Task being assessed: Students filming/taking photos in college

General Risk assessment
HAZARDS Hazard Regardless of control measures Taking photos on stairs, causing blocks or may result in a person falling with fatal injuries. Taking a photo of someone without asking, resulting in an aggressive reaction or them reporting you to a teacher. Taking photos in front of doors resulting in an injury to you or the person coming through the door. Taking photographs in the car park. Persons at risk *1 Sf/St/Cl DEGREE OF RISK Worst Probability outcome *2 *3 F U Risk Rating A-E B CONTROL MEASURES Existing control measures taken against the risk . Hand Rails . Walk to the left (sign) ACTION PLAN What further control measures are required when and by whom To make sure stairway is clear when taking photos. (Me) Think of an alternative location when taking a photo. (Me) Ask for permission before taking a photo of someone to feature in the magazine. (Me) Avoid taking photos next to doors. (Me) Take a possible extra person who can keep a look out for approaching vehicles. Choose a more suitable location. *3 This is with control measures in place Fr = frequent/likely/could occur repeatedly/expected Pr = probable/not surprised/might occur often Ps = possible/could occur sometime R = remote/unlikely but conceivable U = unlikely/improbable such that likelihood is almost zero





. None

Sf/St/Cl /D/V Sf/St/V








.5pm speed limit

*1 Sf = staff St = students Cr = contractors Cl = cleaners V = visitors

D = people with disabilities X = young/inexperienced L = lone workers W = women of child-bearing age

*2 This is without control measures F = fatal Maj = major injury or permanent disability Min = minor injury NR = non-reportable

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