Two fifty-foot ropes are suspended from a forty-foot ceiling twenty
feet apart. You have only a knife. How much of the rope can you steal? 2. How long is the answer to this question? (think aterally/creatively) 3. For a perfect breakfast, a person decides to boil an egg exactly 15 minutes. She has two hourglasses - one for 7 minutes, another for 11. How should she go about preparing her breakfast? How many times will she have to turn the hourglasses? 1. How can she do this with the minimal required number of hourglass turns? 2. What is the quickest time and procedure for her to prepare breakfast? 4. We have 12 coins and a balance. Eleven Coins are of the same weight, but one coin differs in weight. You may perform three weighing to find out which coin has a different weight. How should you do these three experiments to find it out? 5. Given 21 coins, one of which weighs slightly more than the others, and a two-plate scale, how many weighing are necessary to determine the heavier coin? What if there are 200 coins, among which there is again one coin slightly heavier than the others are. How many weighing are necessary now? Finally, given n coins and a two-plate scale, how many weighing are necessary to find the heavier coin? 6. A woman steps to the edge as people look on, she leaps is not injured. Why? Hint: The woman did not fall surface, & was not wearing a of a very high building, & off, & falls several stories. The woman

on cushions or any other type of softened parachute.

7. Find the no. of people in the picture!

9PEOPLE.jpg (72 KB)

8. You have two uneven pieces of rope, each of which takes exactly one hour to burn. Since the ropes are uneven, half the rope need not burn in half an hour. All you know is that the entire rope will burn in one hour. You need to measure exactly 45 minutes. How? 9. Language: Find an English word which is singular, add an 's' and it becomes plural, and add another 's' it becomes singular again? 10. Lateral Thinking: An ordinary American citizen, with no passport, visits over thirty foreign countries in one day. He is welcomed in each country and leaves each one of his own accord. 11. Logic: the Underworld, he then go to pay to be a rather free trip back As Dante was reaching River Styx on his way back from was expecting to hitch a ride back on Charon's boat, and a visit in Purgatory. As things went, Charon turned out nasty fellow. Instead of giving Dante a nice, hassleacross the damned river, he called his three best

I almost forgot to tell you .) Then.000. (Now. The philosophy professor then tells you that he is going to give you a choice between .silly me . and he decided what to put in box B on the basis of this prediction: (1) If he predicted you would take both. and the last one is a bit of a lunatic: sometimes it tells the truth and sometimes it lies. "You see. but once you enter the next room to check on the light. (Think about what you would choose given this much information. but you do not know which.buddies. nothing is free in life . is opaque. The other. he put nothing in box B. Dante. and the minute hand is six minutes ahead of it.(1) Taking just what is in box B. From the room with the switches in it." said Charon. which one is the liar. you cannot see whether the light in the next room is turned on or off. The hour hand is exactly at the minute mark. the hour hand is exactly on a different minute mark. You did not think much about it at the time. which one tells the truth. in it. labeled B. Isn't life great?" What three questions will enable Dante to cross the River Styx? 12. One of them. he would put $1. Dante looked at them.000. (2) Taking what is in both boxes. One day you get a request to report to his office at a certain hour.they can only answer yes or no. he tells you that this is part of an experiment.000. The monsters were pretty ugly overall. you can see an enormous pile of $100 bills. he made a prediction about what choice you would make. labeled A. another one always lies. He tells you. you ask the professor how accurate his predictions have been. without a shadow of a doubt. However.000 in transparent box A and that in box B there is either $1. Math: A clock is observed.or death . students who chose both boxes got only $10. (2) If he predicted you would take only box B. You may flip the switches as often and as many times as you like. The other three switches do nothing. What would *you* do? 14.) At this point. I'll take you on the other side of the Styx if and only if you can tell me. correctly. and the minute hand is seven minutes ahead of it. you walked under a peculiar device that reminded you of the machines at airports that are used to prevent hijacking. "My three friends here are rather peculiar: one of them always tells the truth.except suffering. and he has only been wrong once. This time.000.000 in it.A philosophy professor at your school has a reputation for being brilliant as well as possessed of an enormous fortune he has dedicated to his research.000 students have been given the choice. In all other cases.000 or nothing. you must be able to say which switch controls . One is the light switch for the incandescent overhead light in the next room. think about what you would do given this much information. and which one is the lunatic. Later. is transparent. the clock is observed again. Then he tells you to choose. On the basis of your profile. On a table are two boxes. that 1. he now informs you that this machine was something he designed and that it recorded an instant profile of your basic personality and character traits. He tells you that there is $10. During registration at the beginning of the quarter. Practical Reasoning: Four switches can be turned on or off.000. How much time elapsed between the first and second observations? 13. Paradox: NEWCOMB'S PARADOX . Oh. You have a total of three questions you can ask them to find out which one is which. whereas those who chose only box B got $1.

and gray. (And you cannot open the door without entering. I'm read from both ends. And the same either way.the light without flipping the switches any further. either!) How can you determine which switch controls the light? 15. Riddle: Pronounced as one letter. Two letters there are. I'm double. And written with three. What am I? . And two only in me. blue. I'm black. I'm single.

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