Prominent American Scientists Call For Global Dictatorship Under UN Rule "To Save The Planet


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The Scientific Dictatorship: In an article to be published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences in the march 2013 edition of the Institute’s yearly journal BioScience under the title Social !orms and "lobal #n$ironmental %hallenges& 'of (hich I ha$e obtained a copy ahead of print ) read here*+ a group of prominent scientists call on go$ernment and their academic ad$isers to begin implementing a program of planned social engineering of norms& and $alues& in regards to en$ironmental policies, In addition to this+ they propose putting in place all sorts of en$ironmental rules and

regulations bac-ed up by fines and penatlies as described in the Agenda 21 document, .he goal is to hasten the social acceptance of increased go$ernmental control, Also+ the authors propose that the scientific community as a (hole should align itself (ith go$ernment through a concerted effort to change personal and social norms&, Science (as e$er fascisms (hore of course so to understand (hat is really going on (e simply ha$e to follo( the money until the trail re$eals (ho is paying these propagandists, .he people in$ol$ed in the upcoming publication include t(o !obel /ri0e (inners+ economist 1enneth Arro( and political scientist #linor 2strom+ as (ell as beha$ioural scientists+ mathematicians+ biologists and population scientists+ the most (ell)-no(n of (hom are /aul #hrlich and "retchen %, 3aily) (hose professional relationship dates bac- to the #coscience days, .he authors start out by stating: Some ha$e argued that progress on these 'global en$ironmental* problems can be made only through a concerted effort to change personal and social norms, .hey contend that (e must+ through education and persuasion+ ensure that certain beha$iours '4* become ingrained as a matter of personal ethics,& Stating that education and persuasion are insufficient to accomplish beha$ioural changes+ the document states: Substantial numbers of people (ill ha$e to alter their e5isting beha$iors to address this ne( class of global en$ironmental problems, Alternati$e approaches are needed (hen education and persuasion alone are insufficient, /olicy instruments such as penalties+ regulations+ and incenti$es may therefore
Compliant youth

be re6uired to achie$e significant beha$iour modification,&

/roposing that effecti$e policies '4* are ones that induce both short)term changes in beha$iour and longer)term changes in social norms&+ the collection of crystal ball ga0ers+ casters of runes+ mathematical modelling e5perts+ psychologists and %A"7A8.s9 assert that go$ernment is uni6uely obligated to locate the common good and formulate its policies accordingly,& .he upcoming report ho(e$er stresses that unelected troughers suc-ing up the s(ill of ta5 re$enues scientists are gi$en a role in formulating go$ernment policies intended to alter choices and beha$iours& such as acti$e norm management+ changing the conditions influencing beha$iours+ financial inter$entions+ and regulatory measures,& 2r to put it in plain #nglish+ !a0i style propaganda and So$iet style brain(ashing, #ach of these policy should be designed to influence personal and social norms in different (ays and through different mechanisms the document states, #ach also carries the danger of bac-firing+ (hich is often called a boomerang effect in the literature+ eroding compliance and reducing the pre$alence of the desired beha$iours

and the social norms that support those beha$iours& the document (arns, Ah+ this is (here the penalties come in, :#roding compliance:, 7hat a anodyne term for people recogni0ing (hat is happening and fighting for their indi$iduality and independence+ but typical of the sterile language 2ur !e( ;nhappy <ords li-e to use, 3o they thin- such language lulls people into a false sense of security= I (ould guess that (e are all so thoroughly a(are of the to5ic lode concealed in the lifeless language of go$ernment and legal documents nobody is going to be fooled for one moment, Anticipating that an increase in regulatory inter$entions by go$ernment are sure to create resistance among the target population+ the scientists e5press confidence that their recommendations can be carried out in a (ay that abides by the principles of representati$e democracy+ including transparency+ fairness+ and accountability,& In other (ords they (ill use scaremongering li-e the completely synthetic global (arming crisis+ the se$eral pandemics (hich (e (ere (arned (ould (ipe out $ast s(athes of people but in reality (ere non e$ents+ and threats of famine+ (ater shortage+ disease+ (ar and asteroid hits to create sufficient fear and panic to bully us all into gi$ing up our rights and freedoms, 3espite superficially soothing (ords+ the authors stress that go$ernment 'and the scientific community intend to be part of go$ernment+ a part that ma-es policy but ne$er has to see- election>* should ultimately mo$e beyond& public consent and :impose: (hat is right (hen it comes to top)do(n regulations aimed at :sa$ing the planet:, .hey go on to say: Some ha$e argued that regulations are inherently coerci$e and cannot or should not e5ceed implied le$els of public permission for such regulations, An alternati$e $ie(point is that go$ernments can and e$en should mo$e beyond

e5istent le$els of public permission in order to shift norms+ allo(ing public sentiment to later catch up (ith the regulation&,

By admitting they are (illing to mo$e beyond e5istent le$els of public permission& to push ahead (ith draconian en$ironmental policies+ these prominent scientists 'among (hom+ remember+ are t(o !obel laureates and and numerous go$ernment and ;nited !ations ad$isers* ha$e pro$en their readiness to
Moving beyond existing levels of public permission.

decei$e and mislead the American population in order to impose their en$ironmental control

model, Is this perhaps the result of a fit of petulance and $indicti$eness because their (hole Anthopogenic "lobal 7arming scare has been e5posed as a fraud and a fabrication, ?ard e$idence (as replaced by projections from mathematical models and (hen the ans(ers gi$en by those models did not ser$e the purpose of ad$ancing the global dictatorship agenda+ data (as blatantly falsified, As Aaron 3y-es put it (hile inter$ie(ing global (arming sceptic <ord %hristopher @onc-ton++ the en$ironmental cause& is nothing more than an absolute $alued prete5t for their absolute control model&, .he engineering of public norms& 'another anodyne phrase behind (hich is concealed an intention to establish an authoritarian regime and criminalise dissent=* ser$es not so much any en$ironmental cause+ but the cause of total mind control+ and the goal of ensuring that en$ironmental policies+ e$en draconian ones+ (ill finally be percei$ed by the general population as being consistent (ith the go$ernment:s duty to protect the population and safeguard national security,

8ead on through the document and (e disco$er ho( go$ernment and their scientific side-ic-s plan to set about Ashifting normsA, .he scientists propose managing norms& through such things as ad$ertising campaigns+ information blit0es+ or appeals from respected figures&, .he other aspect they fa$our is the use of financial incenti$es and disincenti$es (ith the aim of conditioning the public to accept an increasing go$ernmental control o$er personal beha$iour, .he paper continues by saying that the best (ay to o$ercome resistance to changing e5isting beha$iours is through persuasi$e go$ernment regulations such as penalties+ regulations+ and incenti$es& in order to achie$e significant beha$iour modification,& Bines can '4* be an effecti$e (ay to alter beha$iour+ in part because they 'li-e social norm management* signal the seriousness (ith (hich society treats the issue,& In other (ords+ ACou must ne$er 6uestion authorityA but again don:t you lo$e the language= .he (ords seem to spring off the page or screen to resonate in the mind (ith the hea$y "erman accent of a !a0i "auleiter in a 1DE0s (ar mo$ie, By e5tension+ the authors of the proposal e5press hope that beha$iours and $alues (ill coe$ol$e& alongside increased go$ernment control in the form of state regulations and fines&: A carbon ta5 might '4* pro$e effecti$e e$en in the face of near)term opposition, 7hat needs to be assessed is the possibility that beha$iours and $alues (ould coe$ol$e in such a (ay that a carbon ta5For other policy instrument that raises prices+ such as a cap)and)trade systemFultimately comes to be seen as (orthy+ (hich (ould therefore allo( for its long)term effecti$eness& 8eferring to the idea that shifting norms (ill coe$ol$e& alongside increased go$ernment regulations+ the authors state:

#ach of the go$ernment inter$entions can influence both personal and social norms+ although they do so through different mechanisms, 2nly social norm management directly targets norms, %hoice architecture+ financial instruments+ and regulations can all alter social norms by causing people to first change their beha$iors and then shift their beliefs to conform to those beha$iors,& In other (ords: the science !a0is propose arousing the concept of cogniti$e dissonance in the minds of people in order to guide the herd to(ards proen$ironmental& citi0enship, 7hen it comes to en$ironmental issues&+ the scientists (rite+ t(o different types of social norms are at play in these dynamics: social norms of conformity or cooperation and proen$ironment social norms, 2nly the first type need be present to induce proen$ironment beha$iors 'although proen$ironment personal norms may emerge from this through+ e,g,+ cogniti$e dissonance+ e5perience+ or associating the positi$e feeling from social appro$al for an act (ith the act itself*,& In the upcoming publication the concepts of peer)pressure and cogniti$e dissonance are being brought into the e6uation as effecti$e tool for creating fear and insecurity and thus increasing dependency and e5tending control: '4* norms of conformity and cooperation are far more uni$ersal than are proen$ironment norms and are therefore far more po(erful in inducing proen$ironment beha$iors that do not conflict (ith pree5isting $alues or preferences, In other (ords+ proen$ironment $alues are not a necessary

Big Brother is watching.

prere6uisite to proen$ironment beha$iors,& 7hile the authors do not try to conceal their ambition that go$ernment e5pands control through all -inds of en$ironmental regulations+ they argue that scientists 'especially life scientists ) careful here+ these people are not tal-ing about life sciences li-e biology+ medicine+ botany+ 0oology and such but psychologists+ sociologists+ cogniti$e and beha$ioural sciences and other bullshit sciences* should align (ith big go$ernment+ join forces in an unrelenting campaign to gradually create changes in beha$iour so en$ironmental policies (ill be more easily accepted o$er the course of some time, In other (ords they are mo$ing to(ards creating the Ascientific dictatorshipA first mooted by socialist (riters and philosphers o$er a hundred years ago as a utopian ideal and later prophesied by (riters li-e 2r(ell+ ?u5ley+ /hillip 1 3ic-+ @argaret Att(ood+ Gohn 7yndham and 8ay Bradbury to name only a fe(, <ife scientists could ma-e fundamental contributions to this agenda through targeted research on the emergence of social norms&+ the group asserts+ adding: '4* many of the empirical studies cited in this article originate in la(+ psychology+ economics+ beha$ioral economics+ anthropology+ political science+ and sociology, 7e -no(+ for e5ample+ that the effecti$e management of any commons re6uires sensiti$ity to local conditions+ sound monitoring+ graduated sanctions+ and conflict)resolution mechanisms,& 7ho better to guide the sheep to(ards good en$ironmental citi0enship& than those scientists (hose speciality is social engineering: <ife scientists ha$e a role to play in this by e5tending their e5isting theoretical analyses, .o be effecti$e+ scholars of all stripes (ill ha$e to e5tend their capacity to collaborate (ith decision) and policyma-ers in order to ensure realism and rele$ance,&

.he scientists (ould+ in such an en$ironmental dictatorship+ be responsible for ensuring reality complied (ith theory dreamed up in the alternati$e realities of uni$ersity faculties+ they appear to be saying: Scientists could '4* effecti$ely e5amine ho( combinations of different policy inter$entions and of the relati$e timing of deployment play out,& .he paper is concluded (ith three distinct recommendations to both scientists and go$ernmental agencies: '1* the greater inclusion of social and beha$ioral scientists in periodic en$ironmental policy assessments> '2* the establishment of teams of scholars and policyma-ers that can assess+ on policy)rele$ant timescales+ the short) and long)term efficiency of policy inter$entions> and '3* the alteration of academic norms to allo( more progress on these issues,& .his entire publication is a clear and unmista-able admission that a fascist scientific dictatorship is emerging under the prete5t of en$ironmentalism and that such a dictatorship has been the long term goal of the academic community, 7hat this means @ore go$ernment control through regulations and fines 'and e$entually prison sentences and firing s6uads=* combined (ith a proacti$e+ go$ernment managed policy of brain(ashing people into accepting this increasing go$ernmental control (here they (ould other(ise reject official inter$ention, And guess (ho should be the coordinating body of this scientific dictatorship+ according to the report: .eams might be supported by permanent entities that maintain communication (ith policyma-ers> these (ill differ among nations but could be attached to the ;nited !ations and its subsidiary bodies in the international conte5t, 2ne

potential model is a national commitment of scientific talent in the ser$ice of ;nited !ations agencies,& .he ;nited !ations, .hat cesspit of incompetence+ self interest+ third (orld style corruption and generally a pathological hatred of (estern culture+ $alues and ethics+ that cabal of decadent bureaucrats and time ser$ers+ racists and (ar mongers, .he ;nited chuffing !ations (here a rail(ay cler- (ith po(erful patrons can be put in charge of a department that could affect the future of millions of people+ and once in position is allo(ed to use his influence for the benefit of his patrons to the great detriment of ta5payers in the de$eloped nations+ the ;nited !ations that could not organi0e a piss up in a bre(ery and is not fit to be in charge of a gang of shit sho$ellers, .hese teams could also be charged (ith anticipating crises and e$aluating potential policy responses in ad$ance+ since detailed e$aluation in the midst of a crisis may be problematic> such emergency preparedness (ould probably focus on the immediate effects of policies on beha$iors rather than on changing social norms+ because this is li-ely to be of greatest rele$ance in a crisis,& All this tal- of putting the ;! and the global scientific community behind the steering (heel of American and #uropean go$ernment points to the coming of age of the dreaded scientific dictatorship+ against (hich many obser$ers ha$e (arned us, BBS people+ (a-e up, ?a$e you e$er -no(n of a sane scientist=

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