1. Put in the correct verb forms into the gaps. Use Simple Present.

Example: ___ they ______ their friends? (to phone) Answer: Do they phone their friends? 1) you mineral water? (to drink) 2) Sarah and Linda their pets? (to feed) 3) your teacher your homework? (to check) 4) they in the old house? (to live) 5) the cat on the wall in the mornings? (to sit) 6) Nina computer games? (to play) 7) your parents TV in the afternoon? (to watch) 8) your grandmother the phone? (to answer) 9) Andy the shopping? (to do) 10) Garry and Ken a cup of tea in the afternoon? (to have)
2. Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps. Use Simple Present.

Example: _____________ their friends? (they/to phone) Answer: Do they phone their friends? 1) to school? (you/to walk) 2) a banana in the morning? (Ronda/to eat) 3) parrots? (your father/to like) 4) a room with her sister? (Wendy/to share) 5) a lot in England? (it/to rain) 6) sports after school? (the friends/to do) 7) camping in summer? (Susan and Jack/to go) 8) their friends to the party? (they/to invite) 9) at the bus stop? (we/to wait) 10) in the mornings? (he/to smile) 3. Put in the verbs in the Present Progressive into the gaps. Example: ___ he ______ the newspaper? (to read) Answer: Is he reading the newspaper?

(he/speak) German fluently? 1. (be) a raw material. . Use Present Progressive. 8. Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps. My dog 7. I 11. (play) with my sister. (play) with my dog. Example: ___________ the newspaper? (he/to read) Answer: Is he reading the newspaper? 1) in the lake? (Lisa/to swim) 2) your brother? (you/to help) 3) a museum? (he/to visit) 4) her T-shirt? (Doris/to wash) 5) home? (they/to run) 6) to the radio? (Henry/to listen) 7) the buckets? (the boys/to carry) 8) the string of the kite? (she/to hold) 9) breakfast? (we/to make) 10) the computer? (Ron and Fred/to check) 5. They 6. They 4. Tom? (to clean) 5) the cat in the basket? (to sleep) 6) Cliff and Oliver friends? (to meet) 7) your mother sandwiches? (to make) 8) the birds water? (to drink) 9) Carmen a pullover? (to wear) 10) they a pizza? (to eat) 4. (love) her mother. (be) happy. Complete the sentences with Present Tense . (have) he got any sister ? (try) to catch his bus.1) Richard in the garden? (to work) 2) she a cup of tea? (to have 3) the children their homework? (to do) 4) you the kitchen. My English teacher 5. (get up) late at the weekends. (be) nice. She 3. They 12. Oil 10. I 2. (be) ten years old. He 9. (burn) papers in the fire-place.

22. (wash) her hair every morning. (have) breakfast every morning at eight. 28. (hope) to succeed in that championship. . He (not drink) a glass of milk every morning 27.13. You 10. She (meet) him on the corner of this street. She always 33. the sun 36. We 8. They 6. I (eat) a lot of apples every day because it's my favourite fruit. She (wash) her hair every evening. (leave) his house to the stadium to play football. I sometimes 31. My sister sometimes (play) with her friend in our garden. (not to remember) his name. (brush) her hair every morning. My best friend never (study) but now he 's studying for his examination . 29. 30. You 7. I 2. (do/you) your homework very quickly ? 24. The sun always (shine) in this country. We (learn) English with Mr. He's so lazy that he 34. (watch) TV in the evening. (read) nice English books. Complete the sentences with Present Tense Continuous 1. (try) a new bar near her house. (tell) him all your secrets because you rely on him. He 3. She 16. Teddy never 32. (get up) at seven. (play) football every day. 6. I 37. Paul always (take) my bike to go to the supermarket. She 4. She (not/live) in Scotland. We 5. Britney 39. 17. 23. 25. 26. (weep) because he is angry and sad. John 35. (cry) when he has to work. He usually 38. (narrate) short stories to her grandsons. (sing) a beautiful song by Michael Jackson. You 14. My mum’s cooking some food in the kitchen at the moment because she always (cook) in the evening. (set) early. In the winter. 21. (wait) your friend in the street to talk to him. Michael 40. My friend and I 9. We 18. (send) postcards when he is on holiday. Brown on Thursdays. (he/play) computer games after school? (go) to the night club every month. Bob 15. He (look) at some people through the window. 20. (sing) Irish songs. (not/work) on Saturday morning. (not to want) to work. He 19. (speak) about our dream house.

Present Simple or Present Progressive 1. 4. 5. Harold's always very busy. 6. The train always (1: leave) on time. but this week I (to work) until 6 o'clock to earn a little more money. They (3: not to watch) TV. 13. 16. 15. But he sometimes (19: get dressed) too quickly. John ! Someone (to knock) at the door. 'What's the matter? Why (2: cry/you)?' 3. He's at his hotel now. Choose between Present Tense Simple and Present Tense Continuous 1. It is Saturday evening . 17. I (to finish) work at 5 o'clock . Tom always (to drink) coffee in the morning.10. He (13: drink) a cup of coffee and he (14: read) a newspaper. 8. He (11: stay) at an expensive hotel. 12. Where (6: live/they)? 7. 2. 2. 11. 3. Listen! John music! (7: play) 8. 5. 4. He (17: go) to bed late and he always (18: get up) early. a car (to come) down the street . and this morning he (20: wear) a blue sock and a red one! . all my family is in the living room . Harold Black's a famous pianist. Good students never (to neglect) their homework. He (15: play) the piano regularly. He (12: have) breakfast in the dining-room. 10. Normally . 19. That's strange. We (to watch) TV. Please be quiet! I (5: do) my homework. 10. I (to want) to go to bed now. I never (8: go) to the swimming pool. 9. 6. How many foreign languages (you / to speak)? 11. He (16: practise) for four hours every day. He (10: travel) a lot and this week he's in New York. Be careful . He (9: give) two or three concerts every week. 9. I am sick so I (not / to go) to school today. He (4: not to speak) very good English. I am tired .

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