphere---it is making a profit for their share holders. The GMO seeds were planted. See if your ideas can translate into the real world. lack of real skilled or knowledgeable help. It is long hours. I would prefer to purchase my fresh food from a local farmer. an environmental lawyer. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] What a beautiful piece of writing. 2008 12:23 PM Current rating: 3 [1 = poor. anyone who thinks someone who spends their life in livestock is cold you don't ahve that . You stated yourself that there are 50. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . often in the context of "food aid programs".3 . 2008 9:09 PM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor. for instance. and go somewhere else.2 .you have not products because people will see it.alternet. If you dont like corporations then write about that. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . This destructive pattern – invariably resulting in famine – is replicated in country after country leading to the Worldwide demise of the peasant economy. The agricultural cycle. But then the farmer came to realize that the GMO seeds could not be replanted without paying royalties to Monsanto. a farmer. Gene splicing isn't like Mendelian crossbreeding.5] Beautiful Posted by: westomoon on May 2. this is NOT the Free market. biology. mass distribution and so many other factors several volumes could be written and you have all the reasons Mass agriculture has been killing US for decades. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] Start with the over use of lands. it is Corporationism. 2008 2:22 PM Current rating: 5 [1 = poor. Priceless! [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . It's worth reading: "Acting on behalf of a handful of biotech conglomerates. mass production. In Ethiopia.there are none.3 .2 .2 . Sure you can gene splice but you must start from scratch.. You have no idea what you are bashing here." [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . and a beautiful evocation of a real truth. Dont bash technologies that can feed the cities in a world where the raw materials required to grow plants are becoming ever more scarce. I've discovered you can grow a lot of vegetables in a couple of planters.5] » with GM yields actually go down Posted by: kellysgarden » RE: Author needs to think things through a little more Posted by: bornxeyed Have you heard of the patent office? The corporations own it.2 . [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .

2 .4 .5] » RE: Gads. more creationist thinking? Posted by: ABetterFuture on May 2. Imagine what that could mean: elimination of fertilizers. and maybe more people will take you more seriously than the creationmumbojumbo crowd.5] Home Top Stories Columnists Video Blogs Discuss RSS/XML About Search Donate Contact Us Advertise Reproduction of material from any AlterNet pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.3 . [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 .. heat. less land and labor used for agriculture. you're 100% equivocal: faith based ideologues.5] Gads. http://www. chemicals. more superficial thinking! Posted by: terryhallinan » Gads. regulators in the middle and hungry people with starving infants on the side. greater bounty and fresher.2 . There are such plants. 2008 10:43 PM Current rating: 5 [1 = poor. fearmongering luddhites on the left.4 . even death itself. salt. Terry [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . more wholesome vegetables. "elf5a". Drop the frankenmumbojumbo. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] Please watch this video and pass it on to all your friends. more creationist thinking? Posted by: terryhallinan » EGads. 2008 2:56 PM Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor.alternet. poor nutrition. to learn more. Why aren't they on the market? Corporate interests on the right. 5 = excellent] [Report this comment] Technology isn't our enemy.3 . Science must always fight an uphill battle against superstition and ignorance. disease.3 . 'Til then. Anybody interested can google "Factor 5a" or better. 10 of 10 5/5/2008 8:00 PM . All rights reserved. http://100777. [« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 . instituted by bad people.4 that resist cold. Best. © 2008 Independent Media Institute. more superficial thinking! Posted by: bornxeyed » RE: Gads..2 .Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankensta. more jingoism from the technocrats Posted by: bornxeyed The World According to Monsanto Posted by: macdon1 on May 3. drought. Bad policy.

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