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Stadium will not be built by fall
PAUL WATSON News Editor Construction on the new football stadium will be postponed until sufficient funds are raised, Berry board of trustees decided last weekend during their February meeting. According to an email from College President Stephen R. Briggs, “Construction on the Valhalla stadium project— which includes extensive site work, a berm seating area, a concrete permanent structure, a turf field and track—was approved in principle but will commence after the eaglets have safely vacated their nest and after funding is raised for the site work and turf field. Funds to date have been raised primarily in support of the concrete structure and the track.” Vice President of Student Affairs Debbie Heida said that there are two major options for where the football team can play temporarily. One option is Barron Stadium near downtown Rome. The other is the Darlington School athletic field. Heida said all the games could not be played at Barron Stadium because there

Board of trustees discuss other opportunities and issues for Berry at meeting



are other events already scheduled for the stadium that would restrict its use. The decision for where the games will be played “will be made fairly soon,” Heida said.

Firsthand4You, Scholarship Night celebrated
CAROLINE CLAFFEY Deputy News Editor FirstHand4You (FH4Y) celebrated Berry’s beginnings on Friday night with Scholarship Night, an event when scholarship recipients are invited to thank donors for their contributions. FH4Y is a student-run philanthropic organization that encourages students to recognize and reciprocate generosity. Representative of the Class of 2013 and Student Co-Chair of FH4Y, senior Chad Nash said FH4Y’s main goal is to promote awareness in the student body about gifts from alumni and friends of Berry and the impact those gifts have on tuition. “We hope that once students are aware of how much alumni and friends are making their tuition cheaper, they would be instilled with a sense of gratitude and that would inspire them to give back to the college,” Nash said. FH4Y asks students to give an annual donation that reflects their class year—for example, students graduating in 2013 would give $20.13 per year—that is divided into small deductions taken

The renovation of Richards Gym, however, has been approved to proceed as planned. The renovation will include locker rooms, a strength and fitness center and offices for football and lacrosse.

Provost Kathy Richardson said that the renovation should begin very soon and should be completed by fall 2013.

NATHAN SUTTON, Staff Photographer

Students wait for visiting donors to come in to Berry during Scholarship night on Feb 15. The Candleholding Event is a tradition of thanks started by Martha Berry for which student volunteers and scholarship recipients line Berry’s entrance road holding lit candles in order to welcome the donors to campus. from each paycheck. Nash said that if enough students were to sign up for this collection process their sophomore year, their class could give Berry a meaningful gift. “If 400 students were to do it, by the time they graduate their senior year, their class would have enough money to endow a scholarship to give as their senior gift,” Nash said. “For the cost of

a Coke every two weeks, you’re helping someone come to college and get a Berry education.” Nash said Scholarship Night is an occasion for students with named scholarships to have dinner with the donor for whom their scholarship is named. “It’s a good way to bridge the gap between the students and the people who are giving the scholarships,” Nash said. Scholarship Night began with the Candleholding Event, a tradition of thanks started by Martha Berry for which student volunteers and scholarship recipients line Berry’s entrance road holding lit candles in order to welcome the donors to campus. Nash said this year ’s Scholarship Night was a success, and that raffle prizes included an iPad mini as well as almost 20 gift cards. Scholarship Night was preceded by FH4Y Week, which took place Monday, Jan. 21 - Friday, Jan. 25. Each day hosted an event to promote student awareness about alumni gifts in preparation for Scholarship Night.

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The average cell phone contains more bacteria than a toilet seat.
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Fact of the Week:

even those who may not otherwise agree on other parts of theology.” Moon said. Should you find yourself walking alone at night.m. “[The Bible] begins and ends with rivers and trees. in reference to finding a small piece of a marijuana cigarette in the Mary halls’ study room. and those pictures were incorporated with the videos from Wednesday to create the final video shown on Scholarship Night. Bouma-Prediger covered both what the future looks like and how Christians should treat the earth. After considering the portrayal of nature in the Bible.” Sophomore Kara Brown. FH4Y recorded videos of students saying thank you to donors who have gifted money to Berry.” Bouma-Prediger said. In the past.” Bouma-Prediger said. “We ask the alumni questions like ‘Did you ever get in trouble on campus?’” Nash said.” Friday brought the end of Silver Wars as well as thank you pictures. but it’s still kind of the same.” For the texts he read. however. He said this is useful in cultures where there is no equivalent.” Nash said. .A Resident Assistant contacted the police department Feb.” CHRISTIAN TURNER. however. 2012 Safety Tip NATHAN SUTTON.99 3 or 3G: $49. “We really felt like partnering with the Chaplain’s Office would draw more students in because we know that a lot of students on Berry’s campus are not only environmentally minded. a Christian folk band from Ireland. using dynamic equivalence translation. Bouma-Prediger used a version of the Bible that he had translated himself.net 2002 Redmond Circle iPhone.PAGE 2. and so should we. the band was united by a group of friends’ “inherent desire for something spiritually substantial in our increasingly aritifical world. “Someone who you’ve never met is helping you come to college here because they believe enough in the value of a Berry education. but also theologically minded. Scholarship recipients personally thank donors and friends of Berry for contributions Nash said none of the alumni were able to attend this year. for which the winners get to stand up and sing Berry’s alma mater. no specific events occurred on the first two days.” Bouma-Prediger said. laptop & desktop repair 706. even among people who are Biblically literate and know a lot about them. “God cares for the earth. Steven Bouma-Prediger. but to get into the worldview of the text you are translating and then try to—knowing your own worldview.99 Additional 10% off w/ Berry ID IT only T A K E S Please ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WILDFIRES. he merely used this type of translation to bring aspects of Berry and the nature around campus into how the scripture was presented. similar to the thank you videos. ings for the presentation. “They see what we’re doing. and the student body cares. a competition between the classes in which pocket change is donated but also counts for points. However. and that it would resonate with a lot of people. for which any Berry alum who runs a philanthropic organization attends to meet with students. Activities include Decades Questions and trivia. “It’s kind of cool to see how Berry’s changed. His presentation. and that makes them care. On Wednesday. That really happened. Nash said donations from alumni benefit everyone by lowering Berry’s tuition. Thursday’s FH4Y event was Founder’s Night. performed Sunday night in the College Chapel. The class with the most points at the end of the week gets to pick the charity that all the collected money goes to. smokeybear. an eco-representative for the Green Team.” Nash said.” Nash said Founder’s Night is interesting because it bridges the generations of Berry students. language and culture—come up with what would be the equivalent way to say that. Nash said the board of trustees pledged to match FH4Y’s donation to the class gift this year.” Nash said.A wallet was turned in to the police department Feb. Nash said this compiled “thank you video” was shown on Scholarship Night.” Rend performs at Berry The Rend Collective Experiment. Staff Photographer Steven Bouma-Prediger discussed the ties between Christian theology and environmental studies at the Environmental Care in Christian Perspective Panel on Monday night. “Everyone who comes has a good time with it. 16 at 11:35 p. Huggins and the Green Team [at Berry] to do something about Christianity and creation care. “For the Beauty of the Earth: Biblical Wisdom for Creation Care. In his read-Illegal Drugs. -Lost Wallet. the first and last chapters of the Bible. “And the alumni pass around the microphone and tell stories about how they snuck a cow into Clara and signed it into the guestbook. “I was asked by Reverend Dr. said they chose Bouma-Prediger in order to connect Christianity and environmental studies.” Brown said.com A SPARK. And I think they are really powerful texts to help shape our imaginations when it comes to creation care. “For the Beauty of the Earth. “These texts. FH4Y- CONTINUED FROM PG.” Freshman Alex Moon. who has written several books. FH4Y took pictures of students who had written “thank you” on their hands. Pennies and dollar bills are positive points while silver coins are negative points.1 FH4Y’s week-long event was Silver Wars. During FH4Y Week. professor of religion at Hope College in Michigan and chair for their Green Team. there is typically an event every day besides Silver Wars. iPod. Monday’s event has been a tailgate for a sporting event happening that day. avoid secluded or dimly lit areas and stay away from wooded areas or locations where shrubs or buildings might provide cover for assailants. iPad repair Cellphone repair Mac. Photo Editor iPhone Screen Replacement microplusrome. and the wallet was returned. and the goal of FH4Y Week is to raise awareness and generate reciprocal generosity. CAMPUS CARRIER Professor discusses Christian environmental care GRACE DUNKLIN Staff Reporter Around 130 people gathered in the Spruill Ballroom on Monday night to discuss Christian environmental care. such as the word “shepherd” in a culture with no sheep. and this year the winner was the sophomore class. Nash said his favorite part of Founder’s Night is Decades Questions.” Bouma-Prediger said as he began his presentation with readings of Genesis 1 and Revelation 21-22.” shares a name with his 2001 book. Nash said Tuesday’s event is typically a luncheon called Philanthropy 101.7843 Rome 4 or 4S: $89. an eco-representative for the Green Team. “So we ask people to do the same thing: help someone you’ve never met come to college here by raising money for it. 18 at 8:18 p. 235. According to their website. The students who signed up with the program donating money from their paychecks to their class gift are invited to have dinner with alumni from the Floyd and Rome community. The contraband was recovered by officers and flushed. Never walk or jog alone at night. The owner was identified. “We invited this particular speaker because it was a good tie-in between Christian theology as well as environmental studies. spoke for over an hour on a biblical perspective of caring for the environment. Bouma-Prediger. said he chose the texts that he discussed both because of time restraints and because the Bible is important to all Christians. said they wanted to partner with the Chaplain’s Office in order to attract more students. “So it gave a Christian background purpose to why people should take care of the earth and so it helped bring a new perspective to what we do. The event was co-hosted by the Berry College Green Team and the Chaplain’s Office. often are not interpreted or read the way I typically read them. “It’s a particular theory of interpretation— not just Biblical interpretation but any sort of interpretation—which says it is not so important to translate literally.m. NEWS FEBRUARY 21. Asst. and classes can “bomb” each other by placing silver coins in their rivals’ collection jars and pennies and dollars in their own. Nash said this year’s Silver Wars collected a record-breaking amount—over $350 in pocket change—and that the money is going to go to the Open Door House.

Wednesday Feb. The theme for the campaign “will emphasize Berry’s commitment to making students ‘life-ready. Board Chair Karen Holley Horrell and Vice Chair Buster Wright were both re-elected to serve another three-year term in those positions.m. The winning team members will be entered into a drawing for the three grand prizes. assistant professor of geology.m. (CE) Puppies for Relay Come to Krannert Lawn to enjoy playing with puppies from 11 a. According to Briggs’ email. 22 to watch the Mr. The club is in the process of becoming active again in the Kiwanis club. CAMPUS CARRIER The Colored Museum Come to the E.” Crow said. and that last year the endowment had the third highest growth in the nation among endowments exceeding $500 million. playing with 2 puppies is $3 for 15 minutes. The goal is for the groups to do events together and to provide an environment of college student mentors for the younger kids. “Faculty receiving tenure and promotion to associate professor include Dr. injured joints and overall health and wellness.ORG FFANOW. and the campaign will become public once funds have reached the 70 percent mark. Seven other trustees were re-elected to additional terms. Both are now college official and active among the nearly 75 other clubs on campus. According to an email from Richardson. Friday Feb. Thursday Feb. Friday Feb. which is a crucial part of what makes them function.’” according to the email. Jovanelly. He.m. farmers and Berry alumni to speak at the club. 2013 New clubs provide new opportunities CHELSEA FRYAR Copy Editor Two new clubs on campus became official in January: the National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America) and Circle K.” Professor Stephen Bell and Director of Field Experiences and Student Teaching and senior lecturer Mary Outlaw were both awarded emeritus status. The Berry-managed portion of the endowment is at an alltime high. She also plans to educate students on the business side of the dairy and beef unit at Berry.ORG work closely with the four high school Kiwanis clubs called Key Clubs in the Rome area. The Berry Circle K club also plans to NEWS PAGE 3. was elected as a new trustee. Georgia 30161 706-314-9957 Transfer your files from your home chiropractor to continue care while in school.” (CE) Campbell Fellows Speaker: Aaron Wright The Campbell Fellows Speaker Series will bring business leaders to campus to share their leadership perspectives and discuss the challenges of working and leading organizations in today’s economy. along with the other officers. Just Drive. “The board was pleased with the considerable progress that has been made this year. Monday Feb. which has been “tons of fun.Com now . Sexual Health Trivia Bring your friends to form teams and answer questions about sexual health in the Spruill Ballroom from 6:30 p.-7 p. Though too soon to project definite numbers. in the Ford Auditorium Thursday Feb.m. presented for approval by a planning council. Borer. Male enrollment is 45 percent ahead of last year at this time. Alumnus John Eadie (83). Vincent J. Dr. has been present on campus before. and Dr. the college version of the Kiwanis Club. and all proceeds go to Relay for Life. Last ChanCe Cheap Yearbook $20 tiLL 3/1 buY at Yearbookforever. 27. assistant professor of biology. Director of Student Activities Cecily Crow said FFA and Circle K are very different groups allowing different groups of students to get plugged in.-6:30 p. according to Briggs’ email.-9 p. has been working to create a plan of activities for the year. Though only a rough draft of the vision statement and goals was presented. She began the process of creating FFA in October and became official in January. Friday Feb. according to Briggs’ email. Foster said her goal is to increase and combine the agricultural knowledge of the student body and the city of Rome. Dr. Catherine H.-8:30 p. Dr. The board of trustees also approved promotion and tenure decisions. “The board received a report that Berry’s endowment was now the nation’s 89th largest. Suroviec. 21. The final note from the board meeting was that the number of committed students for fall looks positive. This increase reflects new gifts to the endowment as well as strong investment performance. DC Chiropractic Physician 201 E. She was required to make a presentation to the Student Life Board which included a member of every school on campus as well as Crow and Vice President of Student Affairs Debbie Heida. a Kiwanis Club-affiliated organization. Berry Come to Ford Auditorium from 8 p. Dead Poets Society All students are welcome to join in McAllister 107 from 5 p. There are plans to also join the national Kiwanis club in their project to eliminate neo-natal tetanus around the globe. assistant professor of anthropology. “FFA reflects the history of Berry with its land resource education. 3rd Avenue Rome.m. Preliminary interest meetings were held last year for the two clubs. Just Drive Student Alex Sorohan will be speaking of her experiences of being affected by texting while driving in the McAllister Auditorium 6 p. in the Spruill Ballroom to hear about various things happening on campus. associate Board of trustees examines various topics regarding the future of Berry.” Livingston said.m. There has been one official meeting thus far and there are 20-25 students active in the club. Sophomore President of FFA Arden Foster was president of her high school’s FFA club and wanted to continue to participate in FFA at Berry. Livingston said he is very excited about being a part of this organization and has enjoyed every step of the process. 22. A definite goal will be determined within the next few months. Dr. (CE) Faculty Recital: A Salute to Women Composers Berry’s musical faculty will join forces to present an evening of chamber music in this annual showcase from 7:30 p. Individual play is $2 for 10 minutes. Todd K. MeetingCONTINUED FROM PG.-10 p. headaches. 26 from 7 p.m. Mr. Berry nominees compete.” The board also received word that Berry’s comprehensive campaign has crossed the halfway mark of the working $100 million goal.H Young Performance Stage 7:30 p.m. audience members will have the opportunity to take the pledge to not text and drive and will receive bracelets that say “Don’t Text. the number of applications are at historically highest levels.1 Heida said the decision of whether to assign an intramural field as a permanent practice field for the football team has not been made yet. She said she hopes to bring in small business owners. 1993 Berry graduate 15 years clinical experience Chiropractic is beneficial for back pain. 25.m. The officers have created five committees to target issues like organizations working with autism awareness and humanitarian efforts in Haiti.” according to Briggs’ email.m. FFA has national conventions to allow opportunities for networking and opens doors to students at Berry. Crow said the club is for more than just agricultural students. KCAB’s Cosmic Bowling Come out to Floyd Lanes for cosmic bowling from 11 p. Timothy W.21-Sunday Feb.-9 p. Former Acting Provost Richardson was appointed Provost.m. Briggs said the board is looking forward to reviewing measurable objectives during their May meeting. 22. Knowlton. 22 to work on interesting and challenging math problems.-3 p.-8:30 p. Timberlake. was also promoted to Professor.” said sophomore President Connor Livingston.m. according to Briggs’ email.m. The primary focus of the board of trustees meeting was the 10-year strategic plan. Alice H.m. moving up in the rankings.m. Mendes. She said many students can participate from the business school with the marketing aspect of the club and students can compete locally and nationally for FFA scholarships. but has been inactive for about three years said Crow. Carleton. Livingston said. assistant professor of biology.m. She said the decision will be made in about a week. Don’t Text. (CE) SGA Meeting All students are welcome to attend Tuesday Feb. The board also approved the budget framework for the 2013 fiscal year.FEBRUARY 21.-1 a. promote and grant tenure to several faculty members professor of physics.m. 24 for 11 “exhibits” that undermine black stereotypes and return to the facts of what being black means. “There are so many passionate people and it’s all about finding ways to help those passionate people do what they care about. Circle K.m. Livingston said. founder and managing director of Covenant Multifamily Offices in San Diego. assistant professor of chemistry. Tamie J. The club focuses on community service and leadership development. Renee E. CIRCLEK. Monday Feb. After the presentation. The nature of Circle K is to focus on causes and projects its members want to concentrate on and serve.

a woman’s promiscuous behavior (which by the church’s standards would deem her a whore) is not a crime. rather the issue is why is it any one group of people’s jurisdiction to decide whether or not gay marriage should be legal? With the secular principles our government was founded on and considering that most gay couples just want to be legally recognized by the government as opposed to their union being acknowledged by the church. expressed in The Carrier are not necessarily those of the administration. in theory. Why is homosexuality frowned upon but divorce not? People are picking and choosing which sins are okay and which are not. Photo Editor Olivia Donnally Asst. words that should be irrelevant to a legal discussion in our secular society. Why shouldn’t homosexuals have the same privilege? The church also deems divorce as a sin in Matthew 5:3132. Further. Because the actual dating success of our correspondent is not relevant to our readers. That first name is not going to help anyone find Joe on okcupid. GA 30149 Bonny Harper Editor-in-Chief Kelly Dickerson Managing Editor Chelsea Fryar Copy Editor Paul Watson News Editor Autumn Clarke Features Editor Parker Sealy Photo Editor Steven Evans Sports Editor Austin Sumter Online Editor Lacey Anderson Asst. The profile specifically stated that there was no interest in a relationship based on casual sex. when there are clearer moral issues affecting our world today? The bigger issue today seems to be not the “moral rightness. Anyone actually seeking genuine online connections need not feel offended by our article because we did not and do not criticize online dating or relationships.PAGE 4. The most identifying distinction we made in the article was a reference to user called Joe. Online Editor which are not. 2004 Berry College (706) 236-2294 E-mail: campus_carrier@berry. we did not attach a name or picture. many of the people who sent messages to the profile were older than the posted. The Carrier reserves the right to edit all content for length. Berry College’s board of trustees or The Carrier editorial board. The world that we live in is constantly progressing in its perceptions of right and wrong and morality.’” Jesus criticizes those who condemn other sinners. The moral dilemma (homosexuality being against God’s will) that the Christian religion in this country seems to have with gay marriage and homosexuality as a whole is a very difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. and the Catholic religion. is strongly opposed to divorce. Further.com. Graphics Editor Ali McIntosh Asst. if not outright solicitations. Business Manager Kaitlyn Pierce Cartoonist Kevin Kleine Adviser Editorial Board The Carrier is published weekly except during examination periods and holidays. “They say unto him. Why. Online Editor THE CARRIER Recipient of Georgia College Press Association’s Senior College General Excellence Award. it is a sin in and of itself to persecute homosexuality in the Christian religion. it is her own prerogative. the claim that we violated the privacy of online daters is debatable at best. Though we reported their answers and messages. 2000-2002. according to whomever deems themselves the governors of “moral rightness”. ‘he lifted up himself. The letters also claimed that we published information that violated privacy and transgressed ethical boundaries by making jokes out of genuine attempts to find lasting relationships. so why should homosexual couples? The government does not have a right to regulate the marriage of homosexual couples because the state and the government are two separate entities and therefore. The most basic retort to those opposing gay marriage is that this country contains people of a multitude of religions and the legality of one of the most basic rights in our country cannot be determined by what one religion deems “immoral” or an “abomination. The Christian religion is. and as long as the government is being influenced by the church—which is in and of itself a contradiction because of our theoretically secular society—gay marriage will continue to be a topic of great debate that will further divide our country. First of all. The opinions. Furthermore. and in John 8:1–11. The Church’s very black and white view on gay marriage is contradictory to its view on other sins determined by the Bible.” therefore more accurately simulating her potential experience dating online. The information presented online was intended to accurately represent the “typical Berry girl. Secondly. grammar and libel.” of gay marriage. as I learned in my five years attending a Catholic private school. com. The Carrier is available on the Berry College campus.” the Bible equates a sodomite with a whore. Sports Editor Jordyn Hebert Asst. However. become the sins that the church has decided are “unforgivable. Berry. but the first responses that the profile received were allusions. jocular comments about messages that actually attempted to establish a relationship. and legitimate attempts at such were presented positively in the second installment of our article. since breaking commandments and breaking the law are two separate things. this woman was taken in adultery (a whore). To any readers who may have been offended. Men escaping religious persecution built our country. The responses that we did report need not offend anyone on the basis that they ridiculed legitimate attempts to find long-term happiness via relationship. though we made a fake profile for the sake of the article. heterosexual couples get divorced everyday. The church often says that homosexual marriages would ruin the sanctity of marriage. do we seem to be stuck on this issue of gay marriage. as opposed to adultery and abortion.” The argument against homosexuality based on Christian principles has some blatant contradictions. separation of church and state was a large part of the infrastructure of the government. however adultery also ruins the sacredness of marriage. it baffles me that we are still having this debate. let him first cast a stone at her. Religion and gay marriage JORDYN HEBERT Asst. 2013 “Gone Fishing”: ethical or not? The last two editions of The Carrier contained articles concerning our correspondent’s experience with the online dating website okcupid. we deemed it necessary to provide a more representative profile. it is simply not the church’s right to decide which sins are legal and Micah Bhachech Opinions Editor Ryder McEntyre Graphics Editor Emily Faulkner Entertainment Editor Caroline Claffey Deputy News Editor Olivia Brown Asst. So even if homosexuality is a sin. why have homosexuality and abortion. and without resolution. either editorial or commercial. Student publications are located in 103 Laughlin Hall. . And yet. for example. then. The United States is a secular state founded on the beliefs of the Christian religion. for just that. and yet religious persecution in this country is alive and well today. style. 1988-1998. nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel. However. The Carrier editorial reflects a consensus of the The Carrier’s editorial board. The only messages that were published under a negative light in our article are those that blatantly ignored the requests made on the profile that we used. CAMPUS CARRIER OPINIONS FEBRUARY 21. it was not for the sake of deceit.” but not divorce and infidelity? This argument has created a dividing trench in our country. Heterosexual couples do not have to prove their union to be morally right by the church’s standards in order to receive legal representation.edu Campus Carrier 490520 Berry College Mt. These responses questioned the journalistic integrity of The Carrier on the grounds that our correspondent created a fake profile for the sake of the experiment. preferred age range on the profile. In Deuteronomy 23:17-18. Entertainment Editor Andy Plott Business Manager Rachel Shin Asst. could result in tragic events mirroring those of our country’s past civil rights debates. in the very act …So when they continued asking him. The United States is not a country dictated by the words of one religion. one free per person. with no legal opposition from the government. an accepting and non-judgmental religion that encourages followers to strive toward acting in the image of Jesus Christ. These articles prompted two critical letters to the editor. We did not publish any negative. our correspondents did not respond to any messages received by the profile or act flirtatiously toward anyone on the site. we apologize. Master. and it is not ruled illegal by the government. but still the words of Leviticus and Deuteronomy are thrown around in the discussion of legalizing gay marriage. Features Editor Christian Turner Asst. and said unto them. although prostitution is illegal. He that is without sin among you. we did not decide on what type of article to publish without care and attention.

The point of that introduction is not to plead for pity since I am the writer of this particular opinion piece. ranging from marijuana to crack cocaine. like get behind the wheel.m. not completely a fear of being seen. but I think this going to class for three hours once a week is worth a shot. and then. On the other hand. For example. The Bloods and the Crips are our Al Capone. I see both sides of the argument. Honeymoon Bakery. A three-hour class would give enough time to fully delve into a topic. Oftentimes I will sit in a 50-minute class and finally get interested in the topic and begin really understanding and participating just when it’s time to go. It’s just a reaction to being judged. I suppose the thrust is this: Think about life and how to live it. Jacob Stubbs Senior Starbucks. E-mail: campus_carrier@berry. it is necessary for the cultivation of meaningful relationships and an enlightened paradigm to engage people in ways that may be uncomfortable. 6:30 p. Now. Wash. That means that people like me will have to overcome their fear of being wrong. and my feelings about it have been a little bit back and forth.” Cassie Hale Junior “The Shrimp Boat. don’t know what I mean. 2013 Three-hour classes at Berry CHELSEA FRYAR Copy Editor OPINIONS PAGE 5. Though it can be almost unbearably uncomfortable to show the ideas that I’ve worked for to other people. is not something intrinsically worrisome. I think an end to the prohibition on drugs is necessary. Then I’m refreshed and ready to start the process all over again until it’s 8:30 p. rants. It is instead a means toward improving your own thoughts.000 other things. to paul_itics@ yahoo. Stories guard their authors with a shield of fiction. I understand that it’s hard to focus for three straight hours of material. they do a pretty good job of showing just how dangerous prohibition can be. Ben Riggs Sophomore Whether you think he’s a crazy loon or right on target. The on-campus coffee shop sold coffee below profit (as in. So while I’m in class. “This is awful. let me know. way below profit) as a benefit to the students.” Hayes Arnold Freshman “Swift & Finch. has created a similar situation. the same goes for being high. What if all of our classes met only once a week? We would feel like we would have so much more free time. I don’t want to take another three-hour class ever again!” But then when I leave.” Nikki Lokhandwala Freshman Letters to the editor must include a name. etc. And if you find a way to make it that easy. find that they think I’m wrong. As radical as it sounds. he can become a danger to society if he does something dumb. It would be helpful to be focused on one particular subject for three hours rather than three different subjects in three hours. Evaluation. I think the simplest solution to that apparent contradiction is that. Can we get that started here? Anyone? Anyway. if you show up drunk to work. and finally time to leave. You thrive on presenting your ideas to others. Conversely. And I’m not being intentionally melodramatic or hyperbolic. It’s something not exactly like stage fright. Then fix your conclusions when they fail you. we should allow them to be regulated in the same fashion as alcohol: both by the government and the workplace. the other great thing was that all the classes met once a week for three hours. And some of you reading this. along with the writer’s class year or title. Of course. that wasn’t so bad after all. Paul wants to hear your opinion! Send your opinions. Rather than running scared from drugs. like meth and cocaine. Perhaps these classes wouldn’t work as well for a practice-based class like chemistry or math because it’s easier to have opportunities to check your learning progress throughout the week. but teachers could integrate more varied teaching methods. way to make and keep friends. it is vital to the development of ideas worth keeping. You could see your opinion published right here in The Carrier! D on’t Like What you r eaD ? haps even synthesizing them with those of a friend. gangsters like Al Capone rose to fame during the prohibition by violently running the underground alcohol market. pumped about class because it’s been a week since I’d seen my classmates and we have a new book to talk about and new presentations to hear.” and “Oh my gosh there are still two more hours?!?” Then I manage to settle in to wait another 30 minutes for the break (by which I mean I check the clock every two seconds) and barely make it. “It can’t possibly have only been an hour since class started. amending them.com. of being judged. You might find me tearing my hair out later. “What is your favorite local business?” Blue Sky Outfitters. But if you think a writer of opinion–laden essays is wrong—not inarticulate or unskilled. but wrong—you are at least implicitly making a negative statement regarding the paradigm of the writer.m. We cannot exist in isolation.FEBRUARY 21. Often that can seem like the most convenient.” we are wasting huge amounts of money and sacrificing many lives for a hopeless endeavor. I expect that some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Al Capone’s gang is no more. I have my dinner or some sort of snack. Grande mocha for $1. you can criticize a novel for bad imagery or insipidity or 10. By outlawing these drugs and fighting the “war on drugs. I don’t want to spend my time and energy trying to figure out life. As you should have learned many times in history classes. I have had one three-hour class thus far. But. But I think that’s exactly what we have to do. On one side. my full water bottle or occasionally coffee and I’m ready to go. ended up in a position in which I arrange and present opinions (often mine) to the general public. on demonstrating the conclusions that life has led you to. though often tinctured with the unfortunate meanness of judgment. address and phone number. and opine boldly. I realize “Hey. but it seems like it would work pretty well for humanities classes. The reason I find them so entertaining is the amount of gunfighting and car chases that fill my screen. upon exposing my findings to someone else. The Carrier reserves the right to edit for length. grammar and libel. there’s a good chance you won’t have a job anymore. this kind of writing genuinely scares me sometimes. unfortunately but entirely a member of the former party. however. keep those interactions meaningless and superficial. a reporter can be wrong. CAMPUS CARRIER Prohibition today: enough is enough Some of my favorite films are ones set in the alcohol prohibition era. There were two really great things about this college. style. He and his gang sold alcohol for huge prices and “dealt with” anyone who stood up to him. evaluated. come to conclusions and be loud about it.” It feels like I have a ton of time to do the homework and the rest of the week to fall in love with the class again. I go in. We can. rolls around and I’m staring in desperation at the clock thinking. There could be sections of class discussion. As entertaining as those scenes are. lecture sections and other formats within one class. by analyzing them. and our brave counterparts must be willing to admit to their potential inaccuracy and amend when necessary. each adult should be allowed to make his own decisions about his own body without interference. we cannot avoid interaction with other people. thankfully. trying to find a perspective from which to live well and virtuously. My brain has a hard time moving immediately from an in-depth discussion of Victorian England to an in-depth discussion of Spanish literature in Spanish. circa 1920s. but it’s not often that a storyteller can be wrong. and I don’t have to go again for another week. and it would be fabulous. What do you think? Opining under a microscope MICAH BHACHECH Opinions Editor Opinion articles are strange. Rather. the modern prohibition of drugs. per- A couple of weeks ago I visited a small college in Spokane. I think it is vitally important to opine. I apologize for the amount of abstraction in this article. and perhaps this is just my trying to justify the existence of my current occupation. not necessarily a foundational ineptitude.50-$2? Izze sparkling juice.edu Letter SubmiSSion PoLicy . But a reporter’s inaccuracy represents no more than a failure of skill. with a friend. if not the best. I also have the rest of the week to do things like go to work and explore Rome and sleep. Some of you know how uncomfortable it can be to feel squished beneath the microscope lens of evaluation. it is to admit that this kind of writing can be terrifying. the big fight comes from the push to legalize hard drugs. A question remains about how I. though it sort of scares me. I’m think- ing. Yet. lemonade and bottled water for 75 cents? Yes please.

Percent of students who.... students will have to decide whether or not they’ll drink. 1 sitting.... If they make the choice to drink. of students drink weekly 69% On average Prefer no alcohol at parties: 54% Prefer no alcohol at parties: Binge (5+ drinks. A feel invincible.1% Nation: 17. CAMPUS CARRIER FEATURES FEBRUARY 21. Binge (5+ drinks.. past 2 weeks): Berry compared to the nation Berry: Source: 2012 Berry College Core Alcohol and Drug Survey 59% Average student drinks weekly: Nation: 43. Even on a dry campu ing is bound to happen. In their newfound sense of freedom. Serious personal problem: Serious personal problem: 2010 2012 10% 9% 9% of students drink weekly 67% On average Opinions. 1 sitting.2 4.6 . as they’re Drank in the past 30 days: 41% 42% Percent of students who. 2013 AUTUMN CLARKE Features Editor The Bottle in Society tends to associate college students with one thing: alcohol. 1 sitting.PAGE 6. past 2 weeks): of them were under 21 31% 17% 18% 18% Public misconduct: Resulting from drug or alcohol use. 17% Key findings From students at Berry College Public misconduct: 14% Resulting from drug or alcohol use. past 2 weeks): Drank in the past 30 days: 42% of them were under 21 32% 31% Binge (5+ drinks. then they have to choose how much and h drinking.... Opinions...7% Berry: 1.

” The second change to Berry’s drinking policy is that students who are found in a room where there is an alcohol offense are held responsible regardless of whether or not they were drinking.“But I’ve found all Berry students are really great. “The rule change is designed to be more educational than punitive. According to Associate Dean of Students Julie Bumpus. This year.” When looking at Viking Code violations for years past." These classes cost $35 each." while students caught in possession of illegal drugs must take a course titled "Marijuana 101. Overall.n "The Bubble" close watch of Mom and Dad.” “A lot of research was done before adding the online class program for students. Regardless of whether or not you choose to drink. If you are in a residence hall room where there is alcohol and there is an incident.. While every Berry student knows Berry is a dry campus. 2 . in which case we would follow through with the actions the Viking Code outlines. it means they’re learning how to not get caught. If we did have that service. there are some aspects to the rule that students may not be aware of. students under 21 caught with alcohol on campus will have to notify their parents each time they have an offense as well as complete an online education program called “Under the Influence. offenders under 21 found responsible of drinking alcohol would typically have to notify parents of their actions and donate $50 to the peer educators program. 2013 FEATURES CAMPUS CARRIER. students e no longer under the Dean Bumpus gives the facts about on-campus drinking policies versity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. “Berry has always had a no drinking policy.” Bumpus said. have a “drunk” or “party bus” for students. with freshmen usually having the most number of violators. drinking really isn’t a huge problem here and those who get caught are willing to take responsibility for their actions. Indiana University and the Uni- FEBRUARY 21.” Bumpus said. “We don’t have a ‘drunk bus’ or ‘party bus’ service to students because that wouldn’t match up with our policy. we would know where people are drinking. PAGE 7 OLIVIA BROWN Asst. which is located in the Student Life section of Berry’s website. until this point. Students caught in possession of alcohol on campus must take a course titled "Under the Influence. And. Features Editor how often they’ll be us like Berry.” Incidents throughout the years 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 Fall 2012 # of incidents: # of Students: Violations: Alcohol & Drugs: Policy Violations: 43 82 42 18 79 181 126 21 87 170 84 26 77 119 21 32 New Policies this year (2012-2013): 1st Alcohol offense: 1 If a student under the age of 21 is caught drinking on campus.” Bumpus said. The 2012-13 school year brought about a few alterations to Berry’s no drinking policy. “Does this mean they’re learning their lesson after getting caught? No. seniors tend to have fewer offenses than any other class group. The details of Berry’s rules can be found in the Viking Code Student Handbook. Some colleges. this page is full of noteworthy rule changes at Berry and statistics on campus and across the nation. such as Auburn University. The bus picks students up from a location on campus.. their parents will receive a notification. drinkAt this age. drops them off at various clubs and bars and then later picks the students up and drops them off at their dorms or to other locations around campus to decrease the number of drunk driving incidents. you are held responsible regardless of whether or not you are drinking.

Free apps every college student should have For the people who can’t ever seem to remember when certain places are open. shipping notifications. price drops and more.” Sophomore masquerade attendee Jennie Wainer said she felt the masquerade murder mystery was indeed unique. this is the app for you. Yelp is an app that allows you to search for businesses nearby and contains information about each business such as the phone number. explaining where they had supposedly been during the time of the murder. Slice links to your email account and keeps track of receipts. “When we saw that it was killing the atmosphere of the event—just in the first 10 minutes—we did a last-minute switch-up and went with more modern dance selections. Mint also provides graphs and other ways to help track your budget than just simple numbers. which was to have classical dance music playing. You can even buy the item directly from your phone and the item can be waiting for you at a nearby store. Nugent said he thought the event was well received. underneath each photo were quotes from the suspects. Asst. “The music at the beginning of the event had to be changed from our initial plan.” freshman Taylor Jackson said she felt the storyline could have been better presented. The Jewel Box saw about 200 students throughout the evening. said the staff had to make a quick decision concerning the genre of music played.” McDonald said. Photo Editor REDLASER RedLaser is the perfect app to have with you while you’re going shopping. and then compare prices between thousands of online and offline retailers. free mint. PAGE 8. The event began with a dance performance.” Cetro said. “Everyone likes an excuse to dress up and look nice. someone died—let’s dance!’” Jackson added that she had enjoyed the event and agreed with the theme. “Almost everyone was dressed up in costumes and masks and I think that was a major part of why people enjoyed it. On one wall was a board of headshots of the suspects for the murder. “It needed a little more plot. CHRISTIAN TURNER. a junior and a Morgan RA. It’s a great way to keep informed when your mind is being filled with knowledge for class.” Nugent said. Sometimes the website is also included along with other relevant information. “I feel like it was just like.” Jackson said.” Cetro said.” Ian Nugent. “The dance floor was packed the entire night… The chocolate fountain was a favorite of everyone in attendance. this is the app for you.” Cetro said she was proud of how her staff pulled off the event. where a sea of masqueraders danced to contemporary music. SLICE The Mint app is a great budgeting app for anyone that has problems managing your cash. who coordinated the event.” Senior and Morgan RA Talille Fite said she thought students liked the theme choice. in the Jewel Box on Friday night. Junior and Head Resident of Morgan and Deerfield Jessica Cetro. “I like it because it’s different. “The theme gave people the opportunity for a lot of choices and variety. Redlaser can scan a barcode (or search by voice or image). you absolutely need this app. “I thought it went great. 2013 YELP COMMENTARY BY EMILY FAULKNER Entertainment Editor Murder solved at Late Night BONNY HARPER Editor-in-Chief Berry students stepped into the world of Christine and the Phantom at Morgan and Deerfield’s Late Night. including a chocolate fountain. followed by a video with the murder mystery storyline. and you can create the perfect budget for yourself. they’re going to be great!” . it was Christine’s alibi—that she’d been “lying down” due to feeling unwell—that didn’t hold up. We later added in the aspect of the murder mystery into it and we were very happy with this decision. ‘Oh. Beverages and finger foods were offered. so I would say it was a success. The winners of “best mask” (senior Kyle Stapleton) and “best costume” (sophomore Jason Huynh) were announced last. They definitely put a lot of effort into it. said around 100 people participated in solving the murder mystery. If you go anywhere to shop. Cetro said that “the crowd was engaged and excited” during these announcements. “We have spent weeks planning this and seeing everybody enjoying themselves was truly rewarding. Strings of lights surrounded the dance floor. Cetro said the RA staff of Morgan and Deerfield brainstormed to choose the theme of the Late Night. For any college student continually having trouble balancing work and play. college students spend a good chunk of their cash online. the Masquerade Murder Mystery. In the end. Slice even keeps a record of all of your online purchases so that it would be easy later to add them into an app like Mint. “We wanted to do something that we knew Berry students would enjoy but was also unique to any other event on campus. “I’d also like to encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the other two Late Nights that will be happening this semester. The app makes it so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for at the best price possible. and she was thankful for everyone who came out and participated. MINT As we all know. Slice is an app that actually keeps track of all your online purchases. eye-catching masks.com account. creating a lively atmosphere.” Fite said. address and times that they are open.” Nugent said. and I didn’t hear of anyone being disappointed by it at all. The app can even split single transaction into different areas of your budget. many of whom were dressed in elegant attire and festive. All you have to do is create a quick. or find the details of something ordered later on. CAMPUS CARRIER ENTERTAINMENT FEBRUARY 21.” While sophomore Graham Garrett attended the event and said he “wouldn’t change a thing about it.” Wainer said. “During our brainstorming the idea of doing a masquerade was proposed and the whole staff jumped right on board. “We’ve never had a murder mystery before. Senior attendee Katherine McDonald also said the masquerade theme was well chosen.

Everything from her attire to her accents to her ridiculous stories was very comical. Patterson is not the only person looking for Diana. It is rare that I feel sympathy for someone who makes the decision to intentionally harm another. Garcia also invited students to tell jokes and work with him on stage. is a family man and accountant living across the country. As it turns out. there is an inappropriate scene and some language that children should not see.’ Everybody was like ‘That’s not funny’ because I forgot I go to Berry. It was exciting to watch him learn to have fun as the movie progressed. Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Jason Bateman). which puts him in a predicament. However it was touching to see Patterson honestly learn the error of her ways.. After some investigation.FEBRUARY 21.” PHOTOS BY NATHAN SUTTON. I completely recommend going to see this movie. I was impressed that the movie had a serious heart-warming ending that was still funny. You’ve been warned. he threatens to fire Patterson.” Billian said. The movie was. the police figure out the issue and Patterson sets his mind to going to Florida and bringing Diana back to clear his name and put the pieces of his life back together. In the meantime. Well she’s fine.. One could truly relate to her and understand why she made the decisions that she had. Staff Photographer . sarcastic and hilarious. But go. but I wonder why there was a car in the kitchen. Diana (Melissa McCarthy) lives by stealing the identity of unsuspecting strangers and maxing out their credit cards. he is informed that his identity has been stolen. Garcia plugs student talent at Comedy Night Students came out Saturday night to enjoy KCAB’s Comedy Night featuring comedian Dillon Garcia. When his credit card is denied at a gas station. He talked about the deer a lot. Her latest victim. However. Diana gets herself arrested under the name “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” and all of a sudden the police show up at the real Sandy’s house. overall. he talked about Rome. He tailored it to Berry a little bit. “I got to tell a joke. Bateman played an excellent stick in the mud accountant who let loose when things got crazy. “It was interesting. but I could relate to Diana as she tells her story to Sandy in pieces throughout the film. Her karaoke and Patterson’s annoyance was humorous. excellently filmed. he asked if we had a club. ENTERTAINMENT PAGE 9. The only negative comment I would have on scenery is that the interstates portrayed throughout the film had very few cars on them. allowing for interaction with his audience and showing off student talent. I wonder if the filmmakers have ever traveled the interstates in Florida? The score was excellent. and it was at its best when accompanied by Diana’s vocal stylings in the car. 2013 Stealing the spotlight: “Identity Thief” rocks COMMENTARY BY LYNDSEY HERMAN Staff Reportor Seth Gordon’s film “Identity Thief” made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a very long time. The unpredictable plot had a fantastic ending. CAMPUS CARRIER McCarthy is sassy. “I said. It may also be slightly awkward to see with parents. watch. considering the current state of his finances. The movie features one hilarious curveball after another as Patterson tracks down Diana and they set off across the country. and laugh hysterically. Freshman Josh Billian said Garcia was pretty and had an interesting and engaging act. When his boss finds out. ‘Did you hear about the woman who got hit by a car? .” Billian said.

freshmen Cameron Grant and Marko Karaulic and sophomore Jonathan Purdy earned gold with a new school record of 1:25:01.26. and placed in several other events to help the Vikings to a third place finish overall at the SAA Conference Championships. freshman SPORTS FEBRUARY 21. “As a team. Millsaps L: 68-70 Saturday Feb. Lutomski and Monaghan.18.95. Ellard took eighth place in the 400 IM with a time of 4:54. The final scores of the night had the Vikings swim and dive team in third place with 676 points. 17 vs.PAGE 10. The 500 freestyle event saw two new school records with Spanjers in fifth place at 5:11. The Women’s 200 Medley Relay. landing the men’s team in first place after the first night. and Grant in the Men’s 400 medley relay. winning second place and setting another school record at 7:00. Lutomski took third place with 1:57.73. “Our first SAA conference was very successful. The night’s successes were capped off by the Men’s 800 Freestyle relay swam by Jarrell. The Men’s 200 Individual Medley saw sophomore swimmer Conor Monaghan with a new school record and a silver medal swimming a NCAA D-III “B” cut at 1:52. Ala. with Spanjers taking fifth at 2:30. followed by Purdy in fifth at 21. Lutomski took the third place bronze medal with a time of 52. the Men’s 400 Freestyle relay.44 seconds off an “A” cut. 5-4 JORDYN HEBERT. Karaluic earned gold in the 200 freestyle relay. “The team did awesome finished with a bang. Karaulic. Two more records were broken in the men’s and women’s 100 Backstroke by Briggs with a time of 1:04.56 and Dingley swimming a time of 2:23.11. 4-6 Baseball at Mississippi College W: 2-1 Women’s Basketball vs. 9-1 Women’s Basketball vs. Online Editor After months of rigorous training. swam by McCrite. and the overall attitude of all the swimmers is the best we’ve had all season. two-a-days and only a week of tapering. In the final race of the night. “It is a huge accomplishment. for the 2013 Southern Athletic Association (SAA) Conference Championship on Feb. I am so proud of the team this year!” In the Women’s 100 Freestyle Sandoval broke the school record with a time of 54. taking fourth place and swimming a time of 4:18. McCrite took second place in the Men’s 200 Backstroke with another school record of 1:55. The women’s team placed sixth overall with 292 points. Next year we will be even stronger! Looking for the first place!” JORDYN HEBERT. Sandoval took 2nd place in the women’s 50 Freestyle with a new school record of 24. Monaghan.75.29. We had just about everyone make it back to swim at finals. Junior Mariah Moon and freshman Ben Meyers represented Berry College’s Dive team in the 1-meter diving event with Moon placing fourth and Meyers placing sixth. Online Editor Sunday Feb. Bates W: 6-0 Women’s Lacrosse vs. 2013 Friday Feb.87 was McCrite. Thursday evening’s finals saw some strong and fast swims by the Vikings and Lady Vikings swim teams as the night started out with the women’s 200 freestyle relay.77. Transylvania W: 20-1 Freshman Marko Karaulic competes in the 100 butterfly event. Asst. sophomore Katie Geiss and Sandoval. Monaghan took gold in the 200 Butterfly with a new school record of 1:50. Purdy.8. Online Editor . Grant and Monaghan took first place and the gold medal with a new school record of 3:06. Covenant W: 9-0 Baseball vs.43 and Karaulic in sixth at 48.80. Spanjers and Dingley swept the school records in the 200 Breaststroke. Asst. Bates L: 10-1. swam by sophomore Bobbi Briggs.14.” Vikings Swimming and Diving Head Coach Paul Flinchbaugh said. Maryville W: 9-2. Millsaps L: 53-65 Men’s Basketball vs. Both teams combined broke 23 school records and earned six gold medals. placing just behind Centre and Sewanee. “It was the biggest meet of the year and as a team we performed higher than our expectations. “We definitely set the stage for next year’s swim season” For the men’s 200 freestyle relay junior Graydon McCrite. Freshmen Janelle Spanjers. Lady Vikings swim at Conference Championships JORDYN HEBERT Asst. 19 Baseball vs. Piedmont L: 2-3. a NCAA D-III “B” cut and only 0. Spanjers. Dingley broke the school record in the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1:02.56. While he did not earn a medal in this event. followed by jarrell taking third place in the Men’s 1650 Freestyle with a new school record of 16:51. and Karaulic in eighth place with a time of 22. I am proud of every one of my teammates.” McCrite said. 1:36. In the Men’s. the Vikings and Lady Vikings Swim and Dive teams headed to Birmingham.02. Dingley.27.99.80. 20 Men’s Tennis vs. 15 Softball vs. Covenant W: 9-0 Women’s Tennis vs. Finishing the night off in third place with a new school record of 3:30.” Monaghan said.” Spanjers said. Grant took third place at Sophomore David Lumtowski came in fifth place swimming a time of 4:51. and the women’s team in sixth place. 2-3 Men’s Lacrosse vs. CAMPUS CARRIER Vikings. “The team is also very excited with how well they swam. Stephanie Stadnick and junior Rachel Sandoval set a new school record at 1:43:97. Monaghan and Grant. Birmingham-Southern L: 50-53 Tuesday Feb. and Jarrell broke yet another school record in the men’s 400 IM. The Lady Vikings team placed sixth overall. and in the Men’s 50 Freestyle McCrite swam a NCAA D-III “B” cut and set a new school record of 20. taking home a gold medal. During Saturdays’ finals junior Kaitlin O’Brien and Geiss took sixth and seventh place respectively in the Women’s 1650 (one mile) Freestyle. with a time of 21. Royce Dingley.55.74 and sophomore Adam Jarrell taking a bronze medal home at 4:47.27 and McCrite with another gold medal and a time of 52. 16 Equestrian (Western) at Judson 1st place Baseball at Mississippi Colege L: 2-11. with Purdy in fifth at 48. set a new school record at 1:52.77.81 while the Men’s 200 Medley Relay took home silver with a new school record. Grant finished in a close second behind McCrite. Everyone contributed to the success of the meet. six silver medals and six bronze medals. Rhoxie Ellard. McCrite.” O’Brien said.85. and Junior Andrew Beumer and freshman Paul Dorsett taking seventh and eighth place. Birmingham-Southern W: 64-60 Men’s Basketball vs. 14-16.03. we broke almost every school record and medaled in a lot of events.80. Young Harris W: 20-9 Wednesday Feb. Monaghan took first place in the 100 Butterfly event setting a new school record of 49.

” Campbell said. The Vikings came and scored with a run at the bottom of the fourth and then another at the bottom of the sixth. The matchup between the Vikings will begin at 3 p. and emerged victorious with a 20-9 finish.” Greer said. The Vikings opened the game with eight unanswered goals.” Graham SPORTS PAGE 11.” Other colleges who competed in the tournament included University of Central Florida (UCF). It was also fun to go up against Division-I schools and be competitive even though we are a small school. the better chance you have of outscoring the opponents. “We are always encouraging new players to come out and play with us. Junior attacker Kristan Dziurzynski netted seven goals for the Lady Vikings.” The team has taken on new players this year.” senior third baseman Lindsey Campbell said. but we were able to make it work and play some of the best Frisbee our team has played in a while.” Daniels said.” Junior midfielder Bryan Byers was the game’s top-scorer with five points. “In our second game we were better with our batting. while junior midfielder Blair Shupenko and sophomore midfielder Rachel Aiken each scored another two goals to add to the Lady Viking’s lead. “Our passes and catches were better than the season openers in previous years. UCF has 58. University of South Florida. and because of it. Junior goalie Taylor Martin had all five saves for the Lady Vikings. “We came out ready to swing!” Shamoun pitched for the entirety of the first game and only allowed three hits against Berry. We should have a good season. For the first time in Berry’s history an all women’s team has gone to play in a tournament against other competitive women’s teams. senior second baseman Lacey Herrin and freshman catcher Abbey Daniels all gained RBI (runs batted in) doubles.FEBRUARY 21. Sports Editor The Lady Vikings softball team has a record of 2-2 after losing their first double header against Piedmont and then coming back to win both games in their next double header against Maryville. N. We are different in that we have a huge freshman class that will help us greatly on the field. and scored 10 of the first 11 goals in the game. at 9 a. This year’s softball team has six new freshmen. followed by sophomore attacker Max Smerka who had three points. which earned her.” Sanders said. Junior team captain Marissa Greer has been playing on the men’s team for the past two years. The Lady Vikings scored 11 of the first 12 total points scored in the game on their way to a 14-3 lead. The more you shoot. “It felt great being in the championships bracket. The Lady Vikings faced the Young Harris College Mountain Lions to begin their 15-game season. CAMPUS CARRIER CONTRIBUTED BY JILL STAPLETON Men’s. The second game was pitched by freshman Allie Coronado. “I think we were more focused for the second double header. defeating the Transylvania University Pioneers 20-1 in Transylvania’s first intercollegiate competition. leading with a score of 10-1 at halftime. “What really set us apart was how much faster we were compared to other girls teams.” . 2013 Ultimate Frisbee club teams compete against D-I schools STEVEN EVANS Sports Editor The Berry Ultimate Frisbee men’s and women’s club teams competed in the 2013 Flickin’ Nuts Frisbee tournament hosted by Georgia College and State University this past weekend. The teams were met with winds that reached 25 miles per hour and frigid weather. Winds at 25 mph are not ideal Frisbee conditions. experience and triple the number of players on their side.C. CHELSEA HOAG. “It was a dream come true of mine to finally head to a tournament with a women’s team. to match the Lady Viking’s six total second half points. women’s lacrosse victorious in season openings STEVEN EVANS Sports Editor The Vikings and Lady Vikings lacrosse teams have opened up their respective seasons by scoring 20 points each en route to victory. “Ultimate is a sport with a community like no other and we are looking to build our team even more this season. “The chemistry all together is different.” The Vikings did just that as they won both of their games against the Maryville College Scots this past Sunday with a final score of 9-2 in their first game and 9-1 in their second. In their second game the Lady Vikings were leading 3-1 at the top of the seventh and only needed three outs to secure the win. The game went three innings without any scoring and then at the top of the fourth inning Piedmont rallied and gained three runs. “It was a great change from past years. “We were 27-11 last year.” Greer said. “The game went well though.” Head Coach Cori Thiermann said. Lady Vikings softball sweeps Maryville OLIVIA DONNALLY Asst. “A lot of teams we played had way more players than we did and that put us at a disadvantage. The two teams are planning on playing in their next tournament in March. They were unable to bridge the gap completely and the game ended with the score of 3-2. Junior out-fielder Sara Vigue. Feb. Jordan Ellingson. We just got out there and did a lot of good things for the team. and it was a good start for the rest of the season. “Our shot percentage was pretty good – I think at around 40 percent. “The difference between this double header and the last is we hit so much better.” senior Cameron Kapperman said. “We are similar from last season because we have power throughout our lineup and the team is extremely close. as opposed to the Pioneers’ 13 shots.” In the first inning. who outshot the Mountain Lions 25-19. allowing seven hits and three runs. 22 against Salisbury University in Fayetteville.” Aiken said. “Our loss in the championship bracket was against the team who ended up winning the whole tournament. “It is good to take those shots whenever you get the chance. senior first baseman Kristen Stoll.m. we are a better team this season. “That is really what made all of the difference. “I think we came out very excited for the opener. “The weather made the whole day even more challenging. In their season opener against Piedmont the Lady Vikings lost the first game with a score of 3-2. Senior pitcher Cailee Shamoun pitched for the Vikings for all seven innings. “It’s better.” said. stepped up to bat and managed a hit that resulted in a three-run home run that made the score 4-3 Piedmont.” Sanders said.” The Lady Vikings’ next game will take place on Friday. But the first game definitely showed how well we could work together from the beginning. The Mountain Lions scored six points in the second half altogether. Berry has created a women’s Ultimate team. From there the momentum was in Piedmont’s favor and the final score resulted in 6-4.” Just this season. the Vikings earned five runs. Despite earning a 20-1 scoring lead.” sophomore goalie Brandon Sanders said. for Piedmont. “We just need to take hold of our leads and put it together. Staff Photographer The men’s lacrosse team also emerged victorious in their season opener. one of which being men’s soccer team forward David Shaw. however the men’s team still placed in the Championship bracket going 5-2 throughout the day and placing fifth out of 18 teams. Piedmont had one out on them with two runners on base. University of Alabama and other Division-I schools.” The Vikings will return to action on Saturday where they will face the Augustana College Vikings at home. We have some tiny things to work on with areas of improvement. These two wins improved the women’s softball record to 2-2. the Vikings took a total of 47 shots at the goal.m.” Both men and women’s teams are continuing to practice three times a week and are continuing to look for additional players to add to their roster. “It was a really exciting experience to finally see all of the work we put in over the past year. her first collegiate win.000 students and we beat them 9-4.” All of the teams the women went up against were Division-I schools with the advantage of height. “This year we had more experience under our belts so for the first game we played with more cohesion as a team.” senior team captain Will Graham said.

a murder mystery and a chocolate fountain. Photo Editor The Morgan and Deerfield RA staff put together a masquerade party for their Late Night on Friday Feb. Bottom Left: Seniors Ashleigh Day and Katherine McDonald. Asst. The event included dancing. 15 in the Jewel Box.Masquerade: Late Night Edition PAGE 12. . Bottom Center: Juniors Mallory Fisher and Brian Regan. The Masquerade Murder Mystery was sponsored by Residence Life. Above: Students show off their dancing skills. Left: Sophomore Zach Cleland and senior Ashley Harzog. CAMPUS CARRIER NEWS FEBRUARY 21. senior Rob Banks and junior Alex Purdie. a costume contest. 2013 PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN TURNER. Bottom Right: Junior Graham Garrett.

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