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Case Study AB Group

Location Philips Lighting AB Group, Orzinuovi, Italy DayZone, LuxSpace

as well as optimum management of energy resources.” Marco Baronchelli.“We looked for an advanced solution that ensured a level of comfort for people working in the offices. AB Group . Technical Manager.

Not only do these two innovative solutions have a captivating. it was clear that the technology used to light it would have to form part of this meticulous attention to energy efficiency. something which is at the heart of everything they do. The intelligent control system also enables further savings to be made. Italy Lighting designer Luca Cornali. modern design.000 hours at a minimum flux of 70% DayZone and LuxSpace outperform traditional fluorescent systems and can reduce maintenance costs by as much as 70%. Thanks to Philips. excellent management of energy resources with no waste was of paramount importance. they enable the AB Group to manage all the lighting by means of a single system. long-lasting components and no harmful substances such as mercury. Daylight harvesting and presence detection switch lights off when there is enough natural light or when an office is not in use. So when plans for their new engineering site were drawn the solution had to provide comfortable light levels for employees working in the offices. AB Group Philips solution DayZone. Secondly. From a lighting perspective it presented three challenges. Based on average hours of use within a typical building. they also provide guaranteed energy saving. LuxSpace Philips responsible Fabio Checchi. technicians and sector specialists. The challenge Benefits The solution Philips innovative LED lighting technology was more than able to meet all three conditions. The group has always been passionate about energy efficiency and eco-sustainability. What’s more.Energy-efficient LED enhances working life at AB Group Fast facts Client AB Group Project Engineering hub Location Orzinuovi. they could provide illumination at AB’s engineering hub for the next 15 years. Philips Lighting and Marco Baronchelli. making it the largest nerve centre for co-generation in Europe. something that proved to be the deciding factor in choosing Philips. the AB Group now has a state-of-the-art solution that shows its eco-credentials in the best possible light. LuxSpace features the latest LED technology and delivers consistent light output and high colour rendering. that are compliant with all office norms. And finally. the AB Group is Italy’s leading company in the design and installation of plants for the co-generation and self-generation of power from renewable sources. DayZone provides high-quality lighting with impressive visual comfort and glare control and colour consistency With a lifetime of 50. it has also improved well-being for everyone working in the offices. . Background Founded in 1981 by Angelo Baronchelli. the spaces had to be lit in an intelligent manner without having to make use of natural light. Philips Lighting Further information on LED solutions for office lighting: www. because the solution provides the best possible levels of visual comfort in terms of colour temperatures and light intensity. The AB engineering hub is designed to house around 100 engineers. What’s more.

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