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presents the 6th

Compliance for law firms


Scanning the horizon: Practical advice on the emerging compliance issues of 2013/14
A two-day intensive conference designed to ensure you:
Get an update on all the new compliance and regulatory issues affecting law firms Build a good working relationship with your regulator hear from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) on relationship management and thematic reviews Find out how to achieve compliance in practice: internal audits and ongoing monitoring Respond to client pressures and demands appropriately Create a culture of collective responsibility and train your fee earners effectively Acknowledge the risk presented by social media habits Understand the impact of forthcoming European regulation on data protection and anti-money laundering compliance Hear how firms in financial difficulty have been regulated
Expert contributions and strategic insights from:



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A word from our chair...

This conference offers an opportunity to pause and reflect on regulatory, legislative, client, technological, social, ethical and financial pressures, and how we should be responding to them. Partner, Legal Risk

Francis Dingwall,

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The need to have a good internal audit procedure is implied in the SRAs policy statement on outcome focused regulation. Hear from Annette Fritze-Shanks of Taylor Wessing and Anne Avery of Berwin Leighton Paisner as they each describe the auditing processes in their own firms and then open the topic out to a wider floor discussion. As a firm with a very different model, QualitySolicitors has to train its many COLPs and COFAs to deliver on outcomes focused regulation, as well as its fee earners. Hear from Head of Risk & Compliance, Amy Bell as she explains how the brand aims to encourage a culture of collective responsibility. Even if it were not for the increase in red tape, there are extra pressures being placed on the risk and compliance functions of most firms due to the recessionary environment. Many of these are coming from the clients themselves, who are demanding specifics amendments to indemnity insurance policies. Hear Past event feedback John Verry of TLT on how you can track these varying service level Practical advice on agreements and ensure that they preparation for getting dont conflict with each other. things in order for OFR,

It has been a very busy twelve months for law firm Compliance Officers and departments everywhere. If you arent diverting resources into nominating, setting up and supporting your new COLP and COFA; making sense of the terminology surrounding breaches and establishing internal reporting procedures and training, then youre being asked to explore compliance issues pertaining to new markets and establishing new branch offices in emerging economies and higher risk jurisdictions. It doesnt look like the year ahead will be any less hectic either, as regulatory changes at the European level loom large and are destined to affect both anti-money laundering and data protection compliance. Whether or not you are the approved COLP for your firm, the list of potential issues that you need to continuously keep on top of is endless so prioritisation becomes key to keep all the balls up in the air. Thats where Managing Partner is here to help. We survey the market for you and speak to those at the forefront of legal services regulatory change in the UK to present a horizon scan of all the legal services compliance issues that have the potential to bite in the next twelve months at our sixth Compliance for law firms conference. Not just that, but we present a programme of expert speakers senior level compliance professionals who are dealing with the strategic implications, as well as the nitty gritty of, regulatory and legislative issues in some of the UKs top law firms to give you the tools you need to tackle noncompliance in your firms head-on and ensure that your fee earners fall into line with the guiding principles of outcomes focused regulation (OFR).

e.g. breach registers,

A word from our chair...

COLPs etc. With not much chance of growth at home, many firms are looking to invest in new practices and offices in foreign markets. We know that many of you are being asked by your Managing Partners to report on potential compliance hurdles in emerging markets and so this years conference will feature a panel debate focused on those territories, which are typically also higher risk jurisdictions. The Risk Directors of Ashurst and Addleshaw Goddard will be joined by Hook International in a floor discussion which aims to show you what to look out for concerning general regulatory compliance abroad as well as anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption. Tracey Calvert will also review the International Practice Note and the results of the SRA consultation, closing in March.
Because of information overload, information security and data protection have been rising up the law firm compliance agenda for the past couple of years, and are joined now by social media risk as a new subset of information security. For the first time at our Compliance for law firms conference, we have a speaker dedicated to explaining the risks arising out of social media habits as well as the bring your own device to work revolution. And Valerie Taylor will also return by popular demand following her highly rated presentation on data protection compliance in December. With so much on the agenda, reflecting the number of issues that you need to keep abreast of in your job, it would be a brave Compliance Officer who did not attend our sixth conference. Beyond the horizon scanning; the updates from the regulator and the practical advice, it represents an opportunity to exchange ideas with your peers, to identify contacts that you can refer to throughout the year for advice and, above all, to check that you are doing the right things.

While we are still grappling with the last round of upheavals, the next round piles into us. Pressures from every angle threaten from our regulators, clients, technology; social, ethical and financial risks; new pressures from the legislators in Brussels and from further abroad. This conference offers an opportunity to pause and reflect on those pressures, and how we should be responding to them so as to ensure that we keep control of the firms we manage.

Francis Dingwall,
Partner, Legal Risk

At this years conference we are delighted to welcome the General Counsel of Eversheds, Angela Robertson to give an inaugural keynote address on building the COLP and COFA role. Angela is the COLP herself at her firm and will present her experiences from the perspective of being five months into this new role. Of course, beyond the COLP role itself, there are several different mechanisms and practices that a compliant firm will need to put into place in order to support the COLP to perform their regulatory functions and to ensure that the guiding principles of outcomes focused regulation are adhered to, which will be covered by our speakers. A good working relationship with the regulator will be helpful in achieving compliance and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has dedicated Relationship Managers for most law firms now. We are delighted to welcome one of the Authoritys Senior Relationship Managers to speak at this years conference and explain how they perceive that the relationship management approach is working in practice. Furthermore, with many asking how relationship management aligns with thematic reviews, and how the themes for review are set, there will be a chance to hear from a member of the SRAs Thematic Team and to get involved in a discussion on how firms could work with the SRA to identify and prioritise new themes going forward.

Further expert contributions and strategic insights from:

Who should attend?

This conference should be attended by all law firm risk and compliance professionals, especially, though not exclusively, Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) along with risk and compliance partners. It will also be relevant for Managing Partners of smaller firms wishing to gain an overview of compliance and regulatory issues affecting their businesses now and in the next year.

CPD information
Attendance at this conference qualifies for 10 hours, 50 minutes of SRA accredited CPD (at intermediate/advanced level). To claim your hours, quote provider code: EEW/ARCL.


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14:30 Evidence based education and training for lawyers Outcome 7.6 of the SRA Code requires that firms train individuals working in the firm to maintain a level of competence appropriate to their work and level of responsibility. How can such an outcome be achieved by the firm and how can it evidence compliance? This session will focus on: A practical guide to the assessment of individual and departmental training needs Education and training programme design from formal courses to mentoring sessions Evaluation of education and training evidence of compliance and a menu for additional training need Jane Jarman, Reader, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University 15:00 Afternoon coffee break FINANCIAL STABILITY

09:30 Chairs opening remarks Francis Dingwall, Partner, Legal Risk HORIZON SCANNING

09:40 Scanning the horizon for future compliance issues Reviewing the wider economic and regulatory landscape What can we expect next? Key compliance challenges in 2013/14 Where will new regulation take us on the prevention of financial crime? As law firm compliance professionals how do we remain alert to new risks? Jo Riddick, Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Macfarlanes OUTCOMES-FOCUSED REGULATION

10:20 KEYNOTE | Building the COLP (and COFA) role Ensuring you have the appropriate resources to do the job Creating a COLP environment; promoting the right behaviour Identifying material breaches Communicating with your colleagues and the senior management team Angela Robertson, General Counsel and Partner, Eversheds 11:00 Morning coffee break 11:30 Relationship management at the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) In this session a Senior Relationship Manager at the SRA will give an update on the regulatory bodys relationship management approach including: How many firms now have relationship managers in place How is relationship management working in practice? A representative from the Thematic Team will also address: Setting the agenda for thematic reviews Responding to thematic reviews, what does the SRA expect? Floor discussion how could the SRA and law firms best work together on relationship management and thematic reviews? Sam Palmer, Manager, Regulatory Management and Laura Holloway, Risk Analyst, Solicitors Regulation Authority 12:10 Conducting audits to comply with outcomesfocused regulation What should you audit? How frequently should you conduct an audit? Who should be involved in an audit? Why audit? Demonstrating audits as a valuable tool for your firm Anne Avery, Head of Risk, Associate Director, Berwin Leighton Paisner with Annette Fritze-Shanks, Head of Risk Management, Taylor Wessing 12:50 Networking lunch break 13:50 Monitoring and managing compliance Demonstrating compliance all year round Training fee earners on the importance of the COLP/COFA role Embedding the reporting procedure Encouraging a culture of collective responsibility Amy Bell, Head of Risk & Compliance, QualitySolicitors

15:30 Regulating firms in financial difficulties What has happened in previous cases: Halliwells, Deweys, etc What are the practical issues that arise? The SRAs approach Iain Miller, Partner, Bevan Brittan AML AND BRIBERY

16:00 The 4th anti-money laundering directive On 5 February 2013 the Commission launched its proposals for a new 4th directive on anti-money laundering and for a revised regulation on information accompanying transfers of funds to secure due traceability of these transfers. We look at the proposals, including: A more targeted risk-based approach Identification of beneficial owners General customer due diligence Politically exposed persons The gambling sector Lars Lindencrone-Petersen, Videnpartner, Bech-Bruun SOCIAL MEDIA RISK

16:30 Dealing with the challenges posed by social media A summary of some of the effects of social media on working practices and data protection. The tension between social media habits and security The Bring Your Own Device revolution and why it matters Identity online a social media experiment Risks facing firms Common sense strategies for risk mitigation and control Mark Johnson, Chairman, The Risk Management Group 17:10 Chairs closing remarks 17:20 Close of day one and drinks reception sponsored by IntApp

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09:00 Registration and refreshments



09:30 Chairs opening remarks Francis Dingwall, Partner, Legal Risk CLIENT PRESSURES

09:40 Balancing client demands with the requirement to be compliant Responding to client pressure for specific service level agreements Resolving conflicts between service level agreements When is it ok to amend your insurance indemnity? Empowering fee earners to respond appropriately to client demands John Verry, Risk Director, TLT 10:20 Business acceptance and client intake: New requirements, new perspectives, new opportunities Industry developments continue to raise the profile of business intake and the importance of enhancing and streamlining firm processes. Multiple pressures are in play, including evolving professional rules that increase compliance concerns, and internal, business-driven desires to more carefully evaluate new client relationships. This panel will review these drivers, explore the strategic response approaches firms are pursuing, and discuss the role technology has and can play in enabling more timely, effective and adaptable new business a new business intake processes. Panelists include: Moderator: Sam Suri, Director of Project Strategy, IntApp Kate Scott, Head of Practice Protection, SJ Berwin Richard Curtis, Risk and Compliance Counsel, Lewis Silkin 11:00 Morning coffee break DATA PROTECTION

13:50 International practice note: Revealing the results of the SRA consultation The SRA has undertaken a root and branch review of international practice to evaluate the best methods of regulation to apply to law firms and lawyers practising overseas. Their consultation will close in March and this session examines some of the issues which were explored and looks to future developments in this area. Tracey Calvert, Director, Oakalls Consultancy 14:30 PANEL DEBATE | Identifying risk issues in emerging economies as well as higher risk jurisdictions In this session, your panellists will walk through some of the risk issues arising in emerging economies, which are also typically higher risk jurisdictions, including the impact on complying with outcomesfocused regulation at home, anti-money laundering; bribery and corruption. Panelists include: Moderator: Katherine Bird, Director of Business Development, Hook International Juliet Tainui-Hernandez, Director of Risk, Addleshaw Goddard Christopher Vigrass, Partner and Director of Risk Management, Ashurst Clare Belcher, Head of Legal, Travelex 15:10 Afternoon coffee break DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY

11:30 Avoiding crippling fines: Getting to grips with current data protection legislation and the proposed european regulation Update detailing the latest developments in data protection compliance Examining the penalties imposed by the Information Commissioners Office Where could the new regulation take us? Facing up to increased obligations and fines as a percentage of global turnover Understanding the requirement to have a Data Protection Officer in place if you are a large firm Valerie Taylor, Independent Consultant CONFLICTS

15:40 Preparing to comply with diversity and equality requirements Predicting regulatory requirements; when will these come into force? Practical preparations for reporting diversity statistics Allocating ownership Demonstrating analysis working with senior management and other departments to address concerns Funmilayo Kolaru, Compliance Manager, Stewarts Law 16:20 Chairs closing remarks 16:30 Close of conference

Get involved
At Managing Partner we know that many of our delegates, like our speakers, are senior professionals with considerable experience in resolving compliance issues so we prime our speakers and our Chairperson to allow plenty of time for questions and discussions, allowing us to tap into the experience in the room and to make sure that you get a chance to ask your burning questions and take away solutions and advice from your peers.

12:10 Conflicts at the sharp end How much has the Code of Conduct changed? What is the SRAs attitude today? Acting for two or more clients at once joint ventures; lender(s) and borrower; insurer and insured; white labelling Solicitor/own client conflicts after the Jackson costs reforms Including practical tips on developing and maintaining effective conflicts systems Francis Dingwall, Partner, Legal Risk 12:50 Networking lunch break

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Compliance for law firms

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